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Since there are thousands of different man pages in the database, it is divided into sections that function roughly like groups. A certain type of man page belongs to a section. It's amazing how many manuals there actually are out there. We try to have as many man pages as possible so that people can easily seek help on our site.

There are approximately 9 sections that are used to divide all manuals into different chapters. Some are about commands for Linux while there are sections for devices and libraries. Take a look at the index page to see all sections. You can find it by clicking the home button.

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Man pages

2bwmA small and fast keyboard driven window manager with two borders.
2ffConvert image to farbfeld
6tunnelTunnelling for application that don't speak IPv6
AusweisAppOfficial authentication app for German ID cards and residence permits
CMEncryptSend Encrypted Payload
FvwmAnimateThe fvwm animate module
FvwmAutoThe fvwm auto-raise module
FvwmBackerThe fvwm background changer module
FvwmBannerThe Fvwm Banner module
FvwmButtonsThe fvwm buttonbox module
FvwmCommandFvwm command external interface
FvwmConsoleAn fvwm command input interface
FvwmConsoleC.plCommand editor for fvwm command input interface
FvwmCppThe Fvwm Cpp pre-processor
FvwmEventThe fvwm event module
FvwmFormInput form module for Fvwm
FvwmIconManAn fvwm icon manager
FvwmIdentThe Fvwm identify-window module
FvwmM4The fvwm M4 pre-processor
FvwmPagerThe Fvwm Pager module
FvwmPerlThe fvwm perl manipulator and preprocessor
FvwmProxyThe fvwm proxy module
FvwmRearrangeRearrange fvwm windows
FvwmScriptModule to build graphic user interface
GraphicsMagick++-configGet information about the installed version of Magick++
GraphicsMagick-configGet information about the installed version of GraphicsMagick
GraphicsMagickWand-configGet information about the installed version of GraphicsMagick
ImageMagickA free software suite for the creation, modification and display of bitmap images.
Magick++-configGet information about the installed version of Magick++
MagickCore-configGet information about the installed version of ImageMagick
MagickWand-configGet information about the installed version of the Magick Wand
RA language for data analysis and graphics
RscriptFront end for scripting with R
SWISH-CONFIGConfiguration File Directives
SWISH-FAQ(unknown subject)
SWISH-LIBRARYInterface to the Swish-e C library
SWISH-RUNRunning Swish-e and Command Line Switches
ThunarFile Manager for the Xfce Desktop Environment
WPrefsWindow Maker configuration tool
XephyrX server outputting to a window on a pre-existing X display
XnestA nested X server
XorgX11R7 X server
Xorg.wrapXorg X server binary wrapper
XserverX Window System display server
XvfbVirtual framebuffer X server for X Version 11
XwaylandAn X server for running X clients under Wayland.
a2ps-lpr-wrapperLp/lpr wrapper script for GNU a2ps on Debian
a2psFormat files for printing on a PostScript printer
a2xA toolchain manager for AsciiDoc (converts Asciidoc text files to other file formats)
a52decDecode ATSC A/52 audio streams
aa-enabledTest whether AppArmor is enabled
aa-execConfine a program with the specified AppArmor profile
aa-features-abiExtract, validate and manipulate AppArmor feature abis
abApache HTTP server benchmarking tool
abcdeGrab an entire CD and compress it to Ogg/Vorbis, MP3, FLAC, Ogg/Speex, AAC, WavPack, Monkey's Audio (ape), MPP/MP+(Musepack), T...
abducoTerminal session manager
abiwordFlexible cross-platform word processor
abookText-based address book program
abuildBuild an apk from an APKBUILD
acPrint statistics about users' connect time
accel-cmdSend commands to accel-ppp
accerciserAn interactive accessibility explorer.
ackGrep-like text finder
aclocal-1.16Manual page for aclocal 1.16.5
acme-clientACME client
acme-redirectTiny http daemon that answers acme challenges and redirects everything else to https
aconnectALSA sequencer connection manager
acpiShows battery status and other ACPI information
acyclicMake directed graph acyclic
adNetatalk compatible UNIX file utility suite.
addcrAdd a CR before each LF
adddebugModifies Makefile(s) to add debug info
addftinfoAdd font metrics to troff fonts for use with groff
addr2lineConvert addresses or symbol+offset into file names and line numbers
addr2namePerform DNS lookups from scripts
advdefAdvanceCOMP Deflate Compression Utility
advmngAdvanceCOMP MNG Compression Utility
advpngAdvanceCOMP PNG Compression Utility
advzipAdvanceCOMP ZIP Compression Utility
aecCompress or expand files
aerc-searchSearch and filter patterns and options for aerc(1)
aercA pretty good email client.
afm2plConvert AFM font metrics to TeX pl font metrics
afm2tfmConvert Adobe font metrics to TeX font metrics
afmtoditAdapt Adobe Font Metrics files for groff PostScript and PDF output
afpcmdTransfer files over the networking using the Apple Filing Protocol (AFP)
afpgetstatusGet simple status information from an AFP server without logging into it.
afpldaptestSyntactically check ldap parameters in afp.conf
afppasswdNetatalk password maintenance utility
afpstatsList AFP statistics
afslogObtain AFS tokens
agThe Silver Searcher. Like ack, but faster.
age-keygenGenerate age(1) key pairs
ageSimple, modern, and secure file encryption
agent-transferCopy a secret key from gpg-agent to ssh-agent
agentxtrapSend an AgentX NotifyPDU to an AgentX master agent
agreetyA text-based greeter for greetd
ahaConvert ANSI escape sequences to HTML
aircrack-ngA 802.11 WEP / WPA-PSK key cracker
airdecap-ngDecrypt a WEP/WPA crypted pcap file
airdecloak-ngRemoves wep cloaked framed from a pcap file.
airolib-ngManage and create a WPA/WPA2 pre-computed hashes tables
alacritty-msgSend messages to Alacritty
alacrittyA fast, cross-platform, OpenGL terminal emulator
aliList mail aliases
alienConvert or install an alien binary package
allcmForce the most important Computer-Modern-fonts to be calculated
allecForce the most important ec-fonts to be calculated
allneededForce the calculation of all fonts now needed
alpineAn Alternatively Licensed Program for Internet News and Email
alsa-info.shCommand-line utility to gather information about the ALSA subsystem
alsabatCommand-line sound tester for ALSA sound card driver
alsactlAdvanced controls for ALSA soundcard driver
alsaloopCommand-line PCM loopback
alsamixerSoundcard mixer for ALSA soundcard driver, with ncurses interface
amidiRead from and write to ALSA RawMIDI ports
amixerCommand-line mixer for ALSA soundcard driver
ampIDEcho Device Key
ampbootQualcomm Atheros AR7x00 Powerline Device Bootstrapper
amphostQualcomm Atheros Powerline Device Host Emulator
amplistList Atheros Device Addresses
amprateQualcomm Atheros AR7x00 PHY Rate Monitor
ampruleStream Classification Utility
ampstatQualcomm Atheros AR7x00 Link Statistics
amptestQualcomm Atheros PLC Test Applet Loader
amptoneQualcomm Atheros Thunderbolt/Lightning Tone Map Dump Utility
amptoolQualcomm Atheros AR7x00 Powerline Device Manager
ampwaitQualcomm Atheros Powerline Procrastinator
amqp-consumeConsume messages from a queue on an AMQP server
amqp-declare-queueDeclare (create or assert the existence of) a queue on an AMQP server
amqp-delete-queueDelete a queue from an AMQP server
amqp-getGet a message from a queue on an AMQP server
amqp-publishPublish a message on an AMQP server
amstexStructured text formatting and typesetting
androiddumpProvide interfaces to capture from Android devices
animateAnimates an image or image sequence on any X server.
annoAnnotate messages
ansible-configView ansible configuration.
ansible-consoleREPL console for executing Ansible tasks.
ansible-docPlugin documentation tool
ansible-galaxyPerform various Role and Collection related operations.
ansible-inventoryShow Ansible inventory information, by default it uses the inventory script JSON format
ansible-playbookRuns Ansible playbooks, executing the defined tasks on the targeted hosts.
ansible-pullPulls playbooks from a VCS repo and executes them on target host
ansible-vaultEncryption/decryption utility for Ansible data files
ansibleDefine and run a single task 'playbook' against a set of hosts
any2djvuConvert .ps/.ps.gz/.pdf to .djvu
aot-compile-6Compile bytecode to native and generate databases
apgGenerates several random passwords
apgbfmAPG Bloom filter management program
apkbuild-fixerFix violations found by apkbuild-lint
apkbuild-lintA linter for Alpine Linux's build files (apkbuild)
aplayCommand-line sound recorder and player for ALSA soundcard driver
aplaymidiPlay Standard MIDI Files
aports-lintA linter for Alpine Linux's ports (aports)
apple_dumpDump AppleSingle/AppleDouble format data
applyApply a command to a set of arguments
applygeoApply georeferencing to an existing file
appstream-builderBuild AppStream metadata
appstream-composeGenerate AppStream metadata
appstream-generatorGenerate AppStream metadata from distribution repositories
appstream-utilManipulate AppStream, AppData and MetaInfo metadata
appstreamcli-composeCompose AppStream metadata catalog from directory trees
appstreamcliHandle AppStream metadata formats and query AppStream data
aproposSearch the manual page names and descriptions
apt-dater-hostHost helper application for apt-dater.
apxApx is a package manager with support for multiple sources, allowing you to install packages in subsystems.
apxsAPache eXtenSion tool
arCreate, modify, and extract from archives
arandrVisual front end for XRandR 1.2
archivemountMounts an archive for access as a file system
arcstatReport ZFS ARC and L2ARC statistics
arecordCommand-line sound recorder and player for ALSA soundcard driver
arecordmidiRecord Standard MIDI Files
argv0Run a program with a specified 0th argument
aria2cThe ultra fast download utility
aria_chkAria table-maintenance utility
aria_dump_logDump content of Aria log pages.
aria_ftdumpDisplay full-text index information
aria_packGenerate compressed, read-only Aria tables
aria_read_logDisplay Aria log file contents
aria_s3_copyCopy an Aria table to and from s3
arkKDE archiving tool
arp-fingerprintFingerprint a system using ARP
arp-scanSend ARP requests to target hosts and display responses
arpanameTranslate IP addresses to the corresponding ARPA names
asThe portable GNU assembler.
as86Assembler for 8086..80386 processors
asc2xmlConvert &#nnn; entities to UTF-8
ascii-xfrUpload/download files using the ASCII protocol
asciidocConverts an AsciiDoc text file to HTML or DocBook
asciinemaTerminal session recorder
aseqdumpShow the events received at an ALSA sequencer port
aseqnetALSA sequencer connectors over network
asip-statusQueries AFP servers for their capabilities
asn1CodingASN.1 DER encoder
asn1DecodingASN.1 DER decoder
asn1ParserASN.1 syntax tree generator for libtasn1
aspcudSolve dependencies between packages
aspell-importImport old personal dictionaries into GNU Aspell
aspellInteractive spell checker
atQueue, examine, or delete jobs for later execution
atf-checkExecutes a command and analyzes its results
atf-sh(unknown subject)
atf-test-programCommon interface to ATF test programs
atinoutSend AT commands to modem, capturing the response
atopAdvanced System & Process Monitor
atopcatConcatenate raw log files to stdout
atopconvertConvert raw log file to newer version
atopsarAdvanced System Activity Report (atop related)
atqQueue, examine, or delete jobs for later execution
atril-previewerShow print preview for a document
atril-thumbnailerCreate png thumbnails from atril supported documents
atrilThe MATE Document Viewer
atrmQueue, examine, or delete jobs for later execution
attrExtended attributes on XFS filesystem objects
aucatAudio files manipulation tool
audaciousAn advanced audio player.
audacityGraphical cross-platform audio editor
audtoolA small tool to control Audacious from the command line.
augmatchInspect and match contents of configuration files
augparseExecute an Augeas module
augtoolInspect and modify configuration files
aumixAdjust audio mixer
autoconfGenerate configuration scripts
autoexpectGenerate an Expect script from watching a session
autoheaderCreate a template header for configure
autom4teGenerate files and scripts thanks to M4
automake-1.16Manual page for automake 1.16.5
autopointCopies standard gettext infrastructure
autoreconfUpdate generated configuration files
autoscanGenerate a preliminary
autospPreprocessor to generate note-spacing commands for MusiXTeX scores
autosshMonitor and restart ssh sessions
autoupdateUpdate a to a newer Autoconf
avahi-bookmarksWeb service showing mDNS/DNS-SD announced HTTP services using the Avahi daemon
avahi-browse-domainsBrowse for mDNS/DNS-SD services using the Avahi daemon
avahi-browseBrowse for mDNS/DNS-SD services using the Avahi daemon
avahi-publish-addressRegister an mDNS/DNS-SD service or host name or address mapping using the Avahi daemon
avahi-publish-serviceRegister an mDNS/DNS-SD service or host name or address mapping using the Avahi daemon
avahi-publishRegister an mDNS/DNS-SD service or host name or address mapping using the Avahi daemon
avahi-resolve-addressResolve one or more mDNS/DNS host name(s) to IP address(es) (and vice versa) using the Avahi daemon
avahi-resolve-host-nameResolve one or more mDNS/DNS host name(s) to IP address(es) (and vice versa) using the Avahi daemon
avahi-resolveResolve one or more mDNS/DNS host name(s) to IP address(es) (and vice versa) using the Avahi daemon
avahi-set-host-nameChange mDNS host name
avr-cppThe C Preprocessor
avr-gcov-dumpOffline gcda and gcno profile dump tool
avr-gcov-toolOffline gcda profile processing tool
avr-gcovCoverage testing tool
avr-lto-dumpTool for dumping LTO object files
avrdudeDriver program for ``simple'' Atmel AVR MCU programmer
axelLight command line download accelerator
axfer-listDump lists of available sound devices and nodes to transfer audio data frame.
axfer-transferTransferrer of audio data frame for sound devices and nodes.
axferCommand-line sound recorder and player for sound devices and nodes supported by Linux sound subsystem (Advanced Linux Sound Arc...
axohelpHelper program for use of LaTeX package axodraw2 with pdflatex.
b2sumCompute and check BLAKE2 message digest
b43-fwcutterUtility for extracting Broadcom 43xx firmware
babeltrace2-convertConvert one or more traces to a given format
babeltrace2-helpGet help for a Babeltrace 2 plugin or component class
babeltrace2-list-pluginsList Babeltrace 2 plugins and their properties
babeltrace2-queryQuery an object from a Babeltrace 2 component class
babeltrace2-runCreate a Babeltrace 2 trace processing graph and run it
babeltrace2Convert or process one or more traces, and more
badwolfMinimalist and privacy-oriented web browser based on WebKitGTK
bannergrabA network service banner grabbing tool
baobabA graphical tool to analyse disk usage
bareos-tray-monitorBareos's 'System Tray' monitor
base32Base32 encode/decode data and print to standard output
base64Base64 encode/decode data and print to standard output
basenameStrip directory and suffix from filenames
basencEncode/decode data and print to standard output
bashGNU Bourne-Again SHell
bashbugReport a bug in bash
batA cat(1) clone with syntax highlighting and Git integration.
batchQueue, examine, or delete jobs for later execution
batsBash Automated Testing System
bboxPrints out the bounding box of a rawppm or rawpbm image
bcAn arbitrary precision calculator language
bccBruce's C compiler
bcompsBiconnected components filter for graphs
bconsoleBareos's management Console
bdf2gdfont.plConvert X11 "BDF" fonts into a loadable font format for GD.
bdfimplodeConvert a BDF font into GNU Unifont .hex format
bdftopcfConvert X font from Bitmap Distribution Format to Portable Compiled Format
bdftruncateGenerate truncated BDF font from ISO 10646-1-encoded BDF font
beanstalkdSimple, fast work queue
bear-citnamesDeduce command semantic
bear-interceptIntercept command executions in user space.
bearA tool to generate compilation database for Clang tooling.
beepBeep the pc speaker any number of ways
beetMusic tagger and library organizer
bemenuDynamic menu inspired by dmenu(1)
berryFloating window manager
berrycClient for berry window manager
besside-ng-crawlerFilter EAPOL frames from a directory of capture files.
bf_compactShell script to compact a bogofilter directory
bf_copyShell script to copy a bogofilter working directory
bf_tarShell script to write a tar file of a bogofilter directory to stdout
bfsBreadth-first search for your files
bg5convConvert a TeX document in Big 5 encoding into `preprocessed' form.
biberA bibtex replacement for users of biblatex
bibtexMake a bibliography for (La)TeX
bibtex88-bit Big BibTeX
bibtexuUTF-8 Big BibTeX
bin_dec_hexHow to use binary, decimal, and hexadecimal notation.
binhex.plUse Convert::BinHex to encode files as BinHex
bisonGNU Project parser generator (yacc replacement)
bitcoin-cliManual page for bitcoin-cli v25.1.0
bitcoin-qtManual page for bitcoin-qt v25.1.0
bitcoin-txManual page for bitcoin-tx v25.1.0
bitcoin-utilManual page for bitcoin-util v25.1.0
bitcoin-walletManual page for bitcoin-wallet v25.1.0
bitcoindManual page for bitcoind v25.1.0
blind-arithmPerform simple arithmetic on a video
blind-colour-ciexyzConvert CIE XYZ for use with blind-single-colour(1)
blind-colour-srgbConvert sRGB for use with blind-single-colour(1)
blind-compressCompress a video for network transmission
blind-concatConcatenate videos
blind-cropExtract subframes for all frames
blind-cutRetain consecutive frames
blind-decompressDecompress a video compressed by blind-compress(1)
blind-dissolveFade a video by chaning it's alpha channel
blind-extendAdd margins to a video
blind-flipMirror a video vertically
blind-flopMirror a video horizontally
blind-from-imageConvert an image to a frame
blind-from-textConvert text to a video
blind-from-videoConverts a regular, cooked video to a blind video
blind-gauss-blurApply Gaussian blur to a video
blind-invert-lumaInvert the luminosity of a video
blind-next-frameExtracts the next frame from a video
blind-read-headReads the head from a video
blind-repeatRepeat a video
blind-reverseReverse a video
blind-rewrite-headRewrite the head of a video
blind-rotate-180Rotate a video 180 degrees
blind-rotate-270Rotate a video 270 degrees clockwise
blind-rotate-90Rotate a video 90 degrees clockwise
blind-set-alphaMultiply the alpha channel of a video
blind-set-lumaMultiply the luminosity of a video
blind-set-saturationMultiply the saturation of a video
blind-single-colourGenerate a single-colour video
blind-skip-patternSkips frames in a video according to pattern
blind-splitSplit a video, by frame, into multiple videos
blind-stackOverlay videos
blind-time-blurDraw new frames on top of old frames with partial alpha
blind-to-imageConvert a frame to an image
blind-to-textConvert a video to text
blind-to-videoConverts blind video to a regular video
blind-translatePerform framewise translation of a video
blind-transposeTranspose a video
blind-write-headWrites the head of a video
blkcalcConverts between unallocated disk unit numbers and regular disk unit numbers.
blkcatDisplay the contents of file system data unit in a disk image.
blklsList or output file system data units.
blkstatDisplay details of a file system data unit (i.e. block or sector)
bluefishEditor for experienced web designers and programmers
blueman-adaptersAn utility to set adapter properties
blueman-appletA tray applet for managing bluetooth
blueman-managerBluetooth device manager
blueman-sendtoApplication for sending files to bluetooth devices
blueman-servicesConfigure local bluetooth services
bluetooth-sendtoGTK application for transferring files over Bluetooth
bluetoothEnable/disable internal bluetooth device
bluetoothctl-mgmtManagement Submenu
bluetoothctl-monitorMonitor Submenu
bmakeMaintain program dependencies
bmkdepConstruct Makefile dependency list
bmoreBrowse through a binary file
bogofilterFast Bayesian spam filter
bogolexerUtility program for separating email messages into tokens
bogotuneFind optimum parameter settings for bogofilter
bogoupgradeUpgrades bogofilter database to current version
bogoutilDumps, loads, and maintains bogofilter database files
boltctlControl the thunderbolt device manager
bond2teamConverts bonding configuration to team
bookmanGenerate a book from man pages
boosterFast and secure initramfs generator
borg-benchmark-crudBenchmark Create, Read, Update, Delete for archives.
borg-benchmarkBenchmark command
borg-break-lockBreak the repository lock (e.g. in case it was left by a dead borg.
borg-change-passphraseChange repository key file passphrase
borg-checkCheck repository consistency
borg-commonCommon options of Borg commands
borg-compactCompact segment files in the repository
borg-compressionDetails regarding compression
borg-configGet, set, and delete values in a repository or cache config file
borg-createCreate new archive
borg-deleteDelete an existing repository or archives
borg-diffDiff contents of two archives
borg-export-tarExport archive contents as a tarball
borg-extractExtract archive contents
borg-import-tarCreate a backup archive from a tarball
borg-infoShow archive details such as disk space used
borg-initInitialize an empty repository
borg-key-change-passphraseChange repository key file passphrase
borg-key-exportExport the repository key for backup
borg-key-importImport the repository key from backup
borg-key-migrate-to-repokeyMigrate passphrase -> repokey
borg-keyManage a keyfile or repokey of a repository
borg-listList archive or repository contents
borg-mountMount archive or an entire repository as a FUSE filesystem
borg-patternsDetails regarding patterns
borg-placeholdersDetails regarding placeholders
borg-prunePrune repository archives according to specified rules
borg-recreateRe-create archives
borg-renameRename an existing archive
borg-serveStart in server mode. This command is usually not used manually.
borg-umountUn-mount the FUSE filesystem
borg-upgradeUpgrade a repository from a previous version
borg-with-lockRun a user specified command with the repository lock held
borgDeduplicating and encrypting backup tool
borgfsMount archive or an entire repository as a FUSE filesystem
braseroSimple and easy to use CD/DVD burning application for the Gnome Desktop
bregexBareos's 'regex' engine
brightnessctlRead and control device brightness
brilloControl the brightness of backlight and keyboard LED devices
broadwaydBroadway display server
brootTree view, file manager, configurable launcher
brotliCompress or decompress files
bscalcManual page for bscalc 2.10
bsdcatExpand files to standard output
bsdcpioCopy files to and from archives
bsdtarManipulate tape archives
bsdunzipExtract files from a ZIP archive
bsearchManages one-time passwords
bsmtpBacula's SMTP client (mail submission program)
bspcBinary space partitioning window manager
bspwmBinary space partitioning window manager
bsqldbBatch SQL script processor using DB-Library
bsqlodbcBatch SQL script processor using ODBC
bt_format_namesFormatting BibTeX names for consistent output
bt_inputInput/parsing functions in btparse library
bt_languageThe BibTeX data language, as recognized by btparse
bt_macrosAccessing and manipulating the btparse macro table
bt_miscMiscellaneous BibTeX-like string-processing utilities
bt_post_processingPost-processing of BibTeX strings, values, and entries
bt_postprocessPost-processing of BibTeX strings, values, and entries
bt_split_namesSplitting up BibTeX names and lists of names
bt_traversalAST traversal/query functions in btparse library
btattachAttach serial devices to BlueZ stack
btmgmtInteractive bluetooth management tool
btmonBluetooth monitor
btool_faqFrequently-Asked Questions about btparse and Text::BibTeX
btparseC library for parsing and processing BibTeX data files
btrbkBackup tool for btrfs subvolumes
bubblejailBubblewrap based sandboxing utility
buddy-ngA tool to work with easside-ng
buildah-addAdd the contents of a file, URL, or a directory to a container.
buildah-buildBuild an image using instructions from Containerfiles
buildah-commitCreate an image from a working container.
buildah-configUpdate image configuration settings.
buildah-containersList the working containers and their base images.
buildah-copyCopies the contents of a file, URL, or directory into a container's working directory.
buildah-fromCreates a new working container, either from scratch or using a specified image as a starting point.
buildah-imagesList images in local storage.
buildah-infoDisplay Buildah system information.
buildah-inspectDisplay information about working containers or images or manifest lists.
buildah-loginLogin to a container registry
buildah-logoutLogout of a container registry
buildah-manifest-addAdd an image to a manifest list or image index.
buildah-manifest-annotateAdd and update information about an image to a manifest list or image index.
buildah-manifest-createCreate a manifest list or image index.
buildah-manifest-existsCheck if the given manifest list exists in local storage
buildah-manifest-inspectDisplay a manifest list or image index.
buildah-manifest-pushPush a manifest list or image index to a registry.
buildah-manifest-removeRemove an image from a manifest list or image index.
buildah-manifest-rmRemoves one or more manifest lists.
buildah-manifestCreate and manipulate manifest lists and image indexes.
buildah-mkcwConvert a conventional container image into a confidential workload image.
buildah-mountMount a working container's root filesystem.
buildah-pruneCleanup intermediate images as well as build and mount cache.
buildah-pullPull an image from a registry.
buildah-pushPush an image, manifest list or image index from local storage to elsewhere.
buildah-renameRename a local container.
buildah-rmRemoves one or more working containers.
buildah-rmiRemoves one or more images.
buildah-runRun a command inside of the container.
buildah-source-addAdd a source artifact to a source image
buildah-source-createCreate and initialize a source image
buildah-source-pullPull a source image from a registry to a specified path
buildah-source-pushPush a source image from a specified path to a registry.
buildah-sourceCreate, push, pull and manage source images and associated source artifacts
buildah-tagAdd additional names to local images.
buildah-umountUnmount the root file system on the specified working containers.
buildah-unshareRun a command inside of a modified user namespace.
buildah-versionDisplay the Buildah Version Information.
buildahA command line tool that facilitates building OCI container images.
bukuBookmark manager like a text-based mini-web
bundle-addAdd gem to the Gemfile and run bundle install
bundle-binstubsInstall the binstubs of the listed gems
bundle-cachePackage your needed .gem files into your application
bundle-checkVerifies if dependencies are satisfied by installed gems
bundle-cleanCleans up unused gems in your bundler directory
bundle-configSet bundler configuration options
bundle-consoleDeprecated way to open an IRB session with the bundle pre-loaded
bundle-doctorChecks the bundle for common problems
bundle-execExecute a command in the context of the bundle
bundle-gemGenerate a project skeleton for creating a rubygem
bundle-helpDisplays detailed help for each subcommand
bundle-infoShow information for the given gem in your bundle
bundle-initGenerates a Gemfile into the current working directory
bundle-injectAdd named gem(s) with version requirements to Gemfile
bundle-installInstall the dependencies specified in your Gemfile
bundle-listList all the gems in the bundle
bundle-lockCreates / Updates a lockfile without installing
bundle-openOpens the source directory for a gem in your bundle
bundle-outdatedList installed gems with newer versions available
bundle-platformDisplays platform compatibility information
bundle-pluginManage Bundler plugins
bundle-pristineRestores installed gems to their pristine condition
bundle-removeRemoves gems from the Gemfile
bundle-showShows all the gems in your bundle, or the path to a gem
bundle-updateUpdate your gems to the latest available versions
bundle-versionPrints Bundler version information
bundle-vizGenerates a visual dependency graph for your Gemfile
bundleRuby Dependency Management
bunzip2A block-sorting file compressor, v1.0.8
burstExplode digests into messages
busctlIntrospect the bus
busyboxThe Swiss Army Knife of Embedded Linux
bviVisual editor for binary files
bwildBareos's 'wildcard' engine
bwm-ngBandwidth Monitor NG (Next Generation), a live bandwidth monitor for network and disk io.
bwrapContainer setup utility
byobu-configConfiguration utility for byobu
byobu-ctrl-aConfigure Byobu's ctrl-a behavior
byobu-enableWrapper script for enabling/disabling automatic startup of byobu after login into text console
byobu-janitorScript for cleaning and upgrading environment after upgrades
byobu-keybindingsToggle on/off Byobu's keybindings
byobu-launcher-installByobu Launcher installation utility
byobu-launcher-uninstallByobu Launcher uninstallation utility
byobu-launcherByobu Launcher
byobu-layoutSave and restore byobu-tmux layouts
byobu-promptAdd and remove a nice color prompt to your shell configuration
byobu-quietSilence all of Byobu's status indicators and eliminate the hardstatus line
byobu-reconnect-socketsSourcable script that updates GPG_AGENT_INFO and DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS in the environment
byobu-screenLaunch byobu with screen as the backend
byobu-select-backendSelect your default Byobu backend window manager
byobu-select-profileSelect your Byobu foreground and background colors
byobu-select-sessionSelect and connect to a byobu session
byobu-shellPrint the message of the day and launch a shell
byobu-silentSilence all of Byobu's status indicators, eliminate the hardstatus line, and the window list
byobu-status-detailWrapper that uses a sensible pager
byobu-statusDisplays status suitable for printing by the BYOBU_BACKEND
byobu-tmuxLaunch byobu with tmux as the backend
byobu-ugraphHelper script for notification history graphs
byobu-ulevelHelper script for notification level indicators
byobuWrapper script for seeding a user's byobu configuration and launching a text based window manager (either screen or tmux)
bz3grepPrint lines matching a pattern in bzip3-compressed files
bz3lessView bzip3-compressed files
bz3moreView bzip3-compressed files
bz3mostView bzip3-compressed files
bzcatDecompresses files to stdout
bzdiffCompare bzip2 compressed files
bzgrepSearch possibly bzip2 compressed files for a regular expression
bzip2A block-sorting file compressor, v1.0.8
bzip2recoverRecovers data from damaged bzip2 files
bzip3An efficient statistical file compressor and spiritual successor to bzip2
bzmoreFile perusal filter for crt viewing of bzip2 compressed text
bzzDjVu general purpose compression utility.
c++filtDemangle C++ and Java symbols
c2initCreate Mercury initialization file.
c44DjVuPhoto encode.
cabextractProgram to extract files from Microsoft cabinet (.cab) archives
caca-configScript to get information about the installed version of libcaca
cacademoLibcaca's demonstration applications
cacafireLibcaca's demonstration applications
cacaplayPlay libcaca files
cacaserverTelnet server for libcaca
cacaviewASCII image browser
cadaverA command-line WebDAV client for Unix.
cageA Wayland kiosk compositor
cagebreakA Wayland tiling compositor
caja-autorun-softwareAutorun Software in Caja
caja-connect-serverConnect to Server dialog for Caja
caja-file-management-propertiesCaja File Management Preferences
caja-sendtoConvenience application to send a file via email or instant messenger
cajaThe MATE File Manager
calDisplay a calendar
calcurseTerminal-based organizer for interactive and command line use
calendarReminder service
calidnsA DNS recursor testing tool
callgrind_annotatePost-processing tool for the Callgrind
callgrind_controlObserve and control programs being run by Callgrind
cancelCancel jobs
capinfosPrints information about capture files
capshCapability shell wrapper
captypePrints the types of capture files
cardPrint reference card of program options
carddav-queryQuery a CardDAV server for contact names and emails.
cargo-addAdd dependencies to a Cargo.toml manifest file
cargo-benchExecute benchmarks of a package
cargo-buildCompile the current package
cargo-checkCheck the current package
cargo-cleanRemove generated artifacts
cargo-docBuild a package’s documentation
cargo-fetchFetch dependencies of a package from the network
cargo-fixAutomatically fix lint warnings reported by rustc
cargo-generate-lockfileGenerate the lockfile for a package
cargo-helpGet help for a Cargo command
cargo-initCreate a new Cargo package in an existing directory
cargo-installBuild and install a Rust binary
cargo-locate-projectPrint a JSON representation of a Cargo.toml file’s location
cargo-loginSave an API token from the registry locally
cargo-logoutRemove an API token from the registry locally
cargo-metadataMachine-readable metadata about the current package
cargo-newCreate a new Cargo package
cargo-ownerManage the owners of a crate on the registry
cargo-packageAssemble the local package into a distributable tarball
cargo-pkgidPrint a fully qualified package specification
cargo-publishUpload a package to the registry
cargo-removeRemove dependencies from a Cargo.toml manifest file
cargo-reportGenerate and display various kinds of reports
cargo-runRun the current package
cargo-rustcCompile the current package, and pass extra options to the compiler
cargo-rustdocBuild a package’s documentation, using specified custom flags
cargo-searchSearch packages in
cargo-testExecute unit and integration tests of a package
cargo-treeDisplay a tree visualization of a dependency graph
cargo-uninstallRemove a Rust binary
cargo-updateUpdate dependencies as recorded in the local lock file
cargo-vendorVendor all dependencies locally
cargo-verify-projectCheck correctness of crate manifest
cargo-versionShow version information
cargo-watchWatches over your Cargo project's source
cargo-yankRemove a pushed crate from the index
cargoThe Rust package manager
catConcatenate files and print on the standard output
catimgFast image printing in to your terminal
cbatticonA lightweight and fast battery icon that sits in your system tray
cbc-n1qlbackStress Test for Couchbase Query (N1QL)
cbc-pillowfightStress Test for Couchbase Client and Cluster
cbc-subdocInteractively Inspect Document Using Subdocument API
cbcCouchbase Client Commandline Utility
cbonsaiGrow bonsai trees in your terminal
ccacheA fast C/C++ compiler cache
ccmakeCMake Curses Dialog Command-Line Reference
ccmakedepCreate dependencies in makefiles using a C compiler
ccomC compiler
ccompsConnected components filter for graphs
cctCoordinate Conversion and Transformation
cd-discidRead CD and get CDDB discid information
cd-driveShow CD-ROM drive characteristics
cd-infoShows Information about a CD or CD-image
cd-paranoia(unknown subject)
cd-readReads Information from a CD or CD-image
cdda2oggExtract audio CD audio tracks and encode them
cdda2wavA sampling utility that dumps CD audio data into wav sound files
cddb-toolGet CDDB information
cdeftutorialAlex van den Bogaerdt's CDEF tutorial
cdiffA wrapper tool for colordiff
cdparanoia(unknown subject)
cdrdaoReads and writes CDs in disc-at-once mode
cdrecordWrite data to optical disk media
cdrskinBurns preformatted data to CD, DVD, and BD via libburn.
cdrwtoolPerform various actions on a CD-R, CD-RW, and DVD-R
cdwFront-end for cdrecord, mkisofs, growisofs, mkudffs and other tools
cec-complianceAn application to verify remote CEC devices
cec-ctlAn application to control cec devices
cec-followerAn application to emulate CEC followers
cef5convConvert a TeX document in Big 5 encoding containing CEF macros into `preprocessed' form.
cefconvConvert a TeX document containing CEF macros into `preprocessed' form.
cefsconvConvert a TeX document in SJIS encoding containing CEF macros into `preprocessed' form.
celluloidA simple GTK+ frontend for mpv
cert-to-efi-hash-listTool for converting openssl certificates to EFI signature hash revocation lists
cert-to-efi-sig-listTool for converting openssl certificates to EFI signature lists
certtoolGnuTLS certificate tool
cervisiaA CVS frontend by KDE
cg_annotatePost-processing tool for Cachegrind
cg_diff(deprecated) diffs two Cachegrind output files
cg_merge(deprecated) merges multiple Cachegrind output files into one
cgal_create_cmake_scriptCreate a cmake script for applications using CGAL
cgccCompiler wrapper to run Sparse after compiling
cgclassifyMove running task(s) to given cgroups
cgcreateCreate new cgroup(s)
cgdeleteRemove control group(s)
cgexecRun the task in given control groups
cggetPrint parameter(s) of given group(s)
cgpsCurses terminal client for gpsd
cgsetSet the parameters of given cgroup(s)
cgsnapshotGenerate the configuration file for given controllers
cgxgetPrint parameter(s) of given group(s)
cgxsetSet the parameters of given cgroup(s)
chaclChange the access control list of a file or directory
chafaCharacter art facsimile generator
chageChange user password expiry information
chattrChange file attributes on a Linux file system
chconChange file security context
cheatmakeFool make into not rebuilding certain files
check-regexpTest regular expressions from the command line
checkXML5An XML lint tool for KDE DocBook XML documents
check_hd(unknown subject)
checkbashismsCheck for bashisms in /bin/sh scripts
checkmkAwk script for generating C unit tests for use with the Check unit testing framework.
cheeseTool to take pictures and videos from your webcam
chemEmbed chemical structure diagrams in groff documents
chez(unknown subject)
chezdavSimple WebDAV server
chfnChange real user name and information
chgrpChange group ownership
chibi-docGenerate docs from Scheme scribble syntax
chibi-ffiGenerate C from Scheme stub files
chibi-schemeA tiny Scheme interpreter
chicken-doRun a shell command unless the target exists and any dependency is not newer than the target
chicken-installDownload and install extension libraries for CHICKEN Scheme
chicken-profileGenerate a report from profile-information
chicken-statusList information about installed libraries
chicken-uninstallUninstall extension library
chickenA Scheme-to-C translator
chilli_optConfiguration utility for CoovaChilli
chilli_proxyChilli HTTP API Proxy
chilli_queryInterface into the chilli server
chilli_radconfigUtility function to fetch configurations over RADIUS
chilli_radsecChilli RadSec Tunnel Server
chilli_redirChilli Redirection/Portal Server
chilli_responseForms a CHAP Response
chilli_rtmonDefault Route Monitor for CoovaChilli
chilli_scriptCoovaChilli Script Utility
chkdvifontCHecK DVI/tfm/font file and report information of FONTs
chknvmQualcomm Atheros PLC Image File Validator
chknvm2Qualcomm Atheros PLC Image File Validator
chkpibQualcomm Atheros PLC Parameter File Inspector
chkpib2Qualcomm Atheros PLC Parameter File Inspector
chktexFinds typographic errors in LaTeX.
chkwebRuns the LaTeX parts of a CWEB file through chktex
chmodChange file mode bits
choomDisplay and adjust OOM-killer score.
chownChange file owner and group
chromiumThe web browser from Google
chronicRuns a command quietly unless it fails
chronycCommand-line interface for chrony daemon
chrootRun command or interactive shell with special root directory
chrpathChange the rpath or runpath in binaries
chrtManipulate the real-time attributes of a process
chshChange login shell
chsh.ldapChange login shell in LDAP
chvtChange foreground virtual terminal
cifscredsManage NTLM credentials in kernel keyring
cifsiostatReport CIFS statistics.
ciptoolBluetooth Common ISDN Access Profile (CIP)
circoFilter for circular layout of graphs
cisco-decryptDecrypts an obfuscated Cisco vpn client pre-shared key
ciscodumpProvide interfaces to capture from a remote Cisco device through SSH.
ciwikiSimple wiki implementation with built-in webserver
cjb2Simple DjVuBitonal encoder.
cjdrouteCjdns router daemon
cjpegCompress an image file to a JPEG file
cjxlCompress images to JPEG XL
ck-historyConsoleKit history
ck-launch-sessionUtility to start a ConsoleKit session from a shell script
ck-list-sessionsShow ConsoleKit Session Information
ckbcompCompile a XKB keyboard description to a keymap suitable for loadkeys or kbdcontrol
ckermitAnd platform-independent interactive and scriptable communications software.
cksfvTests and creates simple file verification (SFV) listings
cksumCompute and verify file checksums
clambcBytecode Analysis and Testing Tool
clamconfClam AntiVirus configuration utility
clamdscanScan files and directories for viruses using Clam AntiVirus Daemon
clamdtopMonitor the Clam AntiVirus Daemon
clamscanScan files and directories for viruses
clamsubmitFile submission utility for ClamAV
clangAlpine Clang 16.0.6-r1
claws-mail(unknown subject)
clazyA static source code analyzer for Qt5-based C++.
cleanlinksRemove dangling symbolic links and empty directories
cleanup_digikamdbCleanup the digiKam databases to reduce their sizes and increase access speed
clearClear the terminal screen
clifmThe Command Line File Manager
clipman(unknown subject)
clisp-linkLink a new external module to m[blue]CLISPm[][1].
clispM[blue]ANSIm[][38] m[blue]Common Lispm[][1] compiler, interpreter and debugger.
clocCount, or compute differences of, lines of source code and comments.
cloginCisco login script
cloud-localdsCreate a disk for cloud-init to utilize nocloud
clsyncLive sync tool, written in GNU C
clusterFind clusters in a graph and augment the graph with this information.
cmakeCMake Command-Line Reference
cmarkConvert CommonMark formatted text to HTML
cmatrix(unknown subject)
cmis-clientCommand line CMIS client tool.
cmpCompare two files byte by byte
cmphMinimum perfect hashing tool
cmus-remoteControl cmus
cmusC* Music Player
cntlmAuthenticating HTTP(S) proxy with TCP/IP tunneling and acceleration
cogSingle-window web browser
cogctlTool to control a running Cog instance
colFilter reverse line feeds from input
col1Awk and print a column (based on the name of the program, 1-9)
colcrtFilter nroff output for CRT previewing
collectd-nagiosNagios plugin for querying collectd
collectd-tgTraffic generator for collectd.
collectdSystem statistics collection daemon
collectdctlControl interface for collectd
collectdmonMonitoring daemon for collectd
colordiffA tool to colorize diff output
colrmRemove columns from a file
columnColumnate lists
combineCombine sets of lines from two files using boolean operations
combinediffCreate a cumulative unified patch from two incremental patches
commCompare two sorted files line by line
compCompose a message
compareMathematically and visually annotate the difference between an image and its reconstruction.
compile_etError table compiler
compositeOverlaps one image over another.
confclerkOffline conference schedule application
config2cfgAtheros Configuration File Converter
config_dataQuery or change configuration of Perl modules
conjureInterprets and executes scripts written in the Magick Scripting Language (MSL).
connmanctlConnman CLI
control_rancidRun rancid for devices of a group
convert-volatile-sourceConvert volatile sources into local patches
convertConvert between image formats as well as resize an image, blur, crop, despeckle, dither, draw on, flip, join, re-sample, and mu...
convert_hd(unknown subject)
copydatabasePerform a document-by-document copy of one or more Xapian databases
coqos_addAdd a managed data stream
coqos_infoCoQoS Stream Utility
coqos_manSet and monitor bandwidth
coqos_modSuspend or resume a managed data stream
coqos_relRelease Bandwidth Management
corelistA commandline frontend to Module::CoreList
coreutilsSingle binary for coreutils programs
coturnA TURN relay server implementation.
coverReport coverage statistics
cpCopy files and directories
cpackCPack Command-Line Reference
cpaldjvuDjVuDocument encoder for low-color images.
cpanEasily interact with CPAN from the command line
cpancoverReport coverage statistics on CPAN modules
cpanel_json_xsCpanel::JSON::XS commandline utility
cpanmGet, unpack build and install modules from CPAN
cpanmsGet, unpack build and install modules from CPAN via HTTPS
cpioCopy files to and from archives
cpp-6The C Preprocessor
cppThe C Preprocessor
cppcheckTool for static C/C++ code analysis
cpufreq-infoUtility to retrieve cpufreq kernel information
cpufreq-setA small tool which allows to modify cpufreq settings.
cpufreqd-getIssues "get" commands to cpufreqd.
cpufreqd-setIssues "set" commands to cpufreqd.
cpupower-frequency-infoUtility to retrieve cpufreq kernel information
cpupower-frequency-setA small tool which allows to modify cpufreq settings.
cpupower-idle-infoUtility to retrieve cpu idle kernel information
cpupower-idle-setUtility to set cpu idle state specific kernel options
cpupower-infoShows processor power related kernel or hardware configurations
cpupower-monitorReport processor frequency and idle statistics
cpupower-powercap-infoShows powercapping related kernel and hardware configurations
cpupower-setSet processor power related kernel or hardware configurations
cpupowerShows and sets processor power related values
create_cvsignoreCreate preliminary .cvsignore in the current directory
create_makefileCreates and Makefile from a
create_makefilesRecreates all Makefiles beneath a directory
createcatsHelps you creating your own epgsearchcats.conf
cronnextTime of next job cron will execute
crontabMaintains crontab files for individual users
crunA fast and lightweight OCI runtime
cryptdirEncrypt/decrypt all files in a directory
crystalCompiler for the Crystal language.
cs2csCartographic coordinate system filter
cscDriver program for the CHICKEN Scheme compiler
csepdjvuDjVu encoder for separated data files.
cshC shell with file name completion and command line editing
csiThe CHICKEN Scheme interpreter
cspctlSound Blaster 16 ASP/CSP control program
csplitSplit a file into sections determined by context lines
csv2recCsv to rec converter
csync2Cluster synchronization tool, 2nd generation
ctagsGenerate tag files for source code
ctailWatch and colorize a logfile
ctestCTest Command-Line Reference
ctieMerge or apply CWEB change files
ctwillTranslate CWEB to TeX with mini-indexes
cudf2lpA preprocessor for CUDF documents
cue2tocConvert CUE to TOC format
cuebreakpointsReport track breakpoints from a CUE or TOC file
cueconvertConvert files between CUE and TOC formats
cueprintReport disc and track information from a CUE or TOC file
cups-configGet cups api, compiler, directory, and link information (deprecated).
cupsA standards-based, open source printing system
cupstestppdTest conformance of ppd files (deprecated)
curl-configGet information about a libcurl installation
curlTransfer a URL
cutRemove sections from each line of files
cutecomGraphical serial terminal.
cvecheckerAttempt to identify possible vulnerable software on the system
cvegenversdatGenerate version matching rules for passed on files
cvereportGenerate an HTML report for the cvechecker output
cverulesGenerate version matching rules for installed software on a Linux / Unix distribution
cvsConcurrent Versions System
cvscheckOffline status report for files in a checked-out CVS module.
cvslastchangeDisplay the last change committed to CVS for a file
cvslastlogPrints the log entry for the last commit for a file.
cvsrevertlastRevert files in CVS by one version
cvtCalculate VESA CVT mode lines
cvtsudoersConvert between sudoers file formats
cwebTranslate CWEB to C/C++ and/or TeX
cwebpCompress an image file to a WebP file
cwmA lightweight and efficient window manager for X11
cxl-create-regionAssemble a CXL region by setting up attributes of its constituent CXL memdevs.
cxl-destroy-regionDestroy specified region(s).
cxl-disable-busShutdown an entire tree of CXL devices
cxl-disable-memdevDeactivate / hot-remove a given CXL memdev
cxl-disable-portDisable / hot-remove a given CXL port and descendants
cxl-disable-regionDisable specified region(s).
cxl-enable-memdevActivate / hot-add a given CXL memdev
cxl-enable-portActivate / hot-add a given CXL port
cxl-enable-regionEnable specified region(s).
cxl-free-dpaRelease device-physical address space
cxl-listList platform CXL objects, and their attributes, in json.
cxl-monitorMonitor the CXL trace events
cxl-read-labelsRead out the label area on a CXL memdev
cxl-reserve-dpaAllocate device-physical address space
cxl-set-partitionSet the partitioning between volatile and persistent capacity on a CXL memdev
cxl-update-firmwareUpdate the firmware on a CXL memdev
cxl-write-labelsWrite data to the label area on a memdev
cxl-zero-labelsZero out the label area on a set of memdevs
cxlProvides enumeration and provisioning commands for CXL platforms
cxpmCheck an XPM (X PixMap) file, versions XPM 1, 2, or 3.
cxxmetricSimple source metrics for C and C++
cypher-lintA linting tool for Cypher
daddAdd DURATION to DATE/TIME and print the result.
dancerHelper script to create new Dancer applications
darCreates, tests, lists, extracts, compares, merges, isolates, repairs dar archives
dar_cp'cp' clone command that is able to copy data located after an I/O error
dar_managerCompiles several archives contents in a database to ease file restoration
dar_slaveDisk archive slave for remote access to a dar archive
dar_splitDar helper to split an archive over several tapes
dar_xformDisk archive "re-slicer"
darkiceAn icecast / shoutcast live audio streamer
darktable-cliA command line darktable variant
darktable-cltestCheck if there is a usable OpenCL environment for darktable to use
darktable-cmstestTest if the color management subsystem of your computer is correctly configured
darktable-generate-cacheUpdate darktable's thumbnail cache
darktableA digital photography workflow application
dashCommand interpreter (shell)
datacopyMove table data between two servers
datePrint or set the system date and time
date@Print the date on a host
dateaddAdd DURATION to DATE/TIME and print the result.
dateconvConvert DATE/TIMEs between calendrical systems.
datediffCompute duration from DATE/TIME (the reference date/time) to the other
datefudgePretend the system time is different
dategrepGrep standard input for lines that match EXPRESSION.
dateparseFrontend to DateTime::Format::Natural
dateroundRound DATE/TIME to the next occurrence of RNDSPEC.
dateseqGenerate a sequence of date/times from FIRST to LAST, optionally in steps of
datesortSort contents of FILE chronologically.
datetestLike test(1) but for dates.
dateutilsCommand line date and time utilities
datezoneConvert DATE/TIMEs between timezones.
daxctl-create-deviceCreate a devdax device
daxctl-destroy-deviceDestroy a devdax device
daxctl-disable-deviceDisables a devdax device
daxctl-enable-deviceEnable a devdax device
daxctl-listDump the platform Device-DAX regions, devices, and attributes in json.
daxctl-migrate-device-modelOpt-in to the /sys/bus/dax device-model, allow for alternative Device-DAX instance drivers.
daxctl-offline-memoryOffline the memory for a device that is in system-ram mode
daxctl-online-memoryOnline the memory for a device that is in system-ram mode
daxctl-reconfigure-deviceReconfigure a dax device into a different mode
daxctlProvides enumeration and provisioning commands for the Linux kernel Device-DAX facility
db2x_manxmlMake man pages from Man-XML
db2x_texixmlMake Texinfo files from Texi-XML
db2x_xsltprocXSLT processor invocation wrapper
dbclientLightweight SSH client
dbdCNID database maintenance
dbilogstripFilter to normalize DBI trace logs for diff'ing
dbiprofCommand-line client for DBI::ProfileData
dbiproxyA proxy server for the DBD::Proxy driver
dbmmanageManage user authentication files in DBM format
dbus-binding-toolC language dbus-glib bindings generation utility.
dbus-cleanup-socketsClean up leftover sockets in a directory
dbus-daemonMessage bus daemon
dbus-launchUtility to start a message bus from a shell script
dbus-monitorDebug probe to print message bus messages
dbus-run-sessionStart a process as a new D-Bus session
dbus-sendSend a message to a message bus
dbus-test-toolD-Bus traffic generator and test tool
dbus-update-activation-environmentUpdate environment used for D-Bus session services
dbus-uuidgenUtility to generate UUIDs
dbwrap_toolLow level TDB/CTDB manipulation tool using the dbwrap interface
dbxtool(unknown subject)
dcAn arbitrary precision calculator
dc1394_multiviewDisplay format0 camera video
dc1394_reset_busResets the IEEE1394 bus
dc1394_vloopbackSend format0 video to V4L vloopback device
dconf-editorGraphical editor for gsettings and dconf
dconf-serviceD-Bus service for writes to the dconf database
dconfSimple tool for manipulating a dconf database
dconvConvert DATE/TIMEs between calendrical systems.
ddConvert and copy a file
ddateConvert Gregorian dates to Discordian dates
ddcutilQuery and change monitor settings
ddiffCompute duration from DATE/TIME (the reference date/time) to the other
ddjvuCommand line DjVu decoder.
ddrescueData recovery tool
ddrescuelogTool for ddrescue mapfiles
deallocvtDeallocate unused virtual consoles
debinhex.plUse Convert::BinHex to decode BinHex files
decode-dimmsDecode the information found in memory module SPD EEPROMs
decode-vaioDecode the information found in the Sony Vaio laptop identification EEPROMs
decryptdirEncrypt/decrypt all files in a directory
defncopyExtract procedures and views from a Microsoft server.
dehtmldiffGet usable diff from an HTML page
deja-dupA desktop backup tool
dejagnu-help(unknown subject)
dejagnu-report-card(unknown subject)
dejagnuDejaGnu auxiliary command launcher
delcrRemove a CR before each LF
deluge-consoleA BitTorrent client console interface
deluge-gtkA BitTorrent client Gtk interface
deluge-webA BitTorrent client web interface
delugeA BitTorrent client
delugedA BitTorrent client daemon
delvDNS lookup and validation utility
demandocEmit only text of UNIX manuals
derbDisassemble a resource bundle
desktop-file-editInstallation and edition of desktop files
desktop-file-installInstallation and edition of desktop files
desktop-file-validateValidate desktop entry files
desmume-cliNintendo DS emulator
desmumeNintendo DS emulator
detexA filter to strip TeX commands from a .tex file.
devcalAn FM deviation calibration utility for the SvxLink system
devhelpAn API documentation browser
devnagDevanagari for TeX preprocessor
dewebStrips away C & CWEB commands from CWEB sources
dfReport file system space usage
dfbgDirectFB background configuration tool
dfcReport file system space usage information with style
dfrsDisplay file system space usage using graphs and colors
dftestShows display filter byte-code, for debugging dfilter routines.
dgrepGrep standard input for lines that match EXPRESSION.
dialogDisplay dialog boxes from shell scripts
diffCompare files line by line
diff3Compare three files line by line
diffimgCalculates intersection between two images
diffppPretty-print diff outputs with GNU enscript
digDNS lookup utility
digitaglinktreeExport tag structure of photos in digikam to the filesystem.
dijkstraSingle-source distance filter for Graphviz
dilloWeb browser
dirList directory contents
dircolorsColor setup for ls
dircproxy-cryptGenerate encrypted password for dircproxy
dircproxyDetachable Internal Relay Chat Proxy Server
directfb-csourceC code generation utility for DirectFB surfaces
direnv-fetchurl(unknown subject)
direnv-stdlibFunctions for the .envrc
direnvUnclutter your .profile
direnv.tomlThe direnv configuration file
dirmngr-clientTool to access the Dirmngr services
dirnameStrip last component from file name
dirsplitSplits directory into multiple with equal size
discount-makepageConvert markdown input to a fully-formed xhtml page
discount-mkd2htmlMarkdown to html converter
discount-themeCreate a web page from a template file
dislocateDisconnect and reconnect processes
displayDisplays an image or image sequence on any X server.
distRedistribute a message to additional addresses
distccDistributed C/C++/ObjC compiler with distcc-pump extensions
distccdDistributed C/C++ compiler server
distccmon-textDisplays current compilation jobs in text form.
distrobox-assemble(unknown subject)
distrobox-create(unknown subject)
distrobox-enter(unknown subject)
distrobox-ephemeral(unknown subject)
distrobox-export(unknown subject)
distrobox-generate-entry(unknown subject)
distrobox-host-exec(unknown subject)
distrobox-init(unknown subject)
distrobox-list(unknown subject)
distrobox-rm(unknown subject)
distrobox-stop(unknown subject)
distrobox-upgrade(unknown subject)
distrobox(unknown subject)
djpegDecompress a JPEG file to an image file
djvmManipulate bundled multi-page DjVu documents.
djvmcvtConvert multi-page DjVu documents.
djvuDjVu and DjVuLibre.
djvudigitalCreates DjVu files from PS or PDF files.
djvudumpDisplay internal structure of DjVu files.
djvuextractExtract chunks from DjVu image files.
djvumakeAssemble DjVu image files.
djvupsConvert DjVu documents to PostScript.
djvusedMulti-purpose DjVu document editor.
djvuserveGenerate indirect DjVu documents on the fly.
djvutxtExtract the hidden text from DjVu documents.
djvuxmlDjVuLibre XML Tools.
djxlDecompress JPEG XL images
dlltoolCreate files needed to build and use DLLs
dltestA simple library symbol test program
dm-toolA tool to control the display manager
dm_datePrint out the system date and time
dm_zdumpTimezone dumper
dmdDigital Mars D2.x Compiler
dmenuDynamic menu
dmesgPrint or control the kernel ring buffer
dnsbulktestA debugging tool for intermittent resolver failures
dnsdistA DNS and DoS aware, scriptable loadbalancer
dnsgetDNS lookup utility
dnsgramA debugging tool for intermittent resolver failures
dnspcap2calidnsA tool to convert PCAPs of DNS traffic to calidns input
dnspcap2protobufA tool to convert PCAPs of DNS traffic to PowerDNS Protobuf
dnsreplayA PowerDNS nameserver debugging tool
dnsscanList the amount of queries per qtype in a pcap
dnsscopeA PowerDNS nameserver debugging tool
dnssec-cdsChange DS records for a child zone based on CDS/CDNSKEY
dnssec-dsfromkeyDNSSEC DS RR generation tool
dnssec-importkeyImport DNSKEY records from external systems so they can be managed
dnssec-keyfromlabelDNSSEC key generation tool
dnssec-keygenDNSSEC key generation tool
dnssec-revokeSet the REVOKED bit on a DNSSEC key
dnssec-settimeSet the key timing metadata for a DNSSEC key
dnssec-signzoneDNSSEC zone signing tool
dnssec-verifyDNSSEC zone verification tool
dnssortSort DNS hostnames
dnstap-readPrint dnstap data in human-readable form
dnstcpbenchTool to perform TCP benchmarking of nameservers
dnswasherA PowerDNS nameserver debugging tool
doasExecute commands as another user
docbook2x-manConvert DocBook to man pages
docbook2x-texiConvert DocBook to Texinfo
docker-attachAttach local standard input, output, and error streams to a running container
docker-auto-updateAuto update containers according to their auto-update policy
docker-buildBuild an image from a Dockerfile
docker-builder-buildBuild an image from a Dockerfile
docker-builder-pruneRemove build cache
docker-builderManage builds
docker-checkpoint-createCreate a checkpoint from a running container
docker-checkpoint-lsList checkpoints for a container
docker-checkpoint-rmRemove a checkpoint
docker-checkpointManage checkpoints
docker-commitCreate a new image from a container's changes
docker-completionGenerate shell completion scripts
docker-composeRun Compose workloads via an external compose provider
docker-config-createCreate a config from a file or STDIN
docker-config-inspectDisplay detailed information on one or more configs
docker-config-lsList configs
docker-config-rmRemove one or more configs
docker-configManage Swarm configs
docker-container-attachAttach local standard input, output, and error streams to a running container
docker-container-checkpointCheckpoint one or more running containers
docker-container-cleanupClean up the container's network and mountpoints
docker-container-cloneCreate a copy of an existing container
docker-container-commitCreate a new image from a container's changes
docker-container-cpCopy files/folders between a container and the local filesystem
docker-container-createCreate a new container
docker-container-diffInspect changes to files or directories on a container's filesystem
docker-container-execExecute a command in a running container
docker-container-existsCheck if a container exists in local storage
docker-container-exportExport a container's filesystem as a tar archive
docker-container-inspectDisplay detailed information on one or more containers
docker-container-killKill one or more running containers
docker-container-logsFetch the logs of a container
docker-container-lsList containers
docker-container-pausePause all processes within one or more containers
docker-container-portList port mappings or a specific mapping for the container
docker-container-pruneRemove all stopped containers
docker-container-renameRename a container
docker-container-restartRestart one or more containers
docker-container-restoreRestore one or more containers from a checkpoint
docker-container-rmRemove one or more containers
docker-container-runCreate and run a new container from an image
docker-container-runlabelExecute a command as described by a container-image label
docker-container-startStart one or more stopped containers
docker-container-statsDisplay a live stream of container(s) resource usage statistics
docker-container-stopStop one or more running containers
docker-container-topDisplay the running processes of a container
docker-container-unpauseUnpause all processes within one or more containers
docker-container-updateUpdate configuration of one or more containers
docker-container-waitBlock until one or more containers stop, then print their exit codes
docker-containerManage containers
docker-context-createCreate a context
docker-context-exportExport a context to a tar archive FILE or a tar stream on STDOUT.
docker-context-importImport a context from a tar or zip file
docker-context-inspectDisplay detailed information on one or more contexts
docker-context-lsList contexts
docker-context-rmRemove one or more contexts
docker-context-showPrint the name of the current context
docker-context-updateUpdate a context
docker-context-useSet the current docker context
docker-contextManage contexts
docker-cpCopy files/folders between a container and the local filesystem
docker-createCreate a new container
docker-credential-ecr-loginAmazon ECR Credential Helper for Docker
docker-diffInspect changes to files or directories on a container's filesystem
docker-eventsGet real time events from the server
docker-execExecute a command in a running container
docker-exportExport a container's filesystem as a tar archive
docker-farm-createCreate a new farm
docker-farm-listList the existing farms
docker-farm-removeDelete one or more farms
docker-farm-updateUpdate an existing farm
docker-farmFarm out builds to machines running podman for different architectures
docker-generate-specGenerate Specgen JSON based on containers or pods
docker-generate-systemd[DEPRECATED] Generate systemd unit file(s) for a container or pod
docker-generateGenerate structured data based on containers, pods or volumes
docker-healthcheck-runRun a container healthcheck
docker-healthcheckManage healthchecks for containers
docker-historyShow the history of an image
docker-image-buildBuild an image from a Dockerfile
docker-image-diffInspect changes on an image's filesystem
docker-image-existsCheck if an image exists in local storage
docker-image-historyShow the history of an image
docker-image-importImport the contents from a tarball to create a filesystem image
docker-image-inspectDisplay detailed information on one or more images
docker-image-loadLoad an image from a tar archive or STDIN
docker-image-lsList images
docker-image-mountMount an image's root filesystem
docker-image-pruneRemove unused images
docker-image-pullDownload an image from a registry
docker-image-pushUpload an image to a registry
docker-image-rmRemove one or more images
docker-image-saveSave one or more images to a tar archive (streamed to STDOUT by default)
docker-image-scpSecurely copy an image from one host to another
docker-image-signCreate a signature for an image
docker-image-tagCreate a tag TARGET_IMAGE that refers to SOURCE_IMAGE
docker-image-treePrint layer hierarchy of an image in a tree format
docker-image-trustManage container registry image trust policy
docker-image-unmountUnmount an image's root filesystem
docker-imageManage images
docker-imagesList images
docker-importImport the contents from a tarball to create a filesystem image
docker-infoDisplay system-wide information
docker-initInitialize one or more containers
docker-inspectReturn low-level information on Docker objects
docker-killKill one or more running containers
docker-kube-applyApply Kubernetes YAML based on containers, pods, or volumes to a Kubernetes cluster
docker-kube-downRemove containers and pods based on Kubernetes YAML
docker-kube-generateGenerate Kubernetes YAML based on containers, pods or volumes
docker-kube-playCreate containers, pods and volumes based on Kubernetes YAML
docker-kubePlay containers, pods or volumes based on a structured input file
docker-loadLoad an image from a tar archive or STDIN
docker-loginLog in to a registry
docker-logoutLog out from a registry
docker-logsFetch the logs of a container
docker-machine-infoDisplay machine host info
docker-machine-initInitialize a new virtual machine
docker-machine-inspectInspect one or more virtual machines
docker-machine-listList virtual machines
docker-machine-os-applyApply an OCI image to a Podman Machine's OS
docker-machine-osManage a Podman virtual machine's OS
docker-machine-rmRemove a virtual machine
docker-machine-setSet a virtual machine setting
docker-machine-sshSSH into a virtual machine
docker-machine-startStart a virtual machine
docker-machine-stopStop a virtual machine
docker-machineManage Podman's virtual machine
docker-manifest-addAdd an image to a manifest list or image index
docker-manifest-annotateAdd additional information to a local image manifest
docker-manifest-createCreate a local manifest list for annotating and pushing to a registry
docker-manifest-existsCheck if the given manifest list exists in local storage
docker-manifest-inspectDisplay an image manifest, or manifest list
docker-manifest-pushPush a manifest list to a repository
docker-manifest-removeRemove an image from a manifest list or image index
docker-manifest-rmDelete one or more manifest lists from local storage
docker-manifestManage Docker image manifests and manifest lists
docker-mountMount a working container's root filesystem
docker-network-connectConnect a container to a network
docker-network-createCreate a network
docker-network-disconnectDisconnect a container from a network
docker-network-existsCheck if the given network exists
docker-network-inspectDisplay detailed information on one or more networks
docker-network-lsList networks
docker-network-pruneRemove all unused networks
docker-network-reloadReload network configuration for containers
docker-network-rmRemove one or more networks
docker-network-updateUpdate an existing Podman network
docker-networkManage networks
docker-node-demoteDemote one or more nodes from manager in the swarm
docker-node-inspectDisplay detailed information on one or more nodes
docker-node-lsList nodes in the swarm
docker-node-promotePromote one or more nodes to manager in the swarm
docker-node-psList tasks running on one or more nodes, defaults to current node
docker-node-rmRemove one or more nodes from the swarm
docker-node-updateUpdate a node
docker-nodeManage Swarm nodes
docker-pausePause all processes within one or more containers
docker-plugin-createCreate a plugin from a rootfs and configuration. Plugin data directory must contain config.json and rootfs directory.
docker-plugin-disableDisable a plugin
docker-plugin-enableEnable a plugin
docker-plugin-inspectDisplay detailed information on one or more plugins
docker-plugin-installInstall a plugin
docker-plugin-lsList plugins
docker-plugin-pushPush a plugin to a registry
docker-plugin-rmRemove one or more plugins
docker-plugin-setChange settings for a plugin
docker-plugin-upgradeUpgrade an existing plugin
docker-pluginManage plugins
docker-pod-cloneCreate a copy of an existing pod
docker-pod-createCreate a new pod
docker-pod-existsCheck if a pod exists in local storage
docker-pod-inspectDisplay information describing a pod
docker-pod-killKill the main process of each container in one or more pods
docker-pod-logsDisplay logs for pod with one or more containers
docker-pod-pausePause one or more pods
docker-pod-pruneRemove all stopped pods and their containers
docker-pod-psPrint out information about pods
docker-pod-restartRestart one or more pods
docker-pod-rmRemove one or more stopped pods and containers
docker-pod-startStart one or more pods
docker-pod-statsDisplay a live stream of resource usage stats for containers in one or more pods
docker-pod-stopStop one or more pods
docker-pod-topDisplay the running processes of containers in a pod
docker-pod-unpauseUnpause one or more pods
docker-podManagement tool for groups of containers, called pods
docker-portList port mappings or a specific mapping for the container
docker-psList containers
docker-pullDownload an image from a registry
docker-pushUpload an image to a registry
docker-remoteA remote CLI for Podman: A Simple management tool for pods, containers and images.
docker-renameRename a container
docker-restartRestart one or more containers
docker-rmRemove one or more containers
docker-rmiRemove one or more images
docker-runCreate and run a new container from an image
docker-saveSave one or more images to a tar archive (streamed to STDOUT by default)
docker-searchSearch Docker Hub for images
docker-secret-createCreate a secret from a file or STDIN as content
docker-secret-existsCheck if the given secret exists
docker-secret-inspectDisplay detailed information on one or more secrets
docker-secret-lsList secrets
docker-secret-rmRemove one or more secrets
docker-secretManage Swarm secrets
docker-service-createCreate a new service
docker-service-inspectDisplay detailed information on one or more services
docker-service-logsFetch the logs of a service or task
docker-service-lsList services
docker-service-psList the tasks of one or more services
docker-service-rmRemove one or more services
docker-service-rollbackRevert changes to a service's configuration
docker-service-scaleScale one or multiple replicated services
docker-service-updateUpdate a service
docker-serviceManage Swarm services
docker-stack-configOutputs the final config file, after doing merges and interpolations
docker-stack-deployDeploy a new stack or update an existing stack
docker-stack-lsList stacks
docker-stack-psList the tasks in the stack
docker-stack-rmRemove one or more stacks
docker-stack-servicesList the services in the stack
docker-stackManage Swarm stacks
docker-startStart one or more stopped containers
docker-statsDisplay a live stream of container(s) resource usage statistics
docker-stopStop one or more running containers
docker-swarm-caDisplay and rotate the root CA
docker-swarm-initInitialize a swarm
docker-swarm-join-tokenManage join tokens
docker-swarm-joinJoin a swarm as a node and/or manager
docker-swarm-leaveLeave the swarm
docker-swarm-unlock-keyManage the unlock key
docker-swarm-unlockUnlock swarm
docker-swarm-updateUpdate the swarm
docker-swarmManage Swarm
docker-system-connection-addRecord destination for the Podman service
docker-system-connection-defaultSet named destination as default for the Podman service
docker-system-connection-listList the destination for the Podman service(s)
docker-system-connection-removeDelete named destination
docker-system-connection-renameRename the destination for Podman service
docker-system-connectionManage the destination(s) for Podman service(s)
docker-system-dfShow docker disk usage
docker-system-eventsGet real time events from the server
docker-system-infoDisplay system-wide information
docker-system-migrateMigrate existing containers to a new podman version
docker-system-pruneRemove unused data
docker-system-renumberMigrate lock numbers to handle a change in maximum number of locks
docker-system-resetReset storage back to initial state
docker-system-serviceRun an API service
docker-systemManage Docker
docker-tagCreate a tag TARGET_IMAGE that refers to SOURCE_IMAGE
docker-topDisplay the running processes of a container
docker-trust-inspectReturn low-level information about keys and signatures
docker-trust-key-generateGenerate and load a signing key-pair
docker-trust-key-loadLoad a private key file for signing
docker-trust-keyManage keys for signing Docker images
docker-trust-revokeRemove trust for an image
docker-trust-signSign an image
docker-trust-signer-addAdd a signer
docker-trust-signer-removeRemove a signer
docker-trust-signerManage entities who can sign Docker images
docker-trustManage trust on Docker images
docker-unmountUnmount a working container's root filesystem
docker-unpauseUnpause all processes within one or more containers
docker-unshareRun a command inside of a modified user namespace
docker-untagRemove one or more names from a locally-stored image
docker-updateUpdate configuration of one or more containers
docker-versionShow the Docker version information
docker-volume-createCreate a volume
docker-volume-existsCheck if the given volume exists
docker-volume-exportExport volume to external tar
docker-volume-importImport tarball contents into an existing podman volume
docker-volume-inspectDisplay detailed information on one or more volumes
docker-volume-lsList volumes
docker-volume-mountMount a volume filesystem
docker-volume-pruneRemove unused local volumes
docker-volume-reloadReload all volumes from volumes plugins
docker-volume-rmRemove one or more volumes
docker-volume-unmountUnmount a volume
docker-volume-updateUpdate a volume (cluster volumes only)
docker-volumeManage volumes
docker-waitBlock until one or more containers stop, then print their exit codes
dockerDocker image and container command line interface
dockershExecute login shell within the Podman podmansh container
dos2unixDOS/Mac to Unix and vice versa text file format converter
dosboxAn x86/DOS emulator with sound/graphics
dotFilter for drawing directed graphs
dot2gxlGXL-GV converters
dotlockfileUtility to manage lockfiles
dotnet-add-packageAdds or updates a package reference in a project file.
dotnet-add-referenceAdds project-to-project (P2P) references.
dotnet-build-serverInteracts with servers started by a build.
dotnet-buildBuilds a project and all of its dependencies.
dotnet-cleanCleans the output of a project.
dotnet-dev-certsGenerates a self-signed certificate to enable HTTPS use in development.
dotnet-formatFormats code to match f[V]editorconfigf[R] settings.
dotnet-helpShows more detailed documentation online for the specified command.
dotnet-list-packageLists the package references for a project or solution.
dotnet-list-referenceLists project-to-project references.
dotnet-migrateMigrates a Preview 2 .NET Core project to a .NET Core SDK-style project.
dotnet-msbuildBuilds a project and all of its dependencies. Note: A solution or project file may need to be specified if there are multiple.
dotnet-new-installInstalls a template package.
dotnet-new-listLists available templates to be run using dotnet-new.
dotnet-new-searchSearches for the templates supported by dotnet-new on
dotnet-new-uninstallUninstalls a template package.
dotnet-new-updateUpdates installed template packages.
dotnet-newCreates a new project, configuration file, or solution based on the specified template.
dotnet-nuget-add-sourceAdd a NuGet source.
dotnet-nuget-deleteDeletes or unlists a package from the server.
dotnet-nuget-disable-sourceDisable a NuGet source.
dotnet-nuget-enable-sourceEnable a NuGet source.
dotnet-nuget-list-sourceLists all configured NuGet sources.
dotnet-nuget-localsClears or lists local NuGet resources.
dotnet-nuget-pushPushes a package to the server and publishes it.
dotnet-nuget-remove-sourceRemove a NuGet source.
dotnet-nuget-signSigns all the NuGet packages matching the first argument with a certificate.
dotnet-nuget-trustGets or sets trusted signers to the NuGet configuration.
dotnet-nuget-update-sourceUpdate a NuGet source.
dotnet-nuget-verifyVerifies a signed NuGet package.
dotnet-packPacks the code into a NuGet package.
dotnet-publishPublishes the application and its dependencies to a folder for deployment to a hosting system.
dotnet-remove-packageRemoves package reference from a project file.
dotnet-remove-referenceRemoves project-to-project (P2P) references.
dotnet-restoreRestores the dependencies and tools of a project.
dotnet-runRuns source code without any explicit compile or launch commands.
dotnet-sdk-checkLists the latest available version of the .NET SDK and .NET Runtime, for each feature band.
dotnet-slnLists or modifies the projects in a .NET solution file.
dotnet-storeStores the specified assemblies in the runtime package store.
dotnet-test.NET test driver used to execute unit tests.
dotnet-tool-installInstalls the specified .NET tool on your machine.
dotnet-tool-listLists all .NET tools of the specified type currently installed on your machine.
dotnet-tool-restoreInstalls the .NET local tools that are in scope for the current directory.
dotnet-tool-runInvokes a local tool.
dotnet-tool-searchSearches all .NET tools that are published to NuGet.
dotnet-tool-uninstallUninstalls the specified .NET tool from your machine.
dotnet-tool-updateUpdates the specified .NET tool on your machine.
dotnet-vstestRuns tests from the specified assemblies.
dotnet-watchRestarts or hot reloads the specified application when changes in the source code are detected.
dotnet-workload-installInstalls optional workloads.
dotnet-workload-listLists installed workloads.
dotnet-workload-repairRepairs workloads installations.
dotnet-workload-restoreInstalls workloads needed for a project or a solution.
dotnet-workload-searchSearches for optional workloads.
dotnet-workload-uninstallUninstalls a specified workload.
dotnet-workload-updateUpdates installed workloads.
dotnet-workloadProvides information about the available workload commands and installed workloads.
dotnetThe generic driver for the .NET CLI.
doveadm-aclManage Access Control List (ACL)
doveadm-altmoveMove matching mails to the alternative storage (dbox-only)
doveadm-authFlush/lookup/test authentication data
doveadm-batchExecute multiple commands for multiple users
doveadm-deduplicateExpunge duplicate messages
doveadm-directorManage Dovecot directors
doveadm-dumpDump the content of Dovecot's binary mailbox index/log
doveadm-execEasily execute commands from Dovecot's libexec_dir
doveadm-expungeExpunge messages matching given search query
doveadm-fetchFetch partial/full messages or message information
doveadm-flagsAdd, remove or replace messages' flags
doveadm-force-resyncRepair broken mailboxes
doveadm-fsInteract with the abstract mail storage filesystem
doveadm-ftsManipulate the Full Text Search (FTS) index
doveadm-helpShow information about doveadm commands
doveadm-importImport messages matching given search query
doveadm-indexIndex mailboxes
doveadm-instanceManage the list of running Dovecot instances
doveadm-kickDisconnect users by user name and/or IP address
doveadm-logLocate, test or reopen Dovecot's log files
doveadm-mailbox-cryptokeyMail crypt plugin management
doveadm-mailboxCommands related to handling mailboxes
doveadm-moveMove messages matching the given search query into another mailbox
doveadm-penaltyShow current penalties
doveadm-proxyHandle Dovecot proxy connections
doveadm-purgeRemove messages with refcount=0 from mdbox files
doveadm-pwDovecot's password hash generator
doveadm-quotaInitialize/recalculate or show current quota usage
doveadm-rebuildCommands related to rebuilding various aspects of mails matching given search query.
doveadm-replicatorManage users' mail replication
doveadm-saveSave email to a user's mailbox
doveadm-searchShow a list of mailbox GUIDs and message UIDs matching given search query.
doveadm-sieveCommands related to handling Sieve scripts
doveadm-statsInspect or reset stats
doveadm-syncDovecot's two-way mailbox synchronization utility
doveadm-userPerform a user lookup in Dovecot's userdbs
doveadm-whoShow who is logged in to the Dovecot server
doveadmDovecot's administration utility
doveconfDovecot's configuration dumping utility
dovecot-ldaDovecot's local mail delivery agent
dovecot-sysreportDovecot's system report utility
dovecotA secure and highly configurable IMAP and POP3 server
dpauxmonProvide interfaces to capture DisplayPort AUX channel data.
dpipeBi-directional pipe command
dpkg-architectureSet and determine the architecture for package building
dpkg-buildapiReturns the build API level to use during package build
dpkg-buildflagsReturns build flags to use during package build
dpkg-buildpackageBuild binary or source packages from sources
dpkg-checkbuilddepsCheck build dependencies and conflicts
dpkg-debDebian package archive (.deb) manipulation tool
dpkg-distaddfileAdd entries to debian/files
dpkg-divertOverride a package's version of a file
dpkg-genbuildinfoGenerate Debian .buildinfo files
dpkg-genchangesGenerate Debian .changes files
dpkg-gencontrolGenerate Debian control files
dpkg-gensymbolsGenerate symbols files (shared library dependency information)
dpkg-maintscript-helperWorks around known dpkg limitations in maintainer scripts
dpkg-mergechangelogs3-way merge of debian/changelog files
dpkg-nameRename Debian packages to full package names
dpkg-parsechangelogParse Debian changelog files
dpkg-queryA tool to query the dpkg database
dpkg-realpathPrint the resolved pathname with DPKG_ROOT support
dpkg-scanpackagesCreate Packages index files
dpkg-scansourcesCreate Sources index files
dpkg-shlibdepsGenerate shared library substvar dependencies
dpkg-sourceDebian source package (.dsc) manipulation tool
dpkg-splitDebian package archive split/join tool
dpkg-statoverrideOverride ownership and mode of files
dpkg-triggerA package trigger utility
dpkg-vendorQueries information about distribution vendors
dpkgPackage manager for Debian
dqtoolDisplay the contents of a disk-buffer file created with
dragon-dropLightweight DnD source/target
dragonA video player that has a usability focus
drillGet (debug) information out of DNS(SEC)
driverlessPPD generator utility for driverless printing
drm_infoDump information about DRM devices
dropbearconvertConvert between Dropbear and OpenSSH private key formats
dropbearkeyCreate private keys for the use with dropbear(8) or dbclient(1)
droundRound DATE/TIME to the next occurrence of RNDSPEC.
dseqGenerate a sequence of date/times from FIRST to LAST, optionally in steps of
dshbakFormat output from pdsh command
dsortSort contents of FILE chronologically.
dt2dvConvert a DTL text representation of a TeX DVI file to a binary DVI file
dtachSimple program that emulates the detach feature of screen.
dtestLike test(1) but for dates.
duEstimate file space usage
dub-add-localAdds a local package directory (e.g. a git repository)
dub-add-overrideAdds a new package override.
dub-add-pathAdds a default package search path
dub-addAdds dependencies to the package file.
dub-buildBuilds a package (uses the main package in the current working directory by default)
dub-clean-cachesRemoves cached metadata
dub-cleanRemoves intermediate build files and cached build results
dub-convertConverts the file format of the package recipe.
dub-describePrints a JSON description of the project and its dependencies
dub-dustmiteCreate reduced test cases for build errors
dub-fetchManually retrieves and caches a package
dub-generateGenerates project files using the specified generator
dub-initInitializes an empty package skeleton
dub-lintExecutes the linter tests of the selected package
dub-list-overridesPrints a list of all local package overrides
dub-listPrints a list of all or selected local packages dub is aware of
dub-remove-localRemoves a local package directory
dub-remove-overrideRemoves an existing package override.
dub-remove-pathRemoves a package search path
dub-removeRemoves a cached package
dub-runBuilds and runs a package (default command)
dub-searchSearch for available packages.
dub-testExecutes the tests of the selected package
dub-upgradeForces an upgrade of the dependencies
dubPackage and build management system for D
dubdvInsert audio into a digital video stream
dummyhttpSuper simple HTTP server that replies with a fixed body and a fixed response code
dump_oscPrints incoming OSC messages
dumpcapDump network traffic
dumpelfDump internal ELF structure
dumpisoDump IEEE 1394 isochronous channel packets
dumpkeysDump keyboard translation tables
dumrespA dumb DNS responder
dune-build(unknown subject)
dune-cache(unknown subject)
dune-clean(unknown subject)
dune-coq(unknown subject)
dune-describe(unknown subject)
dune-diagnostics(unknown subject)
dune-exec(unknown subject)
dune-external-lib-deps(unknown subject)
dune-fmt(unknown subject)
dune-format-dune-file(unknown subject)
dune-help(unknown subject)
dune-init(unknown subject)
dune-install(unknown subject)
dune-installed-libraries(unknown subject)
dune-internal(unknown subject)
dune-monitor(unknown subject)
dune-ocaml-merlin(unknown subject)
dune-ocaml(unknown subject)
dune-pkg(unknown subject)
dune-printenv(unknown subject)
dune-promote(unknown subject)
dune-promotion(unknown subject)
dune-rpc(unknown subject)
dune-rules(unknown subject)
dune-runtest(unknown subject)
dune-show(unknown subject)
dune-shutdown(unknown subject)
dune-subst(unknown subject)
dune-test(unknown subject)
dune-top(unknown subject)
dune-uninstall(unknown subject)
dune-upgrade(unknown subject)
dune-utop(unknown subject)
dune(unknown subject)
dunstA customizable and lightweight notification-daemon
dunstctlCommand line control utility for dunst, a customizable and lightweight notification-daemon
duplicityEncrypted incremental backup to local or remote storage.
dv2dtConvert a binary TeX DVI file to DTL text representation
dvb-fe-toolDVBv5 tool for frontend settings inspect/change
dvb-format-convertDVBv5 tool for file format conversions
dvbv5-scanDVBv5 tool for frequency scanning
dvbv5-zapDVBv5 tool for service tuning
dvconnectReceive or transmit raw DV using the video1394 device
dvcontSend control commands to DV cameras
dvdauthorAssembles multiple mpeg program streams into a suitable DVD filesystem
dvddirdelDeletes a previously authored DVD directory structure in DIR
dvdunauthorDecodes DVD-Video file structure
dvgrabCapture DV or MPEG-2 Transport Stream (HDV) video and audio data from FireWire
dvi2faxConvert a TeX DVI file to G3 fax format
dvibookRearrange pages in DVI file into signatures
dviconcatConcatenate DVI files
dvicopyProduce modified copy of DVI file
dvidviSelects and/or re-arranges pages in a TeX dvi file
dvihpConvert a TeX DVI file to Hewlett-Packard PCL
dviljConvert a TeX DVI file to PCL, for HP LaserJet printers
dvipdfConvert TeX DVI file to PDF using ghostscript and dvips
dvipdfmxProduce PDF files directly from DVI files
dvipdftCreate thumbnail images for use with dvipdfm
dvipngA DVI-to-PNG translator
dviposCompute positions in a DVI file
dvipsConvert a TeX DVI file to PostScript
dviredPrint dvi-files
dviselectExtract pages from DVI files
dvispcModify a DVI file to be page-independent in specials
dvitodviRearrange pages in a DVI file
dvitompConvert a TeX DVI file to a MetaPost MPXFILE
dvitypeTranslate a dvi file for humans
dvtm-editorMake a text editor act as a filter
dvtm-pagerSelect apropriate pager for dvtm
dvtmDynamic virtual terminal manager
dwarfdumpDumps DWARF debug information of an ELF object
dwarfgenGenerate example DWARF data.
dwebpDecompress a WebP file to an image file
dwmDynamic window manager
dynamipsCisco router simulator
dzoneConvert DATE/TIMEs between timezones.
e2cpCopies files from/to an e2fs filesystem
e2lnCreate hard links on an ext2 filesystem
e2lsList files and directories on an ext2 filesystem
e2mkdirCreates a directory on an ext2 filesystem
e2mvMoves or renames files on an ext2fs filesystem
e2pallConvert all EPS files in a LaTeX document to PDF
e2rmRemoves files and directories on an ext2 filesystem
e2tailA basic version of the tail command for an ext2 filesystem
easytagTag editor for MP3, Ogg Vorbis files and more
ebrowseCreate a class hierarchy database
echoDisplay a line of text
ecl-configEmbeddable Common Lisp configuration query
eclEmbeddable Common Lisp
ecryptfs-add-passphraseAdd an eCryptfs mount passphrase to the kernel keyring.
ecryptfs-findUse inode numbers to match encrypted/decrypted filenames
ecryptfs-generate-tpm-keyGenerate an eCryptfs key for TPM hardware.
ecryptfs-insert-wrapped-passphrase-into-keyringUnwrap a wrapped passphrase from file and insert into the kernel keyring.
ecryptfs-mount-privateInteractive eCryptfs private mount wrapper script.
ecryptfs-recover-privateFind and mount any encrypted private directories
ecryptfs-rewrap-passphraseUnwrap an eCryptfs wrapped passphrase, rewrap it with a new passphrase, and write it back to file.
ecryptfs-rewrite-fileForce a file to be rewritten (reencrypted) in the lower filesystem
ecryptfs-setup-privateSetup an eCryptfs private directory.
ecryptfs-setup-swapEnsure that any swap space is encrypted
ecryptfs-statPresent statistics on encrypted eCryptfs file attributes
ecryptfs-umount-privateECryptfs private unmount wrapper script.
ecryptfs-unwrap-passphraseUnwrap an eCryptfs mount passphrase from file.
ecryptfs-verifyValidate an eCryptfs encrypted home or encrypted private configuration
ecryptfs-wrap-passphraseWrap an eCryptfs mount passphrase.
edLine-oriented text editor
ed2k-linkCalculate/check CRC32, MD5, SHA1, GOST, TTH, BTIH or other message digests.
edgepaintEdge coloring to disambiguate crossing edges
editcapEdit and/or translate the format of capture files
edonr256-hashCalculate/check CRC32, MD5, SHA1, GOST, TTH, BTIH or other message digests.
edonr512-hashCalculate/check CRC32, MD5, SHA1, GOST, TTH, BTIH or other message digests.
edruQualcomm Atheros Ethernet II Data Read Utility
edsuQualcomm Atheros Ethernet II Data Send Utility
efbuEthernet Frame Blast Utility
efeuHomePlug AV Packet Reflector
efi-readvarTool for showing secure variables
efi-updatevarTool for updating secure variables
efisecdbUtility for managing UEFI signature lists
efivarTool to manipulate UEFI variables
efruHomePlug AV Packet Listener
efsuEthernet Frame Send Utility
eggdbus-binding-toolEggDBus binding tool
eggdropAn IRC bot
ejectEject removable media
elfeditUpdate ELF header and program property of ELF files
elinksLynx-like alternative character mode WWW browser
elixirThe Elixir script runner
elixircThe Elixir compiler
elksemuEmbedded Linux Kernel Subset emulator
elogind-inhibitExecute a program with an inhibition lock taken
emacsGNU project Emacs editor
emacsclientTells a running Emacs to visit a file
emailEncrypted SMTP email via Command line
email2pageConverts RFC822 email text into text suitable for paging
empttyDead simple CLI Display Manager on TTY
enc2xsPerl Encode Module Generator
encaDetect and convert encoding of text files
encfsMounts or creates an encrypted virtual filesystem
encfsctlAdministrative tool for working with EncFS filesystems
encfsshMount encrypted virtual filesystem and start shell
encguessGuess character encodings of files
enchant-2A spellchecker
enchant-lsmod-2List provider and dictionary information
encode_keychangeProduce the KeyChange string for SNMPv3
encodedvEncode a series of images to a digital video stream
enconvDetect and convert encoding of text files
engrampaArchive Manager for MATE
enscriptConvert text files to PostScript, HTML, RTF, ANSI, and overstrikes
entrRun arbitrary commands when files change
envRun a program in a modified environment
env_parallelExport environment to GNU parallel
envpathAdvanced operations on path variables
envsubstSubstitutes environment variables in shell format strings
envy24controlGUI control tool for Envy24 (ice1712) based soundcards, under ALSA.
eomThe Eye of MATE Image Viewer
epgsearchSearchtimer and replacement of the VDR program menu
epiphanyA simple, clean, beautiful view of the web
eps2epsGhostscript PostScript "distiller"
epsffitFit encapsulated PostScript file (EPSF) into constrained size
eqnFormat mathematics (equations) for groff or MathML
eqn2graphConvert an eqn equation into a cropped image
erbRuby Templating
errnoLook up errno names and descriptions
eshSimple template system based on shell
espdiffApply the appropriate transformation to a set of patches
etagsGenerate tag file for Emacs, vi
etwdumpProvide an interface to read Event Tracing for Windows (ETW)
eu-elfclassifyDetermine the type of an ELF file.
eu-readelfDisplays information about ELF files.
eu-srcfilesLists the source files of a DWARF/ELF file.
evdev-joystickJoystick calibration program
evimEasy Vim, edit a file with Vim and setup for modeless editing
evince-previewerShow a printing preview of PostScript and PDF documents
evince-thumbnailerCreate png thumbnails from PostScript and PDF documents
evinceGNOME document viewer
evmctlIMA/EVM signing utility
evolutionThe Evolution PIM and Email Client
evseQualcomm Atheros Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Emulator
ewfacquireAcquires data in the EWF format
ewfacquirestreamAcquires data in the EWF format from stdin
ewfexportExports media data stored in EWF files
ewfinfoShow meta data stored in EWF files
ewfmountMount data stored in EWF files
ewfrecoverExports media data stored in EWF files
ewfverifyVerifies media data stored in EWF files
exVi IMproved, a programmer's text editor
exaA modern replacement for ls
exempiCommand line tool to manipulate XMP metadata
exiftoolRead and write meta information in files
exiftranTransform digital camera jpeg images
exo-openOpen URLs and launch preferred applications
expandConvert tabs to spaces
expectProgrammed dialogue with interactive programs, Version 5
expiryCheck and enforce password expiration policy
exprEvaluate expressions
extconvConvert a TeX document in either Big 5+ or GBK encoding into `preprocessed' form.
extend_dmallocAnalyze return-addresses from dmalloc logfiles.
extlinuxInstall the SYSLINUX bootloader on a ext2/ext3 filesystem
extract_a52Extract ATSC A/52 audio from a MPEG stream.
extract_mpeg2Extract MPEG video streams from a multiplexed stream.
extractbbExtract bounding box information from graphics files
extractrcExtract message strings from UI and GUI-RC files
extractresFilter to extract resources from a PostScript document
extressoWrapper for wrestool and icotool
ezstream-cfgmigrateMigrate old ezstream configuration
ezstream-file.shScript to stream files from the command line
ezstreamSource client for Icecast with external de-/encoder support
faacOpen source MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 AAC encoder
faadProcess an Advanced Audio Codec stream
factorFactor numbers
fadviseUtility to use the posix_fadvise system call
fail2ban-clientConfigure and control the server
fail2ban-pythonA helper for Fail2Ban to assure that the same Python is used
fail2ban-regexTest Fail2ban "failregex" option
fail2ban-serverStart the server
fail2ban-testcasesRun Fail2Ban unit-tests
fail2banA set of server and client programs to limit brute force authentication attempts.
fakedDaemon that remembers fake ownership/permissions of files manipulated by fakeroot processes.
fakerootRun a command in an environment faking root privileges for file manipulation
fallocatePreallocate or deallocate space to a file
falseDo nothing, unsuccessfully
fastjarArchive tool for Java archives
faxalterAlter parameters of a job queued for transmission
faxcoverGenerate a cover page for an outgoing facsimile
faxmailMail-to-fax gateway application
faxrmRemove a job or document from a server
faxstatDisplay status
fbgrabTakes screenshots using the framebuffer device
fbgsPoor man's PostScript/pdf viewer for the linux framebuffer console.
fbiLinux framebuffer imageviewer
fbrunDisplay run dialog window
fbsetbgSet a background wallpaper or pattern
fbsetrootA simple background utility used by the fluxbox(1) window manager, originally written for and by the original blackbox(1) windo...
fc-cacheBuild font information cache files
fc-catRead font information cache files
fc-conflistList the configuration files processed by Fontconfig
fc-listList available fonts
fc-matchMatch available fonts
fc-patternParse and show pattern
fc-queryQuery font files
fc-scanScan font files or directories
fc-validateValidate font files
fcatOutput the contents of a file based on its name.
fcrondynDialog dyn-amically with a running fcron daemon
fcrontabManipulate per-user fcrontab files
fdFind entries in the filesystem
fdkaacCommand line frontend for libfdk-aac encoder
fdpFilter for drawing undirected graphs
fdupesFinds duplicate files in a given set of directories
feathersA simple source-level debugger for CHICKEN Scheme
fehImage viewer and cataloguer
fennelA lisp programming language that runs on Lua
fermA firewall rule parser for linux
fetchmailFetch mail from a POP, IMAP, ETRN, or ODMR-capable server
ff2jpgConvert farbfeld to JPG
ff2pamConvert farbfeld to PAM
ff2pngConvert farbfeld to PNG
ff2ppmConvert farbfeld to PPM
ffcfstressConstant force stress test for force-feedback devices
ffindFinds the name of the file or directory using a given inode
ffmpeg-allFfmpeg media converter
ffmpeg-bitstream-filtersFFmpeg bitstream filters
ffmpeg-codecsFFmpeg codecs
ffmpeg-devicesFFmpeg devices
ffmpeg-filtersFFmpeg filters
ffmpeg-formatsFFmpeg formats
ffmpeg-protocolsFFmpeg protocols
ffmpeg-resamplerFFmpeg Resampler
ffmpeg-scalerFFmpeg video scaling and pixel format converter
ffmpeg-utilsFFmpeg utilities
ffmpegFfmpeg media converter
ffmpegthumbnailerFast and lightweight video thumbnailer
ffmvforceForce orientation test for force-feedback devices
ffplay-allFFplay media player
ffplayFFplay media player
ffprobe-allFfprobe media prober
ffprobeFfprobe media prober
ffsetSet force-feedback device parameters
fftestTests force-feedback devices.
fftw-wisdom-to-confGenerate FFTW wisdom (pre-planned transforms)
fftw-wisdomCreate wisdom (pre-optimized FFTs)
fftwf-wisdomCreate wisdom (pre-optimized FFTs)
fftwl-wisdomCreate wisdom (pre-optimized FFTs)
fgconsolePrint the number of the active VT.
fido2-assertGet/verify a FIDO2 assertion
fido2-credMake/verify a FIDO2 credential
fido2-tokenFind and manage a FIDO2 authenticator
fileDetermine file type
filezillaFTP client
filterdiffExtract or exclude diffs from a diff file
finchA Pimpin' Penguin console frontend to libpurple. Instant Messaging client.
fincoreCount pages of file contents in core
findSearch for files in a directory hierarchy
findruleCommand line wrapper to File::Find::Rule
finger@Get user information from a host
fioFlexible I/O tester
fio2gnuplotRender fio's output files with gnuplot
fio_generate_plotsGenerate plots for Flexible I/O Tester
fiologparser_hist.pyCalculate statistics from fio histograms
fishThe friendly interactive shell
fish_indentIndenter and prettifier
fish_key_readerExplore what characters keyboard keys send
fisqlInteractive SQL shell
fix-qdfRepair PDF files in QDF form after editing
fixcrMake sure that there is a CR before each LF
fixcvsdiffFix problematic diff files
fixdlsrpsFilter to fix DviLaser/PS documents to work with PSUtils
fixfmpsFilter to fix Framemaker documents so PSUtils work
fixincludesReduce the number of #includes in KDE source files
fixmacpsFilter to fix Macintosh documents with saner version of md
fixpsSanitize PostScript files
fixpsditpsFilter to fix Transcript psdit documents so PSUtils work
fixpsppsFilter to fix PSPrint PostScript so PSUtils work
fixscribepsFilter to fix Scribe documents so PSUtils work
fixtppsFilter to fix Tpscript documents to work with PSUtils
fixwfwpsFilter to fix Word for Windows documents so PSUtils work
fixwppsFilter to fix WP documents so PSUtils work
fixwwpsFilter to fix Windows Write documents so PSUtils work
flacFree Lossless Audio Codec
flatpak-builderHelp build application dependencies
flawfinderLexically find potential security flaws ("hits") in source code
flexThe fast lexical analyser generator
flickcurl-configScript to get information about the installed version of flickcurl
flickcurlCall Flickr API
flickrdfCall Flickr API
flipdiffExchange the order of two incremental patches
flistList folders with messages in given sequence(s)
flockManage locks from shell scripts
floppydFloppy daemon for remote access to floppy drive
floppyd_installtestTests whether floppyd is installed and running
flsList file and directory names in a disk image.
fltk-configScript to get information about the installed version of fltk.
fluidThe fast light user-interface designer
fluidsynthA SoundFont synthesizer
fluxbox-remoteCommand line access to key commands for fluxbox(1)
fluxboxA lightweight window manager for the X Windowing System
fmtSimple optimal text formatter
fmttestTest programs in nmh's mh-format(5) language
fmtutilManage TeX formats and Metafont bases, per-user
fnottKeyboard driven notification daemon for Wayland
fnottctlUtility to interact with fnott(1)
foldWrap each input line to fit in specified width
folderSet/list current folder/message
font-managerSimple font management for GTK+ desktop environments
fontforgeCreate, modify, and view font files
fontimageProduce a font thumbnail image
fontinstUtility to run TeX as fontinst
fontlintCheck a font
foomatic-ripUniversal print filter/RIP wrapper
footWayland terminal emulator
footclientStart new terminals in a foot server
forwForward messages
fprintdFingerprint management daemon, and test applications
fqJob queue log viewer
freeDisplay amount of free and used memory in the system
freebcpBulk loading utility for Sybase and Microsoft databases
freerdp-shadow-cliA utility for sharing a X display via RDP.
freshclamUpdate virus databases
frogDutch Natural Language Toolkit
frrA systemd interaction script
fsstatDisplay general details of a file system
fstrcmpFuzzy comparison of strings
fstrcmp_licenseGNU General Public License
fstrm_captureReceive and save Frame Streams data from a socket.
fstrm_dumpDisplay metadata and contents of Frame Streams file.
fstrm_replayReplay saved Frame Streams data to a socket connection.
ftbenchBenchmark some common FreeType paths
ftdiffCompare font hinting modes
ftdumpSimple font dumper
ftgammaScreen gamma calibration helper
ftgridSimple glyph grid viewer
ftlintSimple font tester
ftmultiMultiple masters font viewer
ftpFile Transfer Protocol client.
ftpasswdPerl script for managing AuthUserFiles and AuthGroupFiles
ftpcountShow current number of connections for each proftpd server configuration
ftpmailFIFO-based Perl script for sending email based on proftpd TransferLog
ftpquotaPerl script for managing limit/tally files for mod_quotatab
ftptopDisplay running status on proftpd server connections
ftpwhoShow current process information for each FTP session
ftstringString viewer
ftvalidFont layout table validator
ftviewSimple glyph viewer
funzipFilter for extracting from a ZIP archive in a pipe
fuse-overlayfsOverlayfs FUSE implementation
fuse2fsFUSE file system client for ext2/ext3/ext4 file systems
fuserIdentify processes using files or sockets
fusermountMount and unmount FUSE filesystems
fusermount3Mount and unmount FUSE filesystems
fuzzelDisplay XDG applications in a searchable Wayland window
fvwm-bugReport a bug in fvwm
fvwm-configQuery an existing fvwm installation
fvwm-convert-2.6Convert fvwm 2.4.x configuration file to fvwm 2.6 style
fvwm-menu-desktopReads XDG menu files and creates Fvwm menus
fvwm-menu-directoryBuilds a directory browsing menu for fvwm
fvwm-menu-headlinesBuilds headlines menu definition for fvwm
fvwm-menu-xlockBuilds xlock menu definition for fvwm
fvwm-perllibShows the documentation of the Fvwm Perl library
fvwm-rootSets the root window of the current X display to image
fwupConfigurable embedded firmware update creator and runner
fwupdmgr(unknown subject)
fwupdtool(unknown subject)
fzf-tmuxOpen fzf in tmux split pane
fzfA command-line fuzzy finder
fzputtygenSFTP private key converter of FileZilla
fzsftpSFTP connection handler of FileZilla
g++-6GNU project C and C++ compiler
g++GNU project C and C++ compiler
g-ir-compilerTypelib compiler
g-ir-doc-toolDocumentation builder
g-ir-generateTypelib generator
g-ir-scannerExtracting C metadata from sources and headers
g-lensfun-update-dataUpdate Lensfun's database
gajim-remoteA remote control utility for f[B]gajimf[R](1)
gajimA fully-featured XMPP chat client
galculatorA GTK 2 / GTK 3 based scientific calculator
galera_new_clusterStarting a new Galera cluster
galera_recoveryRecover from non-graceful shutdown
gallery-dlDownload image-galleries and -collections
gamma4scanimageCreate a gamma table for scanimage
gammarayQt-application inspection and manipulation tool.
gammu-configGammu configurator
gammu-detectGammu device detection
gammu-smsd-injectInject messages into queue of SMS daemon for Gammu
gammu-smsd-monitorMonitor state of SMS daemon for Gammu
gammu-smsdSMS daemon for Gammu
gammuDoes some neat things with your cellular phone or modem.
gappletviewer-6Load and runs an applet
gapplicationD-Bus application launcher
gawkPattern scanning and processing language
gawkbugReport a bug in gawk
gc-analyze-6Analyze Garbage Collector (GC) memory dumps
gcCount graph components
gcabProgram to create Microsoft cabinet (.cab) archives
gcalccmdA console calculator
gcc-6GNU project C and C++ compiler
gccGNU project C and C++ compiler
gccgoA GCC-based compiler for the Go language
gccmakedepCreate dependencies in makefiles using 'gcc -M'
gcj-6Ahead-of-time compiler for the Java language
gcj-dbtool-6Manipulate class file mapping databases for libgcj
gcjh-6Generate header files from Java class files
gcoreGenerate a core file of a running program
gcov-6Coverage testing tool
gcov-dump-6Offline gcda and gcno profile dump tool
gcov-dumpOffline gcda and gcno profile dump tool
gcov-tool-6Offline gcda profile processing tool
gcov-toolOffline gcda profile processing tool
gcovCoverage testing tool
gcov2perlConvert gcov files to Devel::Cover databases
gdal-configDetermines various information about a GDAL installation.
gdal2tilesGenerates directory with TMS tiles, KMLs and simple web viewers.
gdal_calcCommand line raster calculator with numpy syntax.
gdal_contourBuilds vector contour lines from a raster elevation model.
gdal_createCreate a raster file (without source dataset)
gdal_editEdit in place various information of an existing GDAL dataset.
gdal_fillnodataFill raster regions by interpolation from edges.
gdal_footprintCompute footprint of a raster.
gdal_gridCreates regular grid from the scattered data.
gdal_mergeMosaics a set of images.
gdal_pansharpenPerform a pansharpen operation.
gdal_polygonizeProduces a polygon feature layer from a raster.
gdal_proximityProduces a raster proximity map.
gdal_rasterizeBurns vector geometries into a raster.
gdal_retileRetiles a set of tiles and/or build tiled pyramid levels.
gdal_sieveRemoves small raster polygons.
gdal_translateConverts raster data between different formats.
gdal_viewshedCalculates a viewshed raster from an input raster DEM for a user defined point
gdaladdoBuilds or rebuilds overview images.
gdalbuildvrtBuilds a VRT from a list of datasets.
gdalcompareCompare two images.
gdaldemTools to analyze and visualize DEMs.
gdalinfoLists various information about a GDAL supported raster dataset
gdallocationinfoRaster query tool.
gdalmanageIdentify, delete, rename and copy raster data files.
gdalmdiminfoReports structure and content of a multidimensional dataset
gdalmdimtranslateConverts multidimensional data between different formats, and perform subsetting.
gdalmoveTransform georeferencing of raster file in place.
gdalsrsinfoLists info about a given SRS in number of formats (WKT, PROJ.4, etc.)
gdaltindexBuilds a shapefile as a raster tileindex.
gdaltransformTransforms coordinates.
gdalwarpImage reprojection and warping utility.
gdb-add-indexAdd index files to speed up GDB
gdbThe GNU Debugger
gdbm_dumpDump a GDBM database to a file
gdbm_loadRe-create a GDBM database from a dump file.
gdbmtoolExamine and modify a GDBM database
gdbserverRemote Server for the GNU Debugger
gdbus-codegenD-Bus code and documentation generator
gdbusTool for working with D-Bus objects
gdcA GCC-based compiler for the D language
gdiffmkMark differences between groff / nroff / troff files
gdk-pixbuf-csourceC code generation utility for GdkPixbuf images
gdk-pixbuf-query-loadersGdkPixbuf loader registration utility
gdnsd_geoip_testCommandline test program for gdnsd-plugin-geoip maps
geanyA small and lightweight IDE
geditGeneral-purpose text editor
geeqieGTK based multiformat image viewer
gegpsGoogle Earth client for gpsd
genbrkCompiles ICU break iteration rules source files into binary data files
gencfuGenerates Unicode Confusable data files
gencnvalCompile the converters aliases file
gendictCompiles word list into ICU string trie dictionary
gengetoptManual page for gengetopt 2.23
genhashMd5 hash generation tool for remote web pages
genisoimageCreate ISO9660/Joliet/HFS filesystem with optional Rock Ridge attributes
genrbCompile a resource bundle
genresscriptGenerate resource script from PE and NE binaries
gentestRun random generic SMB operations against two SMB servers and show the differences in behavior
geodGeodesic computations
geoiplookupLook up country using IP Address or hostname
geoiplookup6Look up country using IP Address or hostname
geotifcpCopy TIFF with updated GeoTIFF Metadata
gerberaUPnP MediaServer
ges-launch-1.0Create and render multimedia timelines
get-ouiFetch the arp-scan OUI file from the IEEE website
getaddrinfoCommand-line tool to "getaddrinfo(3)" resolver
getafmCreate an AFM file for a PostScript font.
getcifsaclUserspace helper to display an ACL in a security descriptor for Common Internet File System (CIFS)
getentGet entries from Name Service Switch libraries
getent.ldapQuery information from LDAP
getfaclGet file access control lists
getfattrGet extended attributes of filesystem objects
gethostipConvert an IP address into various formats
geticonsetGets the current Window Maker icon set
getnameinfoCommand-line tool to "getnameinfo(3)" resolver
getoptParse command options (enhanced)
getpibQualcomm Atheros PIB Data Extractor
getstyleDumps the current Window Maker style related configuration or creates a theme pack.
getsubidsGet the subordinate id ranges for a user
getsysinfo(unknown subject)
gettextTranslate message
gettextizeInstall or upgrade gettext infrastructure
gfortranGNU Fortran compiler
gftodviMake proof sheets from generic font files
gftopkConvert generic font files to packed font files
gftypeTranslate a generic font file for humans to read
gh-alias-deleteDelete set aliases
gh-alias-importImport aliases from a YAML file
gh-alias-listList your aliases
gh-alias-setCreate a shortcut for a gh command
gh-aliasCreate command shortcuts
gh-apiMake an authenticated GitHub API request
gh-auth-loginAuthenticate with a GitHub host
gh-auth-logoutLog out of a GitHub host
gh-auth-refreshRefresh stored authentication credentials
gh-auth-setup-gitSetup git with GitHub CLI
gh-auth-statusView authentication status
gh-auth-tokenPrint the auth token gh is configured to use
gh-authAuthenticate gh and git with GitHub
gh-browseOpen the repository in the browser
gh-cache-deleteDelete Github Actions caches
gh-cache-listList Github Actions caches
gh-cacheManage Github Actions caches
gh-codespace-codeOpen a codespace in Visual Studio Code
gh-codespace-cpCopy files between local and remote file systems
gh-codespace-createCreate a codespace
gh-codespace-deleteDelete codespaces
gh-codespace-editEdit a codespace
gh-codespace-jupyterOpen a codespace in JupyterLab
gh-codespace-listList codespaces
gh-codespace-logsAccess codespace logs
gh-codespace-ports-forwardForward ports
gh-codespace-ports-visibilityChange the visibility of the forwarded port
gh-codespace-portsList ports in a codespace
gh-codespace-rebuildRebuild a codespace
gh-codespace-sshSSH into a codespace
gh-codespace-stopStop a running codespace
gh-codespace-viewView details about a codespace
gh-codespaceConnect to and manage codespaces
gh-completionGenerate shell completion scripts
gh-config-clear-cacheClear the cli cache
gh-config-getPrint the value of a given configuration key
gh-config-listPrint a list of configuration keys and values
gh-config-setUpdate configuration with a value for the given key
gh-configManage configuration for gh
gh-extension-browseEnter a UI for browsing, adding, and removing extensions
gh-extension-createCreate a new extension
gh-extension-execExecute an installed extension
gh-extension-installInstall a gh extension from a repository
gh-extension-listList installed extension commands
gh-extension-removeRemove an installed extension
gh-extension-searchSearch extensions to the GitHub CLI
gh-extension-upgradeUpgrade installed extensions
gh-extensionManage gh extensions
gh-gist-cloneClone a gist locally
gh-gist-createCreate a new gist
gh-gist-deleteDelete a gist
gh-gist-editEdit one of your gists
gh-gist-listList your gists
gh-gist-renameRename a file in a gist
gh-gist-viewView a gist
gh-gistManage gists
gh-gpg-key-addAdd a GPG key to your GitHub account
gh-gpg-key-deleteDelete a GPG key from your GitHub account
gh-gpg-key-listLists GPG keys in your GitHub account
gh-gpg-keyManage GPG keys
gh-issue-closeClose issue
gh-issue-commentAdd a comment to an issue
gh-issue-createCreate a new issue
gh-issue-deleteDelete issue
gh-issue-developManage linked branches for an issue
gh-issue-editEdit issues
gh-issue-listList issues in a repository
gh-issue-lockLock issue conversation
gh-issue-pinPin a issue
gh-issue-reopenReopen issue
gh-issue-statusShow status of relevant issues
gh-issue-transferTransfer issue to another repository
gh-issue-unlockUnlock issue conversation
gh-issue-unpinUnpin a issue
gh-issue-viewView an issue
gh-issueManage issues
gh-label-cloneClones labels from one repository to another
gh-label-createCreate a new label
gh-label-deleteDelete a label from a repository
gh-label-editEdit a label
gh-label-listList labels in a repository
gh-labelManage labels
gh-org-listList organizations for the authenticated user.
gh-orgManage organizations
gh-pr-checkoutCheck out a pull request in git
gh-pr-checksShow CI status for a single pull request
gh-pr-closeClose a pull request
gh-pr-commentAdd a comment to a pull request
gh-pr-createCreate a pull request
gh-pr-diffView changes in a pull request
gh-pr-editEdit a pull request
gh-pr-listList pull requests in a repository
gh-pr-lockLock pull request conversation
gh-pr-mergeMerge a pull request
gh-pr-readyMark a pull request as ready for review
gh-pr-reopenReopen a pull request
gh-pr-reviewAdd a review to a pull request
gh-pr-statusShow status of relevant pull requests
gh-pr-unlockUnlock pull request conversation
gh-pr-viewView a pull request
gh-prManage pull requests
gh-project-closeClose a project
gh-project-copyCopy a project
gh-project-createCreate a project
gh-project-deleteDelete a project
gh-project-editEdit a project
gh-project-field-createCreate a field in a project
gh-project-field-deleteDelete a field in a project
gh-project-field-listList the fields in a project
gh-project-item-addAdd a pull request or an issue to a project
gh-project-item-archiveArchive an item in a project
gh-project-item-createCreate a draft issue item in a project
gh-project-item-deleteDelete an item from a project by ID
gh-project-item-editEdit an item in a project
gh-project-item-listList the items in a project
gh-project-listList the projects for an owner
gh-project-mark-templateMark a project as a template
gh-project-viewView a project
gh-projectWork with GitHub Projects.
gh-release-createCreate a new release
gh-release-delete-assetDelete an asset from a release
gh-release-deleteDelete a release
gh-release-downloadDownload release assets
gh-release-editEdit a release
gh-release-listList releases in a repository
gh-release-uploadUpload assets to a release
gh-release-viewView information about a release
gh-releaseManage releases
gh-repo-archiveArchive a repository
gh-repo-cloneClone a repository locally
gh-repo-createCreate a new repository
gh-repo-deleteDelete a repository
gh-repo-deploy-key-addAdd a deploy key to a GitHub repository
gh-repo-deploy-key-deleteDelete a deploy key from a GitHub repository
gh-repo-deploy-key-listList deploy keys in a GitHub repository
gh-repo-deploy-keyManage deploy keys in a repository
gh-repo-editEdit repository settings
gh-repo-forkCreate a fork of a repository
gh-repo-listList repositories owned by user or organization
gh-repo-renameRename a repository
gh-repo-set-defaultConfigure default repository for this directory
gh-repo-syncSync a repository
gh-repo-unarchiveUnarchive a repository
gh-repo-viewView a repository
gh-repoManage repositories
gh-ruleset-checkView rules that would apply to a given branch
gh-ruleset-listList rulesets for a repository or organization
gh-ruleset-viewView information about a ruleset
gh-rulesetView info about repo rulesets
gh-run-cancelCancel a workflow run
gh-run-deleteDelete a workflow run
gh-run-downloadDownload artifacts generated by a workflow run
gh-run-listList recent workflow runs
gh-run-rerunRerun a run
gh-run-viewView a summary of a workflow run
gh-run-watchWatch a run until it completes, showing its progress
gh-runView details about workflow runs
gh-search-codeSearch within code
gh-search-commitsSearch for commits
gh-search-issuesSearch for issues
gh-search-prsSearch for pull requests
gh-search-reposSearch for repositories
gh-searchSearch for repositories, issues, and pull requests
gh-secret-deleteDelete secrets
gh-secret-listList secrets
gh-secret-setCreate or update secrets
gh-secretManage GitHub secrets
gh-ssh-key-addAdd an SSH key to your GitHub account
gh-ssh-key-deleteDelete an SSH key from your GitHub account
gh-ssh-key-listLists SSH keys in your GitHub account
gh-ssh-keyManage SSH keys
gh-statusPrint information about relevant issues, pull requests, and notifications across repositories
gh-variable-deleteDelete variables
gh-variable-listList variables
gh-variable-setCreate or update variables
gh-variableManage GitHub Actions variables
gh-workflow-disableDisable a workflow
gh-workflow-enableEnable a workflow
gh-workflow-listList workflows
gh-workflow-runRun a workflow by creating a workflow_dispatch event
gh-workflow-viewView the summary of a workflow
gh-workflowView details about GitHub Actions workflows
ghGitHub CLI
ghcThe Glasgow Haskell Compiler
ghiThe stupid issue tracker
gieThe Geospatial Integrity Investigation Environment
gif2rgbConvert images saved as GIF to 24-bit RGB triplets
gif2webpConvert a GIF image to WebP
gifbgGenerate a test-pattern GIF
gifbuildDump GIF data in a textual format, or undump it to a GIF
gifclrmpExtract colormaps from GIF images
gifcolorGenerate color test-pattern GIFs
gifdiffCompares GIF images
gifechoGenerate a GIF from ASCII text
giffixAttempt to fix up broken GIFs
gifhistoMake a color histogram from GIF colr frequencies
gifintoSave GIF on stdin to file if size over set threshold
giflibGIFLIB utilities
gifsicleManipulates GIF images and animations
giftextDump GIF pixels and metadata as text
giftoolGIF transformation tool
gifviewDisplays GIF images and animations on the X window system
gifwedgeCreate a GIF test pattern
gigoloA simple frontend to easily connect to remote filesystems with GIO/GVfs
gij-6GNU interpreter for Java bytecode
gimp-2.10An image manipulation and paint program.
gimp-console-2.10An image manipulation and paint program.
gimp-consoleAn image manipulation and paint program.
gimpAn image manipulation and paint program.
gimptool-2.0Script to perform various GIMPy functions
gio-querymodulesGIO module cache creation
gioGIO commandline tool
git-addAdd file contents to the index
git-amApply a series of patches from a mailbox
git-annex-addAdds files to the git annex
git-annex-addunusedAdd back unused files
git-annex-addurlAdd urls to annex
git-annex-adjustEnter an adjusted branch
git-annex-assistAdd files and sync changes with remotes
git-annex-assistantDaemon to add files and automatically sync changes
git-annex-backendsKey/value backends for git-annex
git-annex-benchmarkBenchmark git-annex commands
git-annex-calckeyCalculate key for a file
git-annex-checkpresentkeyCheck if key is present in remote
git-annex-common-optionsOptions supported by many git-annex commands
git-annex-configConfiguration stored in git-annex branch
git-annex-configremoteChanges special remote configuration
git-annex-contentlocationLooks up content for a key
git-annex-copyCopy content of files to/from another repository
git-annex-deadHide a lost repository or key
git-annex-describeChange description of a repository
git-annex-diffdriverGit diff driver
git-annex-directSwitch repository to direct mode (deprecated)
git-annex-dropRemove content of files from repository
git-annex-dropkeyDrops annexed content for specified keys
git-annex-dropunusedDrop unused file content
git-annex-editUnlock files for modification
git-annex-enable-torEnable tor hidden service
git-annex-enableremoteEnables git-annex to use a remote
git-annex-examinekeyPrints information from a key
git-annex-expireExpire inactive repositories
git-annex-exportExport a tree of files to a special remote
git-annex-filter-branchFilter information from the git-annex branch
git-annex-filter-processLong running git filter process for git-annex
git-annex-findLists available files
git-annex-findkeysLists available keys
git-annex-findrefLists files in a git ref (deprecated)
git-annex-fixFix up links to annexed content
git-annex-forgetPrune git-annex branch history
git-annex-fromkeyAdds a file using a specific key
git-annex-fsckFind and fix problems
git-annex-fuzztestGenerates fuzz test files
git-annex-getMake content of annexed files available
git-annex-groupAdd a repository to a group
git-annex-groupwantedGet or set groupwanted expression
git-annex-importImport files from a special remote
git-annex-importfeedImport files from podcast feeds
git-annex-indirectSwitch repository to indirect mode (deprecated)
git-annex-infoInformation about an item or the repository
git-annex-initInitialize git-annex
git-annex-initremoteCreates a special (non-git) remote
git-annex-inprogressAccess files while they're being downloaded
git-annex-listShow which remotes contain files
git-annex-lockLock files to prevent modification
git-annex-logShows location log information
git-annex-lookupkeyLooks up key used for file
git-annex-mapGenerate map of repositories
git-annex-matchexpressionChecks if an expression matches
git-annex-matching-expressionSpecifying a set of files
git-annex-matching-optionsSpecifying what to act on
git-annex-mergeMerge changes from remotes
git-annex-metadataSets or gets metadata of a file
git-annex-migrateSwitch data to different backend
git-annex-mincopiesConfigure minimum number of copies
git-annex-mirrorMirror content of files to/from another repository
git-annex-moveMove content of files to/from another repository
git-annex-multicastMulticast file distribution
git-annex-numcopiesConfigure desired number of copies
git-annex-oldkeysList keys used for old versions of files
git-annex-p2pConfigure peer-2-peer links between repositories
git-annex-post-receiveRun by git post-receive hook
git-annex-pre-commitRun by git pre-commit hook
git-annex-preferred-contentWhich files are wanted in a repository
git-annex-proxySafely bypass direct mode guard (deprecated)
git-annex-pullPull content from remotes
git-annex-pushPush content to remotes
git-annex-readpresentkeyRead records of where key is present
git-annex-registerurlRegisters an url for a key
git-annex-reinitInitialize repository, reusing old UUID
git-annex-reinjectInject content of file back into annex
git-annex-rekeyChange keys used for files
git-annex-remotedaemonPersistent communication with remotes
git-annex-renameremoteChanges name of a special remote
git-annex-repairRecover broken git repository
git-annex-requiredGet or set required content expression
git-annex-resolvemergeResolve merge conflicts
git-annex-restageRestages unlocked files in the git index
git-annex-rmurlRecord file is not available at url
git-annex-satisfyTransfer and drop content as configured
git-annex-scheduleGet or set scheduled jobs
git-annex-semitrustReturn repository to default trust level
git-annex-setkeySets annexed content for a key
git-annex-setpresentkeyChange records of where key is present
git-annex-shellRestricted login shell for git-annex only SSH access
git-annex-smudgeGit filter driver for git-annex
git-annex-statusShow the working tree status (deprecated)
git-annex-syncSynchronize local repository with remotes
git-annex-testRun built-in test suite
git-annex-testremoteTest transfers to/from a remote
git-annex-transferkeyTransfers a key from or to a remote
git-annex-transferkeysTransfers keys (deprecated)
git-annex-transferrerTransfers content
git-annex-trustTrust a repository
git-annex-unannexUndo accidental add command
git-annex-undoUndo last change to a file or directory
git-annex-ungroupRemove a repository from a group
git-annex-uninitDe-initialize git-annex and clean out repository
git-annex-unlockUnlock files for modification
git-annex-unregisterurlUnregisters an url for a key
git-annex-untrustDo not trust a repository
git-annex-unusedLook for unused file content
git-annex-upgradeUpgrade repository
git-annex-vaddAdd subdirs to current view
git-annex-vcycleSwitch view to next layout
git-annex-versionShow version info
git-annex-vfilterFilter current view
git-annex-vicfgEdit configuration in git-annex branch
git-annex-viewEnter a view branch
git-annex-vpopSwitch back to previous view
git-annex-wantedGet or set preferred content expression
git-annex-watchDaemon to watch for changes
git-annex-webappLaunch webapp
git-annex-whereisLists repositories that have file content
git-annex-whereusedFind what files use or used a key
git-annexManage files with git, without checking their contents in
git-annotateAnnotate file lines with commit information
git-applyApply a patch to files and/or to the index
git-archimportImport a GNU Arch repository into Git
git-archiveCreate an archive of files from a named tree
git-bisectUse binary search to find the commit that introduced a bug
git-blameShow what revision and author last modified each line of a file
git-branchList, create, or delete branches
git-bugreportCollect information for user to file a bug report
git-bundleMove objects and refs by archive
git-cat-fileProvide contents or details of repository objects
git-check-attrDisplay gitattributes information
git-check-ignoreDebug gitignore / exclude files
git-check-mailmapShow canonical names and email addresses of contacts
git-check-ref-formatEnsures that a reference name is well formed
git-checkout-indexCopy files from the index to the working tree
git-checkoutSwitch branches or restore working tree files
git-cherry-pickApply the changes introduced by some existing commits
git-cherryFind commits yet to be applied to upstream
git-citoolGraphical alternative to git-commit
git-cleanRemove untracked files from the working tree
git-cliffA highly customizable changelog generator ⛰️
git-cloneClone a repository into a new directory
git-columnDisplay data in columns
git-commit-graphWrite and verify Git commit-graph files
git-commit-treeCreate a new commit object
git-commitRecord changes to the repository
git-configGet and set repository or global options
git-count-objectsCount unpacked number of objects and their disk consumption
git-credential-cache--daemonTemporarily store user credentials in memory
git-credential-cacheHelper to temporarily store passwords in memory
git-credential-storeHelper to store credentials on disk
git-credentialRetrieve and store user credentials
git-cryptTransparent file encryption in Git
git-cvsexportcommitExport a single commit to a CVS checkout
git-cvsimportSalvage your data out of another SCM people love to hate
git-cvsserverA CVS server emulator for Git
git-daemonA really simple server for Git repositories
git-describeGive an object a human readable name based on an available ref
git-diagnoseGenerate a zip archive of diagnostic information
git-diff-filesCompares files in the working tree and the index
git-diff-indexCompare a tree to the working tree or index
git-diff-treeCompares the content and mode of blobs found via two tree objects
git-diffShow changes between commits, commit and working tree, etc
git-difftoolShow changes using common diff tools
git-fast-exportGit data exporter
git-fast-importBackend for fast Git data importers
git-fetch-packReceive missing objects from another repository
git-fetchDownload objects and refs from another repository
git-filter-branchRewrite branches
git-fmt-merge-msgProduce a merge commit message
git-for-each-refOutput information on each ref
git-for-each-repoRun a Git command on a list of repositories
git-format-patchPrepare patches for e-mail submission
git-fsck-objectsVerifies the connectivity and validity of the objects in the database
git-fsckVerifies the connectivity and validity of the objects in the database
git-fsmonitor--daemonA Built-in Filesystem Monitor
git-gcCleanup unnecessary files and optimize the local repository
git-get-tar-commit-idExtract commit ID from an archive created using git-archive
git-grepPrint lines matching a pattern
git-guiA portable graphical interface to Git
git-hash-objectCompute object ID and optionally create an object from a file
git-helpDisplay help information about Git
git-hookRun git hooks
git-http-backendServer side implementation of Git over HTTP
git-http-fetchDownload from a remote Git repository via HTTP
git-http-pushPush objects over HTTP/DAV to another repository
git-imap-sendSend a collection of patches from stdin to an IMAP folder
git-index-packBuild pack index file for an existing packed archive
git-init-dbCreates an empty Git repository
git-initCreate an empty Git repository or reinitialize an existing one
git-instawebInstantly browse your working repository in gitweb
git-interpret-trailersAdd or parse structured information in commit messages
git-lfs-checkoutUpdate working copy with file content if available
git-lfs-cleanGit clean filter that converts large files to pointers
git-lfs-cloneEfficiently clone a LFS-enabled repository
git-lfs-envDisplay the Git LFS environment
git-lfs-extView extension details
git-lfs-fetchDownload all Git LFS files for a given ref
git-lfs-filter-processGit filter process that converts between pointer and actual content
git-lfs-fsckCheck GIT LFS files for consistency
git-lfs-installInstall Git LFS configuration.
git-lfs-lockSet a file as "locked" on the Git LFS server
git-lfs-locksLists currently locked files from the Git LFS server.
git-lfs-logsShow errors from the git-lfs command
git-lfs-ls-filesShow information about Git LFS files in the index and working tree
git-lfs-migrateMigrate history to or from git-lfs
git-lfs-pointerBuild, compare, and check pointers
git-lfs-post-checkoutGit post-checkout hook implementation
git-lfs-post-commitGit post-commit hook implementation
git-lfs-post-mergeGit post-merge hook implementation
git-lfs-pre-pushGit pre-push hook implementation
git-lfs-pruneDelete old LFS files from local storage
git-lfs-pullDownload all Git LFS files for current ref & checkout
git-lfs-pushPush queued large files to the Git LFS endpoint
git-lfs-smudgeGit smudge filter that converts pointer in blobs to the actual content
git-lfs-statusShow the status of Git LFS files in the working tree
git-lfs-trackView or add Git LFS paths to Git attributes
git-lfs-uninstallRemove Git LFS configuration
git-lfs-unlockRemove "locked" setting for a file on the Git LFS server
git-lfs-untrackRemove Git LFS paths from Git Attributes
git-lfs-updateUpdate Git hooks
git-lfsWork with large files in Git repositories
git-logShow commit logs
git-ls-filesShow information about files in the index and the working tree
git-ls-remoteList references in a remote repository
git-ls-treeList the contents of a tree object
git-mailinfoExtracts patch and authorship from a single e-mail message
git-mailsplitSimple UNIX mbox splitter program
git-maintenanceRun tasks to optimize Git repository data
git-merge-baseFind as good common ancestors as possible for a merge
git-merge-fileRun a three-way file merge
git-merge-indexRun a merge for files needing merging
git-merge-one-fileThe standard helper program to use with git-merge-index
git-merge-treePerform merge without touching index or working tree
git-mergeJoin two or more development histories together
git-mergetool--libCommon Git merge tool shell scriptlets
git-mergetoolRun merge conflict resolution tools to resolve merge conflicts
git-mktagCreates a tag object with extra validation
git-mktreeBuild a tree-object from ls-tree formatted text
git-multi-pack-indexWrite and verify multi-pack-indexes
git-mvMove or rename a file, a directory, or a symlink
git-name-revFind symbolic names for given revs
git-notesAdd or inspect object notes
git-p4Import from and submit to Perforce repositories
git-pack-objectsCreate a packed archive of objects
git-pack-redundantFind redundant pack files
git-pack-refsPack heads and tags for efficient repository access
git-patch-idCompute unique ID for a patch
git-prune-packedRemove extra objects that are already in pack files
git-prunePrune all unreachable objects from the object database
git-pullFetch from and integrate with another repository or a local branch
git-pushUpdate remote refs along with associated objects
git-quiltimportApplies a quilt patchset onto the current branch
git-range-diffCompare two commit ranges (e.g. two versions of a branch)
git-read-treeReads tree information into the index
git-rebaseReapply commits on top of another base tip
git-receive-packReceive what is pushed into the repository
git-reflogManage reflog information
git-remote-extBridge smart transport to external command.
git-remote-fdReflect smart transport stream back to caller
git-remote-tor-annexRemote helper program to talk to git-annex over tor
git-remoteManage set of tracked repositories
git-repackPack unpacked objects in a repository
git-replaceCreate, list, delete refs to replace objects
git-request-pullGenerates a summary of pending changes
git-rerereReuse recorded resolution of conflicted merges
git-resetReset current HEAD to the specified state
git-restoreRestore working tree files
git-rev-listLists commit objects in reverse chronological order
git-rev-parsePick out and massage parameters
git-revertRevert some existing commits
git-reviewSubmit changes to Gerrit for review
git-rmRemove files from the working tree and from the index
git-send-emailSend a collection of patches as emails
git-send-packPush objects over Git protocol to another repository
git-sh-i18n--envsubstGit's own envsubst(1) for i18n fallbacks
git-sh-i18nGit's i18n setup code for shell scripts
git-sh-setupCommon Git shell script setup code
git-shellRestricted login shell for Git-only SSH access
git-shortlogSummarize 'git log' output
git-show-branchShow branches and their commits
git-show-indexShow packed archive index
git-show-refList references in a local repository
git-showShow various types of objects
git-shuffleRandomize timestamps of git commits
git-sparse-checkoutReduce your working tree to a subset of tracked files
git-stageAdd file contents to the staging area
git-stashStash the changes in a dirty working directory away
git-statusShow the working tree status
git-stripspaceRemove unnecessary whitespace
git-submoduleInitialize, update or inspect submodules
git-subtreeMerge subtrees together and split repository into subtrees
git-svnBidirectional operation between a Subversion repository and Git
git-switchSwitch branches
git-symbolic-refRead, modify and delete symbolic refs
git-tagCreate, list, delete or verify a tag object signed with GPG
git-unpack-fileCreates a temporary file with a blob's contents
git-unpack-objectsUnpack objects from a packed archive
git-update-indexRegister file contents in the working tree to the index
git-update-refUpdate the object name stored in a ref safely
git-update-server-infoUpdate auxiliary info file to help dumb servers
git-upload-archiveSend archive back to git-archive
git-upload-packSend objects packed back to git-fetch-pack
git-varShow a Git logical variable
git-verify-commitCheck the GPG signature of commits
git-verify-packValidate packed Git archive files
git-verify-tagCheck the GPG signature of tags
git-versionDisplay version information about Git
git-web--browseGit helper script to launch a web browser
git-whatchangedShow logs with differences each commit introduces
git-worktreeManage multiple working trees
git-write-treeCreate a tree object from the current index
gitThe stupid content tracker
gitgGit repository viewer
gitkThe Git repository browser
gitwebGit web interface (web frontend to Git repositories)
gjar-6Archive tool for Java archives
gjarsigner-6Java ARchive (JAR) file signing and verification tool
gjavah-6Generate header files from Java class files
gjdoc-6GNU Classpath Tools Guide
gkeytool-6Manage private keys and public certificates
glade-previewerPreview glade user interface definitions
gladeCreate GTK+ user interfaces
glancesAn eye on your system
glib-compile-resourcesGLib resource compiler
glib-compile-schemasGSettings schema compiler
glib-genmarshalC code marshaller generation utility for GLib closures
glib-gettextizeGettext internationalization utility
glib-mkenumsC language enum description generation utility
glilypondEmbed LilyPond musical notation in groff documents
gmCommand-line utility to create, edit, compare, convert, or display images
gml2gvGML-DOT converters
gmniGemini client
gmnisrvServe clients over the gemini protocol
gmnitohtmlConvert Gemini text to HTML
gmnlmGemini line-mode browser
gnative2ascii-6An encoding converter
gnmanalyseAnalyses networks
gnmmanageManages networks
gnome-calculatorA desktop calculator
gnome-callsMake and receive calls
gnome-contactsAccess and store information about contacts
gnome-disk-image-mounterAttach and mount disk images
gnome-disksThe GNOME Disks application
gnome-extensionsCommand line tool for managing GNOME extensions
gnome-keyring-daemonThe gnome-keyring daemon
gnome-keyringThe gnome-keyring commandline tool
gnome-panelDisplay the GNOME panel
gnome-screenshotCapture the screen, a window, or an user-defined area and save the snapshot image to a file.
gnome-session-inhibitInhibit gnome-session functionality
gnome-session-quitEnd the current GNOME session
gnome-sessionStart the GNOME desktop environment
gnome-shellGraphical shell for the GNOME desktop
gnome-softwareInstall apps
gnome-terminalA terminal emulator for GNOME
gnoteA simple note-taking application for Gnome
gnuchessGNU Chess
gnumericA GNOME spreadsheet application.
gnunet-armControl GNUnet services
gnunet-atsDisplay information about transport resource allocation
gnunet-auto-shareA command line tool to automatically share an entire directory with other users
gnunet-base32Encode/decode to Crockford base32 encoding
gnunet-bcdRun HTTP server to create GNS business cards
gnunet-bugreportPrint system details to help with bug reports in gnunet
gnunet-cadetCreate or obtain information about CADET tunnels and peers
gnunet-configManipulate GNUnet configuration files and provide information on how GNUnet was built
gnunet-conversation-gtkA gtk interface for talking with other users
gnunet-conversation-testCheck your speaker and microphone settings
gnunet-conversationHave a conversation with your peers
gnunet-coreMonitor CORE subsystem
gnunet-datastoreDump or insert (restore) GNUnet datastore databases
gnunet-dht-getIssue a GET request to the DHT. Prints results.
gnunet-dht-helloObtain HELLO from DHT or provide HELLO to DHT for bootstrapping.
gnunet-dht-monitorPrint packets that go through the DHT on this peer.
gnunet-dht-putIssue a PUT request to the DHT to insert
gnunet-didCommand line tool to create and manage gnunet identity DIDs.
gnunet-directoryDisplay directories
gnunet-dns2gnsRun a DNS-to-GNS proxy
gnunet-downloadA command line interface for downloading files from GNUnet
gnunet-eccManipulate GNUnet ECC key files
gnunet-fs-gtkGTK interface for accessing GNUnet FS
gnunet-fsMeasure and control the FS subsystem
gnunet-gns-gtkA gtk interface to manipulate GNUnet GNS zones
gnunet-gns-proxy-setup-caGenerate an X509 certificate for gnunet-gns-proxy and install it
gnunet-gns-proxyRun a client-side GNS SOCKS proxy
gnunet-gnsAccess to GNU Name System
gnunet-identity-gtkA gtk interface for managing egos
gnunet-identityMaintain (create, delete or list) or perform actions with egos
gnunet-messengerOpen and connect to rooms using the MESSENGER service to chat.
gnunet-namecacheInspect namecache
gnunet-namestore-dbtoolManipulate GNU Name System (GNS) namestore database
gnunet-namestore-fcfsdHTTP server for GNU Name System First-Come-First-Served name registration
gnunet-namestore-gtkA gtk interface for editing GNS zones
gnunet-namestore-zonefileImport GNU Name System (GNS) zone data using zonefiles.
gnunet-namestoreManipulate GNU Name System (GNS) zone data
gnunet-nat-autoAutoconfigure and test NAT traversal
gnunet-nat-serverHelp GNUnet setup test network setup with NAT
gnunet-natInteract with the NAT service
gnunet-nseShow network size estimates from NSE service
gnunet-peerinfo-gtkA gtk interface for showing peer information
gnunet-peerinfoDisplay information about other peers
gnunet-publishA command line interface for publishing new content into GNUnet
gnunet-qrScan a QR code using a video device and import
gnunet-reclaimCommand-line tools for re:claimID subsystem
gnunet-resolverBuilt-in GNUnet stub resolver
gnunet-revocationRevoke private keys (of egos) in GNUnet
gnunet-scalarproductCompute a vectorproduct
gnunet-scryptManipulate GNUnet proof of work files.
gnunet-searchA command line interface to search for content on GNUnet
gnunet-setupA gtk interface for configuring GNUnet
gnunet-statistics-gtkA gtk interface for showing peer statistics
gnunet-statisticsDisplay statistics about your GNUnet system
gnunet-testbed-profilerProfiling driver for the testbed
gnunet-testing-run-serviceCommand line tool to start a service for testing
gnunet-testingCommand line tool to access the testing library
gnunet-timeoutRun process with timeout
gnunet-transport-certificate-creationCreate certificate for HTTPS transport
gnunet-transportMeasure and control the transport subsystem
gnunet-unindexA command line interface for deleting indexed files from GNUnet
gnunet-uriInvoke default handler for GNUnet URIs
gnunet-vpnManually setup a GNUnet VPN tunnel
gnunet-zoneimportImport DNS zone into GNS zone
gnuplotAn interactive plotting program
gnutls-cli-debugGnuTLS debug client
gnutls-cliGnuTLS client
gnutls-servGnuTLS server
go-md2manConvert markdown files into manpages
goBuild, test, install Go programs
goaccessFast web log analyzer and interactive viewer.
gobject-queryDisplay a tree of types
gocryptfs-xrayExamine gocryptfs-related data
gocryptfsCreate or mount an encrypted filesystem
gofmtFormat Go code
goobookAccess your Google contacts from mutt or the command line
google-authenticatorInitialize one-time passcodes for the current user
gopassThe standard Unix password manager
gorbd-6An object request broker daemon
gost12-256-hashCalculate/check CRC32, MD5, SHA1, GOST, TTH, BTIH or other message digests.
gost12-512-hashCalculate/check CRC32, MD5, SHA1, GOST, TTH, BTIH or other message digests.
gourceA software version control visualization
gpasswdAdminister /etc/group and /etc/gshadow
gpaste-clientA lightweight clipboard manager for the Gnome desktop
gperfGenerate a perfect hash function from a key set
gperlExecute Perl commands in groff documents
gpg-agentSecret key management for GnuPG
gpg-cardAdministrate Smart Cards
gpg-check-patternCheck a passphrase on stdin against the patternfile
gpg-connect-agentCommunicate with a running agent
gpg-error-configScript to get information about the installed version of libgpg-error
gpg-preset-passphrasePut a passphrase into gpg-agent's cache
gpg-tuiManage your GnuPG keys with ease
gpg-wks-clientClient for the Web Key Service
gpg-wks-serverServer providing the Web Key Service
gpgOpenPGP encryption and signing tool
gpgconfModify .gnupg home directories
gpgparsemailParse a mail message into an annotated format
gpgrt-configHelper script to get information about the installed version of gpg libraries
gpgsmCMS encryption and signing tool
gpgtarEncrypt or sign files into an archive
gpgvVerify OpenPGP signatures
gphoto2Command-line gphoto2 client
gpickAdvanced color picker
gpinyinUse Hanyu Pinyin Chinese in groff documents
gpiodetectManual page for gpiodetect v1.6.4
gpiofindManual page for gpiofind v1.6.4
gpiogetManual page for gpioget v1.6.4
gpioinfoManual page for gpioinfo v1.6.4
gpiomonManual page for gpiomon v1.6.4
gpiosetManual page for gpioset v1.6.4
gpm-rootA default handler for gpm, used to draw menus on the root window
gpoText mode interface of gPodder
gpodder-migrate2tresGpodder 2.x to 3.x profile migrator
gpodderMedia aggregator and podcast client
gprofDisplay call graph profile data
gpsOverview of gpsd clients and helpers
gps2udpFeed the take from gpsd to one or more aggregation sites
gpscatDump the output from a GPS
gpscsvDump the JSON output from gpsd as CSV
gpsctlControl the modes of a GNSS receiver
gpsdebuginfoGenerate a gpsd debug dump of your host.
gpsdecodeDecode GPS, RTCM or AIS streams into a readable format
gpsfakeTest harness for gpsd, simulating a GNSS receiver
gpsmonReal-time GPS packet monitor and control utility
gpspipeTool to connect to gpsd and retrieve sentences
gpsplotTool to dynamically dump plot data from gpsd
gpsprofProfile a GPS and gpsd, plotting latency information
gpsrinexRead data from gpsd convert to RINEX3 and save to a file.
gpssnmpSNMP helper client for gpsd
gpssubframeTool to dump subframe sentences from gpsd
gpxloggerTool to connect to gpsd and generate a GPX file
grab_color_imageGrab an image using libdc1394
grab_gray_imageGrab an image using libdc1394
grab_partial_imageGrab a partial image using libdc1394
grap2graphConvert a grap diagram into a cropped image
graphml2gvGRAPHML-DOT converter
grdctlCommand line tool for configuring GNOME Remote Desktop
greetdA login manager daemon
grepPrint lines that match patterns
grepdiffShow files modified by a diff containing a regex
grepjarSearch files in a jar file for a pattern
gresourceGResource tool
grilo-test-ui-0.3Grilo test UI
grimGrab images from a Wayland compositor
grimshotA helper for screenshots within sway
grl-inspect-0.3Show information about Grilo sources and keys
grl-launch-0.3Run Grilo operations from the command line
grmic-6Generate stubs for Remote Method Invocation
grmid-6RMI activation system daemon
grmiregistry-6Remote object registry
grnEmbed Gremlin images in groff documents
grodviGroff output driver for TeX DVI format
groffFront end to the GNU roff document formatting system
grog“groff guess”-infer the groff command a document requires
grohtmlGroff output driver for HTML
grolbpGroff output driver for Canon CaPSL printers
grolj4Groff output driver for HP LaserJet 4 and compatible printers
gropdfGroff output driver for Portable Document Format
gropsGroff output driver for PostScript
grottyGroff output driver for typewriter-like (terminal) devices
groupsPrint the groups a user is in
growisofsCombined mkisofs frontend/DVD recording program.
growpartExtend a partition in a partition table to fill available space
gsGhostscript (PostScript and PDF language interpreter and previewer)
gsaslSASL library command line interface
gsbjFormat and print text for BubbleJet printer using ghostscript
gsdjFormat and print text for DeskJet printer using ghostscript
gsdj500Format and print text for DeskJet 500 BubbleJet using ghostscript
gserialver-6Version command
gsettingsGSettings configuration tool
gsf-vba-dumpExtract Visual Basic for Applications macros
gsfArchiving utility using the G Structured File library
gsftopkRender a ghostscript font in TeX pk form
gsl-configScript to get version number and compiler flags of the installed GSL library
gsl-histogramCompute histogram of data on stdin
gsl-randistGenerate random samples from various distributions
gslA code construction and generation tool
gsljFormat and print text for LaserJet printer using ghostscript
gslpFormat and print text using ghostscript
gsndRun ghostscript (PostScript and PDF engine) without display
gssGeneric Security Service command line interface
gst-device-monitor-1.0Simple command line testing tool for GStreamer device monitors
gst-discoverer-1.0Display file metadata and stream information
gst-inspect-1.0Print info about a GStreamer plugin or element
gst-launch-1.0Build and run a GStreamer pipeline
gst-play-1.0Simple command line playback testing tool
gst-stats-1.0Print info gathered from a GStreamer log file
gst-typefind-1.0Print Media type of file
gtester-reportTest report formatting utility
gtesterTest running utility
gtfCalculate VESA GTF mode lines
gthumbAn image viewer and browser for GNOME
gtk-builder-convertGlade file conversion utility
gtk-builder-toolGtkBuilder file utility
gtk-encode-symbolic-svgSymbolic icon conversion utility
gtk-launchLaunch an application
gtk-query-immodules-2.0Input method module registration utility
gtk-query-immodules-3.0Input method module registration utility
gtk-query-settingsUtility to print name and value of all GtkSettings properties
gtk-update-icon-cacheIcon theme caching utility
gtk3-demo-applicationDemonstrate GtkApplication
gtk3-demoDemonstrate GTK+ widgets
gtk3-icon-browserList themed icons
gtk3-widget-factoryDemonstrate GTK+ widgets
gtk4-broadwaydThe Broadway display server
gtk4-builder-toolGtkBuilder File Utility
gtk4-demo-applicationDemonstrate GtkApplication
gtk4-demoDemonstrate GTK widgets
gtk4-encode-symbolic-svgSymbolic icon conversion utility
gtk4-icon-browserList themed icons
gtk4-launchLaunch an application
gtk4-node-editorEditor render nodes
gtk4-query-settingsPrint name and value of GTK settings
gtk4-rendernode-toolGskRenderNode Utility
gtk4-update-icon-cacheIcon theme caching utility
gtk4-widget-factoryShowcase GTK widgets and styles
gtkgreetA Gtk-based greeter for greetd
gtnameserv-6Naming service
guileThe GNU Project Extension Language
gumA tool for glamorous shell scripts.
guvcviewGTK+ base UVC Viewer
gv2gmlGML-DOT converters
gv2gxlGXL-GV converters
gvcolorFlow colors through a ranked digraph
gvgenGenerate graphs
gvm-manage-certsManage certificate infrastructure for a GVM installation
gvmapFind clusters and create a geographical map highlighting clusters.
gvmap.shPipeline for running gvmap
gvnccaptureVNC screenshot capture
gvpackMerge and pack disjoint graphs
gvprGraph pattern scanning and processing language
gwsocket(unknown subject)
gxl2dotGXL-GV converters
gxl2gvGXL-GV converters
gzexeCompress executable files in place
gzipCompress or expand files
h2loadHTTP/2 benchmarking tool
h2phConvert .h C header files to .ph Perl header files
h2xsConvert .h C header files to Perl extensions
haproxyFast and reliable http reverse proxy and load balancer
hardlinkLink multiple copies of a file
hare-build(unknown subject)
hare-cache(unknown subject)
hare-deps(unknown subject)
hare-run(unknown subject)
hare-test(unknown subject)
hareCompile, run, test, and inspect Hare programs and modules
haredocRead and format Hare documentation
has160-hashCalculate/check CRC32, MD5, SHA1, GOST, TTH, BTIH or other message digests.
haserlA cgi scripting program for embedded environments
hash-to-efi-sig-listCreate a hash signature list entry from a binary
hbf2gfConvert a CJK bitmap font into subfonts usable by TeX and Omega.
hciattachAttach serial devices via UART HCI to BlueZ stack
hciconfigConfigure Bluetooth devices
hcidumpParse HCI data
hcitoolConfigure Bluetooth connections
headOutput the first part of files
heif-convertConvert HEIC/HEIF image
heif-encConvert image to HEIC/HEIF
heif-infoShow information on HEIC/HEIF file
heif-thumbnailerCreate thumbnails from HEIC/HEIF files
help2manGenerate a simple manual page
herbstclientSends commands to a running herbstluftwm instance via X
herbstluftwmA manual tiling window manager for X
hex2bdfConvert a GNU Unifont .hex file into a BDF font
hex2otfConvert a GNU Unifont .hex file to an OpenType font
hex2sfdConvert a GNU Unifont .hex file into a FontForge .sfd format
hexbrailleAlgorithmically generate the Unicode Braille range (U+28xx)
hexchatIRC Client
hexdrawConvert a GNU Unifont .hex file to and from an ASCII text file
hexdumpDisplay file contents in hexadecimal, decimal, octal, or ascii
hexkinyaCreate the Private Use Area Kinya syllables
hexmergeMerge two or more GNU Unifont .hex font files into one
hfindLookup a hash value in a hash database
hgMercurial source code management system
hid2hciBluetooth HID to HCI mode switching utility
hiddenList iconified windows
highlightA universal sourcecode to formatted text converter
himalaya-accountsManage accounts
himalaya-attachmentsDownloads all emails attachments
himalaya-completionGenerates the completion script for the given shell
himalaya-copyCopy emails to the given folder
himalaya-deleteDelete emails
himalaya-flagsHandles email flags
himalaya-foldersManage folders
himalaya-forwardForward an email
himalaya-listList envelopes
himalaya-manGenerate all man pages to the given directory
himalaya-moveMove emails to the given folder
himalaya-notifyNotifies when new messages arrive in the given folder
himalaya-readRead text bodies of emails
himalaya-replyAnswer to an email
himalaya-saveSave a raw email
himalaya-searchFilter envelopes matching the given query
himalaya-sendSend a raw email
himalaya-sortSort envelopes by the given criteria and matching the given query
himalaya-templateHandles email templates
himalaya-watchWatches IMAP server changes
himalaya-writeWrite a new email
himalayaCLI to manage emails.
himitsu-storeManages the himitsu(7) key store
himitsudHimitsu(7) key ring daemon
hiqQuery the himitsu(7) key store
hishrinkTranslating ASCII HINT files to binary files
hissh-agent(unknown subject)
hissh-export(unknown subject)
hissh-import(unknown subject)
histretchTranslating binary HINT files to ASCII files
hitexHINT output from TeX
hivexgetGet subkey from a Windows Registry binary "hive" file
hivexmlConvert Windows Registry binary "hive" into XML
hivexshWindows Registry hive shell
hledger-uiRobust, friendly plain text accounting (TUI version)
hledger-webRobust, friendly plain text accounting (Web version)
hledgerRobust, friendly plain text accounting (CLI version)
hmac256Compute an HMAC-SHA-256 MAC
hostDNS lookup utility
hostapd_cliHostapd command-line interface
hostidPrint the numeric identifier for the current host
hostnameShow or set the system's host name
hpavHomePlug AV Packet Listener
hpavkeyHomePlug AV Key Generator
hpavkeysHomePlug AV Key Generator
hpftoditCreate font description files for use with groff and grolj4
hrInsert horizontal rule
hstrEasily view, navigate, sort and use your command history with shell history suggest box.
htdbmManipulate DBM password databases
htdigestManage user files for digest authentication
html2textAn advanced HTML-to-text converter
htmltreeParse the given HTML file(s) and dump the parse tree
htopInteractive process viewer
htpasswdManage user files for basic authentication
httmManual page for httm 0.32.3
http(unknown subject)
http@Get a web page from a host through HTTP
httpie(unknown subject)
httpryHTTP logging and information retrieval tool
https(unknown subject)
httxt2dbmGenerate dbm files for use with RewriteMap
hugo-completion-bashGenerate the autocompletion script for bash
hugo-completion-fishGenerate the autocompletion script for fish
hugo-completion-powershellGenerate the autocompletion script for powershell
hugo-completion-zshGenerate the autocompletion script for zsh
hugo-completionGenerate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
hugo-config-mountsPrint the configured file mounts
hugo-configPrint the site configuration
hugo-convert-toJSONConvert front matter to JSON
hugo-convert-toTOMLConvert front matter to TOML
hugo-convert-toYAMLConvert front matter to YAML
hugo-convertConvert your content to different formats
hugo-deployDeploy your site to a Cloud provider.
hugo-envPrint Hugo version and environment info
hugo-gen-chromastylesGenerate CSS stylesheet for the Chroma code highlighter
hugo-gen-docGenerate Markdown documentation for the Hugo CLI.
hugo-gen-manGenerate man pages for the Hugo CLI
hugo-genA collection of several useful generators.
hugo-import-jekyllHugo import from Jekyll
hugo-importImport your site from others.
hugo-list-allList all posts
hugo-list-draftsList all drafts
hugo-list-expiredList all posts already expired
hugo-list-futureList all posts dated in the future
hugo-listListing out various types of content
hugo-mod-cleanDelete the Hugo Module cache for the current project.
hugo-mod-getResolves dependencies in your current Hugo Project.
hugo-mod-graphPrint a module dependency graph.
hugo-mod-initInitialize this project as a Hugo Module.
hugo-mod-npm-packExperimental: Prepares and writes a composite package.json file for your project.
hugo-mod-npmVarious npm helpers.
hugo-mod-tidyRemove unused entries in go.mod and go.sum.
hugo-mod-vendorVendor all module dependencies into the _vendor directory.
hugo-mod-verifyVerify dependencies.
hugo-modVarious Hugo Modules helpers.
hugo-new-contentCreate new content for your site
hugo-new-siteCreate a new site (skeleton)
hugo-new-themeCreate a new theme (skeleton)
hugo-newCreate new content for your site
hugo-server-trustInstall the local CA in the system trust store.
hugo-serverA high performance webserver
hugo-versionPrint Hugo version and environment info
hugoHugo builds your site
hunspellSpell checker, stemmer and morphological analyzer
hunzipDecompress and decrypt hzip files to the standard output
hutA CLI tool for
hwloc-annotateModify attributes in a XML topology
hwloc-bindLaunch a command that is bound to specific processors and/or memory, or consult the binding of an existing program
hwloc-calcOperate on cpu mask strings and objects
hwloc-compress-dirCompress a directory of XML topologies
hwloc-diffCompute differences between two XML topologies
hwloc-distribBuild a number of cpu masks distributed on the system
hwloc-dump-hwdataDump topology and locality information from hardware tables
hwloc-gather-cpuidDumps the relevant x86 cpuid values for later (possibly offline) usage
hwloc-gather-topologySaves the relevant Linux and x86 topology files and the lstopo textual and XML outputs for later (possibly offline) usage
hwloc-infoShow some information about some objects or about a topology or about support features
hwloc-lsShow the topology of the system
hwloc-patchApply a topology difference to an existing XML topology
hwloc-psList currently-running processes or threads that are bound
hxaddidAdd IDs to selected elements
hxcite-mkbibExpand references and create bibliography
hxciteReplace bibliographic references by hyperlinks
hxcleanApply heuristics to correct an HTML file
hxcopyCopy an HTML file and update its relative links
hxcountCount elements and attributes in HTML or XML files
hxextractExtract selected elements from a HTML or XML file
hxinclExpand included HTML or XML files
hxindexInsert an index into an HTML document
hxmkbibCreate bibliography from a template
hxmultitocCreate a table of content for a set of HTML files
hxname2idMove some NAME and ID attributes from an A to its parent
hxnormalizePretty-print an HTML file
hxnsxmlConvert output of hxxmlns back to XML
hxnumNumber section headings in an HTML file
hxpipeConvert XML file to a format easier to parse with Perl or AWK
hxprintlinksAdd a numbered list of links at the end of an HTML file
hxpruneRemove marked elements from an HTML file
hxrefGenerate cross-references inside and between HTML files
hxremoveRemove elements from an XML file by means of a CSS selector
hxselectExtract elements or attributes that match a (CSS) selector
hxtabletransTranspose an HTML or XHTML table
hxtocInsert a table of contents in an HTML file
hxuncdataReplace CDATA sections by character entities
hxunentReplace HTML predefined character entities by UTF-8
hxunpipeConvert output of hxpipe back to XML format
hxunxmlnsReplace XML "global names" by Namespace prefixes
hxwlsList links in an HTML file
hxxmlnsReplace XML Namespace prefixes by "global names"
hydraA very fast network logon cracker which supports many different services
hydrogenA simple drum machine/step sequencer.
hylafax-clientIntroduction to client applications and usage
hyperfineCommand-line benchmarking tool
hypnotoadHypnotoad HTTP and WebSocket server
hzipCompress and encrypt dictionary files
i3-config-wizardCreates a keysym based config based on your layout
i3-dmenu-desktopRun .desktop files with dmenu
i3-dump-logDumps the i3 SHM log
i3-inputInteractively take a command for i3 window manager
i3-migrate-config-to-v4Migrates your i3 config file
i3-msgSend messages to i3 window manager
i3-nagbarDisplays an error bar on top of your screen
i3-save-treeSave (parts of) the layout tree for restoring
i3-sensible-editorLaunches $EDITOR with fallbacks
i3-sensible-pagerLaunches $PAGER with fallbacks
i3-sensible-terminalLaunches $TERMINAL with fallbacks
i3An improved dynamic, tiling window manager
i3barAnd workspace-bar
i3blocksA feed generator for text based status bars
i3lockImproved screen locker
i3statusGenerates a status line for i3bar, dzen2, xmobar or lemonbar
ibanchkCheck an International Bank Account Number (IBAN)
ibus-daemonDaemon program for ibus
ibus-setupConfiguration program for ibus
ibusCommand line utility for ibus
icatOutput the contents of a file based on its inode number.
iceauthICE authority file utility
icedaxA sampling utility that dumps CD audio data into wav sound files
iconvCharacter set conversion
icotoolConvert and create Win32 icon and cursor files
ictreeLike tree but interactive
icu-configOutput ICU build options
idPrint real and effective user and group IDs
idaImage viewing and editing program
identifyDescribes the format and characteristics of one or more image files.
idevice_idList attached devices or print device name of given device.
idevicebackupCreate or restore backup for devices.
idevicebackup2Create or restore backups for devices running iOS 4 or later.
idevicecrashreportRetrieve crash reports from a device.
idevicedateDisplay the current date or set it on a device.
idevicedebugInteract with the debugserver service of a device.
idevicedebugserverproxyRemote debugging proxy.
idevicediagnosticsInteract with the diagnostics interface of a device.
ideviceenterrecoveryMake a device enter recovery mode.
ideviceimagemounterMount disk images on the device.
ideviceinfoShow information about the first connected device.
idevicenameDisplay the device name or set it to NAME if specified.
idevicenotificationproxyPost or observe notifications on a device.
idevicepairManage host pairings with devices and usbmuxd.
ideviceprovisionManage provisioning profiles on a device.
idevicescreenshotGets a screenshot from the connected device.
idevicesetlocationSimulate location on iOS device.
idevicesyslogRelay syslog of a connected device.
idnInternationalized Domain Names command line tool
idn2Libidn2 Internationalized Domain Names conversion tool
iecsetSet or dump IEC958 status bits
iexThe Elixir shell
ifdataGet network interface info without parsing ifconfig output
ifindFind the meta-data structure that has allocated a given disk unit or file name.
ifnamesExtract CPP conditionals from a set of files
ifneRun command if the standard input is not empty
iiIrc it or irc improved
ilsList inode information
imakeC preprocessor interface to the make utility
imapsyncEmail IMAP tool for syncing, copying, migrating and archiving email mailboxes between two imap servers, one way, and without du...
img2sixelImage converter to DEC SIXEL graphics
img2txtConvert images to various text-based coloured files
img2webpCreate animated WebP file from a sequence of input images.
img_catOutput contents of an image file.
img_statDisplay details of an image file
imgcmpImage comparison utility
imginfoImage information utility
import-fermImport existing firewall rules into ferm
importSaves any visible window on an X server and outputs it as an image file. You can capture a single window, the entire screen, or...
imv-dirOpen 'imv' for all images in a directory
imv-msgUtility for sending commands to a running imv instance
imvImage viewer for X11 and Wayland
incIncorporate new mail
include-what-you-useAnalyze includes in C and C++ source files.
include_serverConservative approximation of include dependencies for C/C++
includeresFilter to include resources in a PostScript document
incrontabTable manipulator for inotify cron (incron)
indentChanges the appearance of a C program by inserting or deleting whitespace.
indexerSphinxsearch fulltext index generator
indextoolSphinxsearch tool dump miscellaneous debug information about the physical index.
indxbibMake inverted index for bibliographic databases
inetcatOpens a read/write interface via STDIN/STDOUT to a TCP port on a usbmux device
infoRead Info documents
initd-lintA linter for openrc init files shipped with Alpine Linux
inkscapeAn SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) editing program.
inkviewAn SVG viewer and slideshow program.
innochecksumOffline InnoDB file checksum utility
innoextractTool to extract installers created by Inno Setup
inotifywaitWait for changes to files using inotify or fanotify
inotifywatchGather filesystem access statistics using inotify or fanotify
inputattachAttach a serial line to an input-layer device
install-infoUpdate info/dir entries
install-mhInitialize the nmh environment
installCopy files and set attributes
instmodshA shell to examine installed modules
int64hostINT6400 Host Emulator
int6kQualcomm Atheros INT6x00 Powerline Device Manager
int6kbaudQualcomm Atheros Serial Line Device Configuration
int6kbootQualcomm Atheros Powerline Device Boot Utility I
int6kdetectQualcomm Atheros UART Device Detector
int6kethQualcomm Atheros Ethernet PHY Settings
int6kfINT6300 Flash Utility for Linux
int6khostINT6300 Host Emulator
int6kidEcho Device Key
int6klistList Atheros Device Addresses
int6klogQualcomm Atheros Log Retrieval Utility
int6kmdioQualcomm Atheros 16-bit MDIO Register Editor
int6kmdio2Qualcomm Atheros 32-bit MDIO Register Editor
int6kmodQualcomm Atheros Powerline Device Module Manager
int6krateQualcomm Atheros INT6x00 PHY Rate Monitor
int6kruleStream Classification Utility
int6kstatQualcomm Atheros INT6x00 Link Statistics
int6ktestQualcomm Atheros Test Applet Loader
int6ktoneQualcomm Atheros Tone Map Dump Utility
int6kuartQualcomm Atheros Serial Line Device Manager
int6kwaitQualcomm Atheros INT6x00 Powerline Device Procrastinator
interactive-rebase-toolFull featured sequence editor for git
interdiffShow differences between two diff files
introIntroduction to user commands
inxiCommand line system information script for console and IRC
ioniceSet or get process I/O scheduling class and priority
iopingSimple disk I/O latency monitoring tool
iostatReport Central Processing Unit (CPU) statistics and input/output statistics for devices and partitions.
ipcalcPerform simple operations on IP addresses and networks
ipcmkMake various IPC resources
ipcrmRemove certain IPC resources
ipcsShow information on IPC facilities
iperfPerform network traffic tests using network sockets. Metrics include throughput and latency or link capacity and responsiveness.
iperf3Perform network throughput tests
ipmi_simIPMI LAN BMC Simulator
ipmi_uiCrude interface to an IPMI system
ipmitoolUtility for controlling IPMI-enabled devices
ippeveprinterAn ipp everywhere printer application for cups
ippfindFind internet printing protocol printers
ipptoolPerform internet printing protocol requests
iproxyA proxy that binds local TCP ports to be forwarded to the specified ports on a usbmux device
iptables-xmlConvert iptables-save format to XML
ipv4calcCalculates IPv4 elements from an address.
ipythonTools for Interactive Computing in Python.
ir-ctlA swiss-knife tool to handle raw IR and to set lirc options
ir-keytableA swiss-knife tool to handle Remote Controllers.
irbInteractive Ruby Shell
ircInterface to the Internet Relay Chat system
ircIIInterface to the Internet Relay Chat system
ircatPrint strings when pressing buttons
ircbugSend problem report (PR) to a central support site
ircpSend or receive files via infrared connection
irdb-getList, search and download lirc configuration files.
irexecRun programs with one button press
irobex_palm3Send to or receive files from a Palm handheld device
irpipeTool to send data to lircd over /dev/irpipe kernel device.
irptyPseudo tty driver.
irqbalance-uiUser interface for irqbalance
irqbalanceDistribute hardware interrupts across processors on a multiprocessor system
irqtopUtility to display kernel interrupt information
irrecordIR-codes recording tool for usage with LIRC
irsendBasic LIRC program to send infra-red commands
irsimreceiveDecode IR durations data.
irsimsendSend simulated IR data.
irssiA modular IRC client for UNIX
irtestcaseCreate or check decoding testcases.
irtext2udpConvert pulse/space text data to binary UDP driver format
irwSend data from Unix domain socket to stdout
irxferSend to or receive files from a Palm handheld device
iso-infoShows Information about an ISO 9660 image
iso-readReads portions of an ISO 9660 image
isodebugPrint genisoimage debug info from ISO-9660 image
isohybridPost-process an ISO 9660 image for booting as a hard disk.
isoinfoUtility programs for dumping and verifying iso9660 images.
isotestISO testing
isqlUnixODBC interactive SQL command-line tools
istatDisplay details of a meta-data structure (i.e. inode)
isutf8Check whether files are valid UTF-8
isympyInteractive shell for SymPy
itstoolConvert between XML and PO using ITS
iverilog-vpiCompile front end for VPI modules
iverilogIcarus Verilog compiler
ivstoolsExtract IVs from a pcap file or merges several .ivs files into one
iwctlInternet wireless control utility
iwgtkWireless network management GUI
iwmonInternet wireless monitor utility
ixploreA tool that provides insights into IXFRs
jackdJACK Audio Connection Kit sound server
jadmakerJAD File Generator
janetRun the Janet language abstract machine
janus-cfgconvJanus config file conversion utility.
janus-pp-recJanus recordings post-processing utility.
janusWebRTC server/gateway
jasperFile format converter specialized in JPEG-2000 encoding
jbig2decFile format converter specialized in JBIG2 decoding
jcat-toolStandalone detached signature utility
jcatShow the contents of a block in the file system journal.
jcf-dump-6Print information about Java class files
jgmenu-appsGenerate jgmenu flavoured CSV menu data
jgmenu-i18nSupport translation of jgmenu flavoured CSV menu data
jgmenu-lxGenerate jgmenu flavoured CSV menu data
jgmenu-obConvert openbox menu data to jgmenu flavoured CSV
jgmenu-pmenuGenerate jgmenu flavoured CSV menu data
jgmenuA simple X11 menu
jgmenu_runA wrapper for jgmenu
jlsList the contents of a file system journal
joJSON output from a shell
joeJoe's Own Editor
johab2syllablesConvert Unifont Johab 6/3/1 file to Hangul Syllables
johab2ucs2Convert a Johab BDF font into GNU Unifont Hangul Syllables
joinJoin lines of two files on a common field
jose-algLists all supported algorithms
jose-b64-decDecodes URL-safe Base64 data to binary
jose-b64-encEncodes binary data to URL-safe Base64
jose-fmtConverts JSON between serialization formats
jose-jwe-decDecrypts a JWE using the supplied JWKs
jose-jwe-encEncrypts plaintext using one or more JWK/password
jose-jwe-fmtConverts a JWE between serialization formats
jose-jwk-eqlChecks if two keys are equal
jose-jwk-excPerforms a key exchange using the two input keys
jose-jwk-genCreates a random JWK for each input JWK template
jose-jwk-pubCleans private keys from a JWK
jose-jwk-thpCalculates the JWK thumbprint
jose-jwk-useValidates a key for the specified use(s)
jose-jws-fmtConverts a JWS between serialization formats
jose-jws-sigSigns a payload using one or more JWKs
jose-jws-verVerifies a JWS using the supplied JWKs
joseToolkit for performing JSON Object Signing and Encryption
jotPrint sequential or random data
jpegoptimUtility to optimize/compress JPEG/JFIF files.
jpegtranLossless transformation of JPEG files
jpg2ffConvert JPG to farbfeld
jpgiccLittle cms ICC profile applier for JPEG.
jqCommand-line JSON processor
jscal-restoreRestores joystick calibration
jscal-storeStores joystick calibration
jscalJoystick calibration and remapping program
json_ppJSON::PP command utility
json_xsJSON::XS commandline utility
jstestJoystick test program
justSave and run commands
jv-convert-6Convert file from one encoding to another
jwhoisClient for the whois service
jwmJoe's Window Manager
k5srvutilHost key table (keytab) manipulation utility
k5startObtain and optionally keep active a Kerberos ticket
kadminKerberos administration utility
kakA vim-inspired, selection oriented code editor
kalziumA KDE based chemistry teaching tool
kanshiDynamic output configuration
kanshictlControl the kanshi daemon remotely
kateAdvanced text editor by KDE
kbackupBackup program with an easy-to-use interface
kbd_modeReport or set the keyboard mode
kbddSimple per-window keyboard layout switching daemon
kbdinfoRead information about keyboard state
kbookmarkmergerA program for merging a given set of bookmarks into the user's list of bookmarks.
kbruchLearn calculating with fractions and percentages
kcapi-dgstKernel Crypto API Message Digest Crypto Helper
kcapi-encKernel Crypto API Symmetric Cipher Crypto Helper
kcapi-rngKernel Crypto API Random Number Gatherer
kccachetestCommand line interface to test the cache hash database
kcdirmgrCommand line interface to manage the directory hash database
kcdirtestCommand line interface to test the directory hash database
kcforestmgrCommand line interface to manage the directory tree database
kcforesttestCommand line interface to test the directory tree database
kcgrasstestCommand line interface to test the cache tree database
kchashmgrCommand line interface to manage the file hash database
kchashtestCommand line interface to test the file hash database
kclangctestCommand line interface to test the C language binding
kcpolymgrCommand line interface to manage the polymorphic database
kcpolytestCommand line interface to test the polymorphic database
kcprototestCommand line interface to test the prototype database
kcstashtestCommand line interface to test the stash database
kctreemgrCommand line interface to manage the file tree database
kctreetestCommand line interface to test the file tree database
kcutilmgrCommand line interface of miscellaneous utilities
kcutiltestCommand line interface to test the utility functions
kdenliveAn open source non-linear video editor.
kdenlive_renderRender program for Kdenlive.
kdesrc-build-setupCreates a kdesrc-buildrc configuration file for kdesrc-build(1).
kdesrc-buildDownloads, builds and installs KDE software.
kdestroyRemove one credential or destroy the current ticket file
kdesuRuns a program with elevated privileges
kdiff3Tool for Comparison and Merge of Files and Folders
kdigAdvanced DNS lookup utility
keepassxc-cliCommand line interface for the KeePassXC password manager
keepassxcA modern open-source password manager
keychainRe-use ssh-agent and/or gpg-agent between logins
keyctlKey management facility control
keydA key remapping daemon.
keyfinder-cliEstimate the musical key of an audio file
kfSecurely forward tickets
kf5-configPrints Qt(TM) and Frameworks installation paths
kf5krossKDE application to run kross scripts.
kfindFile find utility by KDE
kgendesignerpluginGenerates widget plugins for Qt(TM) Designer.
kgetcred"get a ticket for a particular service"
khalKhal Documentation
khostSimple DNS lookup utility
kibitzAllow two people to interact with one shell
kid3-cliKid3 ID3 Tagger
kid3-qtKid3 ID3 Tagger
kid3Kid3 ID3 Tagger
kigAn interactive geometry program by KDE
killallKill processes by name
kilnA simple static site generator
kinitAcquire initial tickets
kiwix-compile-i18nHelper to compile Kiwix i18n (internationalization) data
kiwix-compile-resourcesHelper to compile and generate some Kiwix resources
kiwix-manageKiwix Library Manager
kiwix-searchFind articles using a fulltext search pattern
kiwix-serveKiwix HTTP Server
kjs5KDE ECMAScript compatible interpreter
kjscmd5Frameworks KJSEmbed interpreter
klistList Kerberos credentials
kmagScreen magnifier
kmousetoolAccessibility tool to help click the mouse
kmouthA type-and-say front end for speech synthesizers
kmplotMathematical function plotter
kmymoneyThe personal finance manager by KDE
knockPort-knock client
knockdPort-knock server
knsec3hashSimple utility to compute NSEC3 hash
knsupdateDynamic DNS update utility
koi8rxtermX terminal emulator for KOI8-R environments
kpackagetool5Install, list, remove Plasma packages
kpasswdKerberos 5 password changing program
kpseaccessDetermine whether a file can be accessed
kpsereadlinkPrint contents of symbolic link
kpsestatCompute octal mode from mode of existing file
kpsetoolScript to make teTeX-style kpsetool, kpsexpand, and kpsepath available
kpsewhereExpanding kpsewhich to separately iterate over each texmf tree listed in $TEXMF.
kpsewhichStandalone path lookup and and expansion for kpathsea
krb5-config"give information on how to link code against Heimdal libraries"
krenewRenew a Kerberos ticket
kronometerStopwatch application
krusaderAdvanced twin-panel file manager and FTP client by KDE
kshPublic domain Korn shell
ksshaskpassPrompts a user for a passphrase using KDE
kstatsShow statistical FMS algorithm votes for an ivs dump and a specified WEP key
ksuKerberized super-user
kswitchSwitch between default credential caches
ktoblzcheckCheck Account and BLZ (bank routing code)
ktouchA typing tutor by KDE
ktutilManage Kerberos keytabs
kvnoPrint key version numbers of Kerberos principals
kwallet-queryKDE Wallet command-line manipulation tool
kyua-about(unknown subject)
kyua-config(unknown subject)
kyua-db-exec(unknown subject)
kyua-db-migrate(unknown subject)
kyua-debug(unknown subject)
kyua-help(unknown subject)
kyua-list(unknown subject)
kyua-report-html(unknown subject)
kyua-report-junit(unknown subject)
kyua-report(unknown subject)
kyua-test(unknown subject)
kyuaTesting framework for infrastructure software
kzonecheckKnot DNS zone check tool
kzonesignDNSSEC signing utility
l2pingSend L2CAP echo request and receive answer
l4p-tmplPrint out a Log4perl template configuration
labwcA wayland stacking compositor
lacheckA consistency checker for LaTeX documents
lagrangeA beautiful Gemini client
lamLaminate files
lameCreate mp3 audio files
lasem-render-0.6Render MathML or SVG using Lasem
lastcommPrint out information about previously executed commands.
latex-devRelease candidate LaTeX testing
latexStructured text formatting and typesetting
lavalauncherA simple launcher panel for Wayland desktops
lcdexecLCDproc client to execute commands from the LCDd menu
lcdgpsLCD client for gpsd
lcdprocSystem status information client
lcdvcLCDproc virtual console
lchageDisplay or change user password policy
lchfnChange finger information
lchshChange login shell
lckdoRun a program with a lock held
ldThe GNU linker
ld.lldELF linker from the LLVM project
ld.moldA modern linker
ld86Linker for as86(1)
ldapaddLDAP modify entry and LDAP add entry tools
ldapcompareLDAP compare tool
ldapdeleteLDAP delete entry tool
ldapexopIssue LDAP extended operations
ldapmodifyLDAP modify entry and LDAP add entry tools
ldapmodrdnLDAP rename entry tool
ldappasswdChange the password of an LDAP entry
ldapsearchLDAP search tool
ldapurlLDAP URL formatting tool
ldapvcLDAP verify credentials tool
ldapviLDAP client
ldapwhoamiLDAP who am i? tool
ldbaddCommand-line utility for adding records to an LDB
ldbdelCommand-line program for deleting LDB records
ldbeditEdit LDB databases using your preferred editor
ldbmodifyModify records in a LDB database
ldbrenameEdit LDB databases using your favorite editor
ldbsearchSearch for records in a LDB database
lddPrint shared object dependencies
ldns-chaosGive some information about a nameserver
ldns-compare-zonesRead and compare two zonefiles and print differences
ldns-configShow compiler and linker flags for ldns usage.
ldns-daneVerify or create TLS authentication with DANE (RFC6698)
ldns-dpaDNS Packet Analyzer. Analyze DNS packets in ip trace files
ldns-gen-zoneRead a zonefile and print it while adding DS records and extra RR's
ldns-key2dsTransform a DNSKEY RR to a DS RR
ldns-keyfetcherRetrieve the DNSSEC DNSKEYs for a zone
ldns-keygenGenerate a DNSSEC key pair
ldns-mxPrint out the mx record(s) for a domain
ldns-notifyNotify DNS servers that updates are available
ldns-nsec3-hashPrint out the NSEC3 hash for a domain name
ldns-read-zoneRead a zonefile and print it
ldns-resolverTries to create a resolver from a resolv.conf file.
ldns-revokeSets the revoke bit of a DNSKEY
ldns-rrsigPrint out the inception and expiration dates in human readable form
ldns-signzoneSign a zonefile with DNSSEC data
ldns-test-ednsTest if dns cache supports EDNS and DNSSEC.
ldns-testnsSimple fake nameserver tool
ldns-updateSend a dynamic update packet
ldns-verify-zoneRead a DNSSEC signed zone and verify it.
ldns-versionPrint out the version of the ldns-library and tools on this system
ldns-walkRetrieve the contents of a DNSSEC signed zone
ldns-zcatReunite (z)split up a zone files
ldns-zsplitSplit up a zone file
ldnsdSimple daemon example code
ledgerCommand-line, double-entry account reporting tool
leinAutomate Clojure projects
lensfun-add-adapterAdd lens mount compatibilities to Lensfun's database
lensfun-update-dataUpdate Lensfun's database
lessOpposite of more
lessechoExpand metacharacters
lesskeyCustomize key bindings for less
lexgrogParse header information in man pages
lfTerminal file manager
lftpSophisticated file transfer program
lftpgetGet a file with lftp(1)
lgroupaddAdd an user group
lgroupdelDelete an user group
lgroupmodModify an user group
libevdev-tweak-deviceModify an evdev kernel device
libfm-pref-appsSets preferred applications for programs based on libfm
libinput-analyze-per-slot-deltaAnalyze the per-event delta movement for touch slots
libinput-analyze-recordingAnalyze a device recording
libinput-analyze-touch-down-stateAnalyze the touch states
libinput-analyzeAnalyze device data
libinput-debug-eventsDebug helper for libinput
libinput-debug-guiVisual debug helper for libinput
libinput-debug-tabletDebug and visualize tablet axes
libinput-list-devicesList local devices as recognized by libinput and default values of their configuration
libinput-list-kernel-devicesList all kernel input devices
libinput-measure-fuzzMeasure absolute axis fuzz
libinput-measure-touch-sizeMeasure touch size and orientation of devices
libinput-measure-touchpad-pressureMeasure pressure properties of devices
libinput-measure-touchpad-sizeMeasure the size of a touchpad
libinput-measure-touchpad-tapMeasure tap-to-click properties of devices
libinput-measureMeasure properties of devices
libinput-quirks-listQuirk debug helper for libinput
libinput-quirks-validateQuirk debug helper for libinput
libinput-quirksQuirk debug helper for libinput
libinput-recordRecord kernel events
libinput-replayReplay kernel events from a recording
libinput-test-suiteRun the libinput test suite
libinput-testTest various components of libinput itself
libinputTool to interface with libinput
libmikmod-configScript to get information about the installed version of libmikmod.
libnetcfgConfigure libnet
libpinyinLibrary to deal with pinyin
libressl-ncArbitrary TCP and UDP connections and listens
libressl-opensslOpenSSL command line tool
libresslOpenSSL command line tool
libtoolManual page for libtool 2.4.7
libtoolizeManual page for libtoolize 2.4.7
libtreePrint shared object dependencies as a tree
libwacom-list-devicesUtility to list supported tablet devices
libwacom-list-local-devicesUtility to list tablet devices
lid-stateQuery state of the device's lid
lidDisplay user's groups or group's users
lifereaGTK desktop news aggregator
lightA program to control backlight controllers
lightdmA display manager
limineMultiplexer to several Limine-related utilities.
lingotAccurate and easy to use musical instrument tuner
linkCall the link function to create a link to a file
linkiccLittle cms device link generator.
linksLynx-like alternative character mode WWW browser
lirc-config-toolTool to scan and generate lirc config files
lirc-lspluginsPrint dynamic modules info
lirc-lsremotesParse lirc configuration files.
lirc-make-devinputCreate a devinput.lircd.conf for the local site.
lirc-postinstallLirc postinstall configuration
lirc-setupInteractive lirc setup tool
lisgdLibinput synthetic gesture daemon
list_audio_tracks(unknown subject)
list_smargoList all connected Smartreader+
listgeoDump geotiff metadata
lkbibSearch bibliographic databases
lldbLLDB Documentation
lnMake links between files
lnavNcurses-based log file viewer
lndirCreate a shadow directory of symbolic links to another directory tree
lnewusersCreate new user accounts
loaderinfoReport SCSI tape device info
loadkeysLoad keyboard translation tables
localeGet locale-specific information
localedefCompile locale definition files
locateList files in databases that match a pattern
lockspoolLock user's system mailbox
locktestFind differences in locking between two SMB servers
log2pcapExtract network traces from Samba log files
loggenGenerate syslog messages at a specified rate
loggerEnter messages into the system log
loginBegin session on the system
loginctlControl the elogind login manager
lognamePrint user's login name
logresolveResolve IP-addresses to hostnames in Apache log files
logstalgiaA web server access log visualization tool
lollypopA new GNOME music playing application
lookDisplay lines beginning with a given string
lookbibSearch bibliographic databases
love2D game development framework
lowdown-diffView differences in markdown files
lowdownSimple markdown translator
lpPrint files
lp2Print duplex on non duplex printers
lpassCommand line interface for LastPass
lpasswdChange group or user password
lpoptionsDisplay or set printer options and defaults
lpqShow printer queue status
lprPrint files
lprmCancel print jobs
lpstatPrint cups status information
lrunzipUncompress LRZ files
lrzGzip compatible command line variant of lrzip
lrzcatUncompress LRZ files to STDOUT
lrzipA large-file compression program
lrztarDirectory wrapper for lrzip
lrzuntarExtract whole tarball from .tar.lrz files
lsList directory contents
lsattrList file attributes on a Linux second extended file system
lsb_releasePrint distribution-specific information (minimal implementation).
lsbtrList btrfs subvolumes
lscgroupList all cgroups
lscpList NILFS2 checkpoints
lscpuDisplay information about the CPU architecture
lsdiffShow which files are modified by a patch
lsdistccSimple distcc server discovery
lsfdList file descriptors
lshwList hardware
lsinitrdTool to show the contents of an initramfs image
lsipcShow information on IPC facilities currently employed in the system
lsirqUtility to display kernel interrupt information
lsmemList the ranges of available memory with their online status
lsrcShow dotfiles files managed by rcm
lss16toppmConvert an LSS-16 image to PPM
lssuList usage state of NILFS2 segments
lssubsysList hierarchies containing given subsystem
lstopo-no-graphicsShow the topology of the system
lstopoShow the topology of the system
lswtList Wayland toplevels
lsyncdA daemon to continuously synchronize directory trees
lto-dumpTool for dumping LTO object files
ltraceA library call tracer
lttng-add-contextAdd context fields to be recorded by LTTng
lttng-add-triggerAdd an LTTng trigger
lttng-clearClear an LTTng recording session
lttng-crashRecover and read LTTng trace buffers in the event of a crash
lttng-createCreate an LTTng recording session
lttng-destroyDestroy LTTng recording sessions
lttng-disable-channelDisable LTTng channels
lttng-disable-eventDisable LTTng recording event rules
lttng-disable-rotationUnset an LTTng recording session rotation schedule
lttng-enable-channelCreate or enable LTTng channels
lttng-enable-eventCreate or enable LTTng recording event rules
lttng-enable-rotationSet an LTTng recording session rotation schedule
lttng-gen-tpGenerate LTTng-UST tracepoint provider code
lttng-helpShow the help of an LTTng command
lttng-list-triggersList LTTng triggers
lttng-listList LTTng recording sessions and instrumentation points
lttng-loadLoad LTTng recording session configurations
lttng-metadataManage the metadata generation of an LTTng recording session
lttng-regenerateRegenerate specific data of an LTTng recording session
lttng-remove-triggerRemove an LTTng trigger
lttng-rotateArchive the current trace chunk of an LTTng recording session
lttng-saveSave LTTng recording session configurations
lttng-set-sessionSet the current LTTng recording session
lttng-snapshotTake a snapshot of an LTTng recording session
lttng-startStart an LTTng recording session
lttng-statusShow the status of the current LTTng recording session
lttng-stopStop an LTTng recording session
lttng-trackAllow specific processes to record LTTng events
lttng-untrackDisallow specific processes to record LTTng events
lttng-versionGet the version of LTTng-tools
lttng-viewLaunch an LTTng trace reader
lttngControl LTTng tracing
luaLua interpreter
lua5.1Lua interpreter
lua5.2Lua interpreter
lua5.3Lua interpreter
lua5.4Lua interpreter
luacLua compiler
luac5.1Lua compiler
luac5.2Lua compiler
luac5.3Lua compiler
luac5.4Lua compiler
luajitJust-In-Time Compiler for the Lua Language
luakitFast, small, WebKit based browser framework extensible by Lua.
luatexAn extended version of TeX using Lua as an embedded scripting language
luseraddAdd an user
luserdelDelete an user
lusermodModify an user
lv2applyApply an LV2 plugin to an audio file
lv2benchBenchmark all installed and supported LV2 plugins
lv2infoPrint information about an installed LV2 plugin
lv2lsList all installed LV2 plugins
lwp-downloadFetch large files from the web
lwp-dumpSee what headers and content is returned for a URL
lwp-mirrorSimple mirror utility
lwp-requestSimple command line user agent
lxc-attachStart a process inside a running container.
lxc-autostartStart/stop/kill auto-started containers
lxc-cgroupManage the control group associated with a container
lxc-checkconfigCheck the current kernel for lxc support
lxc-checkpointCheckpoint a container
lxc-configQuery LXC system configuration
lxc-consoleLaunch a console for the specified container
lxc-copyCopy an existing container.
lxc-createCreates a container
lxc-destroyDestroy a container.
lxc-deviceManage devices of running containers
lxc-executeRun an application inside a container.
lxc-freezeFreeze all the container's processes
lxc-infoQuery information about a container
lxc-lsList the containers existing on the system
lxc-monitorMonitor the container state
lxc-snapshotSnapshot an existing container.
lxc-startRun an application inside a container.
lxc-stopStop the application running inside a container
lxc-topMonitor container statistics
lxc-unfreezeThaw all the container's processes
lxc-unshareRun a task in a new set of namespaces.
lxc-update-configUpdate a legacy pre LXC 2.1 configuration file
lxc-user-nicManage nics in another network namespace
lxc-usernsexecRun a task as root in a new user namespace.
lxc-waitWait for a specific container state
lxcfs"System virtualization filesystem for containers"
lxclipboardClipboard utility for LXSession and LXDE
lxdoasExecute a command as privileged user
lxlockLocking utility for LXDE
lxpolkitPolicyKit agent for LXDE
lxqt-config-appearanceGUI appearance application of LXQt: the fast and lightweight Qt Desktop Environment
lxqt-config-mouseApplication of LXQt: the faster and lighter Qt Desktop Environment
lxqt-config-sessionApplication settings of LXQt: The Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment
lxqt-configLXQt Settings Center for all related modules and applications
lxqt-leaveDialog to easily select logout, reboot, shutdown, suspend, hibernate, and lock screen
lxqt-openssh-askpassPassword access over ssh module of LXQt: the faster and lighter Qt Desktop Environment
lxqt-panelDesktop panel for LXQt: The Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment
lxqt-policykit-agentPolkit agent for LXQt: the faster and lighter QT Desktop Environment
lxqt-runnerApplication runner module of LXQt, the Lightweight Desktop Environment
lxqt-sessionSession manager of LXQt: The Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment
lxqt-sudoExecute a command as privileged user
lxsession-dbLxsesion database updater
lxsession-default-appsConfigure default applications for LXSession
lxsession-default-terminalLaunching default terminal set by LXSession
lxsession-defaultLaunching default applications set by LXSession
lxsession-editA simple session editor GUI for LXDE which follows autostart specs from FreeDesktop.Org
lxsession-logoutProgram to logout from LXSession
lxsession-xdg-autostartLxsession's autostart runner
lxsessionA lightweight X session manager
lxsettings-daemonLightweight XSettings daemon for LXDE
lxshortcutDesktop entry file editor
lxsuExecute a command as privileged user
lxsudoExecute a command as privileged user
lxterminalA lightweight terminal emulator based on GTK+ for the LXDE desktop.
lynxA general purpose distributed information browser for the World Wide Web
lyxA Document Processor
lyxclientSend commands to a running LyX editor
lz4Compress or decompress .lz4 files
lz4cCompress or decompress .lz4 files
lz4catCompress or decompress .lz4 files
lzcatCompress or decompress .xz and .lzma files
lzcmpCompare compressed files
lzdiffCompare compressed files
lzegrepSearch compressed files for a regular expression
lzfgrepSearch compressed files for a regular expression
lzgrepSearch compressed files for a regular expression
lzipReduces the size of files
lzlessView xz or lzma compressed (text) files
lzmaCompress or decompress .xz and .lzma files
lzmadecSmall .xz and .lzma decompressors
lzmainfoShow information stored in the .lzma file header
lzmoreView xz or lzma compressed (text) files
lzopCompress or expand files
m4Macro processor
mac2pwQualcomm Atheros Ethernet Device Password Generator
mac2pwdQualcomm Atheros Ethernet Device Password Generator
mac2unixDOS/Mac to Unix and vice versa text file format converter
macchangerMAC Changer
mactimeCreate an ASCII time line of file activity
macusersList the users connecting via AFP
maddrExtract mail addresses from messages
magComputes TeX fontsizes and magsteps
magick-scriptScripting language that converts between image formats as well as resize an image, blur, crop, despeckle, dither, draw on, flip, join, re-sample, and much more.
magickConvert between image formats as well as resize an image, blur, crop, despeckle, dither, draw on, flip, join, re-sample, and much more.
magnet-linkCalculate/check CRC32, MD5, SHA1, GOST, TTH, BTIH or other message digests.
magrepSearch messages matching a pattern
mailSend and receive mail
maimMake image
makeGNU Make utility to maintain groups of programs
makeconvCompile a converter table
makedependCreate dependencies in makefiles
makegMake a debuggable executable
makegdbmMake a GDBM database from stdin
makeindexA general purpose, formatter-independent index processor
makeinfoTranslate Texinfo documents
makeivs-ngGenerate a dummy IVS dump file with a specific WEP key
makejvfMake Japanese VF file from Japanese TFM file
makepasswdGenerates (pseudo-)random passwords and hashes
makepkg-templatePackage build templating utility
makewebCreate user web directory
makoNotification daemon for Wayland
makoctlControls the mako(1) daemon
man-recodeConvert manual pages to another encoding
manAn interface to the system reference manuals
manconvConvert manual page from one encoding to another
mandocFormat manual pages
manifestImport or export a package list
manpathDetermine search path for manual pages
marco-glxMarco window manager wrapper
marco-messageA command to send messages to Marco.
marco-no-compositeMarco window manager wrapper
marco-theme-viewerMarco Theme Previewer
marco-window-demoDemo of window features
marco-xr_glx_hybridMarco window manager wrapper
marco-xrenderMarco window manager wrapper
marcoThe MATE Window Manager
mariabackupBackup tool
mariadb-convCharacter set conversion utility for MariaDB
mariadb-service-convertGenerate a mariadb.service file based on the current mysql/mariadb settings
markManipulate message sequences
markdownText to html conversion tool
masktestFind differences in wildcard matching between Samba's implementation and that of a remote server.
mate-about-meIs a control center applet.
mate-aboutLearn more about MATE
mate-appearance-propertiesIs a control center applet.
mate-at-propertiesConfigure MATE Assistive Technologies
mate-autogenGenerates all makefiles for MATE packages
mate-calc-cmdA console calculator for the MATE Desktop Environment.
mate-calcThe MATE Desktop Environment Calculator
mate-charpick-appletCharacter Picker Applet for the MATE panel.
mate-color-selectSelect a color from a palette or from screen
mate-control-centerConfigure MATE settings
mate-cpufreq-selectorA generic command line tool to change the cpu frequency.
mate-default-applications-propertiesIs a control center applet.
mate-desktop-item-editA small tool to edit .desktop files.
mate-dictionaryLook up words on dictionaries
mate-disk-usage-analyzerA graphical tool to analyse disk usage
mate-display-properties-install-systemwideCustomize MATE display behavor
mate-display-propertiesCustomize MATE display behavor
mate-doc-commonInclude the standard user documentation build files
mate-drivemount-appletDrive Mount Applet for the MATE panel.
mate-font-viewerPreview fonts
mate-geyes-appletGEyes Applet for the MATE panel.
mate-keybinding-propertiesConfigure MATE keybindings
mate-keyboard-propertiesManage keyboard behaviour in MATE
mate-mouse-propertiesConfigure MATE mouse preferences
mate-multiload-appletMultiload (cpu, load average, memory, net, swap) applet for the MATE panel.
mate-network-propertiesConfigure MATE network proxy
mate-notification-propertiesSet up the options for desktop notifications
mate-panel-screenshotCapture the screen, a window, or an user-defined area and save the snapshot image to a file.
mate-panel-test-appletsDisplay and test installed applets
mate-panelThe Panel for the MATE Desktop Environment
mate-power-backlight-helperHelper application for MATE's power management backlight control
mate-power-managerMATE power manager userspace daemon
mate-power-preferencesMATE power preferences GUI
mate-power-statisticsMATE power statistics GUI
mate-screensaver-commandControls MATE screensaver
mate-screensaver-preferencesConfigure MATE Screensaver
mate-screensaverThe MATE Desktop Screensaver and Locker
mate-screenshotCapture the screen, a window, or an user-defined area and save the snapshot image to a file.
mate-search-toolThe MATE Search Tool
mate-session-inhibitInhibit mate-session functionality
mate-session-propertiesConfigure applications to start on login.
mate-session-saveEnd or save the current MATE session
mate-sessionStart the MATE Desktop Environment.
mate-settings-daemonHandles the MATE session settings
mate-system-logThe MATE System Log Viewer
mate-system-monitorView and control processes
mate-terminalManual page for MATE Terminal Emulator
mate-thumbnail-fontCreate font thumbnails
mate-tweakConfiguration tweaker for MATE Desktop
mate-typing-monitorTake a break from typing
mate-volume-control-status-iconThe MATE Volume Control Applet
mate-volume-controlThe MATE Volume Control application
mate-window-propertiesConfigure MATE window manager preferences
mate-wmStart the window manager configured by the user
mateweatherWeather Applet for the MATE panel.
mattribChange MSDOS file attribute flags
mawkPattern scanning and text processing language
mbadblocksTests a floppy disk, and marks the bad blocks in the FAT
mbim-networkSimple network management of MBIM devices
mbimcliControl MBIM devices
mblem(dutch) lemmatizer
mbma(Dutch) morphological analyzer
mbstreamSerialize/deserialize files in the XBSTREAM format
mbsyncSynchronize IMAP4 and Maildir mailboxes
mbtMemory Based Tagger
mbtgMemory Based Tagger generator
mbtserverTilburg Memory Based Tagger Server
mbufferMeasuring buffer
mc-toolManipulate Mission Control accounts from the command line
mc-wait-for-nameRun until a D-Bus name appears on the session bus
mcVisual shell for Unix-like systems.
mcabberA simple Jabber (XMPP) console client
mcatDump raw disk image
mcdChange MSDOS directory
mceditInternal file editor of GNU Midnight Commander.
mcomCompose, reply, forward, bounce, send messages
mconnectConnect to the SMTP server on a host
mcookieGenerate magic cookies for xauth
mcopyCopy MSDOS files to/from Unix
mcviewInternal file viewer of GNU Midnight Commander.
md2htmlConvert Markdown to HTML
md5Calculate a message digest (checksum) for a file
md5sumCompute and check MD5 message digest
mdb-arrayExport data in an MDB database table to a C array.
mdb-countGet listing of tables in an MDB database
mdb-exportExport data in an MDB database table to CSV format.
mdb-headerWrite header file from an MDB database
mdb-hexdumpHexdump utility from MDB Tools
mdb-importImport CSV data into an MDB database.
mdb-jsonExport data in an MDB database table to JSON.
mdb-parsecsvConvert CSV table dump into C file.
mdb-propGet properties list from MDB database
mdb-queriesGet listing of tables in an MDB database
mdb-schemaGenerate schema creation DDL
mdb-sqlSQL interface to MDB Tools
mdb-tablesGet listing of tables in an MDB database
mdb-verReturn the format of a given MDB database.
mdbMercury debugger
mdb_copyLMDB environment copy tool
mdb_dumpLMDB environment export tool
mdb_loadLMDB environment import tool
mdb_statLMDB environment status tool
mdconvertMaildir mailbox UID storage scheme converter
mdelDelete an MSDOS file
mdeliverDeliver messages or import mbox file
mdeltreeRecursively delete an MSDOS directory and its contents
mdigDNS pipelined lookup utility
mdioblockQualcomm Atheros Clause 22 MDIO Instruction Block Assembler
mdioblock2Qualcomm Atheros Clause 45 MDIO Instruction Block Assembler
mdiodumpQualcomm Atheros MDIO Custom Module Analyser
mdiogenQualcomm Atheros MDIO Custom Module Generator
mdirDisplay an MSDOS directory
mdirsList maildir folders, recursively
mdns-scanScan for mDNS/DNS-SD services published on the local network
mdsearchRun Spotlight searches against an SMB server
mduDisplay the amount of space occupied by an MSDOS directory
mdustatsMDU traffic statistics
mech-dumpDumps information about a web page
meek-clientThe meek client transport plugin
meek-serverThe meek server transport plugin
meinproc5KDE translator for XML
meldVisual diff and merge tool for the GNOME Desktop
melt-7Author, play, and encode multitrack audio/video compositions
memcachedHigh-performance memory object caching system
memdiskfindSimple utility to find a resident memdisk instance.
memusageProfile memory usage of a program
memusagestatGenerate graphic from memory profiling data
mencoderMovie encoder
mendexJapanese index processor
mercury_configGenerate new configurations for a Mercury installation
mergecapMerges two or more capture files into one
mergelibMerge one library into another
mesgDisplay (or do not display) messages from other users
mesonA high productivity build system
metacity-messageA command to send a message to Metacity
metacity-theme-viewerView metacity themes
metacityMinimal GTK3 Window Manager
metaflacProgram to list, add, remove, or edit metadata in one or more FLAC files.
mevA program to report mouse events
mexportExport messages as mbox file
mfMetafont, a language for font and logo design
mflagManipulate maildir message flags
mflowReflow format=flowed plain text messages
mformatAdd an MSDOS filesystem to a low-level formatted floppy disk
mftTranslate Metafont or MetaPost code to TeX code for prettyprinting
mgEmacs-like text editor
mgenmidGenerate a Message-ID
mgnucMercury front-end to GNU C
mh-mkstempCreate a temporary file
mhbuildTranslate MIME composition draft
mhdrPrint message headers
mhfixmsgNmh's MIME-email rewriter with various transformations
mhicalNmh's manipulator of iCalendar event requests
mhlProduce formatted listings of mh messages
mhlistList information about MIME messages
mhloginNmh login to external (OAuth) services
mhmailSend mail (mailx replacement)
mhnDisplay/list/store nmh MIME messages
mhparamPrint mmh profile and context components
mhpathPrint full pathnames of mh messages and folders
mhpgpVerify and decrypt a message with gnupg
mhshowDisplay nmh MIME messages
mhsignSign or encrypt a message with gnupg
mhstoreStore contents of MIME messages into files
mib2c-updateScript to merge custom code into updated mib2c code
mib2cGenerate template code for extending the agent
microA modern and intuitive terminal-based text editor
mid3cpCopy ID3 tags
mid3iconvConvert ID3 tag encodings
mid3v2Audio tag editor similar to 'id3v2'
midicatSend to or receive from MIDI ports
mime-constructConstruct and optionally mail MIME messages
mimeopenOpen files by mimetype
mimetypeDetermine file type
mimicA text to speech tool
mincIncorporate new messages
minfoPrint the parameters of a MSDOS filesystem
mini_htpasswdManipulate HTTP-server password files
minicomFriendly serial communication program
minifluxMinimalist and opinionated feed reader
miniserveFor when you really just want to serve some files over HTTP right now!
minisignA dead simple tool to sign files and verify signatures.
minissdpdDaemon keeping track of UPnP devices up
mispipePipe two commands, returning the exit status of the first
mixThe software project management tool
mjr2pcapHelper tool to convert a Janus recordings to pcap format.
mk_cmdsError table compiler
mk_isdnhwdb(unknown subject)
mkbitmapTransform images into bitmaps with scaling and filtering
mkc_check_compilerChecks for C and C++ compiler type.
mkc_check_customRun user's custom checks.
mkc_check_declChecks for define, variable, function, type, member or function prototype.
mkc_check_funclibDetects presense of function in a library.
mkc_check_headerDetects presense of header file.
mkc_check_progDetects presense of header file.
mkc_check_sizeofDetects a sizeof(type).
mkc_check_version(unknown subject)
mkc_compiler_settingsGenerates initial settings for C/C++ compiler
mkc_installInstall binaries
mkc_which(unknown subject)
mkcmakeWrapper for bmake using mk-configure's Mk files and
mkdirMake directories
mkdirhierMakes a directory hierarchy
mkfifoMake FIFOs (named pipes)
mkfontdirCreate an index of X font files in a directory
mkfontscaleCreate an index of scalable font files for X
mkfs.jffs2Create a JFFS2 file system image from directory
mkhtmlindexGenerate index files for HTML man pages
mkhybridCreate ISO9660/Joliet/HFS filesystem with optional Rock Ridge attributes
mkindexScript to process LaTeX index and glossary files
mkinitfsGenerate an initramfs
mkisofsCreate ISO9660/Joliet/HFS filesystem with optional Rock Ridge attributes
mkmanifestMakes list of file names and their DOS 8+3 equivalent
mknodMake block or character special files
mkocpFrontend to otp2ocp(1)
mkoctfileCompile dynamic-load modules for GNU Octave
mkofmFront end to mktextfm(1)
mkpasswdGenerate new password, optionally apply it to a user
mkrcBless files into a dotfiles managed by rcm
mkrfc2734Make Linux 2.4 IP over IEEE 1394 capable.
mkshMirBSD Korn shell
mksquashfsTool to create and append to squashfs filesystems
mktempCreate a temporary file or directory
mktexlsrCreate ls-R databases
mktexmfCreate a Metafont source file
mktexpkCreate a PK file for a font
mktextfmCreate a TFM file for a font
mkvextractExtract tracks from Matroska(TM) files into other files
mkvinfoPrint information about elements in Matroska(TM) files
mkvmergeMerge multimedia streams into a Matroska(TM) file
mkvpropeditModify properties of existing Matroska(TM) files without a complete remux
mkvtoolnix-guiA GUI for mkvmerge(1) including a chapter and a header editor
mkwinpeimgMake a customized bootable image of Windows PE
mlMercury Linker
mlabelMake an MSDOS volume label
mlessConveniently read messages in less(1)
mlistList and filter messages
mlmmj-bounceBounce handling utility for mlmmj
mlmmj-listList people / subscribers associated with a list
mlmmj-maintdMaintenance for mlmmj maintained lists
mlmmj-make-mlCreate a mailing list for mlmmj
mlmmj-processProcess mail for an mlmmj managed mailinglist
mlmmj-receiveReceive mails for an mlmmj managed mailinglist
mlmmj-sendSend mail to a mailinglist or similar
mlmmj-subSubscribe address to a mailinglist run by mlmmj
mlmmj-unsubUnsubscribe address from a mailinglist run by mlmmj
mlrLike awk, sed, cut, join, and sort for name-indexed data such as CSV and tabular JSON.
mm2gvMatrix Market-DOT converters
mmakeMercury Make
mmcMelbourne Mercury Compiler, version 22.01.8 on x86_64-alpine-linux-musl
mmcatOutput the contents of a partition to stdout
mmcliControl and monitor the ModemManager
mmdMake an MSDOS subdirectory
mmdblookupA utility to look up an IP address in a MaxMind DB file
mmdbresolveRead IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and print their IP geolocation information.
mmeQualcomm Atheros vendor-specific message enumerator
mmhInitialize the mmh environment
mmhwrapInvoke mmh commands if they are not in $PATH
mmimeCreate MIME messages
mmkdirCreate new maildir folders
mmlsDisplay the partition layout of a volume system (partition tables)
mmountMount an MSDOS disk
mmoveMove or rename an MSDOS file or subdirectory
mmroffCross-referencing front end for GNU roff mm macro package
mmstatDisplay details about the volume system (partition tables)
mocpConsole audio player
mode2Show kernel output available for LIRC drivers
modemtestTool to examining your modem through Perl's Device::SerialPort
modhexConvert data to/from modhex encoding
modpibQualcomm Atheros PIB File Editor
moggsplitSplit Ogg logical streams
mogrifyResize an image, blur, crop, despeckle, dither, draw on, flip, join, re-sample, and much more. Mogrify overwrites the original image file, whereas, convert(1) writes to a different image file.
mojoThe Mojolicious command system
mokutilUtility to manipulate machine owner keys
moldA modern linker
monitUtility for monitoring services on a Unix system
monkeyMonkey HTTP Server
monkeysphereMonkeysphere client user interface
montageCreate a composite image by combining several separate images. The images are tiled on the composite image optionally adorned with a border, frame, image name, and more.
mopidyMusic server
morboMorbo HTTP and WebSocket development server
moreDisplay the contents of a file in a terminal
mosh-clientClient-side helper for mosh
mosh-serverServer-side helper for mosh
moshMobile shell with roaming and intelligent local echo
mosquitto_ctrlA tool for initialising/configuring a Mosquitto broker instance
mosquitto_ctrl_dynsecMosquitto_ctrl module for controlling the Mosquitto Dynamic Security plugin.
mosquitto_passwdManage password files for mosquitto
mosquitto_pubAn MQTT version 5/3.1.1/3.1 client for publishing simple messages
mosquitto_rrAn MQTT version 5/3.1.1 client for request/response messaging
mosquitto_subAn MQTT version 5/3.1.1/3.1 client for subscribing to topics
mount.ecryptfs_privateECryptfs private mount helper.
mountpointSee if a directory or file is a mountpoint
mouse-dpi-toolMouse resolution estimation tool
mouse-testA tool for determining mouse type and device it's attached to.
mozoMATE Menu Editor
mp3splt-gtkGtk utility for mp3/ogg splitting without decoding.
mp3spltUtility for mp3, ogg vorbis and native flac splitting without decoding
mpartitionPartition an MSDOS hard disk
mpcMpc Documentation
mpdMPD documentation
mpdscribbleA Music Player Daemon (MPD) client which submits information about tracks being played to a scrobbler (e.g.
mpeg2decDecode MPEG and MPEG2 video streams
mpeg2descMultiplex audio/video streams
mpg123Play audio MPEG 1.0/2.0/2.5 stream (layers 1, 2 and 3)
mpiCCOpen MPI C++ wrapper compiler
mpic++Open MPI C++ wrapper compiler
mpiccOpen MPI C++ wrapper compiler
mpickAdvanced message filter
mpicxxOpen MPI C++ wrapper compiler
mpiexecExecute serial and parallel jobs in Open SHMEM.
mpif77Deprecated Open MPI Fortran wrapper compilers
mpif90Deprecated Open MPI Fortran wrapper compilers
mpifortOpen MPI Fortran wrapper compiler
mpirunExecute serial and parallel jobs in Open SHMEM.
mplayerMovie player
mpostRestricted MetaPost
mprofMercury profiler, version 22.01.8, on x86_64-alpine-linux-musl
mprof_merge_runsMercury profiling utility
mpstatReport processors related statistics.
mpvA media player
mrA tool to manage all your version control repos
mrdRemove an MSDOS subdirectory
mrefileMove or copy messages between maildir folders
mrenRename an existing MSDOS file
mrxvtA tabbed VT102 terminal emulator for X Window System
ms_printPost-processing tool for Massif
mscanGenerate one-line message summaries
mscoreMuseScore 4 sheet music editor
msd-datetime-mechanismSet system time via D-Bus
msd-locate-pointerCreate ripples around mouse pointer
msedManipulate message headers
mseqManipulate message sequences
msgattribAttribute matching and manipulation on message catalog
msgcatCombines several message catalogs
msgchkNmh's check for incoming email
msgcmpCompare message catalog and template
msgcommMatch two message catalogs
msgconvCharacter set conversion for message catalog
msgenCreate English message catalog
msgexecProcess translations of message catalog
msgfilterEdit translations of message catalog
msgfmtCompile message catalog to binary format
msggrepPattern matching on message catalog
msginitInitialize a message catalog
msgmergeMerge message catalog and template
msgunfmtUncompile message catalog from binary format
msguniqUnify duplicate translations in message catalog
mshortnameShows short name of a file
mshowRender messages and extract MIME parts
mshowfatShows FAT clusters allocated to file
msiexecWine MSI Installer
msmtpAn SMTP client
msmtpdA minimal SMTP server
msortSort messages
msql2mysqlConvert mSQL programs for use with MySQL
msxlintDetects incorrectly formatted notes lines in a MusiXTeX source file.
mtControl magnetic tape drive operation
mtagsGenerate tag files for Mercury source code
mthreadArrange messages into discussions
mtoolsUtilities to access DOS disks in Unix.
mtoolstestTests and displays the configuration
mtraceInterpret the malloc trace log
mtxControl SCSI media changer devices
mtypeDisplay contents of an MSDOS file
mu-add(unknown subject)
mu-cfind(unknown subject)
mu-extract(unknown subject)
mu-fields(unknown subject)
mu-find(unknown subject)
mu-help(unknown subject)
mu-index(unknown subject)
mu-info(unknown subject)
mu-init(unknown subject)
mu-mkdir(unknown subject)
mu-remove(unknown subject)
mu-server(unknown subject)
mu-verify(unknown subject)
mu-view(unknown subject)
muA set of tools to deal with Maildirs and message files, in particular to index and search e-mail messages.
mugshotLightweight user configuration utility
multitailBrowse through several files at once
multixtermDrive multiple xterms separately or together
mumble-overlayLoad OpenGL overlay for Mumble.
mumble-server-user-wrapperUser wrapper for mumble-server.
mumble-serverVoIP server.
mumbleA low-latency, high quality voice chat program
mupdfMuPDF is a lightweight PDF viewer written in portable C
murmurdVoIP server.
musescoreMuseScore 4 sheet music editor
mustachMustache templating command line engine
mutagen-inspectView Mutagen-supported audio tags
mutagen-ponyScan a collection of MP3 files
muteUse aumix to mute and un-mute sound output
mutoolAll purpose tool for dealing with PDF files
muttThe Mutt Mail User Agent
mutt_pgpringMutt key ring dumper
mutterClutter based compositing GTK2 Window Manager
mvMove (rename) files
mvxattrRecursively rename extended attributes
mwmThe Motif Window Manager
my_print_defaultsDisplay options from option files
my_safe_processUtility program that encapsulates process creation, monitoring and bulletproof process cleanup
mycorrhizaServe a wiki from mycomarkup pages in a git repo
mygpo-bpsyncSynchronize BashPodder subscriptions with
myisam_ftdumpDisplay full-text index information
myisamchkMyISAM table-maintenance utility
myisamlogDisplay MyISAM log file contents
myisampackGenerate compressed, read-only MyISAM tables
myrocks_hotbackupStreaming backup for MariaDB MyRocks
mysql-stress-test.plServer stress test program
mysql-test-run.plRun MariaDB test suite
mysqlThe MariaDB command-line tool (mysql is now a symlink to mariadb)
mysql.serverMariaDB server startup script
mysql_client_testTest client API (mysql_client_test is now a symlink to mariadb-client-test)
mysql_configGet compile options for compiling clients
mysql_convert_table_formatConvert tables to use a given storage engine (mysql_convert_table_format is now a symlink to mariadb-convert-table-format)
mysql_find_rowsExtract SQL statements from files (mysql_find_rows is now a symlink to mariadb-find-rows)
mysql_fix_extensionsNormalize table file name extensions (mysql_fix_extensions is now a symlink to mariadb-fix-extensions)
mysql_install_dbInitialize MariaDB data directory (mysql_install_db is now a symlink to mariadb-install-db)
mysql_ldbRocksDB tool (mysql_ldb is now a symlink to mariadb-ldb)
mysql_pluginConfigure MariaDB server plugins (mysql_plugin is now a symlink to mariadb-plugin)
mysql_secure_installationImprove MariaDB installation security (mysql_secure_installation is now a symlink to mariadb-secure-installation)
mysql_setpermissionInteractively set permissions in grant tables (mysql_setpermission is now a symlink to mariadb-setpermission)
mysql_tzinfo_to_sqlLoad the time zone tables (mysql_tzinfo_to_sql is now a symlink to mariadb-tzinfo-to-sql)
mysql_upgradeCheck tables for MariaDB upgrade (mysql_upgrade is now a symlink to mariadb-upgrade)
mysql_waitpidKill process and wait for its termination (mysql_waitpid is now a symlink to mariadb-waitpid)
mysqlaccessClient for checking access privileges (mysqlaccess is now a symlink to mariadb-access)
mysqladminClient for administering a MariaDB server (mysqladmin is now a symlink to mariadb-admin)
mysqlbinlogUtility for processing binary log files (mysqlbinlog is now a symlink to mariadb-binlog)
mysqlcheckA table maintenance program (mysqlcheck is now a symlink to mariadb-check)
mysqld_multiManage multiple MariaDB servers (mysqld_multi is now a symlink to mariadbd-multi)
mysqld_safeMariaDB server startup script (mysqld_safe is now a symlink to mariadbd-safe)
mysqld_safe_helperHelper script (mysqld_safe_helper is now a symlink to mariadbd-safe-helper)
mysqldumpA database backup program (mysqldump is now a symlink to mariadb-dump)
mysqldumpslowSummarize slow query log files (mysqldumpslow is now a symlink to mariadb-dumpslow)
mysqlhotcopyA database backup program (mysqlhotcopy is now a symlink to mariadb-hotcopy)
mysqlimportA data import program (mysqlimport is now a symlink to mariadb-import)
mysqlshowDisplay database, table, and column information (mysqlshow is now a symlink to mariadb-show)
mysqlslapLoad emulation client (mysqlslap is now a symlink to mariadb-slap)
mysqltestProgram to run test cases (mysqltest is now a symlink to mariadb-test)
mytopDisplay MariaDB server performance info like 'top'
mzipChange protection mode and eject disk on Zip/Jaz drive
name2addrPerform DNS lookups from scripts
named-checkconfNamed configuration file syntax checking tool
named-checkzoneZone file validity checking or converting tool
named-compilezoneZone file validity checking or converting tool
named-journalprintPrint zone journal in human-readable form
named-rrcheckerSyntax checker for individual DNS resource records
nameiFollow a pathname until a terminal point is found
nanoNano's ANOther editor, inspired by Pico
nanocatA command-line interface to nanomsg
nasCreate Reusable Session Scripts
nasmThe Netwide Assembler, a portable 80x86 assembler
nbd-serverServe a file as a block device to other computers running the GNU/Linux(tm) or GNU/Hurd Operating System
nbd-trdumpTranslate an nbd transaction log into human readable form
nbd-trplayReplay all or parts of an nbd transaction log
nc.openbsdArbitrary TCP and UDP connections and listens
ncatConcatenate and redirect sockets
nccopyCopy a netCDF file, optionally changing format, compression, or chunking in the output.
ncduNCurses Disk Usage
ncdumpConvert netCDF file to text form (CDL)
ncftoolNetwork configuration tool
ncftpBrowser program for the File Transfer Protocol
ncftpbatchIndividual batch FTP job processor
ncftpgetInternet file transfer program for scripts
ncftplsInternet file transfer program for scripts
ncftpputInternet file transfer program for scripts
ncftpspoolerGlobal batch FTP job processor daemon
ncgenFrom a CDL file generate a netCDF-3 file, a netCDF-4 file or a C program
ncgen3From a CDL file generate a netCDF classic or 64 bit classicfile, a C program, or a Fortran program
nclsList paths with rendering of multimedia
ncmpcNcmpc Documentation
ncmpcppAn ncurses Music Player Daemon (MPD) client.
ncneofetchGenerate low-effort posts for r/unixporn
ncplayerRender images and video to a terminal
nctetrisRender images and video to a terminal
ncursesw6-configConfiguration helper for ncurses libraries
ndctl-activate-firmwareActivate staged firmware on memory devices
ndctl-check-labelsDetermine if the given dimms have a valid namespace index block
ndctl-check-namespaceCheck namespace metadata consistency
ndctl-clear-errorsClear all errors (badblocks) on the given namespace
ndctl-create-namespaceProvision or reconfigure a namespace
ndctl-destroy-namespaceDestroy the given namespace(s)
ndctl-disable-dimmDisable one or more idle dimms
ndctl-disable-namespaceDisable the given namespace(s)
ndctl-disable-regionDisable the given region(s) and all descendant namespaces
ndctl-enable-dimmEnable one more dimms
ndctl-enable-namespaceEnable the given namespace(s)
ndctl-enable-regionEnable the given region(s) and all descendant namespaces
ndctl-freeze-securitySet the given DIMM(s) to reject future security operations
ndctl-init-labelsInitialize the label data area on a dimm or set of dimms
ndctl-inject-errorInject media errors at a namespace offset
ndctl-inject-smartPerform smart threshold/injection operations on a DIMM
ndctl-listDump the platform nvdimm device topology and attributes in json
ndctl-load-keysLoad the kek and encrypted passphrases into the keyring
ndctl-monitorMonitor the smart events of nvdimm objects
ndctl-read-infoblockRead and optionally parse the info-block a namespace
ndctl-read-labelsRead out the label area on a dimm or set of dimms
ndctl-remove-passphraseStop a DIMM from locking at power-loss and requiring a passphrase to access media
ndctl-sanitize-dimmPerform a cryptographic destruction or overwrite of the contents of the given NVDIMM(s)
ndctl-setup-passphraseSetup and enable the security passphrase for an NVDIMM
ndctl-start-scrubStart an Address Range Scrub (ARS) operation
ndctl-update-firmwareUpdate the firmware the given device
ndctl-update-passphraseUpdate the security passphrase for an NVDIMM
ndctl-wait-overwriteWait for an overwrite operation to complete
ndctl-wait-scrubWait for an Address Range Scrub (ARS) operation to complete
ndctl-write-infoblockGenerate and write an infoblock
ndctl-write-labelsWrite data to the label area on a dimm
ndctl-zero-labelsZero out the label area on a dimm or set of dimms
ndctlManage "libnvdimm" subsystem devices (Non-volatile Memory)
ndisasmThe Netwide Disassembler, an 80x86 binary file disassembler
ndrdumpDCE/RPC Packet Parser and Dumper
nearblackConvert nearly black/white borders to black.
neatoFilter for drawing undirected graphs
nemo-connect-serverTo Access a remote server
nemo-desktopNemo's desktop provider
nemoThe Cinnamon File Manager
nemuNcurses UI for QEMU.
neochatClient for interacting with the matrix messaging protocol
neofetchA fast, highly customizable system info script
neomuttThe NeoMutt Mail User Agent (MUA)
neon-configScript providing information about installed copy of neon library
neqnFormat equations for character-cell terminal output
nerA simple Named Entity Recognizer
net-serverBase Net::Server starting module
net-snmp-configReturns information about installed net-snmp libraries and binaries
net-snmp-create-v3-userCreate a SNMPv3 user in net-snmp configuration file
netatalk-configScript to get information about the installed version of netatalk
netavarkConfigure a given network namespace for use by a container
newReport on folders with new messages
newapkbuildGenerate a new APKBUILD
newgidmapSet the gid mapping of a user namespace
newgrpLog in to a new group
newsboatAn RSS/Atom feed reader for text terminals
newsraftFeed reader for terminal
newuidmapSet the uid mapping of a user namespace
nf2csvIptables to CSV data
nfanonAnonymize the IP addresses
nfcEnable/disable internal NFC device
nfcapdFlow collector for netflow version v1, v5/v7 v9 and ipfix
nfdumpFlow display and analysis program
nfexpireManage expiration of flow files based on time or volume.
nfprofileNetflow profiler
nfreplayReplay binary flow files as netflow version v5 or v9 to a remote host
nfs-catUtility to read a file off NFS
nfs-cpUtility to copy files to/from and NFS server
nfs-lsUtility to list NFS servers, exports and directories
ngettextTranslate message and choose plural form
nghttpHTTP/2 client
nghttpdHTTP/2 server
nghttpxHTTP/2 proxy
nhekoDesktop client for Matrix using Qt and C++17
nhlt-dmic-infoDump microphone array information from ACPI NHLT table
niaarmPerform Association Rule Mining, output mined rules as csv, get mined rules’ statistics
niceRun a program with modified scheduling priority
niceloadSlow down a program when the load average is above a certain limit
nicsHost Network Interface Enumerator
nih-dbus-toolD-Bus binding code generator
nlNumber lines of files
nloadDisplays the current network usage
nlplug-findfsSearch for blockdevices to boot
nm-appletNetwork monitor and control GUI applet
nm-connection-editorNetwork connection editor for NetworkManager
nm-onlineAsk NetworkManager whether the network is connected
nmList symbols from object files
nmapNetwork exploration tool and security / port scanner
nmblookupNetBIOS over TCP/IP client used to lookup NetBIOS names
nmbugManage notmuch bugs with git
nmcliCommand-line tool for controlling NetworkManager
nmtui-connectText User Interface for controlling NetworkManager
nmtui-editText User Interface for controlling NetworkManager
nmtui-hostnameText User Interface for controlling NetworkManager
nmtuiText User Interface for controlling NetworkManager
nnnThe unorthodox terminal file manager.
nodeServer-side JavaScript runtime
nohupRun a command immune to hangups, with output to a non-tty
nopPretty-print graph file
nosetestsNicer testing for Python
notcurses-demoShow off some Notcurses features
notcurses-infoDisplay information about the terminal environment
notcurses-inputRead and display input events
notcurses-testerNotcurses unit testing
notepadWine text editor
notmuch-addressOutput addresses from matching messages
notmuch-compactCompact the notmuch database
notmuch-configAccess notmuch configuration file
notmuch-countCount messages matching the given search terms
notmuch-dumpCreates a plain-text dump of the tags of each message
notmuch-emacs-muaSend mail with notmuch and emacs
notmuch-gitManage notmuch tags with git
notmuch-insertAdd a message to the maildir and notmuch database
notmuch-newIncorporate new mail into the notmuch database
notmuch-reindexRe-index matching messages
notmuch-replyConstructs a reply template for a set of messages
notmuch-restoreRestores the tags from the given file (see notmuch dump)
notmuch-searchSearch for messages matching the given search terms
notmuch-setupGetting started with notmuch
notmuch-showShow messages matching the given search terms
notmuch-tagAdd/remove tags for all messages matching the search terms
notmuchThread-based email index, search, and tagging
npingNetwork packet generation tool / ping utility
npm-accessSet access level on published packages
npm-adduserAdd a registry user account
npm-auditRun a security audit
npm-bugsReport bugs for a package in a web browser
npm-cacheManipulates packages cache
npm-ciClean install a project
npm-completionTab Completion for npm
npm-configManage the npm configuration files
npm-dedupeReduce duplication in the package tree
npm-deprecateDeprecate a version of a package
npm-diffThe registry diff command
npm-dist-tagModify package distribution tags
npm-docsOpen documentation for a package in a web browser
npm-doctorCheck the health of your npm environment
npm-editEdit an installed package
npm-execRun a command from a local or remote npm package
npm-explainExplain installed packages
npm-exploreBrowse an installed package
npm-find-dupesFind duplication in the package tree
npm-fundRetrieve funding information
npm-help-searchSearch npm help documentation
npm-helpGet help on npm
npm-hookManage registry hooks
npm-initCreate a package.json file
npm-install-ci-testInstall a project with a clean slate and run tests
npm-install-testInstall package(s) and run tests
npm-installInstall a package
npm-linkSymlink a package folder
npm-loginLogin to a registry user account
npm-logoutLog out of the registry
npm-lsList installed packages
npm-orgManage orgs
npm-outdatedCheck for outdated packages
npm-ownerManage package owners
npm-packCreate a tarball from a package
npm-pingPing npm registry
npm-pkgManages your package.json
npm-prefixDisplay prefix
npm-profileChange settings on your registry profile
npm-pruneRemove extraneous packages
npm-publishPublish a package
npm-queryDependency selector query
npm-rebuildRebuild a package
npm-repoOpen package repository page in the browser
npm-restartRestart a package
npm-rootDisplay npm root
npm-run-scriptRun arbitrary package scripts
npm-sbomGenerate a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)
npm-searchSearch for packages
npm-shrinkwrapLock down dependency versions for publication
npm-starMark your favorite packages
npm-starsView packages marked as favorites
npm-startStart a package
npm-stopStop a package
npm-teamManage organization teams and team memberships
npm-testTest a package
npm-tokenManage your authentication tokens
npm-uninstallRemove a package
npm-unpublishRemove a package from the registry
npm-unstarRemove an item from your favorite packages
npm-updateUpdate packages
npm-versionBump a package version
npm-viewView registry info
npm-whoamiDisplay npm username
npmJavascript package manager
nprocPrint the number of processing units available
nproxyDNS notification proxy
npxRun a command from a local or remote npm package
nqJob queue utility
nroffFormat documents with groff for TTY (terminal) devices
nsec3digShow and validate NSEC3 proofs
nsec3hashGenerate NSEC3 hash
nsenterRun program in different namespaces
nslookupQuery Internet name servers interactively
nss_wrapperA wrapper for the user, group and hosts NSS API
nsupdateDynamic DNS update utility
nsxivNeo Simple X Image Viewer
ntlm_authTool to allow external access to Winbind's NTLM authentication function
ntpdigStandard Simple Network Time Protocol client program
ntploggpsLog gpsd data
ntplogtempLog temperature data
ntpmonReal-time NTP status monitor
ntpqStandard NTP query program
ntpshmmonCapture samples from gpsd or other ntpd refclock sources
ntpsweepPrint various information about given NTP servers
ntptraceTrace peers of an NTP server
ntpvizMake visualizations of offset, jitter, etc. from stats file data
numfmtConvert numbers from/to human-readable strings
nvimEdit text
nvme-admin-passthruSubmit an arbitrary admin command, return results
nvme-ana-logSend NVMe ANA log page request, returns result and log
nvme-attach-nsSend NVMe attach namespace, return result.
nvme-boot-part-logRetrieves a Boot Partition log page from an NVMe device
nvme-capacity-mgmtSend capacity management command to configure/create/delete Endurance Groups or NVM Sets, returns results.
nvme-changed-ns-list-logSend NVMe Changed Namespace List log page request, returns result and log.
nvme-cmdset-ind-id-nsSend NVMe I/O Command Set Independent Identify Namespace, return result and structure.
nvme-compareSend an NVMe Compare command, provide results
nvme-connect-allDiscover and Connect to Fabrics controllers.
nvme-connectConnect to a Fabrics controller.
nvme-copySend an NVMe Simple Copy command, provide results
nvme-create-nsSend NVMe Namespace management command to create namespace, returns results.
nvme-delete-nsSend NVMe Namespace Management delete namespace command, return result.
nvme-dera-statSend NVMe Dera Device status and Additional SMART log page request, returns result and log
nvme-detach-nsSend NVMe detach namespace, return result.
nvme-device-self-testPerform the necessary tests to observe the performance and the parameters
nvme-dimSend Discovery Information Management command to one or more Discovery Controllers.
nvme-dir-receiveSend a directive receive command, returns applicable results
nvme-dir-sendIssue a directive send command, returns applicable results
nvme-disconnect-allDisconnect from all connected Fabrics controllers.
nvme-disconnectDisconnect one or more Fabrics controller(s).
nvme-discoverSend Get Log Page request to Discovery Controller.
nvme-dsmSend NVMe Data Set Management, return results
nvme-effects-logSend NVMe Command Effects log page request, returns result and log
nvme-endurance-event-agg-logSend NVMe Endurance log page request, returns result and log
nvme-endurance-logSend NVMe Endurance log page request, returns result and log
nvme-error-logSend NVME Error log page request, return result and log
nvme-fdp-configsGet Flexible Data Placement Configurations
nvme-fdp-eventsGet Flexible Data Placement Events
nvme-fdp-set-eventsEnable or disable FDP events
nvme-fdp-statsGet Flexible Data Placement Statistics
nvme-fdp-statusGet Reclaim Unit Handle Status
nvme-fdp-updateReclaim Unit Handle Update
nvme-fdp-usageGet Reclaim Unit Handle Usage
nvme-fid-support-effects-logSend NVMe FID Support and Effects log, return result and structure
nvme-flushFlush command.
nvme-formatFormat an NVMe device
nvme-fw-commitUsed to verify and commit a firmware image.
nvme-fw-downloadDownload all or a portion of an nvme firmware image.
nvme-fw-logSend NVMe Firmware log page request, returns result and log
nvme-gen-hostnqnGenerate a host NVMe Qualified Name
nvme-get-featureGets an NVMe feature, returns applicable results
nvme-get-lba-statusGet LBA Status from NVMe device
nvme-get-logRetrieves a log page from an NVMe device
nvme-get-ns-idRetrieves the namespace ID for an NVMe block device
nvme-get-propertyReads and shows the defined NVMe controller property for NVMe over Fabric
nvme-helpHelp information.
nvme-huawei-id-ctrlSend NVMe Identify Controller, return result and structure
nvme-huawei-listList all recognized Huawei NVMe devices
nvme-id-ctrlSend NVMe Identify Controller, return result and structure
nvme-id-domainSend NVMe Identify Domain List, return result and structure
nvme-id-iocsSend NVMe Identify I/O Command Set, return result and structure
nvme-id-nsSend NVMe Identify Namespace, return result and structure
nvme-id-nvmsetSend NVMe Identify NVM Set List, return result and structure
nvme-inspur-nvme-vendor-logSend NVMe Inspur Device Vendor log page request, returns result
nvme-intel-id-ctrlSend NVMe Identify Controller, return result and structure
nvme-intel-internal-logRetrieve Intel device's internal log and save to file.
nvme-intel-lat-statsSend NVMe Identify Controller, return result and structure
nvme-intel-market-nameSend NVMe Identify Controller, return result and structure
nvme-intel-smart-log-addSend NVMe Intel Additional SMART log page request, returns result and log
nvme-intel-temp-statsSend NVMe SMART log page request, returns result and log
nvme-io-mgmt-recvI/O Management Receive command
nvme-io-mgmt-sendI/O Management Send command
nvme-io-passthruSubmit an arbitrary io command, return results
nvme-lba-status-logSend LBA Status Log Page request returns result and log
nvme-list-ctrlSend NVMe Identify List Controllers, return result and structure
nvme-list-endgrpSend NVMe Identify Endurance Group List, return result and structure
nvme-list-nsSend NVMe Identify List Namespaces, return result and structure
nvme-list-subsysList all NVMe subsystems
nvme-listList all recognized NVMe devices
nvme-lockdownSend an NVMe Lockdown command to prohibit or allow the execution of command
nvme-mi-cmd-support-effects-logSend NVMe MI Command Support and Effects log, returns results and structure
nvme-micron-clear-pcie-errorsClears correctable PCIe correctable errors of given Micron device
nvme-micron-internal-logRetrieve Micron device's internal logs and save to given zip file.
nvme-micron-nand-statsRetrieves NAND statistics of given micron device
nvme-micron-pcie-statsRetrieves pcie error statistics for given micron device
nvme-micron-selective-downloadPerforms selective firmware download that allows user to select which firmware binary to update for 9200 devices. This requires power cycle once the update completes.
nvme-micron-smart-add-logRetrieves NAND statistics (2200 model drives) or Extended SMART information (OCP complaint models) of given micron device
nvme-micron-temperature-statsRetrieves temperature information of given micron device
nvme-netapp-ontapdevicesDisplay information about ONTAP devices
nvme-netapp-smdevicesDisplay information for each NVMe path to an E-Series volume
nvme-ns-descsSend NVMe Identify for a list of Namespace Identification Descriptor structure, return result and structure
nvme-ns-rescanRescans the nvme namespaces.
nvme-nvm-id-ctrlSend NVMe Identify Controller, return NVM command set structure
nvme-nvme-mi-recvSend a NVMe-MI Receive command to the specified device
nvme-nvme-mi-sendSend a NVMe-MI Send command to the specified device
nvme-ocp-clear-fw-activate-historyClear the OCP Firmware Update History Log
nvme-ocp-clear-pcie-correctable-error-countersClear PCIe correctable error counters
nvme-ocp-eol-plp-failure-modeDefine and print EOL or PLP circuitry failure mode
nvme-ocp-latency-monitor-logDisplay latency monitor log page data in human readable format
nvme-ocp-smart-add-logRetrieves Extended SMART information of given OCP compliant device
nvme-persistent-event-logSend NVMe persistent event log page request, returns result and log
nvme-pred-lat-event-agg-logSend Predictable Latency Event Aggregate Log Page request, returns result and log
nvme-predictable-lat-logSend Predictable latency per NVM set log page request, returns result and log
nvme-primary-ctrl-capsSend identify Primary Controller Caps, return result and structure
nvme-readSend an NVMe Read command, provide results
nvme-resetReset the nvme controller.
nvme-resv-acquireAcquire an nvme reservation
nvme-resv-notif-logSend NVMe Reservation Notification log page request, return result and log
nvme-resv-registerRegister an nvme reservation
nvme-resv-releaseRelease an nvme reservation
nvme-resv-reportSend NVMe Reservation Report, parse the result
nvme-rpmbSend RPMB commands to an NVMe device
nvme-sanitize-logSend NVMe sanitize-log Command, return result
nvme-sanitizeSend NVMe Sanitize Command, return result
nvme-seagate-clear-fw-activate-historyClear the firmware activation history for a given Seagate device.
nvme-seagate-clear-pcie-correctable-errorsClear Seagate PCIe error statistics
nvme-seagate-cloud-SSD-plugin-versionShows OCP Seagate plugin's version information
nvme-seagate-get-ctrl-teleRetrieve Seagate Controller-Initiated Telemetry in either hex-dump (default) or binary format
nvme-seagate-get-host-teleRetrieve Seagate Host-Initiated Telemetry in either hex-dump (default) or binary format
nvme-seagate-helpShows the Seagate plugin's help information
nvme-seagate-plugin-versionShows Seagate plugin's version information
nvme-seagate-versionShows the Seagate version information for nvme-cli
nvme-seagate-vs-fw-activate-historyRetrieve Seagate vendor specific Controller-Initiated Telemetry in binary
nvme-seagate-vs-internal-logRetrieve Seagate vendor specific Controller-Initiated Telemetry in binary
nvme-seagate-vs-log-page-supRetrieve Seagate vendor specific Supported Log-pages Information
nvme-seagate-vs-pcie-statsRetrieve Seagate vendor specific PCIe error statistics
nvme-seagate-vs-smart-add-logRetrieve Seagate vendor specific extended-SMART Information
nvme-seagate-vs-temperature-statsRetrieve Seagate vendor specific temperature statistics
nvme-security-recvSecurity Recv command
nvme-security-sendSecurity Send command
nvme-self-test-logRetrieve the log information initiated by device-self-test and display it
nvme-set-featureSets an NVMe feature, returns applicable results
nvme-set-propertyWrites and shows the defined NVMe controller property for NVMe over Fabric
nvme-show-hostnqnShow the host NQN configured for the system
nvme-show-regsReads and shows the defined NVMe controller registers for NVMe over PCIe or the controller properties for NVMe over Fabrics.
nvme-show-topologyShow topology of all NVMe subsystems
nvme-smart-logSend NVMe SMART log page request, returns result and log
nvme-subsystem-resetReset the nvme subsystem.
nvme-supported-log-pagesSend NVMe Supported Log pages request, returns result and log
nvme-telemetry-logRetrieves a Telemetry Host-Initiated log page from an NVMe device
nvme-toshiba-clear-pcie-correctable-errorsReset the PCIe correctable errors count to zero.
nvme-toshiba-vs-internal-logRetrieve a Toshiba device's vendor specific internal log and either save to file or dump the contents.
nvme-toshiba-vs-smart-add-logRetrieve a Toshiba device's vendor specific extended SMART log page contents and either save to file or dump the contents.
nvme-transcend-badblockRetrieve Transcend NVMe device's bad blocks.
nvme-transcend-healthvalueUse NVMe SMART table to analyze the health value of Transcend device.
nvme-verifySend an NVMe Verify command, return results
nvme-virtium-save-smart-to-vtview-logPeriodically save smart attributes into a log file (csv format).
nvme-virtium-show-identifyShow a complete detail of identify device information in json format.
nvme-wdc-cap-diagRetrieve WDC device's diagnostic log and save to file.
nvme-wdc-capabilitiesDisplay WDC plugin command capabilities
nvme-wdc-clear-assert-dumpClears the assert dump (if present).
nvme-wdc-clear-fw-activate-historyClears the firmware activate history table.
nvme-wdc-clear-pcie-correctable-errorsClears the pcie correctable errors field returned in the smart-log-add command.
nvme-wdc-cloud-SSD-plugin-versionDisplay WDC plugin Cloud SSD Plugin Version
nvme-wdc-cloud-boot-SSD-versionDisplay WDC plugin Cloud Boot SSD Version
nvme-wdc-drive-essentialsRetrieve WDC device's drive essentials bin files and save to a tar file.
nvme-wdc-drive-logRetrieve WDC device's drive log and save to file.
nvme-wdc-drive-resizeSend NVMe WDC Resize Vendor Unique Command, return result.
nvme-wdc-enc-get-logSend NVMe WDC enc-get-log Vendor Unique Command, return result.
nvme-wdc-get-crash-dumpRetrieve WDC device's crash dump.
nvme-wdc-get-dev-capabilities-logSend NVMe WDC get-dev-capabilities-log plugin command, return parsed log output
nvme-wdc-get-drive-statusSend the NVMe WDC get-drive-status command, return result
nvme-wdc-get-error-recovery-logSend NVMe WDC get-error-recovery-log plugin command, return parsed log output
nvme-wdc-get-latency-monitor-logDisplay latency monitor log page data in human readable format
nvme-wdc-get-pfail-dumpRetrieve WDC device's pfail crash dump.
nvme-wdc-get-unsupported-reqs-logSend NVMe WDC get-unsupported-reqs-log plugin command, return parsed log output
nvme-wdc-id-ctrlSend NVMe Identify Controller, return result and structure
nvme-wdc-log-page-directoryRetrieves the list of Log IDs supported by the drive
nvme-wdc-namespace-resizeResizes the device's namespace.
nvme-wdc-purge-monitorSend NVMe WDC Purge-Monitor Vendor Unique Command, return result
nvme-wdc-purgeSend NVMe WDC Purge Vendor Unique Command, return result
nvme-wdc-vs-cloud-logSend NVMe WDC vs-cloud-log Vendor Unique Command, return result
nvme-wdc-vs-device-wafCalculates the device write amplification factor and prints both TLC and SLC results
nvme-wdc-vs-drive-infoSend the NVMe WDC vs-drive-info command, return result
nvme-wdc-vs-error-reason-identifierRetrieve WDC device's telemetry log error reason identifier field
nvme-wdc-vs-fw-activate-historyExecute NVMe WDC vs-fw-activate-history Vendor Unique Command, return result
nvme-wdc-vs-hw-rev-logSend NVMe WDC vs-hw-rev-log Vendor Unique Command, return result
nvme-wdc-vs-internal-logRetrieve WDC device's internal firmware log and save to file.
nvme-wdc-vs-nand-statsSend NVMe WDC vs-nand-stats Vendor Unique Command, return result
nvme-wdc-vs-smart-add-logSend NVMe WDC vs-smart-add-log Vendor Unique Command, return result
nvme-wdc-vs-telemetry-controller-optionDisable/Enable the controller initiated option of the telemetry log page.
nvme-wdc-vs-temperature-statsDisplay temperature-related statistics
nvme-write-uncorSend an NVMe write uncorrectable command, return results
nvme-write-zeroesSend an NVMe write zeroes command, return results
nvme-writeSend an NVMe write command, provide results
nvme-zns-changed-zone-listRetrieve Changed Zone log for the given device
nvme-zns-close-zoneCloses one or all zones
nvme-zns-finish-zoneFinishes one or all zones
nvme-zns-id-ctrlSend NVMe Zoned Command Set Identify Controller, return result and structure
nvme-zns-id-nsSend NVMe Zoned Command Set Identify namespace, return result and structure
nvme-zns-offline-zoneOfflines one or all zones
nvme-zns-open-zoneOpens one or all zones
nvme-zns-report-zonesRetrieve and display the Report Zones data structure
nvme-zns-reset-zoneResets one or all zones
nvme-zns-set-zone-descSet extended descriptor data for a zone
nvme-zns-zone-appendSend an NVMe write command, provide results
nvme-zns-zone-mgmt-recvZone Management Receive command
nvme-zns-zone-mgmt-sendZone Management Send command
nvmeThe NVMe storage command line interface utility (nvme-cli)
nvmmergeQualcomm Atheros PLC Firmware Image File Splicer
nvmsplitQualcomm Atheros PLC Firmware Image File Slicer
nvram_exportCisco NVRAM configuration export
nxagentNested Xserver optimized for remote computing
nxdialogNX Dialog Helper
nxproxyNX Proxy Tool
nyancatTerminal-based Pop Tart Cat animation
oLschema2ldifConverts LDAP schema's to LDB-compatible LDIF
oathtoolOpen AuTHentication (OATH) one-time password tool
obex-data-serverD-Bus service providing OBEX functionality
obex_findFind connectable OBEX devices (IrDA, USB).
obex_tcpSend or receive files via TCP
obex_testInteractive test application for the openobex library
objcopyCopy and translate object files
objdumpDisplay information from object files
obxpropA minimalistic, highly configurable, next generation window manager with extensive standards support.
ocamlThe OCaml interactive toplevel
ocamlbuildThe OCaml project compilation tool
ocamlcThe OCaml bytecode compiler
ocamlcpThe OCaml profiling compilers
ocamldebugThe OCaml source-level replay debugger.
ocamldepDependency generator for OCaml
ocamldocThe OCaml documentation generator
ocamlfind[Command-line interface of the Package manager]
ocamllexThe OCaml lexer generator
ocamlmktopBuilding custom toplevel systems
ocamloptThe OCaml native-code compiler
ocamlprofThe OCaml profiler
ocamlrunThe OCaml bytecode interpreter
ocamlyaccThe OCaml parser generator
ocsptoolGnuTLS OCSP tool
octave-cliA high-level interactive language for numerical computations.
octave-configGNU Octave component and library information retrieval
octaveA high-level interactive language for numerical computations.
odDump files in octal and other formats
odbc_configGenerates compiler information intended for use when developing a unixODBC client
odbcinstA unixODBC utility for managing configuration files
odt2txtA simple converter from OpenDocument Text to plain text
ofm2oplConvert Omega and TeX font-metric files to property-list files
ofs2rvaConverts a PE raw file offset to relative virtual address
ogg123Plays Ogg, and FLAC files
oggdecSimple decoder, Ogg Vorbis file to PCM audio file (Wave or RAW).
oggencEncode audio into the Ogg Vorbis format
ogginfoGives information about Ogg files, and does extensive validity checking
oggspltUtility for mp3, ogg vorbis and native flac splitting without decoding
ogonkifyInternational support for PostScript
ogr2ogrConverts simple features data between file formats.
ogr_layer_algebraPerforms various Vector layer algebraic operations
ogrinfoLists information about an OGR-supported data source.
ogrlinerefCreate linear reference and provide some calculations using it.
ogrmergeMerge several vector datasets into a single one.
ogrtindexCreates a tileindex.
okshPublic domain Korn shell
okularA universal document viewer
omindex-listList URLs of documents indexed by omindex
omindexIndex static website data via the filesystem
ompi-cleanCleans up any stale processes and files leftover from Open MPI jobs.
ompi-serverServer for supporting name publish/lookup operations.
ompi_infoDisplay information about the Open MPI installation
omshellOMAPI Command Shell
onboard-settingsOn-screen Keyboard (configuration dialog)
onboardOn-screen Keyboard
onedriveFolder synchronization with OneDrive
onefetchCommand-line Git information tool
onsgmlsAn SGML/XML parser and validator
opal_wrapperBack-end Open MPI wrapper command
opam-admin-add-constraint(unknown subject)
opam-admin-add-hashes(unknown subject)
opam-admin-cache(unknown subject)
opam-admin-check(unknown subject)
opam-admin-filter(unknown subject)
opam-admin-help(unknown subject)
opam-admin-index(unknown subject)
opam-admin-lint(unknown subject)
opam-admin-list(unknown subject)
opam-admin-make(unknown subject)
opam-admin-upgrade(unknown subject)
opam-admin(unknown subject)
opam-clean(unknown subject)
opam-config(unknown subject)
opam-env(unknown subject)
opam-exec(unknown subject)
opam-help(unknown subject)
opam-info(unknown subject)
opam-init(unknown subject)
opam-install(unknown subject)
opam-installer(unknown subject)
opam-lint(unknown subject)
opam-list(unknown subject)
opam-lock(unknown subject)
opam-option(unknown subject)
opam-pin(unknown subject)
opam-reinstall(unknown subject)
opam-remote(unknown subject)
opam-remove(unknown subject)
opam-repository(unknown subject)
opam-search(unknown subject)
opam-show(unknown subject)
opam-source(unknown subject)
opam-switch(unknown subject)
opam-uninstall(unknown subject)
opam-unpin(unknown subject)
opam-update(unknown subject)
opam-upgrade(unknown subject)
opam-var(unknown subject)
opam(unknown subject)
openbox-gnome-sessionRun a GNOME session with Openbox as the window manager
openbox-kde-sessionRun a KDE session with Openbox as the window manager
openbox-sessionRuns an Openbox session without any session manager.
openboxA minimalistic, highly configurable, next generation window manager with extensive standards support.
opencpn-cmdChartplotter and GPS Navigation Software CLI interface
opencpnChartplotter and GPS Navigation Software
openipmi_eventdAn IPMI event handler
openipmicmdAn IPMI Command Interface
openipmiguiGUI interface to an IPMI system
openipmishShell interface to an IPMI system
openmpt123Command line module music player based on libopenmpt
openocdA free and open on-chip debugging, in-system programming and boundary-scan testing tool for ARM and MIPS systems
openpgp2pemTranslate OpenPGP keys to SSH keys
openpgp2spkiTranslate OpenPGP keys to SSH keys
openpgp2sshTranslate OpenPGP keys to SSH keys
openvas-nasl-lintOpenVAS standalone NASL linter
openvas-naslNASL Attack Scripting Language
openvtStart a program on a new virtual terminal (VT).
opl2ofmConvert Omega and TeX property-list files to font-metric files
optipngOptimize Portable Network Graphics files
opusdecDecode audio in Opus format to Wave or raw PCM
opusencEncode audio into the Opus format
opusinfoGives information about Opus files and does extensive validity checking
opustagsOgg Opus tag editor
orcaA scriptable screen reader
orte-cleanCleans up any stale processes and files leftover from Open MPI jobs.
orte-infoDisplay information about the ORTE installation
orte-serverServer for supporting name publish/lookup operations.
ortedStart an Open RTE User-Level Daemon
orterunExecute serial and parallel jobs in Open SHMEM.
osageFilter for drawing clustered graphs
oscamSC server
osgmlnormAn SGML/XML document normalizer
osinfo-db-exportExport to a osinfo database archive
osinfo-db-importImport an osinfo database archive
osinfo-db-pathReport database locations
osinfo-db-validateValidate libosinfo XML data files
osinfo-detectDetect the operating system on installable media or trees
osinfo-install-scriptGenerate a script for automated installation
osinfo-queryQuery information in the database
osmoA handy personal organizer
ospamAn SGML/XML markup stream editor
ospcatSGML print catalog
ospentConcatenates entities in an SGML/XML document
osqlUtility to test FreeTDS connections and queries
ostree-admin-cleanupDelete untagged deployments and repository objects
ostree-admin-config-diffDiff current /etc configuration versus default
ostree-admin-deployCheckout a revision as the new default deployment
ostree-admin-init-fsInitialize a new root filesystem
ostree-admin-instutilUtility functions intended primarily for operating system installation programs
ostree-admin-os-initSoft-deprecated alias for stateroot-init
ostree-admin-pinExplicitly retain deployment at a given index
ostree-admin-set-defaultMake deployment at a given index the default for the next boot
ostree-admin-set-originChange the "origin" (location for upgrades)
ostree-admin-stateroot-initInitialize empty state for a given operating system
ostree-admin-statusList deployments
ostree-admin-switchConstruct new tree from current origin and deploy it, if it changed
ostree-admin-undeployDelete deployment at a given index
ostree-admin-unlockPrepare the current deployment for hotfix or development
ostree-admin-upgradeConstruct new tree from current origin and deploy it, if it changed
ostree-adminUse one of the ostree admin commands
ostree-catDisplay or concatenate contents of files
ostree-checkoutCheck out a commit into a filesystem
ostree-checksumChecksum a file or directory
ostree-commitCommit a new revision
ostree-configChange configuration settings
ostree-create-usbPut the given refs on an external drive for P2P distribution.
ostree-diffCompare a directory against a revision
ostree-exportGenerate a tar archive from an OSTree commit
ostree-find-remotesFind remotes to serve the given refs
ostree-fsckCheck the repository for consistency
ostree-gpg-signSign a commit
ostree-initInitialize a new empty repository
ostree-logShow log starting at a commit or ref
ostree-lsList file paths
ostree-prepare-rootChange the view of a mounted root filesystem to an ostree deployment
ostree-pruneSearch for unreachable objects
ostree-pull-localCopy data from a source repository
ostree-pullDownload data from a remote repository
ostree-refsList refs
ostree-remoteControl remote repository configuration
ostree-resetReset a ref to a previous commit
ostree-rev-parseOutput the target of a rev
ostree-showOutput a metadata object
ostree-signSign a commit
ostree-static-deltaManage static delta files
ostree-summaryRegenerate or view the summary metadata file
ostreeManage multiple bootable versioned filesystem trees
osxAn SGML to XML converter
otf2bdfOpenType to BDF font converter
otp2ocpConvert Omega Translation Process files to Omega Compiled Process files
otr_mackeyProcess Off-the-Record Messaging transcripts
otr_modifyProcess Off-the-Record Messaging transcripts
otr_parseProcess Off-the-Record Messaging transcripts
otr_readforgeProcess Off-the-Record Messaging transcripts
otr_remacProcess Off-the-Record Messaging transcripts
otr_sesskeysProcess Off-the-Record Messaging transcripts
otr_toolkitProcess Off-the-Record Messaging transcripts
out123Send raw PCM audio or a waveform pattern to an output device
outocpDebug an OCP file
ovf2ovpConvert virtual font file and associated font metrics to property-list format
ovp2ovfConvert a virtual property-list file into a virtual font file and its associated font metric file
ovs-pcapPrint packets from a pcap file as hex
ovsdb-clientCommand-line interface to ovsdb-server(1)
ovsdb-serverOpen vSwitch database server
ovsdb-toolOpen vSwitch database management utility
owcapiEasy C-language 1-wire interface
owfs1-wire filesystem
owftpdAnoymous FTP server for 1-wire access
owhttpdTiny webserver for 1-wire control
owmonMonitor for owserver settings and statistics
ownetEasy C-language 1-wire interface to the owserver protocol
owserverBackend server (daemon) for 1-wire control
owshellLightweight owserver access
owtapPacket sniffer for the owserver protocol
p++Front-end to the C compiler
p11toolGnuTLS PKCS #11 tool
pacatPlay back or record raw or encoded audio streams on a PulseAudio sound server
packetforge-ngForge packets: ARP, UDP, ICMP or custom packets.
packfPack messages in mh folder into a single mbox file
pacmdReconfigure a PulseAudio sound server during runtime
pactlControl a running PulseAudio sound server
padspPulseAudio OSS Wrapper
pageantPuTTY SSH authentication agent
pagshCreates a new credential cache sandbox
paholeShows, manipulates data structure layout and pretty prints raw data.
pamixerPulseaudio command line mixer
pamonPlay back or record raw or encoded audio streams on a PulseAudio sound server
pamu2fcfgConfiguration tool for the U2F PAM module.
panelctlManual page for panelctl 0.2
pango-view"Pango text viewer"
paperPrint paper size information
paplayPlay back or record raw or encoded audio streams on a PulseAudio sound server
parParallel command processing
par.plMake and run Perl Archives
par2PAR 2.0 compatible file verification and repair tool.
parallel-moreutilsRun programs in parallel
parallelBuild and execute shell command lines from standard input in parallel
parcatCat files or fifos in parallel
parecPlay back or record raw or encoded audio streams on a PulseAudio sound server
parecordPlay back or record raw or encoded audio streams on a PulseAudio sound server
paris-traceroute(unknown subject)
parlBinary PAR Loader
parsetSet shell variables in parallel
parsortSort (big files) in parallel
pass-otpA pass(1) extension for managing one-time-password (OTP) tokens.
passStores, retrieves, generates, and synchronizes passwords securely
passmassChange password on multiple machines
passwdChange user password
pasteMerge lines of files
pasuspenderTemporarily suspend PulseAudio
patchApply a diff file to an original
patchelfModify ELF files
patchviewWithout options, show numbered files modified by the patch. With options, behave as filterdiff.
patchworkFilter for drawing clustered graphs as treemaps
patgenGenerate patterns for TeX hyphenation
pathchkCheck whether file names are valid or portable
pax11publishPulseAudio X11 Credential Utility
paxctlUser-space utility to control PaX flags
pbibtexMake a (Japanese) bibliography for (La)TeX
pcap-configWrite libpcap compiler and linker flags to standard output
pcapdevsQualcomm Atheros PCAP Device Enumerator
pcc-cppC preprocessor
pccFront-end to the C compiler
pcf2vpncConverts VPN-config files from pcf to vpnc-format
pcmanfm-qtA lightweight Qt-based file manager for X Window.
pcmanfmA lightweight Gtk+ based file manager for X Window.
pcppFront-end to the C compiler
pcre-configProgram to return PCRE configuration
pcre2-configProgram to return PCRE2 configuration
pcre2grepA grep with Perl-compatible regular expressions.
pcre2testA program for testing Perl-compatible regular expressions.
pcregrepA grep with Perl-compatible regular expressions.
pcretestA program for testing Perl-compatible regular expressions.
pcsc-spyA PC/SC spy command
pct2rgbConvert an 8bit paletted image to 24bit RGB.
pdbtoolAn application to test and convert syslog-ng pattern database rules
pdcpCopy files to groups of hosts in parallel
pdf2dscGenerate a PostScript page list of a PDF document
pdf2psGhostscript PDF to PostScript translator
pdfattachPortable Document Format (PDF) document embedded file creator (version 3.03)
pdfdetachPortable Document Format (PDF) document embedded file extractor (version 3.03)
pdfetexPDF output from e-TeX
pdffontsPortable Document Format (PDF) font analyzer (version 3.03)
pdfgrepSearch PDF files for a regular expression
pdfimagesPortable Document Format (PDF) image extractor (version 3.03)
pdfinfoPortable Document Format (PDF) document information extractor (version 3.03)
pdfmomProduce PDF documents using the mom macro package for groff
pdfroffConstruct files in Portable Document Format using groff
pdfseparatePortable Document Format (PDF) page extractor
pdfsigPortable Document Format (PDF) digital signatures tool
pdftexPDF output from TeX
pdftocairoPortable Document Format (PDF) to PNG/JPEG/TIFF/PDF/PS/EPS/SVG using cairo
pdftohtmlProgram to convert PDF files into HTML, XML and PNG images
pdftoppmPortable Document Format (PDF) to Portable Pixmap (PPM) converter (version 3.03)
pdftopsPortable Document Format (PDF) to PostScript converter (version 3.03)
pdftosrcExtract source file or stream from PDF file
pdftotextPortable Document Format (PDF) to text converter (version 3.03)
pdfunitePortable Document Format (PDF) page merger
pdiffProduce a pretty comparison between files
pdns_controlControl the PowerDNS nameserver
pdns_notifyA simple DNS NOTIFY sender
pdns_recursorThe PowerDNS Recursor binary
pdns_serverThe PowerDNS Authoritative Nameserver
pdnsutilPowerDNS record and DNSSEC command and control
pdshIssue commands to groups of hosts in parallel
pedisDisassemble PE sections and functions
peeTee standard input to pipes
peekfdPeek at file descriptors of running processes
peetPiped reverse tee: read from many file descriptors and copy to one
pehashCalculate hashes of PE pieces
pekwmA tabbed window manager
pekwm_bgA simple background setting application k
pekwm_dialogA xmessage inspired dialog application
pekwm_panelA simple panel for use with pekwm
pekwm_screenshotA simple screenshot application
pekwm_themeTheme management for pekwm
pelddShows library dependencies for a given PE file
pem2openpgpTranslate PEM-encoded RSA keys to OpenPGP certificates
pepackCheck if a PE file is packed
peresAnalyze and extract PE file resources
perf-annotateRead (created by perf record) and display annotated code
perf-archiveCreate archive with object files with build-ids found in file
perf-arm-speSupport for Arm Statistical Profiling Extension within Perf tools
perf-benchGeneral framework for benchmark suites
perf-buildid-cacheManage build-id cache.
perf-buildid-listList the buildids in a file
perf-c2cShared Data C2C/HITM Analyzer.
perf-configGet and set variables in a configuration file.
perf-daemonRun record sessions on background
perf-dataData file related processing
perf-diffRead files and display the differential profile
perf-dlfilterFilter sample events using a dynamically loaded shared object file
perf-evlistList the event names in a file
perf-ftraceSimple wrapper for kernel's ftrace functionality
perf-helpDisplay help information about perf
perf-injectFilter to augment the events stream with additional information
perf-intel-ptSupport for Intel Processor Trace within perf tools
perf-iostatShow I/O performance metrics
perf-kallsymsSearches running kernel for symbols
perf-kmemTool to trace/measure kernel memory properties
perf-kvmTool to trace/measure kvm guest os
perf-kworkTool to trace/measure kernel work properties (latencies)
perf-listList all symbolic event types
perf-lockAnalyze lock events
perf-memProfile memory accesses
perf-probeDefine new dynamic tracepoints
perf-recordRun a command and record its profile into
perf-reportRead (created by perf record) and display the profile
perf-schedTool to trace/measure scheduler properties (latencies)
perf-script-perlProcess trace data with a Perl script
perf-script-pythonProcess trace data with a Python script
perf-scriptRead (created by perf record) and display trace output
perf-statRun a command and gather performance counter statistics
perf-testRuns sanity tests.
perf-timechartTool to visualize total system behavior during a workload
perf-topSystem profiling tool.
perf-traceStrace inspired tool
perf-versionDisplay the version of perf binary
perfPerformance analysis tools for Linux
perlThe Perl 5 language interpreter
perl5004deltaWhat's new for perl5.004
perl5005deltaWhat's new for perl5.005
perl5100deltaWhat is new for perl 5.10.0
perl5101deltaWhat is new for perl v5.10.1
perl5120deltaWhat is new for perl v5.12.0
perl5121deltaWhat is new for perl v5.12.1
perl5122deltaWhat is new for perl v5.12.2
perl5123deltaWhat is new for perl v5.12.3
perl5124deltaWhat is new for perl v5.12.4
perl5125deltaWhat is new for perl v5.12.5
perl5140deltaWhat is new for perl v5.14.0
perl5141deltaWhat is new for perl v5.14.1
perl5142deltaWhat is new for perl v5.14.2
perl5143deltaWhat is new for perl v5.14.3
perl5144deltaWhat is new for perl v5.14.4
perl5160deltaWhat is new for perl v5.16.0
perl5161deltaWhat is new for perl v5.16.1
perl5162deltaWhat is new for perl v5.16.2
perl5163deltaWhat is new for perl v5.16.3
perl5180deltaWhat is new for perl v5.18.0
perl5181deltaWhat is new for perl v5.18.1
perl5182deltaWhat is new for perl v5.18.2
perl5184deltaWhat is new for perl v5.18.4
perl5200deltaWhat is new for perl v5.20.0
perl5201deltaWhat is new for perl v5.20.1
perl5202deltaWhat is new for perl v5.20.2
perl5203deltaWhat is new for perl v5.20.3
perl5220deltaWhat is new for perl v5.22.0
perl5221deltaWhat is new for perl v5.22.1
perl5222deltaWhat is new for perl v5.22.2
perl5223deltaWhat is new for perl v5.22.3
perl5224deltaWhat is new for perl v5.22.4
perl5240deltaWhat is new for perl v5.24.0
perl5241deltaWhat is new for perl v5.24.1
perl5242deltaWhat is new for perl v5.24.2
perl5243deltaWhat is new for perl v5.24.3
perl5244deltaWhat is new for perl v5.24.4
perl5260deltaWhat is new for perl v5.26.0
perl5261deltaWhat is new for perl v5.26.1
perl5262deltaWhat is new for perl v5.26.2
perl5263deltaWhat is new for perl v5.26.3
perl5280deltaWhat is new for perl v5.28.0
perl5281deltaWhat is new for perl v5.28.1
perl5282deltaWhat is new for perl v5.28.2
perl5283deltaWhat is new for perl v5.28.3
perl5300deltaWhat is new for perl v5.30.0
perl5301deltaWhat is new for perl v5.30.1
perl5302deltaWhat is new for perl v5.30.2
perl5303deltaWhat is new for perl v5.30.3
perl5320deltaWhat is new for perl v5.32.0
perl5321deltaWhat is new for perl v5.32.1
perl5340deltaWhat is new for perl v5.34.0
perl5341deltaWhat is new for perl v5.34.1
perl5342deltaWhat is new for perl v5.34.2
perl5343deltaWhat is new for perl v5.34.3
perl5360deltaWhat is new for perl v5.36.0
perl5361deltaWhat is new for perl v5.36.1
perl5362deltaWhat is new for perl v5.36.2
perl5363deltaWhat is new for perl v5.36.3
perl5380deltaWhat is new for perl v5.38.0
perl5381deltaWhat is new for perl v5.38.1
perl5382deltaWhat is new for perl v5.38.2
perl561deltaWhat's new for perl v5.6.1
perl56deltaWhat's new for perl v5.6.0
perl581deltaWhat is new for perl v5.8.1
perl582deltaWhat is new for perl v5.8.2
perl583deltaWhat is new for perl v5.8.3
perl584deltaWhat is new for perl v5.8.4
perl585deltaWhat is new for perl v5.8.5
perl586deltaWhat is new for perl v5.8.6
perl587deltaWhat is new for perl v5.8.7
perl588deltaWhat is new for perl v5.8.8
perl589deltaWhat is new for perl v5.8.9
perl58deltaWhat is new for perl v5.8.0
perlaixPerl version 5 on IBM AIX (UNIX) systems
perlamigaPerl under AmigaOS 4.1
perlandroidPerl under Android
perlapiAutogenerated documentation for the perl public API
perlapioPerl's IO abstraction interface.
perlartisticThe Perl Artistic License
perlbookBooks about and related to Perl
perlbootLinks to information on object-oriented programming in Perl
perlbotLinks to information on object-oriented programming in Perl
perlbs2000Building and installing Perl for BS2000.
perlbugHow to submit bug reports on Perl
perlcallPerl calling conventions from C
perlcheatPerl 5 Cheat Sheet
perlclassPerl class syntax reference
perlclassgutsInternals of how "feature 'class'" and class syntax works
perlclibInternal replacements for standard C library functions
perlcn简体中文 Perl 指南
perlcommunityA brief overview of the Perl community
perlcygwinPerl for Cygwin
perldataPerl data types
perldbmfilterPerl DBM Filters
perldebgutsGuts of Perl debugging
perldebtutPerl debugging tutorial
perldebugPerl debugging
perldeltaWhat is new for perl v5.38.2
perldeprecationList Perl deprecations
perldiagVarious Perl diagnostics
perldocLook up Perl documentation in Pod format.
perldocstyleA style guide for writing Perl's documentation
perldscPerl Data Structures Cookbook
perldtracePerl's support for DTrace
perlebcdicConsiderations for running Perl on EBCDIC platforms
perlembedHow to embed perl in your C program
perlexperimentA listing of experimental features in Perl
perlfaqFrequently asked questions about Perl
perlfaq1General Questions About Perl
perlfaq2Obtaining and Learning about Perl
perlfaq3Programming Tools
perlfaq4Data Manipulation
perlfaq5Files and Formats
perlfaq6Regular Expressions
perlfaq7General Perl Language Issues
perlfaq8System Interaction
perlfaq9Web, Email and Networking
perlfilterSource Filters
perlforkPerl's fork() emulation
perlformPerl formats
perlfreebsdPerl version 5 on FreeBSD systems
perlfuncPerl builtin functions
perlgitDetailed information about git and the Perl repository
perlglossaryPerl Glossary
perlgovPerl Rules of Governance
perlgplThe GNU General Public License, version 1
perlgutsIntroduction to the Perl API
perlhackHow to hack on Perl
perlhacktipsTips for Perl core C code hacking
perlhacktutWalk through the creation of a simple C code patch
perlhaikuPerl version 5.10+ on Haiku
perlhistThe Perl history records
perlhpuxPerl version 5 on Hewlett-Packard Unix (HP-UX) systems
perlhurdPerl version 5 on Hurd
perlinternAutogenerated documentation of purely internal Perl functions
perlinterpAn overview of the Perl interpreter
perlintroA brief introduction and overview of Perl
perliolC API for Perl's implementation of IO in Layers.
perlipcPerl interprocess communication (signals, fifos, pipes, safe subprocesses, sockets, and semaphores)
perlirixPerl version 5 on Irix systems
perlivpPerl Installation Verification Procedure
perljp日本語 Perl ガイド
perlko한국어 Perl 안내서
perllexwarnPerl Lexical Warnings
perllinuxPerl version 5 on Linux systems
perllocalePerl locale handling (internationalization and localization)
perllolManipulating Arrays of Arrays in Perl
perlmacosxPerl under Mac OS X
perlmodPerl modules (packages and symbol tables)
perlmodinstallInstalling CPAN Modules
perlmodlibConstructing new Perl modules and finding existing ones
perlmodstylePerl module style guide
perlmroapiPerl method resolution plugin interface
perlnewmodPreparing a new module for distribution
perlnumberSemantics of numbers and numeric operations in Perl
perlobjPerl object reference
perlootutObject-Oriented Programming in Perl Tutorial
perlopPerl operators and precedence
perlopenbsdPerl version 5 on OpenBSD systems
perlopentutSimple recipes for opening files and pipes in Perl
perlos2Perl under OS/2, DOS, Win0.3*, Win0.95 and WinNT.
perlos390Building and installing Perl for z/OS (previously called OS/390)
perlos400Perl version 5 on OS/400
perlpacktutTutorial on "pack" and "unpack"
perlperfPerl Performance and Optimization Techniques
perlplan9Plan 9-specific documentation for Perl
perlpodThe Plain Old Documentation format
perlpodspecPlain Old Documentation: format specification and notes
perlpodstylePerl POD style guide
perlpolicyVarious and sundry policies and commitments related to the Perl core
perlportWriting portable Perl
perlpragmaHow to write a user pragma
perlqnxPerl version 5 on QNX
perlrePerl regular expressions
perlreapiPerl regular expression plugin interface
perlrebackslashPerl Regular Expression Backslash Sequences and Escapes
perlrecharclassPerl Regular Expression Character Classes
perlrefPerl references and nested data structures
perlreftutMark's very short tutorial about references
perlregutsDescription of the Perl regular expression engine.
perlrepositoryLinks to current information on the Perl source repository
perlrequickPerl regular expressions quick start
perlrerefPerl Regular Expressions Reference
perlretutPerl regular expressions tutorial
perlriscosPerl version 5 for RISC OS
perlrunHow to execute the Perl interpreter
perlsecPerl security
perlsecpolicyPerl security report handling policy
perlsolarisPerl version 5 on Solaris systems
perlsourceA guide to the Perl source tree
perlstylePerl style guide
perlsubPerl subroutines
perlsynPerl syntax
perlsynologyPerl 5 on Synology DSM systems
perlthanksHow to submit bug reports on Perl
perlthrtutTutorial on threads in Perl
perltieHow to hide an object class in a simple variable
perltocPerl documentation table of contents
perltodoLink to the Perl to-do list
perltoocLinks to information on object-oriented programming in Perl
perltootLinks to information on object-oriented programming in Perl
perltrapPerl traps for the unwary
perltru64Perl version 5 on Tru64 (formerly known as Digital UNIX formerly known as DEC OSF/1) systems
perltw正體中文 Perl 指南
perlunicodeUnicode support in Perl
perlunicookCookbookish examples of handling Unicode in Perl
perlunifaqPerl Unicode FAQ
perluniintroPerl Unicode introduction
perlunipropsIndex of Unicode Version 15.0.0 character properties in Perl
perlunitutPerl Unicode Tutorial
perlutilUtilities packaged with the Perl distribution
perlvarPerl predefined variables
perlvmsVMS-specific documentation for Perl
perlvosPerl for Stratus OpenVOS
perlwin32Perl under Windows
perlxsXS language reference manual
perlxstutTutorial for writing XSUBs
perlxstypemapPerl XS C/Perl type mapping
perrorExplain error codes
persist-toolDisplay the content of the persist file
pescanIdentify suspicious characteristics in PE files
pesecCheck for protections in PE files
pestrSearch strings in PE files
petite(unknown subject)
pevQualcomm Atheros Plug-in Electric Vehicle Emulator
pf2afmMake an AFM file from Postscript (PFB/PFA/PFM) font files using ghostscript
pfb2pfaConvert a type1 pfb file (binary MSDOS) into a pfa (ASCII)
pfbtopfaConvert Postscript .pfb fonts to .pfa format using ghostscript
pfbtopsTranslate PostScript Printer Font Binary files to Printer Font ASCII
pfcActive precompiled filters generator
pflogsummProduce Postfix MTA logfile summary
pg_activityRealtime PostgreSQL database server monitoring tool
pgbouncerLightweight connection pooler for PostgreSQL
pgpewrapMutt command line munging tool
pgpewrap_neomuttNeoMutt command line munging tool
pgrepLook up, signal, or wait for processes based on name and other attributes
pgsql2shpPostgis to shapefile dumper
pgtopo_exportPostgis topology exporter
pgtopo_importPostgis topology importer
phar81PHAR (PHP archive) command line tool
phar82PHAR (PHP archive) command line tool
phosh-sessionSession startup script for phosh
phoshA phone shell
php-config81Get information about PHP configuration and compile options
php-config82Get information about PHP configuration and compile options
php81PHP Command Line Interface 'CLI'
php82PHP Command Line Interface 'CLI'
phpdbg81The interactive PHP debugger
phpdbg82The interactive PHP debugger
phpize81Prepare a PHP extension for compiling
phpize82Prepare a PHP extension for compiling
physlockLock all consoles / virtual terminals
pianobarConsole music player
pib2xmlPrint object driven xml editior intructions
pibcompQualcomm Atheros Parameter Block Compare Utility
pibdumpQualcomm Atheros Parameter Information Block Dump Utility
pibruinClassification Rule Insert Utility
pibrumpClassification Rule Dump Utility
picCompile pictures for troff or TeX
pic2graphConvert a pic diagram into a cropped image
pickProduce a one line per message scan listing
picoSimple text editor in the style of the Alpine Composer
picocomMinimal dumb-terminal emulation program
picom-transAn opacity setter tool
picomA compositor for X11
piconvIconv(1), reinvented in perl
pidginInstant Messaging client
pidlAn IDL compiler written in Perl
pidofFind the process ID of a running program
pidstatReport statistics for Linux tasks.
pigzCompress or expand files
pilotSimple file system browser in the style of the Alpine Composer
pinkyLightweight finger
pintaSimple image editor
pip-cacheDescription of pip cache command
pip-checkDescription of pip check command
pip-configDescription of pip config command
pip-debugDescription of pip debug command
pip-downloadDescription of pip download command
pip-freezeDescription of pip freeze command
pip-hashDescription of pip hash command
pip-helpDescription of pip help command
pip-installDescription of pip install command
pip-listDescription of pip list command
pip-searchDescription of pip search command
pip-showDescription of pip show command
pip-uninstallDescription of pip uninstall command
pip-wheelDescription of pip wheel command
pipPackage manager for Python packages
pipeszSet or examine pipe and FIFO buffer sizes
pipewire-pulseThe PipeWire PulseAudio replacement
pipewireThe PipeWire media server
pipexecCreate a directed graph of processes and pipes
pitchplayWrapper script to play audio tracks with cdda2wav with different pitches through a soundcard (cdda2wav must have soundcard support enabled).
pk2bmCreate a bitmap from a TeX pkfont
pkactionGet details about a registered action
pkcheckCheck whether a process is authorized
pkexecExecute a command as another user
pkgconfA system for configuring build dependency information
pkgdataPackage data for use by ICU
pki---acertIssue an attribute certificate
pki---dnExtract the subject DN of an X.509 certificate
pki---estEnroll an X.509 certificate with an EST server
pki---estcaGet CA certificate[s] from an EST server
pki---genGenerate a new RSA or ECDSA private key
pki---issueIssue a certificate using a CA certificate and key
pki---keyidCalculate key identifiers of a key or certificate
pki---ocspOCSP request parser and OCSP responder.
pki---pkcs7Provides PKCS#7 wrap/unwrap functions
pki---printPrint a credential (key, certificate etc.) in human readable form
pki---pubExtract a public key from a private key or certificate
pki---reqCreate a PKCS#10 certificate request
pki---scepEnroll an X.509 certificate with a SCEP server
pki---scepcaGet CA [and RA] certificate[s] from a SCEP server
pki---selfCreate a self-signed certificate
pki---signcrlIssue a Certificate Revocation List (CRL) using a CA certificate and key
pki---verifyVerify a certificate using a CA certificate
pkiSimple public key infrastructure (PKI) management tool
pktogfConvert packed font files to generic font files
pkttyagentTextual authentication helper
pktypeVerify and translate a packed font bitmap file to plain text
pl2pmRough tool to translate Perl4 .pl files to Perl5 .pm modules.
plackupRun PSGI application with Plack handlers
plasmaengineexplorerProvides direct access to plasma data engines
plasmapkg2Install, list, remove Plasma packages
plasmoidviewerRun Plasma widgets in their own window
playSound eXchange, the Swiss Army knife of audio manipulation
playerctlControl media players via MPRIS
plc(unknown subject)
plcIDEcho Device Key
plcbootQualcomm Atheros Panther/Lynx Powerline Device Bootstrapper
plcdevsQualcomm Atheros Powerline Device Enumerator
plcfwdQualcomm Atheros Forward Configuration
plcgetQualcomm Atheros PLC Get Propery
plchostQualcomm Atheros Powerline Device Host Emulator
plchostdQualcomm Atheros PLC Host Daemon
plchostd2Qualcomm Atheros Panther/Lynx PLC Host Daemon
plclistList Atheros Device Addresses
plclogQualcomm Atheros Log Retrieval Utility
plcmdio16Qualcomm Atheros 16-bit MDIO Register Editor
plcmdio32Qualcomm Atheros 32-bit MDIO Register Editor
plcotstPLC One-Time Self-Test Manager
plcrateQualcomm Atheros AR7x00 PHY Rate Monitor
plcruleStream Classification Utility
plcsetQualcomm Atheros PLC Set Property
plcstatQualcomm Atheros AR7x00 Link Statistics
plctestQualcomm Atheros PLC Test Applet Loader
plctoneQualcomm Atheros Panther/Lynx Tone Map Dump Utility
plctoolQualcomm Atheros Panther/Lynx Powerline Device Manager
plcwaitQualcomm Atheros Powerline Procrastinator
plddDisplay dynamic shared objects linked into a process
plinkPuTTY link, command line network connection tool
plistutilConvert a plist FILE between binary, XML, and JSON format
plocateFind files by name, quickly
pltotfConvert property list files to TeX font metric (tfm) format
plugctlA program to get or set any MPR or PCR register value
plugreportA program to read all MPR/PCR registers from all devices and report them.
plumaThe MATE Text Editor
plyDynamically instrument the kernel
plymouth-set-default-themeSet the plymouth theme
plymouthSend commands to plymouthd
pm-gawk(unknown subject)
pm_whichFind installed modules
pmapReport memory map of a process
pmxabA MusiXTeX preprocessor
pnA command-line tool for phone number manipulation
pncA command-line tool for phone number manipulation
png2ffConvert PNG to farbfeld
pngquantPNG converter and lossy image compressor
pnukeParallel process kill program
po2xmlTranslates an DocBook XML file using a PO file
po4a-display-manDisplay a translated man page according to a PO
po4a-display-podDisplay of a translated POD file according to a PO
pod2htmlConvert .pod files to .html files
pod2manConvert POD data to formatted *roff input
pod2texiConvert Pod to Texinfo
pod2textConvert POD data to formatted ASCII text
pod2usagePrint usage messages from embedded pod docs in files
podboatA podcast download manager for text terminals
podcheckerCheck the syntax of POD format documentation files
podman-attachAttach to a running container
podman-auto-updateAuto update containers according to their auto-update policy
podman-buildBuild a container image using a Containerfile
podman-commitCreate new image based on the changed container
podman-completionGenerate shell completion scripts
podman-composeRun Compose workloads via an external compose provider
podman-container-checkpointCheckpoint one or more running containers
podman-container-cleanupClean up the container's network and mountpoints
podman-container-cloneCreate a copy of an existing container
podman-container-diffInspect changes on a container's filesystem
podman-container-existsCheck if a container exists in local storage
podman-container-inspectDisplay a container's configuration
podman-container-pruneRemove all stopped containers from local storage
podman-container-restoreRestore one or more containers from a checkpoint
podman-container-runlabelExecute a command as described by a container-image label
podman-containerManage containers
podman-cpCopy files/folders between a container and the local filesystem
podman-createCreate a new container
podman-diffInspect changes on a container or image's filesystem
podman-eventsMonitor Podman events
podman-execExecute a command in a running container
podman-exportExport a container's filesystem contents as a tar archive
podman-farm-createCreate a new farm
podman-farm-listList the existing farms
podman-farm-removeDelete one or more farms
podman-farm-updateUpdate an existing farm
podman-farmFarm out builds to machines running podman for different architectures
podman-generate-specGenerate Specgen JSON based on containers or pods
podman-generate-systemd[DEPRECATED] Generate systemd unit file(s) for a container or pod
podman-generateGenerate structured data based on containers, pods or volumes
podman-healthcheck-runRun a container healthcheck
podman-healthcheckManage healthchecks for containers
podman-historyShow the history of an image
podman-image-diffInspect changes on an image's filesystem
podman-image-existsCheck if an image exists in local storage
podman-image-inspectDisplay an image's configuration
podman-image-mountMount an image's root filesystem
podman-image-pruneRemove all unused images from the local store
podman-image-scpSecurely copy an image from one host to another
podman-image-signCreate a signature for an image
podman-image-treePrint layer hierarchy of an image in a tree format
podman-image-trustManage container registry image trust policy
podman-image-unmountUnmount an image's root filesystem
podman-imageManage images
podman-imagesList images in local storage
podman-importImport a tarball and save it as a filesystem image
podman-infoDisplay Podman related system information
podman-initInitialize one or more containers
podman-inspectDisplay a container, image, volume, network, or pod's configuration
podman-killKill the main process in one or more containers
podman-kube-applyApply Kubernetes YAML based on containers, pods, or volumes to a Kubernetes cluster
podman-kube-downRemove containers and pods based on Kubernetes YAML
podman-kube-generateGenerate Kubernetes YAML based on containers, pods or volumes
podman-kube-playCreate containers, pods and volumes based on Kubernetes YAML
podman-kubePlay containers, pods or volumes based on a structured input file
podman-loadLoad image(s) from a tar archive into container storage
podman-loginLog in to a container registry
podman-logoutLog out of a container registry
podman-logsDisplay the logs of one or more containers
podman-machine-infoDisplay machine host info
podman-machine-initInitialize a new virtual machine
podman-machine-inspectInspect one or more virtual machines
podman-machine-listList virtual machines
podman-machine-os-applyApply an OCI image to a Podman Machine's OS
podman-machine-osManage a Podman virtual machine's OS
podman-machine-rmRemove a virtual machine