isotest - ISO testing

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isotest − ISO testing


isotest <MODE> [OPTIONS] [bdaddr] [bdaddr1]...


isotest(1) is used to test Isochronous (CIS/BIS) communications on the BlueZ stack


−d, −−dump=[FILE] Listen and dump incoming data

(CIS server/BIS broadcaster) and optionally save the contents to FILE.

−c, −−reconnect

Reconnect (CIS client).

−m, −−multiple

Multiple connects (CIS client).

−r, −−receive=[FILE] Receive (CIS server/BIS broadcast receiver) and

optionally save the contents to FILE.

−s, −−send=[FILE] Connect and send (CIS client/BIS broadcaster), can

optionally use contents from FILE.

−n, −−silent

Connect and be silent (CIS client/BIS broadcaster).



Send or Receive packet size


Select the specified HCI device index. hciNUM is also acceptable.


Socket jitter buffer.

−h, −−help
, −−quiet

Disables packet logging.


Socket send timeout.

−C, −−continue

Continuously send packets starting over in case of a file.


Enable deferred setup.


Socket QoS SDU.

−S, −−sca/adv−interval=<SCA/INTERVAL>

Socket QoS CIS SCA/BIS advertising interval.


Socket QoS Packing.


Socket QoS Framing.


Socket QoS Interval.


Socket QoS Latency.


Socket QoS PHY.


Socket QoS retransmissions.


Socket QoS preset.

−G, −−CIG/BIG=<ID> Socket QoS CIG/BIG ID.

−T, −−CIS/BIS=<ID> Socket QoS CIS/BIS ID.

Socket destination address type:


Socket QoS BIG Encryption


Socket QoS Broadcast Code


Number of BISes to create as part of a BIG (BIS broadcaster) or to synchronize to (BIS broadcast receiver)


Unicast Central

$ tools/isotest −s XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX

Unicast Central connecting to 2 peers using CIG 0x01

$ tools/isotest −G 0x01 −s XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX YY:YY:YY:YY:YY:YY

Unicast Peripheral

$ tools/isotest −d


$ tools/isotest −s 00:00:00:00:00:00

Broadcast Receiver using hci1

$ tools/isotest −i hci1 −d XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX



linux−[email protected]


Luiz Augusto Von Dentz <[email protected]>


Free use of this software is granted under ther terms of the GNU Lesser General Public Licenses (LGPL).

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