npm-logout - Log out of the registry

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npm-logout - Log out of the registry


npm logout

Note: This command is unaware of workspaces.


When logged into a registry that supports token-based authentication, tell the server to end this token’s session. This will invalidate the token everywhere you’re using it, not just for the current environment.

When logged into a legacy registry that uses username and password authentication, this will clear the credentials in your user configuration. In this case, it will only affect the current environment.

If --scope is provided, this will find the credentials for the registry connected to that scope, if set.



Default: ""

Type: URL

The base URL of the npm registry.


Default: the scope of the current project, if any, or ""

Type: String

Associate an operation with a scope for a scoped registry.

Useful when logging in to or out of a private registry:

# log in, linking the scope to the custom registry
npm login --scope=@mycorp --registry=

# log out, removing the link and the auth token
npm logout --scope=@mycorp

This will cause @mycorp to be mapped to the registry for future installation of packages specified according to the pattern @mycorp/package.

This will also cause npm init to create a scoped package.

# accept all defaults, and create a package named "@foo/whatever",
# instead of just named "whatever"
npm init --scope=@foo --yes

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