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ATF-SH(1) General Commands Manual ATF-SH(1)


atf-sh [−s shell] — interpreter for shell-based test programs


atf-sh script


atf-sh is an interpreter that runs the test program given in script after loading the atf-sh(3) library.

atf-sh is not a real interpreter though: it is just a wrapper around the system-wide shell defined by ATF_SHELL. atf-sh executes the interpreter, loads the atf-sh(3) library and then runs the script. You must consider atf-sh to be a POSIX shell by default and thus should not use any non-standard extensions.

The following options are available:

−s shell

Specifies the shell to use instead of the value provided by ATF_SHELL.


Overrides the builtin directory where atf-sh is located. Should not be overridden other than for testing purposes.


Overrides the builtin directory where libatf-sh.subr is located. Should not be overridden other than for testing purposes.


Path to the system shell to be used in the generated scripts. Scripts must not rely on this variable being set to select a specific interpreter.


Scripts using atf-sh(3) should start with:

#! /usr/bin/env atf-sh

Alternatively, if you want to explicitly choose a shell interpreter, you cannot rely on env(1) to find atf-sh. Instead, you have to hardcode the path to atf-sh in the script and then use the −s option afterwards as a single parameter:

#! /path/to/bin/atf-sh -s/bin/bash


atf-sh(3) GNU September 27, 2014 ATF-SH(1)

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