jgmenu-i18n - support translation of jgmenu flavoured CSV menu data

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jgmenu−i18n − support translation of jgmenu flavoured CSV menu data


jgmenu_run i18n <translation−file>

jgmenu_run i18n −−init [<translation−file>]


jgmenu_run i18n reads jgmenu flavoured CSV menu data from stdin and either translates it, or creates a po style translation file

The <translation−file> argument can be a file or directory. If it is the latter, translation files will be searched for in this directory based on the environment variable $LANG, which will be assumed to be in the format ll_CC.UTF8 where ll is an ISO 639 two−letter language code and CC is an ISO 3166 two−letter country code. Files named ll_CC and ll will be used in said order.



Create a template po style translation file with blank msgid entries


Create translation file template for manual translation

Modules jgmenu−apps(1) and jgmenu−ob(1) have built−in i18n support. In order to use this features, a translation file is required. Here follow examples of how a translation file can be created:

Example 1.

jgmenu_run ob | jgmenu_run i18n −−init >sv

Example 2.

jgmenu_run i18n −−init <prepend.csv >sv

The result of the above commands would be a skeleton translation file (sv in this case) containing entries like this:

msgid "Web Browser"
msgstr ""

Manually translate the empty msgstr fields.

Use translation file

If using modules jgmenu−apps(1) or jgmenu−ob(1), just set csv_i18n in jgmenurc to directly point to a translation−file or a directory containing translation files.

In special circumstances, you may wish to include i18n in command plumbing. Here follow an example of how this could be constructed:

<csv−generating−command> \    
    | jgmenu_run i18n <translation−file> \    
    | jgmenu −−vsimple


Johan Malm.

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