btmon - Bluetooth monitor

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btmon − Bluetooth monitor


btmon [OPTIONS ...]


The btmon(1) command provides access to the Bluetooth subsystem monitor infrastructure for reading HCI traces.


−r FILE−−read FILE

Read traces in btsnoop format from FILE.

−w FILE−−write FILE

Save traces in btsnoop format to FILE.

−a FILE−−analyze FILE

Analyze traces in btsnoop format from FILE. It displays the devices found in the FILE with its packets by type. If gnuplot is installed on the system it also attempts to plot packet latency graph.

−s SOCKET−−server SOCKET

Start monitor server socket.


Show only priority or lower for user log.

−i NUM−−index NUM

Show only specified controller. hciNUM is also acceptable. This is useful to capture the traces from the specific controller when the multiple controllers are presented.

−d TTY−−tty TTY

Read data from TTY.


Set TTY speed. The default SPEED is 115300


Set the default company identifier. The COMPID is a unique number assigned by the Bluetooth SIG to a member company and can be found/searched from the Bluetooth SIG webpage.

For example, Intel is 2 and Realtek is 93.

−M, −−mgmt

Open channel for mgmt events.

−t, −−time

Show a time instead of time offset.

−T, −−date

Show a time and date information instead of time offset.

−S, −−sco

Dump SCO traffic in raw hex format.

−A, −−a2dp

Dump A2DP stream traffic in a raw hex format.

−E IP−−ellisys IP

Send Ellisys HCI Injection.

−P, −−no−pager

Disable pager usage while reading the log file.


Read data from RTT. Each options are comma(,) seprated without spaces.


RTT control block parameters. Each options are comma(,) seprated without spaces.

−C WIDTH−−columns WIDTH

Output width if not a terminal

−c MODE−−color MODE

Set output color. The possible MODE values are: auto|always|never.

Default value is auto

−v, −−version

Show version

−h, −−help

Show help options


Capture the traces from hci0 to hcidump.log file

$ btmon −i hci0 −w hcidump.log

Open the trace file

$ btmon −r hcidump.log



linux−[email protected]


Marcel Holtmann <[email protected]>, Tedd Ho-Jeong An <[email protected]>


Free use of this software is granted under ther terms of the GNU Lesser General Public Licenses (LGPL).

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