gh-search-issues - Search for issues



gh-search-issues - Search for issues


gh search issues [<query>] [flags]


Search for issues on GitHub.

The command supports constructing queries using the GitHub search syntax, using the parameter and qualifier flags, or a combination of the two.

GitHub search syntax is documented at:



--app <string>

Filter by GitHub App author


Restrict search to archived repositories

--assignee <string>

Filter by assignee

--author <string>

Filter by author

--closed <date>

Filter on closed at date

--commenter <user>

Filter based on comments by user

--comments <number>

Filter on number of comments

--created <date>

Filter based on created at date


Include pull requests in results

--interactions <number>

Filter on number of reactions and comments

--involves <user>

Filter based on involvement of user

-q, --jq <expression>

Filter JSON output using a jq expression

--json <fields>

Output JSON with the specified fields

--label <strings>

Filter on label

--language <string>

Filter based on the coding language

-L, --limit <int>

Maximum number of results to fetch


Filter on locked conversation status

--match <strings>

Restrict search to specific field of issue: {title|body|comments}

--mentions <user>

Filter based on user mentions

--milestone <title>

Filter by milestone title


Filter on missing assignee


Filter on missing label


Filter on missing milestone


Filter on missing project

--order <string>

Order of results returned, ignored unless ’--sort’ flag is specified: {asc|desc}

--owner <strings>

Filter on repository owner

--project <number>

Filter on project board number

--reactions <number>

Filter on number of reactions

-R, --repo <strings>

Filter on repository

--sort <string>

Sort fetched results: {comments|created|interactions|reactions|reactions-+1|reactions--1|reactions-heart|reactions-smile|reactions-tada|reactions-thinking_face|updated}

--state <string>

Filter based on state: {open|closed}

--team-mentions <string>

Filter based on team mentions

-t, --template <string>

Format JSON output using a Go template; see "gh help formatting"

--updated <date>

Filter on last updated at date

--visibility <strings>

Filter based on repository visibility: {public|private|internal}

-w, --web

Open the search query in the web browser


# search issues matching set of keywords "readme" and "typo"
$ gh search issues readme typo

# search issues matching phrase "broken feature"
$ gh search issues "broken feature"

# search issues and pull requests in cli organization
$ gh search issues --include-prs --owner=cli

# search open issues assigned to yourself
$ gh search issues --assignee=@me --state=open

# search issues with numerous comments
$ gh search issues --comments=">100"

# search issues without label "bug"
$ gh search issues -- -label:bug



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