git-lfs-ls-files - Show information about Git LFS files in the index and working tree



git−lfs−ls−files − Show information about Git LFS files in the index and working tree


git lfs ls−files [ref]
git lfs ls−files
ref ref


Display paths of Git LFS files that are found in the tree at the given reference. If no reference is given, scan the currently checked−out branch. If two references are given, the LFS files that are modified between the two references are shown; deletions are not listed.

An asterisk (*) after the OID indicates a full object, a minus (−) indicates an LFS pointer.


−l −−long

Show the entire 64 character OID, instead of just first 10.

−s −−size

Show the size of the LFS object between parenthesis at the end of a line.

−d −−debug

Show as much information as possible about a LFS file. This is intended for manual inspection; the exact format may change at any time.

−a −−all

Inspects the full history of the repository, not the current HEAD (or other provided reference). This will include previous versions of LFS objects that are no longer found in the current tree.


Shows the full history of the given reference, including objects that have been deleted.

−I paths −−include=paths

Include paths matching only these patterns; see [FETCH SETTINGS].

−X paths −−exclude=paths

Exclude paths matching any of these patterns; see [FETCH SETTINGS].

−n −−name−only

Show only the lfs tracked file names. ## SEE ALSO

git−lfs−status(1), git−lfs−config(5).

Part of the git−lfs(1) suite.

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