hiq - query the himitsu(7) key store



hiq - query the himitsu(7) key store


hiq [-1adDQ] [-F field] query...


hiq will query the Himitsu key store for keys matching the given query. For details on the query format, consult himitsu(7) under QUERY SYNTAX. Matching keys will be printed to the standard output in the format described by himitsu(7) under KEY FORMAT.

The user is not required to use redundant shell quoting to escape keys or values with special characters; the command line arguments are interpreted as if they have already been quoted properly.



Causes hiq to exit with a non-zero status code if greater than one key matched the given query.


Adds a new key to the key store. The query must be fully specified, such that each key has a value and there are no optional keys. If no command line arguments are provided, new keys are read from the standard input. Using the standard input is recommended when adding keys from an interactive shell, to prevent secret values from being stored in your shell history.


Request decryption of secret keys.


Delete all keys matching the query. The user is prompted to consent before this operation is committed.

-F field

Select a specific field to print. By default, the full key is printed in the format described by KEY FORMAT in himitsu(7).


Terminate the Himitsu daemon. Only works if himitsud(1) was started with the -D flag.


Enable strict query mode. Entries must not have more keys than specified by the query in order to be matched.


To query for all keys matching proto=web:

$ hiq proto=web

To query for a key matching proto=web and host=example.org with a required username and password and an optional comment:

$ hiq proto=web host=example.org username password! comment?

To query for a key and decrypt it, returning the password field alone:

$ hiq -dFpassword proto=web host=example.org

To add a new key to the store:

$ hiq -a
proto=web host=example.org user=jdoe password!=hunter2

To delete all keys matching host=example.org:

$ hiq -D host=example.org


himitsu(7), himitsu-ipc(5)


Maintained by Drew DeVault <[email protected]>, who is assisted by other contributors. Up-to-date source code can be found at https://git.sr.ht/˜sircmpwn/himitsu, and bugs/patches can be submitted by email to ˜sircmpwn/[email protected].

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