gh-extension-search - Search extensions to the GitHub CLI



gh-extension-search - Search extensions to the GitHub CLI


gh extension search [<query>] [flags]


Search for gh extensions.

With no arguments, this command prints out the first 30 extensions available to install sorted by number of stars. More extensions can be fetched by specifying a higher limit with the --limit flag.

When connected to a terminal, this command prints out three columns. The first has a â if the extension is already installed locally. The second is the full name of the extension repository in NAME/OWNER format. The third is the extension’s description.

When not connected to a terminal, the â character is rendered as the word "installed" but otherwise the order and content of the columns is the same.

This command behaves similarly to ’gh search repos’ but does not support as many search qualifiers. For a finer grained search of extensions, try using:

gh search repos --topic "gh-extension"

and adding qualifiers as needed. See ’gh help search repos’ to learn more about repository search.

For listing just the extensions that are already installed locally, see:

gh ext list


-q, --jq <expression>

Filter JSON output using a jq expression

--json <fields>

Output JSON with the specified fields

--license <strings>

Filter based on license type

-L, --limit <int>

Maximum number of extensions to fetch

--order <string>

Order of repositories returned, ignored unless ’--sort’ flag is specified: {asc|desc}

--owner <strings>

Filter on owner

--sort <string>

Sort fetched repositories: {forks|help-wanted-issues|stars|updated}

-t, --template <string>

Format JSON output using a Go template; see "gh help formatting"

-w, --web

Open the search query in the web browser


# List the first 30 extensions sorted by star count, descending
$ gh ext search

# List more extensions
$ gh ext search --limit 300

# List extensions matching the term "branch"
$ gh ext search branch

# List extensions owned by organization "github"
$ gh ext search --owner github

# List extensions, sorting by recently updated, ascending
$ gh ext search --sort updated --order asc

# List extensions, filtering by license
$ gh ext search --license MIT

# Open search results in the browser
$ gh ext search -w



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