pekwm_dialog - a xmessage inspired dialog application



pekwm_dialog − a xmessage inspired dialog application


pekwm_dialog [−−display] message


pekwm_dialog presents a simple dialog with a title, image, message text and a button for each options specified. If no options are specified the dialog will have an Ok button.

The caller can identify which options was selected by checking the exit code of the application. The first option will exit with status code 0, next with 1 and so on.

Given this behavior it is recommended to have ok as the first option and then cancel as the second and then further options. This caters for standard exit code 0 on ok, and cancel would give the same exit code as on errors.

The illustration below depicts the layout of dialog elements:

| |
| Image if any is displayed here |
| |
| Message text goes here |
| |
| [Option1] [Option2] |


−−help Show help information.

−−display DISPLAY Connect to DISPLAY instead of DISPLAY set in environment.

−−geometry GEOMETRY Geometry of window, default is 200x50 expanding for image size.

−−image IMAGE Path to image to display.

−−option STRING Option title, multiple options are supported.

−−title STRING Title string.

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