gnunet-fs-gtk - GTK interface for accessing GNUnet FS

GNUNET-FS-GTK(1) General Commands Manual GNUNET-FS-GTK(1)


gnunet-fs-gtk — GTK interface for accessing GNUnet FS


gnunet-fs-gtk [−c FILENAME −config=FILENAME] [−h −−help] [−v −−version]


gnunet-fs-gtk is a GTK based GUI for searching, downloading and publishing files on GNUnet. It supports queries of the form "foo bar" or "+foo +bar" for both keywords being mandatory (note that keywords are case-sensitive), just like gnunet-search(1). Its options are as follows:


Load config file (default: $HOME/.config/gnunet.conf)

−h | −−help

print help page

−v | −−version

Print the version number.


Some functionality of gnunet-fs-gtk can be accessed by pressing down the right mouse button in appropriate locations.


$HOME/.config/gnunet.conf User’s GNUnet configuration file


gnunet-arm(1), gnunet-download(1), gnunet-publish(1), gnunet-search(1), gnunet.conf(5)

The full documentation for gnunet is maintained as a Texinfo manual. If the info(1) and gnunet programs are properly installed at your site, the command

info gnunet

should give you access to the complete handbook,

info gnunet-c-tutorial

will give you access to a tutorial for developers.

Depending on your installation, this information is also available in gnunet(7) and gnunet-c-tutorial(7).


Report bugs by using or by sending electronic mail to ⟨[email protected]⟩. GNU February 25, 2012 GNUNET-FS-GTK(1)

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