docker-login - Log in to a registry

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docker-login - Log in to a registry


docker login [OPTIONS] [SERVER]


Log in to a Docker Registry located on the specified SERVER. You can specify a URL or a hostname for the SERVER value. If you do not specify a SERVER, the command uses Docker’s public registry located at by default. To get a username/password for Docker’s public registry, create an account on Docker Hub.

docker login requires user to use sudo or be root, except when:


connecting to a remote daemon, such as a docker-machine provisioned docker engine.


user is added to the docker group. This will impact the security of your system; the docker group is root equivalent. See Docker Daemon Attack Surface ⟨−daemon−attack−surface⟩ for details.

You can log into any public or private repository for which you have credentials. When you log in, the command stores encoded credentials in $HOME/.docker/config.json on Linux or %USERPROFILE%/.docker/config.json on Windows.


Login to a registry on your localhost

# docker login localhost:8080

See also

docker-logout(1) to log out from a registry.


-h, --help[=false] help for login

-p, --password="" Password

--password-stdin[=false] Take the password from stdin

-u, --username="" Username



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