gnunet-transport - measure and control the transport subsystem



gnunet-transport — measure and control the transport subsystem


gnunet-transport [−b −-benchmark] [−c FILENAME −-config=FILENAME] [−D −-disconnect] [−e −-events] [−h −-help] [−i −-information] [−L LOGLEVEL −-loglevel=LOGLEVEL] [−l LOGFILE −-logfile=LOGFILE] [−m −-monitor] [−p PEER −-peer=PEER] [−P −-plugins] [−s −-send] [−v −-version] [−V −-verbose]


gnunet-transport is a tool to access various functions of GNUnet’s transport subsystem from the command-line. Most of these are not expected to be useful for end-users. gnunet-transport can be used to evaluate the performance of the transports, force a peer to connect to another peer (if possible). Other functions should be added in the near future.

−b | −-benchmark

Measure how fast we are receiving data (from all connections). On exit, the data rate will be reported. Runs until aborted with CTRL-C.


configuration file to use

−D | −-disconnect

Force disconnection from a peer (used in conjunction with −p). Note that you can use the gnunet-ats command-line tool to suggest connects.

−e | −-events

Provide information about all connect and disconnect events (continuously).

−h | −-help

Print the help page.

−i | −-information

Print information about our current connections (once).


Change the loglevel. Possible values for LOGLEVEL are ERROR, WARNING, INFO and DEBUG.

−l LOGFILE | −-logfile=LOGFILE

Configure logging to write logs to LOGFILE.

−m | −-monitor

Print information about our current connections (continuously).

−p PEER | −-peer=PEER

The peer identity to connect to or monitor.

−P | −-plugins

Monitor session state of transport plugins.

−s | −-send

Transmit (dummy) traffic as quickly as possible to the peer specified with the −p option. The rate will still be limited by the quota(s) determined by the peers (ATS subsystem). Will run until CTRL-C is pressed or until the connection to the other peer is disrupted.

−v | −-version

Print out the version number.

−V | −-verbose

be verbose


gnunet-arm(1), gnunet-ats(1)

The full documentation for gnunet is maintained as a Texinfo manual. If the info(1) and gnunet programs are properly installed at your site, the command

info gnunet

should give you access to the complete handbook,

info gnunet-c-tutorial

will give you access to a tutorial for developers.

Depending on your installation, this information is also available in gnunet(7) and gnunet-c-tutorial(7).


Report bugs by using or by sending electronic mail to ⟨[email protected]⟩. GNU October 17, 2015 GNUNET-TRANSPORT(1)

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