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KYUA-LIST(1) General Commands Manual KYUA-LIST(1)


kyua list — Lists test cases and their metadata


kyua list [−-build-root path] [−-kyuafile file] [−-verbose] test_case1 [.. test_caseN]


The kyua list command scans all the test programs and test cases in a test suite (as defined by a kyuafile(5)) and prints a list of all their names, optionally accompanied by any metadata properties they have.

The optional arguments to kyua list are used to select which test programs or test cases to run. These are filters and are described below in “Test filters”.

This command must be run within a test suite or a test suite must be provided with the −-kyuafile flag.

The following subcommand options are recognized:

−-build-root path

Specifies the build root in which to find the test programs referenced by the Kyuafile, if different from the Kyuafile’s directory. See “Build directories” below for more information.

−-kyuafile path, −k path

Specifies the Kyuafile to process. Defaults to a Kyuafile file in the current directory.

−-verbose, −v

Prints metadata properties for every test case.

Build directories

Build directories (or object directories, target directories, product directories, etc.) is the concept that allows a developer to keep the source tree clean from build products by asking the build system to place such build products under a separate subtree.

Most build systems today support build directories. For example, the GNU Automake/Autoconf build system exposes such concept when invoked as follows:

$ cd my-project-1.0
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ ../configure
$ make

Under such invocation, all the results of the build are left in the my-project-1.0/build/ subdirectory while maintaining the contents of my-project-1.0/ intact.

Because build directories are an integral part of most build systems, and because they are a tool that developers use frequently, kyua list supports build directories too. This manifests in the form of kyua list being able to run tests from build directories while reading the (often immutable) test suite definition from the source tree.

One important property of build directories is that they follow (or need to follow) the exact same layout as the source tree. For example, consider the following directory listings:



Note how the directory layout within src/ matches that of obj/. The src/ directory contains only source files and the definition of the test suite (the Kyuafiles), while the obj/ directory contains only the binaries generated during a build.

All commands that deal with the workspace support the −-build-root path option. When this option is provided, the directory specified by the option is considered to be the root of the build directory. For example, considering our previous fake tree layout, we could invoke kyua list as any of the following:

$ kyua list --kyuafile=src/Kyuafile --build-root=obj
$ cd src && kyua list --build-root=../obj

Test filters

A test filter is a string that is used to match test cases or test programs in a test suite. Filters have the following form:


Where ‘test_program_name’ is the name of a test program or a subdirectory in the test suite, and ‘test_case_name’ is the name of a test case.


The kyua list command returns 0 on success or 1 if any of the given test case filters does not match any test case.

Additional exit codes may be returned as described in kyua(1).


kyua(1), kyuafile(5) GNU October 13, 2014 KYUA-LIST(1)

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