gnunet-bcd - run HTTP server to create GNS business cards

GNUNET-BCD(1) General Commands Manual GNUNET-BCD(1)


gnunet-bcd — run HTTP server to create GNS business cards


gnunet-bcd [−p PORT −-port=PORT] [−c FILENAME −-config=FILENAME] [−h −-help] [−L LOGLEVEL −-loglevel=LOGLEVEL] [−v −-version]


gnunet-bcd can be used to create an business card with a QR code containing the public key of a zone from the GNU Name System. gnunet-bcd requires LaTeX ( pdflatex(1) ) with various packages to be installed. If it does not work for you, try installing the full TeXLive distribution first, for example if you are using the package-manager apt(1) execute "apt-get install texlive-full".

−p PORT | −-port=PORT

Run the HTTP server on port PORT.


Use the configuration file FILENAME.

−h | −-help

Print short help on options.


Use LOGLEVEL for logging. Valid values are DEBUG, INFO, WARNING and ERROR.

−v | −-version

Print GNUnet version number.


The full documentation for gnunet is maintained as a Texinfo manual. If the info(1) and gnunet programs are properly installed at your site, the command

info gnunet

should give you access to the complete handbook,

info gnunet-c-tutorial

will give you access to a tutorial for developers.

Depending on your installation, this information is also available in gnunet(7) and gnunet-c-tutorial(7).


Report bugs by using or by sending electronic mail to ⟨[email protected]⟩. GNU December 5, 2013 GNUNET-BCD(1)

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