hpav - HomePlug AV Packet Listener



hpav - HomePlug AV Packet Listener


hpav [options]


Display HomePlug AV Ethernet messages sent by a local powerline device to the host or the broadcast address. Do not display HomePlug AV frames sent from the host to powerline devices or forwarded over powerline through the local powerline devices.

The program is an example of a simple packet listener and daemon. Engineers and software developers can extend it to build custom sniffers or servers. The framework is present but additional features must be added.

This program is part of the Qualcomm Atheros Powerline Toolkit. See the plc man page for an overview and installation instructions.


-i interface

Names the host ethernet interface to watch. The named interface, such as eth0, eth1 and so on, must be connected to a HomePlug AV ethernet-to-powerline bridge adapter to receive any HomePlug AV traffic. The default interface is eth1.


Quiet mode. Suppress the printing of the normal message descriptions on stdout.


Verbose mode. Displays incoming frames in hexadecimal dump format on stdout. This option is independent of option -a which prints VS_ARPC message text on stderr.

-?, --help

Print program help summary on stdout. This option takes precedence over other options on the command line.

-!, --version

Print program version information on stdout. This option takes precedence over other options on the command line. Use this option when sending screen dumps to Atheros Technical Support so that they know exactly which version of the Linux Toolkit you are using. See the HomePlug AV Specification for a description of all HomePlug AV message types. See the Qualcomm Atheros INT6000 Firmware Reference Manual for a description of Atheros Vendor Specific message types.


The following command monitors the default host interface eth1 for HomePlug AV traffic and dumps detected frames on the console as they arrive. To terminate the process, type ˆC or ˆZ at the console. This program is usually run in a separate console window while performing powerline operations.

# hpav

The following command monitors host interface eth4 for incoming HomePlug AV frames and dumps writes them to file hpav.log. Frames are printed in hexadecimal dump format because option -v is present. Terminate the foreground process by typing ˆC or ˆZ at the console.

# hpav -v -i eth4 > hpav.log


Atheros HomePlug AV Vendor Specific Management Message structure and content is proprietary to Qualcomm Atheros, Ocala FL USA. Consequently, public information is not available. Qualcomm Atheros reserves the right to modify management message structure and content in future firmware releases without any obligation to notify or compensate users of this program.


plc(1), efru(1), efsu(1), mme(1)


Charles Maier

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