bibtex8 - 8-bit Big BibTeX



bibtex8 − 8-bit Big BibTeX


bibtex8 [options] aux-file


BibTeX8 is an 8-bit implementation of BibTeX written in C. It has been enhanced by adding the following features:

- "big" (32-bit) and customisable capacity

- flexible support for non-English languages using 8-bit character sets

BibTeX8 accepts 8-bit characters in its input files, and writes 8-bit characters to its output files. The character set is defined by an external configuration file --- the Codepage and Sort order ("CS") file. By default, it reads a specific CS file "88591lat.csf", which defines ISO 8859-1 character set and its alphabetical sorting order including accented characters.


−? −−help

display some brief help text.

−7 −−traditional

operate in the original 7−bit mode, no CS file used. Only 7−bit ASCII characters are supported, and they are sorted by ASCII code value.

−8 −−8bit

force 8−bit mode, no CS file used. All 8−bit characters (code > 127) are treated as letters, and they are sorted by their code value.

−c −−csfile FILE

read FILE as the BibTeX character set and sort definition file. Note that options −7, −8 and −c are exclusive.

−d −−debug TYPE

report debugging information. TYPE is one or more of all, csf, io, mem, misc, search.

−s −−statistics

report internal statistics.

−t −−trace

report execution tracing.

−v −−version

report BibTeX version.

−B −−big

set large BibTeX capacity.

−H −−huge

set huge BibTeX capacity.

−W −−wolfgang

set really huge BibTeX capacity for Wolfgang.

−M −−min_crossrefs ##

set min_crossrefs to ##.

−−mcites ##

allow ## \cites in the .aux files (deprecated).

−−mentints ##

allow ## integer entries in the .bib databases (deprecated).

−−mentstrs ##

allow ## string entries in the .bib databases (deprecated).

−−mfields ##

allow ## fields in the .bib databases (deprecated).

−−mpool ##

set the string pool to ## bytes (deprecated).

−−mstrings ##

allow ## unique strings.

−−mwizfuns ##

allow ## wizard functions (deprecated).


More detailed description of BibTeX8 is available at $TEXMFDIST/doc/bibtex8/00readme.txt. The syntax of Codepage and Sort order (CS) File can be found at $TEXMFDIST/doc/bibtex8/csfile.txt.


BibTeX8 was written by Niel Kempson <[email protected]> and Alejandro Aguilar-Sierra <[email protected]>. This manpage was written for TeX Live, based on the work by Norbert Preining for Debian/GNU Linux.

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