aerc-search - search and filter patterns and options for aerc(1)



aerc-search - search and filter patterns and options for aerc(1)


:filter [-ruba] [-x <flag>] [-X <flag>] [-H Header: Value] [-f <from>] [-t <to>] [-c <cc>] [-d <start[,end]>] [<terms>...] :search [-ruba] [-x <flag>] [-X <flag>] [-H Header: Value] [-f <from>] [-t <to>] [-c <cc>] [-d <start[,end]>] [<terms>...]

Searches the current folder for messages matching the given set of conditions.

:filter restricts the displayed messages to only the search results.

Each space separated term of <terms>, if provided, is searched case-insensitively among subject lines unless -b or -a are provided.

-r: Search for read messages

-u: Search for unread messages

-x <flag>, -X <flag>: Restrict search to messages with or without <flag>

Use -x to search for messages with the flag set. Use -X to search for messages without the flag set.

Possible values are:


Read messages


Replied messages


Flagged messages

-H: Search in the headers of the messages, for a specific header

Syntax: Header: Value If the space between : and the value is omitted, aerc will not search for the Header.

-b: Search in the body of the messages

-a: Search in the entire text of the messages

-f <from>: Search for messages from <from>

-t <to>: Search for messages to <to>

-c <cc>: Search for messages cc’ed to <cc>

-d <start[..end]>:

Search for messages within a particular date range defined as [start, end) where the dates are in the YYYY-MM-DD format.

Relative dates can be used to specify a date range. Spaces and underscores are allowed to improve readability:

today, yesterday

(this|last) (year|month|week)

Weekdays, Monthnames

Can also be abbreviate, so Monday..Tuesday can written as Mon..Tue and February..March as Feb..Mar.

<N> (y[ear]|m[onth]|w[eek]|d[ay])

<N> is a positive integer that represents the number of the time units in the past. Multiple relative terms can will be accumulated. The units can also be abbreviated by a single letter such that yesterday would correspond to 1d (equivalent to 1 day or 1_day) and 8 days ago would be either 1w1d or 8d.


:filter query... :search query...

You can use the full notmuch query language as described in notmuch-search-terms(7).

The query will only apply on top of the active folder query.

Example, jump to next unread:

:search tag:unread


aerc(1) aerc-config(5)


Originally created by Drew DeVault and maintained by Robin Jarry who is assisted by other open source contributors. For more information about aerc development, see˜rjarry/aerc/.

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