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Since there are thousands of different man pages in the database, it is divided into sections that function roughly like groups. A certain type of man page belongs to a section. It's amazing how many manuals there actually are out there. We try to have as many man pages as possible so that people can easily seek help on our site.

There are approximately 9 sections that are used to divide all manuals into different chapters. Some are about commands for Linux while there are sections for devices and libraries. Take a look at the index page to see all sections. You can find it by clicking the home button.

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Man pages

LCDdLCDproc server daemon
ModemManagerMobile broadband modem management daemon
NetworkManager-dispatcherDispatch user scripts for NetworkManager
NetworkManager-wait-online.serviceWait for the network to come online
NetworkManagerNetwork management daemon
PAMPluggable Authentication Modules for Linux
aa-auditSet an AppArmor security profile to audit mode.
aa-autodepGuess basic AppArmor profile requirements
aa-cleanprofClean an existing AppArmor security profile.
aa-complainSet an AppArmor security profile to complain mode.
aa-decodeDecode hex-encoded in AppArmor log files
aa-disableDisable an AppArmor security profile
aa-easyprofAppArmor profile generation made easy.
aa-enforceSet an AppArmor security profile to enforce mode from being disabled or complain mode.
aa-genprofProfile generation utility for AppArmor
aa-logprofUtility for updating AppArmor security profiles
aa-mergeprofMerge AppArmor security profiles.
aa-notifyDisplay information about logged AppArmor messages.
aa-remove-unknownRemove unknown AppArmor profiles
aa-statusDisplay various information about the current AppArmor policy.
aa-teardownUnload all AppArmor profiles
aa-unconfinedOutput a list of processes with tcp or udp ports that do not have AppArmor profiles loaded
accessdbDumps the content of a man-db database in a human readable format
acctonTurns process accounting on or off
acmedACME client daemon
acpi_listenACPI event listener
acpidAdvanced Configuration and Power Interface event daemon
addgnupghomeCreate .gnupg home directories
addpartTell the kernel about the existence of a partition
adelsystem_cbiDriver for the ADELSYSTEM CB/CBI DC-UPS
afl-analyze(unknown subject)
afl-as(unknown subject)
afl-c++Afl-cc++4.07c by Michal Zalewski, Laszlo Szekeres, Marc Heuse afl-cc
afl-ccAfl-cc++4.07c by Michal Zalewski, Laszlo Szekeres, Marc Heuse afl-cc
afl-clang-fast++Afl-cc++4.07c by Michal Zalewski, Laszlo Szekeres, Marc Heuse afl-cc
afl-clang-fastAfl-cc++4.07c by Michal Zalewski, Laszlo Szekeres, Marc Heuse afl-cc
afl-clang-lto++Afl-cc++4.07c by Michal Zalewski, Laszlo Szekeres, Marc Heuse afl-cc
afl-clang-ltoAfl-cc++4.07c by Michal Zalewski, Laszlo Szekeres, Marc Heuse afl-cc
afl-cmin(unknown subject)
afl-cmin.bash(unknown subject)
afl-fuzz(unknown subject)
afl-g++-fastAfl-cc++4.07c by Michal Zalewski, Laszlo Szekeres, Marc Heuse afl-cc
afl-gcc-fastAfl-cc++4.07c by Michal Zalewski, Laszlo Szekeres, Marc Heuse afl-cc
afl-gotcpu(unknown subject)
afl-lto++Afl-cc++4.07c by Michal Zalewski, Laszlo Szekeres, Marc Heuse afl-cc
afl-ltoAfl-cc++4.07c by Michal Zalewski, Laszlo Szekeres, Marc Heuse afl-cc
afl-persistent-config(unknown subject)
afl-plot(unknown subject)
afl-showmap(unknown subject)
afl-system-config(unknown subject)
afl-tmin(unknown subject)
afl-whatsup(unknown subject)
afpdApple Filing Protocol daemon
agettyAlternative Linux getty
airbase-ngMulti-purpose tool aimed at attacking clients as opposed to the Access Point (AP) itself
aireplay-ngInject packets into a wireless network to generate traffic
airmon-ngPOSIX sh script designed to turn wireless cards into monitor mode.
airodump-ng-oui-updateIEEE oui list updater for airodump-ng
airodump-ngA wireless packet capture tool for aircrack-ng
airserv-ngA wireless card server
airtun-ngA virtual tunnel interface creator for aircrack-ng
airventriloquist-ngEncrypted WiFi packet injection
akmsAlpine Kernel Module Support
al175Driver for Eltek UPS models with AL175 alarm module
alsaconfConfiguration tool for the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
amavisd-milterSendmail milter for amavis
anacronRuns commands periodically
anvilPostfix session count and request rate control
anytun-configAnycast tunneling configuration utility
anytun-controldAnycast tunneling control daemon
anytun-showtablesAnycast tunneling routing table visualization utility
anytunAnycast tunneling daemon
aoe-discoverTell aoe driver to discover AoE devices
aoe-flushFlush the down devices out of the aoe driver
aoe-interfacesRestrict aoe driver to specified network interfaces
aoe-mkdevsCreate special device files for aoe driver
aoe-mkshelfCreate special device files for one shelf address
aoe-revalidateRevalidate the disk size of an aoe device
aoe-sancheckVerify storage network capabilities
aoe-statPrint aoe device status report
aoe-versionPrint AoE-related software version information
aoecfgManipulate AoE configuration strings
aoepingSimple communication with AoE device
apParse addresses 822-style
apachectlApache HTTP Server Control Interface
apc_modbusDriver for APC Smart-UPS Modbus protocol
apcaccessRetrieve status information from apcupsd(8)
apccontrolApcupsd(8) event handler script
apcsmart-oldDriver for American Power Conversion Smart Protocol UPS equipment
apcsmartDriver for American Power Conversion Smart Protocol UPS equipment
apctestApcupsd(8) test program
apcupsd-upsDriver for apcupsd client access
apcupsdA daemon for controlling most APC UPSes
apk-add(unknown subject)
apk-audit(unknown subject)
apk-cache(unknown subject)
apk-del(unknown subject)
apk-dot(unknown subject)
apk-fetch(unknown subject)
apk-fix(unknown subject)
apk-index(unknown subject)
apk-info(unknown subject)
apk-list(unknown subject)
apk-manifest(unknown subject)
apk-policy(unknown subject)
apk-search(unknown subject)
apk-stats(unknown subject)
apk-update(unknown subject)
apk-upgrade(unknown subject)
apk-verify(unknown subject)
apk-version(unknown subject)
apkAlpine Package Keeper
apparmor_parserLoads AppArmor profiles into the kernel
apparmor_statusDisplay various information about the current AppArmor policy.
applygnupgdefaultsRun gpgconf --apply-defaults for all users.
arch-chrootEnhanced chroot command
arpManipulate the system ARP cache
arpdUserspace arp daemon.
arpingSends arp and/or ip pings to a given host
arponARP handler inspection
arpsnmpKeep track of ethernet/ip address pairings
arptables-nft-restoreRestore ARP Tables (nft-based)
arptables-nft-saveDump arptables rules to stdout (nft-based)
arptables-nftARP table administration (nft-based)
arpwatchKeep track of ethernet/ip address pairings
astdb2bdbConvert astdb back to Berkeley DB 1.86
astdb2sqlite3Convert astdb to SQLite 3
asteriskAll-purpose telephony server.
astgenkeyGenerates keys for for Asterisk IAX2 RSA authentication
atdRun jobs queued for later execution
atopacctdProcess accounting daemon
atopgpudGPU statistics daemon
atrunRun jobs queued for later execution
audisp-af_unixPlugin to push audit events to an af_unix socket
audisp-remotePlugin for remote logging
audisp-syslogPlugin to push audit events into syslog
audispd-zos-remoteZ/OS Remote-services Audit dispatcher plugin
auditctlA utility to assist controlling the kernel's audit system
auditdThe Linux Audit daemon
augenrulesA script that merges component audit rule files
aulastA program similar to last
aulastlogA program similar to lastlog
aureportA tool that produces summary reports of audit daemon logs
ausearchA tool to query audit daemon logs
ausyscallA program that allows mapping syscall names and numbers
auth-otpGenerate HOTP/TOTP secrets for mod_auth_otp ProFTPD module
autofsService control for the automounter
automountManage autofs mount points
autosupportInteractive script to provide Digium[tm]'s support with information
autotailorCLI tool for tailoring of SCAP data streams.
autraceA program similar to strace
auvirtA program that shows data related to virtual machines
avahi-daemonThe Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD daemon
avahi-dnsconfdUnicast DNS server from mDNS/DNS-SD configuration daemon
avahi-dnsconfd.actionAvahi-dnsconfd action script
avcstatDisplay SELinux AVC statistics
babeldAd-hoc network routing daemon
bacula-dirBacula Director
bacula-fdBacula's File Daemon
bacula-sdBacula's Storage Daemon
baculaThe Network Backup Solution
badblocksSearch a device for bad blocks
bareos-dbcheckBareos's Catalog Database Check/Clean program
bareos-dirBareos Director
bareos-fdBareos's File Daemon
bareos-sdBareos's Storage Daemon
bareosBackup Archiving REcovery Open Sourced
basic_getpwnam_authLocal Users auth helper for Squid
basic_ncsa_authNCSA httpd-style password file authentication helper for Squid
basic_radius_authSquid RADIUS authentication helper
batctlB.A.T.M.A.N. advanced control and management tool
bcache-super-showPrint the bcache superblock
bcmxcpDriver for UPSes supporting the serial BCM/XCP protocol
bcmxcp_usbExperimental driver for UPSes supporting the BCM/XCP protocol over USB
bconsoleBacula's management Console
bcopyBacula's 'Copy from tape'
belkinDriver for Belkin serial UPS equipment
belkinunvDriver for Belkin "Universal UPS" and compatible
besside-ngCrack a WEP or WPA key without user intervention and collaborate with WPA cracking statistics
bestfcomDriver for Best Power Fortress/Ferrups
bestfortressDriver for old Best Fortress UPS equipment
bestuferrupsDriver for Best Power Micro-Ferrups
bestupsDriver for Best Power / SOLA (Phoenixtec protocol) UPS equipment
bextractBacula's 'Extract from tape'
bgpdRouting engine for use with Quagga routing software
biosdecodeBIOS information decoder
bitlbeeIRC gateway to IM chat networks
blazer_serDriver for Megatec/Q1 protocol serial based UPS equipment
blazer_usbDriver for Megatec/Q1 protocol USB based UPS equipment
blkdeactivateUtility to deactivate block devices
blkdiscardDiscard sectors on a device
blkidLocate/print block device attributes
blkmapdPNFS block layout mapping daemon
blkprRun persistent reservations command on a device
blkzoneRun zone command on a device
blockdevCall block device ioctls from the command line
blsBacula's 'Tape LS'
bluetooth-meshdBluetooth Mesh daemon
bluetoothdBluetooth daemon
bmc-devicePerform advanced BMC commands
bmc-infoDisplay BMC information
bmc-watchdogBMC watchdog timer daemon and control utility
bmonBandwidth monitor and rate estimator
boltdThunderbolt device managing system daemon
booleansPolicy booleans enable runtime customization of SELinux policy
bouncePostfix delivery status reports
bpfmonBPF based visual packet rate monitor
bpftraceA high-level tracing language
bpluginfoBareos Plugin information utility
brctlEthernet bridge administration
bregexBacula's 'regex' engine
bridgeShow / manipulate bridge addresses and devices
bscanBacula's 'Scan tape'
bscryptoBareos's 'SCSI Crypto'
btapeBacula's Tape interface test program
btracebackWrapper script around gdb and bsmtp
btrfs-balanceBalance block groups on a btrfs filesystem
btrfs-checkCheck or repair a btrfs filesystem
btrfs-convertConvert from ext2/3/4 or reiserfs filesystem to btrfs in-place
btrfs-deviceManage devices of btrfs filesystems
btrfs-extent-sameDirectly access the FIDEDUPRANGE ioctl
btrfs-filesystemCommand group that primarily does work on the whole filesystems
btrfs-find-rootFilter to find btrfs root
btrfs-imageCreate/restore an image of the filesystem
btrfs-inspect-internalQuery various internal information
btrfs-map-logicalMap btrfs logical extent to physical extent
btrfs-propertyGet/set/list properties for given filesystem object
btrfs-qgroupControl the quota group of a btrfs filesystem
btrfs-quotaControl the global quota status of a btrfs filesystem
btrfs-receiveReceive subvolumes from send stream
btrfs-replaceReplace devices managed by btrfs with other device
btrfs-rescueRecover a damaged btrfs filesystem
btrfs-restoreTry to restore files from a damaged filesystem image
btrfs-scrubScrub btrfs filesystem, verify block checksums
btrfs-select-superOverwrite primary superblock with a backup copy
btrfs-sendGenerate a stream of changes between two subvolume snapshots
btrfs-subvolumeManage btrfs subvolumes
btrfsA toolbox to manage btrfs filesystems
btrfstuneTune various filesystem parameters
bwildBacula's 'wildcard' engine
cache_checkValidates cache metadata on a device or file.
cache_dumpDump cache metadata from device or file to standard output.
cache_metadata_sizeEstimate the size of the metadata device needed for a given configuration.
cache_repairRepair cache binary metadata from device/file to device/file.
cache_restoreRestore cache metadata file to device or file.
cache_writebackWriteback dirty blocks to the origin device.
cachefilesdCacheFiles userspace management daemon
cachemgr.cgiSquid HTTP proxy manager CGI web interface
calamaresDistribution-independent system installer
captestA program to demonstrate capabilities
captreeDisplay tree of process capabilities
catmanCreate or update the pre-formatted manual pages
cciss_vol_statusShow status of logical drives attached to HP Smartarray controllers
cdccControl Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse
ceph-authtoolCeph keyring manipulation tool
ceph-bluestore-toolBluestore administrative tool
ceph-clsinfoShow class object information
ceph-confCeph conf file tool
ceph-create-keysCeph keyring generate tool
ceph-dencoderCeph encoder/decoder utility
ceph-deployCeph deployment tool
ceph-diff-sortedCompare two sorted files line by line
ceph-fuseFUSE-based client for ceph
ceph-immutable-object-cacheCeph daemon for immutable object cache
ceph-kvstore-toolCeph kvstore manipulation tool
ceph-mdsCeph metadata server daemon
ceph-monCeph monitor daemon
ceph-osdCeph object storage daemon
ceph-post-filePost files for ceph developers
ceph-rbdnamerUdev helper to name RBD devices
ceph-runRestart daemon on core dump
ceph-synCeph synthetic workload generator
ceph-volume-systemdSystemd ceph-volume helper tool
ceph-volumeCeph OSD deployment and inspection tool
cephCeph administration tool
cephadmManage the local cephadm host
cephfs-mirrorCeph daemon for mirroring CephFS snapshots
cephfs-topCeph Filesystem Top Utility
cfdiskDisplay or manipulate a disk partition table
cgconfigparserSetup control group file system
cgdiskCurses-based GUID partition table (GPT) manipulator
cgrulesengdControl group rules daemon
charon-cmdSimple IKE client (IPsec VPN client)
chatAutomated conversational script with a modem
chcpChange mode of NILFS2 checkpoints
chcpuConfigure CPUs
chgpasswdUpdate group passwords in batch mode
chilliA Software Access Controller for Captive Portal and WPA
chkconDetermine if a security context is valid for a given binary policy
chmemConfigure memory
chpasswdUpdate passwords in batch mode
chpstRuns a program with a changed process state
chronydChrony daemon
cifs.idmapUserspace helper for mapping ids for Common Internet File System (CIFS)
cifs.upcallUserspace upcall helper for Common Internet File System (CIFS)
cifsddConvert and copy a file over SMB
clamav-milterMilter compatible mail scanner
clamdAn anti-virus daemon
clamonaccAn anti-virus on-access scanning daemon and clamd client
clamsmtpdAn SMTP server for scanning viruses via clamd
cleanupCanonicalize and enqueue Postfix message
cloneUPS driver clone
cnid_dbdImplement access to CNID databases through a dedicated daemon process
cnid_metadStart cnid_dbd daemons on request
compsizeCalculate compression ratio of a set of files on btrfs
conmonContainer monitor utility
connman-vpnVPN management daemon
connmanNetwork management daemon
conntrackCommand line interface for netfilter connection tracking
conntrackdNetfilter connection tracking user-space daemon
containerd-configInformation on the containerd config
containerd(unknown subject)
convertquotaConvert quota from old file format to new one
coraid-updateUpload an update file to a CORAID appliance
cpufreqdIntelligently monitor and manipulate CPU frequency
cracklib-checkCheck passwords using libcrack2
cracklib-formatCracklib dictionary utilities
cracklib-updateRegenerate cracklib dictionary
cronDaemon to execute scheduled commands
crushdiffCeph crush map test tool
crushtoolCRUSH map manipulation tool
cryptsetup-benchmarkBenchmarks ciphers and KDF
cryptsetup-bitlkDumpDump the header information of a BITLK (BitLocker compatible) device
cryptsetup-bitlkOpenOpen an encrypted device and create a mapping with a specified name
cryptsetup-closeRemoves the existing mapping (and the associated key)
cryptsetup-configSet permanent configuration options (store to LUKS header)
cryptsetup-convertConverts the device between LUKS1 and LUKS2 format
cryptsetup-createOpen an encrypted device and create a mapping with a specified name
cryptsetup-eraseErase all keyslots
cryptsetup-fvault2DumpDump the header information of a FVAULT2 (FileVault2 compatible) device
cryptsetup-fvault2OpenOpen an encrypted device and create a mapping with a specified name
cryptsetup-isLuksCheck if a device is a LUKS device
cryptsetup-loopaesOpenOpen an encrypted device and create a mapping with a specified name
cryptsetup-luksAddKeyAdd a new passphrase
cryptsetup-luksChangeKeyChange an existing passphrase
cryptsetup-luksConvertKeyConverts an existing LUKS2 keyslot to new PBKDF parameters
cryptsetup-luksDumpDump the header information of a LUKS device
cryptsetup-luksEraseErase all keyslots
cryptsetup-luksFormatInitialize a LUKS partition and set the initial passphrase
cryptsetup-luksHeaderBackupStore a binary backup of the LUKS header and keyslot area
cryptsetup-luksHeaderRestoreRestore a binary backup of the LUKS header and keyslot area
cryptsetup-luksKillSlotWipe a key-slot from the LUKS device
cryptsetup-luksOpenOpen an encrypted device and create a mapping with a specified name
cryptsetup-luksRemoveKeyRemove the supplied passphrase from the LUKS device
cryptsetup-luksResumeResume a suspended device and reinstate the key
cryptsetup-luksSuspendSuspends an active device and wipes the key
cryptsetup-luksUUIDPrint or set the UUID of a LUKS device
cryptsetup-openOpen an encrypted device and create a mapping with a specified name
cryptsetup-plainOpenOpen an encrypted device and create a mapping with a specified name
cryptsetup-reencryptReencrypt LUKS encrypted volumes in-place
cryptsetup-refreshRefresh parameters of an active mapping
cryptsetup-repairRepair the device metadata
cryptsetup-resizeResize an active mapping
cryptsetup-statusReport the status for a mapping
cryptsetup-tcryptDumpDump the header information of a TCRYPT (TrueCrypt or VeraCrypt compatible) device
cryptsetup-tcryptOpenOpen an encrypted device and create a mapping with a specified name
cryptsetup-tokenManage LUKS2 tokens
cryptsetupManage plain dm-crypt, LUKS, and other encrypted volumes
ctr(unknown subject)
ctrlaltdelSet the function of the Ctrl-Alt-Del combination
cups-browsedA daemon for browsing the Bonjour broadcasts of shared, remote CUPS printers
cups-devicedCupsd helper programs (deprecated)
cups-driverdCupsd helper programs (deprecated)
cups-execCupsd helper programs (deprecated)
cups-lpdReceive print jobs and report printer status to lpd clients (deprecated)
cups-snmpCups snmp backend (deprecated)
cupsacceptAccept/reject jobs sent to a destination
cupsctlConfigure cupsd.conf options
cupsd-helperCupsd helper programs (deprecated)
cupsdCups scheduler
cupsdisableStop/start printers and classes
cupsenableStop/start printers and classes
cupsfilterConvert a file to another format using cups filters (deprecated)
cupsrejectAccept/reject jobs sent to a destination
cvsbugSend problem report (PR) about CVS to a central support site
dansguardianWeb content filter
darkstatNetwork statistics gatherer
dbcheckBacula's Catalog Database Check/Clean program
dbcleanClean Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse Database
dblistDatabase List Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse
dcb-appShow / manipulate application priority table of the DCB (Data Center Bridging) subsystem
dcb-apptrustShow / configure per-selector trust and trust order of the application priority table of the DCB (Data Center Bridging) subsystem.
dcb-bufferShow / manipulate port buffer settings of the DCB (Data Center Bridging) subsystem
dcb-dcbxShow / manipulate port DCBX (Data Center Bridging eXchange)
dcb-etsShow / manipulate ETS (Enhanced Transmission Selection) settings of the DCB (Data Center Bridging) subsystem
dcb-maxrateShow / manipulate port maxrate settings of the DCB (Data Center Bridging) subsystem
dcb-pfcShow / manipulate PFC (Priority-based Flow Control) settings of the DCB (Data Center Bridging) subsystem
dcb-rewrShow / manipulate the rewrite table of the DCB (Data Center Bridging) subsystem
dcbShow / manipulate DCB (Data Center Bridging) settings
dcbtoolManage the Data Center Bridging (DCB) settings of a CEE DCB interface
dccdDistributed Checksum Clearinghouse Daemon
dccifdDistributed Checksum Clearinghouse Interface Daemon
dccmDistributed Checksum Clearinghouse Milter Interface
dccprocDistributed Checksum Clearinghouse Procmail Interface
dccsightDistributed Checksum Clearinghouse raw checksum interface
ddns-confgenDdns key generation tool
debootstrapBootstrap a basic Debian system
debugfsExt2/ext3/ext4 file system debugger
defrag.f2fsRelocate blocks in a given area to the specified region
delpartTell the kernel to forget about a partition
depmodGenerate modules.dep and map files.
desktoptojsonConverts a .desktop file to a .json file.
devlink-devDevlink device configuration
devlink-dpipeDevlink dataplane pipeline visualization
devlink-healthDevlink health reporting and recovery
devlink-lcDevlink line card configuration
devlink-monitorState monitoring
devlink-portDevlink port configuration
devlink-rateDevlink rate management
devlink-regionDevlink address region access
devlink-resourceDevlink device resource configuration
devlink-sbDevlink shared buffer configuration
devlink-trapDevlink trap configuration
devlinkDevlink tool
dhclient-scriptDHCP client network configuration script
dhclientDynamic Host Configuration Protocol Client
dhcp-helperA DHCP/BOOTP relay agent.
dhcp_probeLocate DCHP and BootP servers on a directly-attached network
dhcpcd-cursesA curses frontend for network configuration
dhcpcd-gtkA GTK+ frontend for network configuration
dhcpcd-onlineA utility to work out if
dhcpcd-run-hooksDHCP client configuration script
dhcpcdA DHCP client
dhcpdDynamic Host Configuration Protocol Server
dhcpingSend a DHCP request to DHCP server to see if it's up and running
dhcrelayDynamic Host Configuration Protocol Relay Agent
digest_file_authFile based digest authentication helper for Squid.
dirmngrGnuPG's network access daemon
discardPostfix discard mail delivery agent
dkimproxy_inSMTP proxy for verifying DKIM signatures
dkimproxy_outSMTP proxy for adding DKIM signatures to email
dmevent_toolA utility used to load a DSO into dmeventd and (un)register devices with it for monitoring
dmeventdDevice-mapper event daemon
dmidecodeDMI table decoder
dmraidDiscover, configure and activate software (ATA)RAID
dmsetupLow level logical volume management
dmstatsDevice-mapper statistics management
dnetDumb networking library test program
dnsblogPostfix DNS allow/denylist logger
dnsmasqA lightweight DHCP and caching DNS server.
dnstopDisplays various tables of DNS traffic on your network
dnstracerTrace a chain of DNS servers to the source
dosfsckCheck and repair MS-DOS FAT filesystems
dosfslabelSet or get MS-DOS filesystem label or volume ID
dpParse dates 822-style
dpkg-fsys-usrunmessUndoes the merged-/usr-via-aliased-dirs mess
dracut-catimagesCreates initial ramdisk image by concatenating images
dracutLow-level tool for generating an initramfs/initrd image
drbd-8.4The start and stop script for DRBD
drbd-9.0The start and stop script for DRBD
drbdThe start and stop script for DRBD
drbdadm-8.4Administration tool for DRBD
drbdadm-9.0Utility for DRBD administration
drbdadmAdministration tool for DRBD
drbdmeta-8.4DRBD's meta data management tool
drbdmeta-9.0Manipulate the DRBD on-disk metadata
drbdmetaDRBD's meta data management tool
drbdmon-9.0Monitor DRBD resources realtime
drbdmonMonitor DRBD resources realtime
drbdsetup-8.4Setup tool for DRBD
drbdsetup-9.0Configure the DRBD kernel module
drbdsetupSetup tool for DRBD
dropbearLightweight SSH server
dummy-upsDriver for multi-purpose UPS emulation
dump-acctPrint an acct/pacct file in human-readable format
dump-utmpPrint a utmp file in human-readable format
dump.exfatShow on-disk information of exfat filesystem
dump.f2fsRetrieve directory and file entries from an F2FS-formated image
dumpe2fsDump ext2/ext3/ext4 file system information
dumpexfatDump exFAT file system
dumpsegPrint segment information of NILFS2
duperemoveFind duplicate regions in files and submit them for deduplication
e2freefragReport free space fragmentation information
e2fsckCheck a Linux ext2/ext3/ext4 file system
e2guardianWeb content filter
e2imageSave critical ext2/ext3/ext4 file system metadata to a file
e2labelChange the label on an ext2/ext3/ext4 file system
e2mmpstatusCheck MMP status of an ext4 file system
e2scrubCheck the contents of a mounted ext[234] file system
e2scrub_allCheck all mounted ext[234] file systems for errors.
e2undoReplay an undo log for an ext2/ext3/ext4 file system
e4cryptExt4 file system encryption utility
e4defragOnline defragmenter for ext4 file system
eadEthernet authentication daemon
eapol_testEAP peer and RADIUS client testing
easside-ngAn auto-magic tool which allows you to communicate via an WEP-encrypted AP without knowing the key
ebtables-nftEthernet bridge frame table administration (nft-based)
econftoolConfiguration File Manager
ecryptfs-managerECryptfs key manager.
ecryptfs-migrate-homeMigrate a user's home directory to an encrypted home setup
ecryptfsdUser-space eCryptfs daemon.
edgeN2n edge node daemon
edquotaEdit user quotas
efibootdumpDump a boot entries from a variable or a file
efibootmgrChange the UEFI Boot Manager configuration
elogindLogin manager
envdirRuns another program with environment modified according to files in a specified directory.
enviniRuns another program with environment modified according to an ini file in a specified directory.
envuidgidRuns another program with environment variables indicating a specified account's uid and gid.
era_checkValidate era metadata on device or file.
era_dumpDump era metadata from device or file to standard output.
era_invalidateProvide a list of blocks that have changed since a particular era.
era_restoreRestore era metadata file to device or file.
errorPostfix error/retry mail delivery agent
etaproDriver for ETA UPS equipment
etckeeperStore /etc in git, mercurial, bazaar, or darcs
ethtoolQuery or control network driver and hardware settings
eventlogadmPush records into the Samba event log store
everupsDriver for Ever UPS models
exfat2imgDump metadata of an exFAT filesystem
exfatattribSet or display exFAT file attributes
exfatfsckCheck an exFAT file system
exfatlabelGet or Set volume label or volume serial of an exFAT filesystem
exfatlabel.exfat-fuseGet or set an exFAT file system label
eximA Mail Transfer Agent
exportfsMaintain table of exported NFS file systems
ext_file_userip_aclRestrict users to certain IP addresses, using a text file backend.
ext_unix_group_aclSquid UNIX Group ACL helper
ext_wbinfo_group_aclExternal ACL helper for Squid to verify NT Domain group membership using wbinfo.
f2fs_ioF2fs ioctl utility
f2fscryptF2fs filesystem encryption utility
f2fslabelChange the label on an f2fs volume
faillockTool for displaying and modifying the authentication failure record files
faillogDisplay faillog records or set login failure limits
fancontrolAutomated software based fan speed regulation
fatlabelSet or get MS-DOS filesystem label or volume ID
fcgistarterStart a FastCGI program
fcgiwrapServe CGI applications over FastCGI
fcronDaemon to execute scheduled tasks
fdiskManipulate disk partition table
fghackIs an anti-backgrounding tool.
fidentifyDetermine file type using PhotoRec database
filecapA program to see capabilities
filefragReport on file fragmentation
filter-aFilter A in DNS responses when AAAA is present
filter-aaaaFilter AAAA in DNS responses when A is present
filter-rspamdRspamd filter for OpenSMTPD
findfsFind a filesystem by label or UUID
findmntFind a filesystem
fixpartsMBR partition table repair utility
flashromDetect, read, write, verify and erase flash chips
flushPostfix fast flush server
fmtdumpDecode mh format files
fpingSend ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts
fprobe-ulogA NetFlow probe
fprobeA NetFlow probe
frr-bfddA bfd routing engine for use with FRRouting.
frr-bgpdRouting engine for use with FRRouting.
frr-eigrpdAn EIGRP routing engine for use with FRRouting.
frr-isisdAn IS-IS routing engine for use with FRRouting.
frr-ldpdAn LDP routing engine for use with FRRouting.
frr-nhrpdA Next Hop Routing Protocol routing engine for use with FRRouting.
frr-ospf6dAn OSPFv3 routing engine for use with FRRouting.
frr-ospfdAn OSPFv2 routing engine for use with FRRouting.
frr-pbrdA PBR routing engine for use with FRRouting.
frr-pimdA PIM routing engine for use with FRRouting.
frr-ripdA RIP routing engine for use with FRRouting.
frr-ripngdA RIPNG routing engine for use with FRRouting.
frr-staticdA static route manager routing engine for use with FRRouting.
frr-vrrpdA VRRP routing engine for use with FRRouting.
frr-watchfrrA program to monitor the status of FRRouting daemons
frr-zebraA routing manager for use with associated FRRouting components.
fsadmUtility to resize or check filesystem on a device
fsarchiverFilesystem archiver
fsckCheck and repair a Linux filesystem
fsck.btrfsDo nothing, successfully
fsck.cramfsFsck compressed ROM file system
fsck.exfatCheck an exFAT filesystem
fsck.ext2Check a Linux ext2/ext3/ext4 file system
fsck.ext3Check a Linux ext2/ext3/ext4 file system
fsck.ext4Check a Linux ext2/ext3/ext4 file system
fsck.f2fsCheck a Linux F2FS file system
fsck.fatCheck and repair MS-DOS FAT filesystems
fsck.hfsplusHFS file system consistency check
fsck.jfsInitiate replay of the JFS transaction log, and check and repair a JFS formatted device
fsck.minixCheck consistency of Minix filesystem
fsck.msdosCheck and repair MS-DOS FAT filesystems
fsck.vfatCheck and repair MS-DOS FAT filesystems
fsck.xfsDo nothing, successfully
fsck.zfsDummy ZFS filesystem checker
fsfreezeSuspend access to a filesystem (Ext3/4, ReiserFS, JFS, XFS)
fstrimDiscard unused blocks on a mounted filesystem
ftpdctlProFTPD control program
ftpscrubScrub the proftpd scoreboard file of stale entries
ftpshutShut down all proftpd servers at a given time
fwknopFirewall Knock Operator
fwknopdFirewall Knock Operator Daemon
gamatronicDriver for Gamatronic UPS equipment
garbdArbitrator daemon for Galera cluster
gdiskInteractive GUID partition table (GPT) manipulator
gdnsd-plugin-extfileGdnsd plugin for importing monitor data via file
gdnsd-plugin-extmonGdnsd plugin for monitoring via external commands
gdnsd-plugin-geoipGdnsd meta-plugin for GSLB + failover via MaxMind's GeoIP2 databases
gdnsd-plugin-http_statusGdnsd HTTP monitoring plugin
gdnsd-plugin-metafoGdnsd plugin for address meta-failover
gdnsd-plugin-multifoGdnsd plugin for multi-address, all-active failover groups
gdnsd-plugin-nullGdnsd null plugin
gdnsd-plugin-reflectGdnsd cache reflector plugin
gdnsd-plugin-simplefoGdnsd plugin for simple primary->secondary address failover
gdnsd-plugin-staticGdnsd static plugin
gdnsd-plugin-tcp_connectGdnsd TCP monitoring plugin
gdnsd-plugin-weightedGdnsd plugin implementing "weighted" records
gdnsdAn authoritative DNS daemon
gdnsdctlControl socket client for gdnsd
genccodeGenerate C or platform specific assembly code from an ICU data file.
gencmnGenerate an ICU memory-mappable data file
generic_modbusDriver for contact (direct) signal UPS devices connected via modbus remote I/O gateways
genericupsDriver for contact-closure UPS equipment
genext2fsExt2 filesystem generator for embedded systems
genfstabGenerate output suitable for addition to an fstab file
genl-ctrl-listList available kernel-side Generic Netlink families
genlGeneric netlink utility frontend
genpolboolsRewrite a binary policy with different boolean settings
genpolusersGenerate new binary policy with updated user configuration
gensprepCompile StringPrep data from files filtered by
getcapExamine file capabilities
getenforceGet the current mode of SELinux
getkeycodesPrint kernel scancode-to-keycode mapping table
getpcapsDisplay process capabilities
getseboolGet SELinux boolean value(s)
gpartedGNOME Partition Editor for manipulating disk partitions.
gpmA cut and paste utility and mouse server for virtual consoles
gpsdInterface daemon for GPS receivers
gpsdctlTool for sending commands to gpsd over its control socket
gpsinitInitialize CAN kernel modules for GPSD
greenbone-nvt-syncUpdates the OpenVAS NVTs from Greenbone Security Feed or Community Feed
grossdThe Server
groupaddCreate a new group
groupdelDelete a group
groupmemsAdminister members of a user's primary group
groupmodModify a group definition on the system
grpckVerify integrity of group files
gsadGreenbone Security Assistant of the Greenbone Vulnerability Management
gssdRPCSEC_GSS daemon
gummibootSetup and manage Gummiboot Boot Manager
gvmdGreenbone Vulnerability Manager daemon
gvpeGNU Virtual Private Ethernet Daemon
gvpectrlGNU Virtual Private Ethernet Control Program
hashstatsPrint information about a duperemove hashfile
havegedGenerate random numbers and feed Linux's random device.
hd-idleSpin down idle hard disks
hdparmGet/set SATA/IDE device parameters
helper-muxConcurrency protocol multiplexer for Squid helpers
hg-sshRestricted ssh login shell for Mercurial
hitchHigh performance TLS proxy
hostapdIEEE 802.11 AP, IEEE 802.1X/WPA/WPA2/EAP/RADIUS Authenticator
hpropPropagate the KDC database
hpropdReceive a propagated database
htcachecleanClean up the disk cache
httpdApache Hypertext Transfer Protocol Server
huawei-ups2000Driver for Huawei UPS2000 (1kVA-3kVA) UPS with USB or RS-232 serial Modbus connection.
hwclockTime clocks utility
hwinfoProbe for hardware
i2c-stub-from-dumpFeed i2c-stub with dump files
i2cdetectDetect I2C chips
i2cdumpExamine I2C registers
i2cgetRead from I2C/SMBus chip registers
i2csetSet I2C registers
i2ctransferSend user-defined I2C messages in one transfer
ialarmsDisplay and set alarm indicators
icinga2The Icinga 2 network monitoring daemon
icmdA tool to send specific IPMI commands via the command line.
iconfigList, save, and restore BMC configuration parameters
iconvconfigCreate iconv module configuration cache
icupkgExtract or modify an ICU .dat archive
idcmiHandle DCMI functions
idelloemOEM commands for Dell servers
idiscoverDiscover IPMI LAN-enabled nodes
idmap_adSamba's idmap_ad Backend for Winbind
idmap_autoridSamba's idmap_autorid Backend for Winbind
idmap_ldapSamba's idmap_ldap Backend for Winbind
idmap_nssSamba's idmap_nss Backend for Winbind
idmap_rfc2307Samba's idmap_rfc2307 Backend for Winbind
idmap_ridSamba's idmap_rid Backend for Winbind
idmap_scriptSamba's idmap_script Backend for Winbind
idmap_tdbSamba's idmap_tdb Backend for Winbind
idmap_tdb2Samba's idmap_tdb2 Backend for Winbind
idmapdNFSv4 ID <-> Name Mapper
idmapwbWinbind ID mapping plugin for cifs-utils
iekanalyzerRun FRU-Ekeying analyzer with FRU files
ieventsDecode IPMI and PET event data
ifconfigConfigure a network interface
ifctrstatDisplay interface statistics
ifdownTake interfaces down
ifirewallConfigure the IPMI firmware firewall functions
ifparseRedisplay interface configuration in different formats
ifqueryQuery interface configuration and state
ifrenameRename network interfaces based on various static criteria
ifruShow Field Replacable Unit configuration data
ifstatHandy utility to read network interface statistics
iftopDisplay bandwidth usage on an interface by host
ifupBring interfaces up
ifwumUpdate IPMC using Kontron OEM Firmware Update Manager
igeteventWait for IPMI events
igmpproxyMulticast router utilizing IGMP forwarding
ihealthShow IPMI health
ihpmPICMG HPM.1 Upgrade Agent
ilanShow and configure IPMI LAN parameters, users, and set up a PEF rule to send BMC LAN Alerts for OS Critical Stop log events
in.tftpdTrivial File Transfer Protocol server
inadynInternet Automated Dynamic DNS Client
incrondInotify cron (incron) daemon
insmodSimple program to insert a module into the Linux Kernel
integritysetupManage dm-integrity (block level integrity) volumes
intltool-extractGenerate header files which can be read by gettext
intltool-mergeMerge translated strings into various types of file
intltool-preparePrepare software to make use of intltool
intltool-updateUpdates PO template file and merge translations with it
intltoolizeCopy intltool related files to software package
introIntroduction to administration and privileged commands
iotopSimple top-like I/O monitor
ip-addressProtocol address management
ip-addrlabelProtocol address label management
ip-fouFoo-over-UDP receive port configuration
ip-ioamIPv6 In-situ OAM (IOAM)
ip-l2tpL2TPv3 static unmanaged tunnel configuration
ip-linkNetwork device configuration
ip-macsecMACsec device configuration
ip-maddressMulticast addresses management
ip-monitorState monitoring
ip-mptcpMPTCP path manager configuration
ip-mrouteMulticast routing cache management
ip-neighbourNeighbour/arp tables management.
ip-netconfNetwork configuration monitoring
ip-netnsProcess network namespace management
ip-nexthopNexthop object management
ip-ntableNeighbour table configuration
ip-routeRouting table management
ip-ruleRouting policy database management
ip-srIPv6 Segment Routing management
ip-statsManage and show interface statistics
ip-tcp_metricsManagement for TCP Metrics
ip-tokenTokenized interface identifier support
ip-tunnelTunnel configuration
ip-vrfRun a command against a vrf
ip-xfrmTransform configuration
ipShow / manipulate routing, network devices, interfaces and tunnels
ipicmgSend specific PICMG extended IPMI commands
ipmaddrAdds, changes, deletes, and displays multicast addresses
ipmi-chassisIPMI chassis management utility
ipmi-configConfigure IPMI values
ipmi-dcmiIPMI DCMI utility
ipmi-fruDisplay FRU information
ipmi-locateIPMI probing utility
ipmi-oemIPMI OEM utility
ipmi-petIPMI Platform Event Trap Interpreter
ipmi-rawExecute IPMI commands by hex values
ipmi-selDisplay SEL entries
ipmi-sensorsDisplay IPMI sensor information
ipmi_portA daemon to bind RMCP port 623 to prevent portmap from using it
ipmiconsoleIPMI console utility
ipmidetectList detected and/or undetected IPMI interfaces in a cluster
ipmidetectdIPMI node detection monitoring daemon
ipmievdIPMI event daemon for sending events to syslog
ipmilanIPMI LAN to System Interface Converter
ipmipingSend IPMI Get Authentication Capability request to network hosts
ipmipowerIPMI power control utility
ipmiseldIPMI SEL logging daemon
ipmiutilA meta-command to invoke various IPMI functions.
iprop-logExamine and maintain the iprop log file
ipropPropagate transactions from a Heimdal Kerberos master KDC to slave KDCs
ipropd-masterPropagate transactions from a Heimdal Kerberos master KDC to slave KDCs
ipropd-slavePropagate transactions from a Heimdal Kerberos master KDC to slave KDCs
ipsecInvoke IPsec utilities
ipset-translateTranslation tool to migrate from ipset to nftables
ipsetAdministration tool for IP sets
iptables-applyA safer way to update iptables remotely
iptables-extensionsList of extensions in the standard iptables distribution
iptables-restoreRestore IP Tables
iptables-saveDump iptables rules
iptablesAdministration tool for IPv4/IPv6 packet filtering and NAT
iptaccountAdministrative utility to access xt_ACCOUNT statistics
iptraf-ngInteractive Colorful IP LAN Monitor
iptstateA top-like display of IP Tables state table entries
iptunnelCreates, changes, deletes, and displays configured tunnels
ipvsadm-restoreRestore the IPVS table from stdin
ipvsadm-saveSave the IPVS table to stdout
ipvsadmLinux Virtual Server administration
ircservices-convert-dbDatabase conversion program for IRC Services
ircservicesServices for IRC Networks daemon program
iresetPerform a hardware reset on the system
isadumpExamine ISA registers
isasetSet ISA registers
isbmexDriver for ISBMEX UPS equipment
iscsi-gen-initiatornameSmart iSCSI initiator name generation tool
iscsi-inameISCSI initiator name generation tool
iscsi_discoveryDiscover iSCSI targets
iscsi_fw_loginLogin to all iSCSI Firmware targets
iscsiadmOpen-iscsi administration utility
iscsidOpen-iSCSI daemon
iscsistartISCSI boot tool
iscsiuioISCSI UserSpace I/O driver
iselShow firmware System Event Log records
iseltimeSynchronize BIOS RTC and firmware SEL time from system time
isensorShow Sensor Data Records
iserialConfigure a system for Serial/EMP management functions, such as Terminal Mode, and optionally share the port with the Serial Console.
isisdAn IS-IS routing engine for use with Quagga routing software.
ismcoemOEM commands for SuperMicro servers
isnsadmISNS client utility
isnsdISNS server daemon
isnsddISNS discovery daemon
isolAn IPMI Serial-Over-LAN Console application
isosizeOutput the length of an iso9660 filesystem
isunoemOEM commands for Sun servers
itsolTyan IPMIv1.5 Serial-Over-LAN Console application
iucode_toolTool to manipulate Intel IA-32/X86-64 microcode bundles
iuserHandle user functions
ivtscdDriver for the IVT Solar Controller Device
iwShow / manipulate wireless devices and their configuration
iwconfigConfigure a wireless network interface
iwdInternet wireless daemon
iwdtDisplay and set WatchDog Timer parameters
iweventDisplay Wireless Events generated by drivers and setting changes
iwgetidReport ESSID, NWID or AP/Cell Address of wireless network
iwlistGet more detailed wireless information from a wireless interface
iwprivConfigure optionals (private) parameters of a wireless network interface
iwspyGet wireless statistics from specific nodes
jfs_debugfsShell-type JFS file system editor
jfs_fsckInitiate replay of the JFS transaction log, and check and repair a JFS formatted device
jfs_fscklogExtract a JFS fsck service log into a file and/or format and display the extracted file
jfs_logdumpDump a JFS formatted device's journal log
jfs_mkfsCreate a JFS formatted partition
jfs_tuneAdjust tunable file system parameters on JFS
joolInteract with NAT64 Jool (the kernel module).
jool_siitInteract with SIIT Jool (the kernel module).
jooldUserspace Session Synchronization (SS) daemon for NAT64 Jool.
kacpimonKernel ACPI Event Monitor
kadmind"server for administrative access to Kerberos database"
kamailioA very fast and configurable SIP server
kamcmdKamailio command line tool
kamctlKamailio control tool
kamdbctlKamailio database control tool
kbdrateReset the keyboard repeat rate and delay time
kbuildsycoca5Rebuilds the KService desktop file system configuration cache
kcatalogprintKnot DNS catalog print utility
kcmProcess-based credential cache for Kerberos tickets.
kcookiejar5Command line interface to the KDE HTTP cookie daemon
kdb5_ldap_utilKerberos configuration utility
kdb5_utilKerberos database maintenance utility
kdcKerberos 5 server
kded5Triggers Sycoca database updates when needed.
kdeinit5Launcher for applications built with kdeinit support, and for KIO slaves.
kdigestUserland tool to access digest interface in the KDC
kea-adminShell script for managing Kea databases
kea-ctrl-agentControl Agent process in Kea
kea-dhcp-ddnsDHCP-DDNS process in Kea
kea-dhcp4DHCPv4 server in Kea
kea-dhcp6DHCPv6 server in Kea
kea-lfcLease File Cleanup process in Kea
kea-netconfNETCONF agent for configuring Kea
kea-shellText client for Control Agent process
keactrlShell script for managing Kea
keamaKea Migration Assistant
keepalivedLoad-balancing and high-availability service
kerberosIntroduction to the Kerberos system
key.dns_resolverUpcall for request-key to handle dns_resolver keys
keymgrKnot DNS key management utility
kfcgiFastCGI server for kcgi applications
kfdReceive forwarded tickets
kimpersonateImpersonate a user when there exist a keyfile or KeyFile
kjournalprintKnot DNS journal print utility
klogdKernel Log Daemon
kmodProgram to manage Linux Kernel modules
kmonKmon 1.6.4 Orhun Parmaksız Linux kernel manager and activity monitor
kmsgsdSeparates iptables messages from all other kernel messages.
knotcKnot DNS control utility
knotdKnot DNS server daemon
kpartxCreate device maps from partition tables.
kpasswddKerberos 5 password changing server
kpropPropagate a Kerberos V5 principal database to a replica server
kpropdKerberos V5 replica KDC update server
kproplogDisplay the contents of the Kerberos principal update log
krb5kdcKerberos V5 KDC
kresdFull caching DNSSEC-enabled Knot Resolver 5.7.0.
ksmbd.addshareConfigure shares for ksmbd.conf of ksmbd.mountd
ksmbd.adduserConfigure users for ksmbdpwd.db of ksmbd.mountd
ksmbd.controlControl ksmbd.mountd and ksmbd daemons
ksmbd.mountdStart ksmbd.mountd and ksmbd daemons
kstash"store the KDC master password in a file"
lastlogReports the most recent login of all users or of a given user
ld-linuxDynamic linker/loader
ld-linux.soDynamic linker/loader
ld.soDynamic linker/loader
ldattachAttach a line discipline to a serial line
ldconfigConfigure dynamic linker run-time bindings
librados-configDisplay information about librados
libressl-ocspcheckCheck a certificate for validity against its OCSP responder
libvirt-guestsSuspend/resume running libvirt guests
libvirtdLibvirt management daemon
liebert-esp2Driver for Liebert UPS, using the ESP-II serial protocol
liebertDriver for Liebert contact-closure UPS equipment
lighttpd-angelMonitor/supervise lighttpd daemon
lighttpdA fast, secure and flexible web server
liquidctlMonitor and control liquid coolers and other devices
lircd-setupRun setup commands in lirc_options.conf
lircd-uinputForward lirc button presses as uinput events
lircdDecode infrared signals and provide them on a socket.
lircmdTranslate infrared signals into mouse events.
lircrcdSynchronize lircrc state among client applications.
lldpadLink Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) agent daemon
lldpcliControl LLDP daemon
lldpdLLDP daemon
lldptool-appShow / manipulate APP TLV configuration
lldptool-dcbxShow / manipulate DCBX configuration
lldptool-etsShow / manipulate ETS TLV configuration
lldptool-evbShow / manipulate EVB TLV configuration
lldptool-evb22Show / manipulate EVB IEEE 802.1 Ratified Standard TLV configuration
lldptool-medShow / manipulate MED TLV configurations
lldptool-pfcShow / manipulate PFC TLV configuration
lldptool-vdpShow / manipulate VDP TLV configuration
lldptoolManage the LLDP settings and status of lldpad
lloaddLDAP Load Balancer Daemon
lnstatUnified linux network statistics
loadunimapLoad the kernel unicode-to-font mapping table
localPostfix local mail delivery
lockdev(unknown subject)
log_db_daemonDatabase logging daemon for Squid
login_duoSecond-factor authentication via Duo login service
logoutdEnforce login time restrictions
logrotateRotates, compresses, and mails system logs
logsaveSave the output of a command in a logfile
losetupSet up and control loop devices
lpadminConfigure cups printers and classes
lpcLine printer control program (deprecated)
lpinfoShow available devices or drivers (deprecated)
lpmoveMove a job or all jobs to a new destination
lsblkList block devices
lslocksList local system locks
lsmodShow the status of modules in the Linux Kernel
lsmtdList memory technology devices
lsnsList namespaces
lsofList open files
lspciList all PCI devices
lspcmciaDisplay extended PCMCIA debugging information
lsscsiList SCSI devices (or hosts), list NVMe devices
lsusbList USB devices
lttng-relaydLTTng relay daemon
lttng-sessiondLTTng session daemon
luufsMirror or merge directories
lvchangeChange the attributes of logical volume(s)
lvconvertChange logical volume layout
lvcreateCreate a logical volume
lvdisplayDisplay information about a logical volume
lvextendAdd space to a logical volume
lvm-fullreport(unknown subject)
lvm-lvpoll(unknown subject)
lvmLVM2 tools
lvm_import_vdoUtility to import VDO volumes into a new volume group.
lvmconfigDisplay and manipulate configuration information
lvmdevicesManage the devices file
lvmdiskscanList devices that may be used as physical volumes
lvmdumpCreate lvm2 information dumps for diagnostic purposes
lvmlockctlControl for lvmlockd
lvmlockdLVM locking daemon
lvmpolldLVM poll daemon
lvmsadcLVM system activity data collector
lvmsarLVM system activity reporter
lvreduceReduce the size of a logical volume
lvremoveRemove logical volume(s) from the system
lvrenameRename a logical volume
lvresizeResize a logical volume
lvsDisplay information about logical volumes
lvscanList all logical volumes in all volume groups
mail.lmtpDeliver mail through LMTP
mail.localStore mail in a mailbox
mail.maildirStore mail in a maildir
mail.mboxfileDeliver mail to a file in mbox format
mail.mdaDeliver mail to a program
make-bcacheCreate a cache device
makemapCreate database maps for smtpd
makepkgPackage build utility
makewhatisIndex UNIX manuals
mandbCreate or update the manual page index caches
mapscrnLoad screen output mapping table
masscanFast scan of the Internet
masterPostfix master process
masterguardDriver for Masterguard UPS equipment
matchpathconGet the default SELinux security context for the specified path from the file contexts configuration
mceDaemon that provides mode control functionality
mcetoolTool to test mode control functionality
mdadmManage MD devices aka Linux Software RAID
mdmonMonitor MD external metadata arrays
memhogAllocates memory with policy for testing
metasysDriver for Meta System UPS equipment
mge-shutDriver for SHUT Protocol UPS equipment
mge-utalkDriver for MGE UPS SYSTEMS UTalk protocol equipment
microdowellDriver for Microdowell Enterprise UPS series
microsol-apcDriver for APC Back-UPS BR UPS equipment
migratepagesMigrate the physical location a processes pages
migspeedTest the speed of page migration
mii-toolView, manipulate media-independent interface status
milter-greylistGrey listing filter for sendmail
mingettyMinimal getty for consoles
mini_httpdSmall HTTP server
mini_sendmailAccept email on behalf of real sendmail
minidlnadMiniDLNA DLNA/UPnP-AV Server
miniupnpdUPnP Internet Gateway Device Daemon
mission-control-5Telepathy account manager/chanel dispatcher
mkcpMake a NILFS2 checkpoint
mkdosfsCreate an MS-DOS FAT filesystem
mke2fsCreate an ext2/ext3/ext4 file system
mkexfatfsCreate an exFAT file system
mkfsBuild a Linux filesystem
mkfs.bfsMake an SCO bfs filesystem
mkfs.btrfsCreate a btrfs filesystem
mkfs.cramfsMake compressed ROM file system
mkfs.exfatCreate an exFAT filesystem
mkfs.ext2Create an ext2/ext3/ext4 file system
mkfs.ext3Create an ext2/ext3/ext4 file system
mkfs.ext4Create an ext2/ext3/ext4 file system
mkfs.f2fsCreate an F2FS file system
mkfs.fatCreate an MS-DOS FAT filesystem
mkfs.hfsplusConstruct a new HFS Plus file system
mkfs.jfsCreate a JFS formatted partition
mkfs.minixMake a Minix filesystem
mkfs.msdosCreate an MS-DOS FAT filesystem
mkfs.nilfs2Create a NILFS2 filesystem
mkfs.ntfsCreate an NTFS file system
mkfs.vfatCreate an MS-DOS FAT filesystem
mkfs.xfsConstruct an XFS filesystem
mkhomedir_helperHelper binary that creates home directories
mklost+foundCreate a lost+found directory on a mounted Linux second extended file system
mkntfsCreate an NTFS file system
mkswapSet up a Linux swap area
mkudffsCreate a UDF filesystem
modinfoShow information about a Linux Kernel module
modprobeAdd and remove modules from the Linux Kernel
monkeysphere-authenticationMonkeysphere authentication admin tool.
monkeysphere-hostMonkeysphere host key administration tool.
monmaptoolCeph monitor cluster map manipulation tool
mopidyctlManage the Mopidy music server system service
mosquittoAn MQTT broker
mountMount a filesystem
mount.cephMount a Ceph file system
mount.cifsMount using the Common Internet File System (CIFS)
mount.davfsMount a WebDAV resource as davfs2 file system
mount.ecryptfsECryptfs mount helper.
mount.efsMount helper for using Amazon EFS file systems.
mount.exfat-fuseMount an exFAT file system
mount.fuseFormat and options for the fuse file systems
mount.fuse.cephMount ceph-fuse from /etc/fstab.
mount.fuse3Configuration and mount options for FUSE file systems
mount.lowntfs-3gThird Generation Read/Write NTFS Driver
mount.nfsMount a Network File System
mount.nilfs2Mount a NILFS2 file system
mount.ntfs-3gThird Generation Read/Write NTFS Driver
mount.smb3Mount using the Common Internet File System (CIFS)
mount.zfsMount ZFS filesystem
mountdNFS mount daemon
mountstatsDisplays various NFS client per-mount statistics
mpathpersistManages SCSI persistent reservations on dm multipath devices.
mtr-gtkA network diagnostic tool
mtr-packet-gtkSend and receive network probes
mtr-packetSend and receive network probes
mtrA network diagnostic tool
mtracebisA multicast trace client
multilogReads a sequence of lines from stdin and appends selected lines to any number of logs.
multipathDevice mapper target autoconfig.
multipathcInteractive client for multipathd
multipathdMultipath daemon.
musl-nscdDaemon that provides
mysqldThe MariaDB server (mysqld is now a symlink to mariadbd)
namedInternet domain name server
nameifName network interfaces based on MAC addresses
nbd-clientConnect to a server running nbd-server(1), to use its exported block device
ndisc6ICMPv6 Neighbor Discovery tool
ndptoolNeighbor Discovery Protocol tool
negotiate_kerberos_authSquid kerberos based authentication helper
netTool for administration of Samba and remote CIFS servers.
netatalkNetatalk AFP server service controller daemon
netcapA program to see capabilities
nethogsNet top tool grouping bandwidth per process
netstatPrint network connections, routing tables, interface statistics, masquerade connections, and multicast memberships
netxml-upsDriver for Eaton / MGE Network Management Card / Proxy (XML/HTTP Protocol) equipment
newaliasesRebuild mail aliases
newusersUpdate and create new users in batch
nfctCommand line tool to configure with the connection tracking system
nfsconfQuery various NFS configuration settings
nfsdNFS server process
nfsdcldNFSv4 Client Tracking Daemon
nfsdclddbTool for manipulating the nfsdcld sqlite database
nfsdclntsPrint various nfs client information for knfsd server.
nfsdcltrackNFSv4 Client Tracking Callout Program
nfsidmapThe NFS idmapper upcall program
nfsiostatEmulate iostat for NFS mount points using /proc/self/mountstats
nfsstatList NFS statistics
nftAdministration tool of the nftables framework for packet filtering and classification
nginx"HTTP and reverse proxy server, mail proxy server"
ngircdThe "next generation" IRC daemon
ngrepNetwork grep
nhrpdA Next Hop Routing Protocol routing engine for use with Quagga routing software.
nilfs-cleanRun garbage collector on NILFS file system
nilfs-resizeResize NILFS file system volume size
nilfs-tuneAdjust tunable file system parameters on NILFS file system
nilfsThe new implementation of a log-structured file system
nilfs_cleanerdNILFS2 garbage collector
nl-classid-lookupLookup classid definitions
nl-pktloc-lookupLookup packet location definitions
nl-qdisc-addManage queueing disciplines
nm-cloud-setupOverview of Automatic Network Configuration in Cloud
nm-initrd-generatorEarly boot NetworkManager configuration generator
nmbdNetBIOS name server to provide NetBIOS over IP naming services to clients
nologinPolitely refuse a login
npd6Neighbor proxy daemon ipv6
nscdName service cache daemon
nsd-checkconfNSD configuration file checker.
nsd-checkzoneNSD zone file syntax checker.
nsd-controlNSD remote server control utility.
nsdName Server Daemon (NSD) version 4.7.0.
nslcdLocal LDAP name service daemon
nslinkDevice driver for DeviceMaster
nslinkadminIP admin utility for the DeviceMaster
nslinkdDevice daemon for NS-Link driver
nslinkreleaseForce a port to be released on a DeviceMaster.
nslinktoolX11 GUI for DeviceMaster administration
ntfs-3gThird Generation Read/Write NTFS Driver
ntfs-3g.probeProbe an NTFS volume mountability
ntfscatPrint NTFS files and streams on the standard output
ntfscloneEfficiently clone, image, restore or rescue an NTFS
ntfsclusterIdentify files in a specified region of an NTFS volume.
ntfscmpCompare two NTFS filesystems and tell the differences
ntfscpCopy file to an NTFS volume.
ntfsdecryptDecrypt or update NTFS files encrypted according to EFS
ntfsfallocatePreallocate space to a file on an NTFS volume
ntfsfixFix common errors and force Windows to check NTFS
ntfsinfoDump a file's attributes
ntfslabelDisplay/change the label on an ntfs file system
ntfslsList directory contents on an NTFS filesystem
ntfsprogsTools for doing neat things with NTFS
ntfsrecoverRecover updates committed by Windows on an NTFS volume
ntfsresizeResize an NTFS filesystem without data loss
ntfssecauditNTFS Security Data Auditing
ntfstruncateTruncate a file on an NTFS volume
ntfsundeleteRecover a deleted file from an NTFS volume.
ntfsusermapNTFS Building a User Mapping File
ntfswipeOverwrite unused space on an NTFS volume
ntpctlControl the Network Time Protocol daemon
ntpdNetwork Time Protocol service daemon
ntpfrobFrob the clock hardware
ntpkeygenCreate and manage NTP host keys
ntpleapfetchLeap-seconds file manager/updater
ntpsnmpdNTP Simple Network Management Protocol sub-agent
ntptimeRead and set kernel time variables
ntpwaitWait for ntpd to stabilize the system clock
numactlControl NUMA policy for processes or shared memory
numastatShow per-NUMA-node memory statistics for processes and the operating system
nut-driver-enumeratorTool to map NUT device entries to service instances
nut-recorderUtility to record device status and values changes
nut-scannerScan communication buses for NUT devices
nutdrv_atcl_usbDriver for 'ATCL FOR UPS' equipment
nutdrv_qxDriver for Q* protocol serial and USB based UPS equipment
nutdrv_siemens_sitopDriver for the Siemens SITOP UPS500 series UPS
nuttcpNetwork performance measurement tool
nutupsdrvGeneric manual for unified NUT drivers
ocspcheckCheck a certificate for validity against its OCSP responder
ofonodOFono mobile telephony daemon
oidentdFlexible, RFC 1413 compliant ident daemon with NAT support
oneacDriver for Oneac UPS equipment
openconnectMulti-protocol VPN client, for Cisco AnyConnect VPNs and others
opendkim-genkeyDKIM filter key generation tool
opendkim-genzoneDKIM public key zone file generation tool
opendkim-testkeyDKIM filter installation test
opendkim-testmsgDKIM message tst
opendkimDKIM signing and verifying filter for MTAs
opendmarc-checkDMARC record check tool
opendmarc-expireOpenDMARC history data expiration tool
opendmarc-importOpenDMARC aggregate report data import tool
opendmarc-importstatsImport OpenDMARC statistics/history data
opendmarc-paramsOpenDMARC reporting parameters setup tool
opendmarc-reportsOpenDMARC aggregate report generation tool
opendmarcDMARC email policy filter for MTAs
opennhrp-scriptNHRP peer configuration script
opennhrpDaemon to resolve next hop address in NBMA network
opennhrpctlOpennhrp administrative control tool
openrazer-daemonDaemon to manage Razer devices in userspace
openrc-initThe parent of all processes
openrc-runA means of hooking shell commands into a service
openrc-settingsdSystem settings D-Bus service for OpenRC
openrc-shutdownBring the system down
openrcStops and starts services for the specified runlevel
openvasThe Scanner of the Greenbone Vulnerability Management
openvpnSecure IP tunnel daemon
opingSend ICMP ECHO_REQUEST to network hosts
optiupsDriver for Opti-UPS (Viewsonic) UPS and Zinto D (ONLINE-USV) equipment
oqmgrOld Postfix queue manager
oscap-chrootTool for offline SCAP evaluation of filesystems mounted at arbitrary paths.
oscap-dockerTool for running oscap within docker container or image
oscap-podmanTool for offline SCAP evaluation of Podman container images and Podman containers
oscap-sshTool for running oscap over SSH and collecting results.
oscap-vmTool for offline SCAP evaluation of virtual machines.
oscapOpenSCAP command line tool
osdmaptoolCeph osd cluster map manipulation tool
ospf6dAn OSPFv3 routing engine for use with Quagga routing software.
ospfclientAn example ospf-api client
ospfdAn OSPFv2 routing engine for use with Quagga routing software.
ovs-bugtoolOpen vSwitch bug reporting utility
ovs-dpctl-topTop like behavior for ovs-dpctl dump-flows
ovs-dpctlAdminister Open vSwitch datapaths
ovs-kmod-ctlOVS startup helper script for loading kernel modules
ovs-ofctlAdminister OpenFlow switches
ovs-testcontrollerSimple OpenFlow controller for testing
ovs-vsctlUtility for querying and configuring ovs-vswitchd
ovs-vswitchdOpen vSwitch daemon
ownershipCompaq ownership tag retriever
pacman-confQuery pacman's configuration file
pacman-keyManage pacman's list of trusted keys
pacmanPackage manager utility
pacstrapInstall packages to the specified new root directory
pam_accessPAM module for logdaemon style login access control
pam_cgfsCgroup management for unprivileged LXC containers.
pam_debugPAM module to debug the PAM stack
pam_denyThe locking-out PAM module
pam_duoPAM module for Duo authentication
pam_echoPAM module for printing text messages
pam_ecryptfsPAM module for eCryptfs
pam_elogindRegister user sessions in the elogind login manager
pam_envPAM module to set/unset environment variables
pam_execPAM module which calls an external command
pam_faildelayChange the delay on failure per-application
pam_faillockModule counting authentication failures during a specified interval
pam_filterPAM filter module
pam_fprintdPAM module to authenticate against fprintd, the fingerprint daemon
pam_ftpPAM module for anonymous access module
pam_google_authenticatorPAM module for Google two-factor authentication
pam_groupPAM module for group access
pam_issuePAM module to add issue file to user prompt
pam_keyinitKernel session keyring initialiser module
pam_ldapPAM module for LDAP-based authentication
pam_limitsPAM module to limit resources
pam_listfileDeny or allow services based on an arbitrary file
pam_localuserRequire users to be listed in /etc/passwd
pam_loginuidRecord user's login uid to the process attribute
pam_mailInform about available mail
pam_mkhomedirPAM module to create users home directory
pam_motdDisplay the motd file
pam_namespacePAM module for configuring namespace for a session
pam_namespace_helperHelper binary that creates home directories
pam_nologinPrevent non-root users from login
pam_permitThe promiscuous module
pam_pwhistoryPAM module to remember last passwords
pam_pwqualityPAM module to perform password quality checking
pam_rootokGain only root access
pam_rundirProvide user runtime directory
pam_securettyLimit root login to special devices
pam_setquotaPAM module to set or modify disk quotas on session start
pam_shellsPAM module to check for valid login shell
pam_stressThe stress-testing PAM module
pam_succeed_ifTest account characteristics
pam_timePAM module for time control access
pam_timestampAuthenticate using cached successful authentication attempts
pam_timestamp_checkCheck to see if the default timestamp is valid
pam_u2fModule for U2F authentication
pam_umaskPAM module to set the file mode creation mask
pam_unixModule for traditional password authentication
pam_usertypeCheck if the authenticated user is a system or regular account
pam_warnPAM module which logs all PAM items if called
pam_wheelOnly permit root access to members of group wheel
pam_winbindPAM module for Winbind
pam_xauthPAM module to forward xauth keys between users
pam_yubicoModule for YubiKey authentication
partcloneThe utility for clone and restore a partition.
partclone.chkimgThe utility to check image made by partclone
partclone.ddUnsupported file system backup utility.(like `dd` )
partclone.infoThe utility to show image head information.
partclone.ntfsfixbootDeals with braindeadness with moving NTFS filesystems.
partclone.restoreRestore partclone image to device.
partedA partition manipulation program
partprobeInform the OS of partition table changes
partxTell the kernel about the presence and numbering of on-disk partitions
pccardctlPCMCIA card control utility
pcscdPC/SC Smart Card Daemon
pdbeditManage the SAM database (Database of Samba Users)
perditionPOP3 and IMAP4 proxy server
perdition.imap4POP3 and IMAP4 proxy server
perdition.imap4sPOP3 and IMAP4 proxy server
perdition.imapsPOP3 and IMAP4 proxy server
perdition.managesievePOP3 and IMAP4 proxy server
perdition.pop3POP3 and IMAP4 proxy server
perdition.pop3sPOP3 and IMAP4 proxy server
perfdhcpDHCP benchmarking tool
pethtoolDisplay or change ethernet card settings
pgrphackRuns a program in a separate process group.
phoenixcontact_modbusDriver for Phoenix Contact
photorecRecover lost files from harddisk, digital camera and cdrom
php-fpm81PHP FastCGI Process Manager 'PHP-FPM'
php-fpm82PHP FastCGI Process Manager 'PHP-FPM'
pickupPostfix local mail pickup
pifconfigDisplay information about a network interface
pimdA PIM routing for use with Quagga Routing Suite.
pinguMulti ISP policy routing, failover and load-balancing daemon
pinguctlPingu administration client
pipePostfix delivery to external command
pivot_rootChange the root filesystem
pknlusrUserspace monitor for successful xt_pknock matches
pktsetupSet up and tear down packet device associations
plipconfigFine tune PLIP device parameters
plocate-buildGenerate index for plocate
pluginviewerList loadable SASL plugins and their properties
plymouthA graphical boot system and logger
plymouthdThe plymouth daemon
polkitAuthorization Manager
polkitdThe polkit system daemon
postDeliver an nmh message
postfwdPostfix firewall daemon
postfwd1Postfix firewall daemon
postfwd2Postfix firewall daemon
postfwd3Postfix firewall daemon
postlogdPostfix internal log server
postscreenPostfix zombie blocker
poundHTTP/HTTPS reverse-proxy and load-balancer
poundctlControl the pound daemon
powercomUPS driver for serial Powercom/Trust/Advice UPS equipment
powerpanelDriver for serial PowerPanel Plus compatible UPS equipment
powertopA power consumption and power management diagnosis tool.
pppd-radattrRADIUS utility plugin for pppd (8)
pppd-radiusRADIUS authentication plugin for pppd (8)
pppdPoint-to-Point Protocol Daemon
pppdumpConvert PPP record file to readable format
pppoe-discoveryPerform PPPoE discovery
pppoe-relayUser-space PPPoE relay agent.
pppoe-serverUser-space PPPoE server
pppoe-sniffExamine network for non-standard PPPoE frames
pppoeUser-space PPPoE client.
pppstatsPrint PPP statistics
ppscheckTool to check a serial port for PPS
privoxyPrivacy Enhancing Proxy
probe-bcacheProbe a bcache device
proftpdProfessional configurable, secure file transfer protocol server
proxymapPostfix lookup table proxy server
psadThe Port Scan Attack Detector
psadwatchdChecks to make sure kmsgsd and psad are running.
pscapA program to see capabilities
pure-authdExternal authentication agent for Pure-FTPd.
pure-certdTLS certificate agent for Pure-FTPd.
pure-ftpdSimple File Transfer Protocol server
pure-ftpwhoReport current FTP sessions
pure-mrtginfoProvide an MRTG-graphable user count for ftpd
pure-pwManage virtual users files for Pure-FTPd
pure-pwconvertGenerate a virtual users file from system accounts
pure-quotacheckUpdate virtual quota files for Pure-FTPd
pure-statsdecodeShow human-readable dates from a "stats" logfile
pure-uploadscriptAutomatically run an external program after a successful upload
pvchangeChange attributes of physical volume(s)
pvckCheck metadata on physical volumes
pvcreateInitialize physical volume(s) for use by LVM
pvdisplayDisplay various attributes of physical volume(s)
pvmoveMove extents from one physical volume to another
pvremoveRemove LVM label(s) from physical volume(s)
pvresizeResize physical volume(s)
pvsDisplay information about physical volumes
pvscanList all physical volumes
pwckVerify the integrity of password files
pwconvConvert to and from shadow passwords and groups
pwhistory_helperHelper binary that transfers password hashes from passwd or shadow to opasswd
pwmconfigTests the PWM outputs of sensors and configures fancontrol
qemu-gaQEMU Guest Agent
qemu-nbdQEMU Disk Network Block Device Server
qemu-pr-helperQEMU persistent reservation helper
qmgrPostfix queue manager
qmqpdPostfix QMQP server
quotacheckScan a filesystem for disk usage, create, check and repair quota files
quotaoffTurn filesystem quotas on and off
quotaonTurn filesystem quotas on and off
quotastatsProgram to query quota statistics
radcryptGenerate password hash for use with radius, or validates a password hash
raddebugDisplay debugging output from a running server.
radiusdAuthentication, Authorization and Accounting server
radminFreeRADIUS Administration tool
radosRados object storage utility
radosgw-adminRados REST gateway user administration utility
radosgwRados REST gateway
radrelayDeprecated command.
radsecproxy-hashPrint digests of Ethernet MAC addresses
radsecproxyA generic RADIUS proxy that provides both RADIUS UDP and TCP/TLS (RadSec) transport.
radsniffDump radius protocol
radsqlrelayRelay SQL queries to a central database server
radvdRouter advertisement daemon for IPv6
radvdumpDump router advertisements
raid6checkCheck MD RAID6 device for errors aka Linux Software RAID
rarpManipulate the system RARP table
ras-mc-ctlRAS memory controller admin utility
rbd-fuseExpose rbd images as files
rbd-mirrorCeph daemon for mirroring RBD images
rbd-nbdMap rbd images to nbd device
rbd-replay-manyReplay a rados block device (RBD) workload on several clients
rbd-replay-prepPrepare captured rados block device (RBD) workloads for replay
rbd-replayReplay rados block device (RBD) workloads
rbdManage rados block device (RBD) images
rbdmapMap RBD devices at boot time
rc-serviceLocate and run an OpenRC service with the given arguments
rc-sstatShow status info about services supervised by s6 then rc-status info
rc-statusShow status info about runlevels
rc-updateAdd and remove services to and from a runlevel
rdateSet the system's date from a remote host
rdisc6ICMPv6 Router Discovery tool
rdma-devRDMA device configuration
rdma-linkRdma link configuration
rdma-resourceRdma resource configuration
rdma-statisticRDMA statistic counter configuration
rdma-systemRDMA subsystem configuration
rdmaRDMA tool
rdnssdIPv6 Recursive DNS Server discovery Daemon
readproctitleMaintains an automatically rotated log in memory for inspection by ps (1).
readprofileRead kernel profiling information
redirectSimple redirection CGI program
repo-addPackage database maintenance utility
repo-removePackage database maintenance utility
repquotaSummarize quotas for a filesystem
request-keyHandle key instantiation callback requests from the kernel
rescan-scsi-bus.shScript to add and remove SCSI devices without rebooting
resize.f2fsResize filesystem size
resize2fsExt2/ext3/ext4 file system resizer
resizeconsChange kernel idea of the console size
resizepartTell the kernel about the new size of a partition
resolvconfA framework for managing multiple DNS configurations
rfkillTool for enabling and disabling wireless devices
rgw-orphan-listList rados objects that are not indexed by rgw
rhinoDriver for Brazilian Microsol RHINO UPS equipment
richcomm_usbDriver UPS equipment using Richcomm dry-contact to USB solution
riello_serDriver for Riello UPS Protocol UPS equipment
riello_usbDriver for Riello UPS Protocol UPS equipment via USB
ripdA RIP routing engine for use with Quagga routing software.
ripngdA RIPNG routing engine for use with Quagga routing software.
rlm_ippool_toolDump the contents of the FreeRadius ippool database files
rlm_sqlippool_toolManage SQL IP pools
rltraceroute6IPv6 traceroute tool
rmcpRemove NILFS2 checkpoints
rmcppingSend RMCP Ping to network hosts
rmmodSimple program to remove a module from the Linux Kernel
rmtRemote magnetic tape server
rndc-confgenRndc key generation tool
rndcName server control utility
rngdCheck and feed random data from hardware device to kernel random device
rotatelogsPiped logging program to rotate Apache logs
routeShow / manipulate the IP routing table
routelList routes with pretty output format
rpc.gssdRPCSEC_GSS daemon
rpc.idmapdNFSv4 ID <-> Name Mapper
rpc.mountdNFS mount daemon
rpc.nfsdNFS server process reboot notifications to NFS peers
rpc.statdNSM service daemon
rpc.svcgssdServer-side rpcsec_gss daemon
rpcbindUniversal addresses to RPC program number mapper
rpcctlDisplays SunRPC connection information
rpcdebugSet and clear NFS and RPC kernel debug flags
rpcinfoReport RPC information
rpki-clientRPKI validator to support BGP routing security
rrdcollectRound-Robin Database Collecting Daemon.
rspamdMain daemon for rapid spam filtering system
rsyslogdReliable and extended syslogd
rtacctNetwork statistics tools.
rtcwakeEnter a system sleep state until specified wakeup time
rtkitctlRealtime Policy and Watchdog daemon control
rtmonListens to and monitors RTnetlink
rtmpgwRTMP streaming media gateway
rtpproxyRTP (Real-time Transport Protocol) Proxy Server
run-partsRun scripts or programs in a directory
runc-checkpointCheckpoint a running container
runc-createCreate a container
runc-deleteDelete any resources held by the container
runc-eventsDisplay container events and statistics.
runc-execExecute new process inside the container
runc-killSend a specified signal to container
runc-listLists containers
runc-pauseSuspend all processes inside the container
runc-psDisplay the processes inside a container
runc-restoreRestore a container from a previous checkpoint
runc-resumeResume all processes that have been previously paused
runc-runCreate and start a container
runc-specCreate a new specification file
runc-start(unknown subject)
runc-stateShow the state of a container
runc-updateUpdate running container resource constraints
runcOpen Container Initiative runtime
runit-initA UNIX process no 1
runitA UNIX process no 1
runsvStarts and monitors a service and optionally an appendant log service
runsvchdirChange services directory of runsvdir(8)
runsvdirStarts and monitors a collection of runsv(8) processes
saSummarizes accounting information
sa1Collect and store binary data in the system activity daily data file.
sa2Create a report from the current standard system activity daily data file.
sadcSystem activity data collector.
safe_asteriskA wrapper to run the asterisk executable in a loop
safenetDriver for SafeNet compatible UPS equipment
samba-bgqdThis is an internal helper program performing asynchronous printing-related jobs.
samba-dcerpcdThis is one of Samba's DCERPC server processes that can listen on sockets where RPC services are offered and is the parent process of the DCERPC services it invokes. Unless separately invoked it is started on demand from smbd or winbind and serves DCERPC...
samba-gpupdateApply group policy
samba-regeditNcurses based tool to manage the Samba registry
samba-toolMain Samba administration tool.
sambaServer to provide AD and SMB/CIFS services to clients
samba_downgrade_dbSamba tool for downgrading AD databases
sanedSANE network daemon
saslauthdSasl authentication server
sasldblistusers2List users in sasldb
saslpasswd2Set a user's sasl password
sbctlSecure Boot Manager
scachePostfix shared connection cache server
scap-as-rpmTakes given SCAP input(s) and packs them in an RPM package
scsi_logging_levelAccess Linux SCSI logging level information
scsi_mandatCheck SCSI device support for mandatory commands
scsi_readcapDo SCSI READ CAPACITY command on disks
scsi_readyDo SCSI TEST UNIT READY on devices
scsi_satlCheck SCSI to ATA Translation (SAT) device support
scsi_startStart one or more SCSI disks
scsi_stopStop (spin down) one or more SCSI disks
scsi_temperatureFetch the temperature of a SCSI device
security_fake_certverifyA fake cert validation helper for Squid
security_file_certgenSSL certificate generator for Squid.
sefcontext_compileCompile file context regular expression files
selinuxNSA Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux)
selinuxenabledTool to be used within shell scripts to determine if selinux is enabled
selinuxexecconReport SELinux context used for this executable
semodule_expandExpand a SELinux policy module package.
semodule_linkLink SELinux policy module packages together
semodule_packageCreate a SELinux policy module package.
semodule_unpackageExtract policy module and file context file from an SELinux policy module package.
sendmailA mail enqueuer for
sensordSensor information logging daemon.
sensors-conf-convertSensors configuration conversion
sensors-detectDetect hardware monitoring chips
ser2netSerial to network proxy
setarchChange reported architecture in new program environment and/or set personality flags
setcapSet file capabilities
setenforceModify the mode SELinux is running in
setfontLoad EGA/VGA console screen font
setkeycodesLoad kernel scancode-to-keycode mapping table entries
setlockRuns another program with a file locked.
setpciConfigure PCI devices
setquotaSet disk quotas
setserialGet/set Linux serial port information
setuidgidRuns another program under a specified account's uid and gid.
setuserRuns another program under a specified account's environment.
setvtrgbSet the virtual terminal RGB colors
sfdiskDisplay or manipulate a disk partition table
sftp-adminMySecureShell Command
sftp-killMySecureShell Command
sftp-serverOpenSSH SFTP server subsystem
sftp-stateMySecureShell Command
sftp-userMySecureShell Command
sftp-verifMySecureShell Command
sftp-whoMySecureShell Command
sg3_utilsA package of utilities for sending SCSI commands
sg_bg_ctlSend SCSI BACKGROUND CONTROL command
sg_compare_and_writeSend the SCSI COMPARE AND WRITE command
sg_copy_resultsSend SCSI RECEIVE COPY RESULTS command (XCOPY related)
sg_ddCopy data to and from files and devices, especially SCSI devices
sg_decode_senseDecode SCSI sense and related data
sg_emc_trespassChange ownership of SCSI LUN from another Service-Processor to this one
sg_formatFormat, format with preset, resize SCSI disk; format tape
sg_get_configSend SCSI GET CONFIGURATION command (MMC-4 +)
sg_get_elem_statusSend SCSI GET PHYSICAL ELEMENT STATUS command
sg_get_lba_statusSend SCSI GET LBA STATUS(16 or 32) command
sg_inqIssue SCSI INQUIRY command and/or decode its response
sg_logsAccess log pages with SCSI LOG SENSE command
sg_lunsSend SCSI REPORT LUNS command or decode given LUN
sg_mapDisplays mapping between Linux sg and other SCSI devices
sg_map26Map SCSI generic (sg) device to corresponding device names
sg_modesReads mode pages with SCSI MODE SENSE command
sg_opcodesReport supported SCSI commands or task management functions
sg_persistUse SCSI PERSISTENT RESERVE command to access registrations and reservations
sg_rawSend arbitrary SCSI or NVMe command to a device
sg_rbufReads data using SCSI READ BUFFER command
sg_rdacDisplay or modify SCSI RDAC Redundant Controller mode page
sg_readRead multiple blocks of data, optionally with SCSI READ commands
sg_read_attrSend SCSI READ ATTRIBUTE command
sg_read_block_limitsSend SCSI READ BLOCK LIMITS command
sg_read_bufferSend SCSI READ BUFFER command
sg_read_longSend a SCSI READ LONG command
sg_readcapSend SCSI READ CAPACITY command
sg_reassignSend SCSI REASSIGN BLOCKS command
sg_referralsSend SCSI REPORT REFERRALS command
sg_rep_zonesSend SCSI REPORT ZONES, REALMS or ZONE DOMAINS command
sg_requestsSend one or more SCSI REQUEST SENSE commands
sg_resetSends SCSI device, target, bus or host reset; or checks reset state
sg_reset_wpSend SCSI RESET WRITE POINTER command
sg_safteAccess SCSI Accessed Fault-Tolerant Enclosure (SAF-TE) device
sg_sanitizeRemove all user data from disk with SCSI SANITIZE command
sg_sat_identifySend ATA IDENTIFY DEVICE command via SCSI to ATA Translation (SAT) layer
sg_sat_phy_eventUse ATA READ LOG EXT via a SAT pass-through to fetch SATA phy event counters
sg_sat_read_gplogUse ATA READ LOG EXT command via a SCSI to ATA Translation (SAT) layer
sg_sat_set_featuresUse ATA SET FEATURES command via a SCSI to ATA Translation (SAT) layer
sg_scanScans sg devices (or SCSI/ATAPI/ATA devices) and prints results
sg_seekSend SCSI SEEK, PRE-FETCH(10) or PRE-FETCH(16) command
sg_senddiagPerforms a SCSI SEND DIAGNOSTIC command
sg_sesAccess a SCSI Enclosure Services (SES) device
sg_ses_microcodeSend microcode to a SCSI enclosure
sg_startSend SCSI START STOP UNIT command: start, stop, load or eject medium
sg_stream_ctlSend SCSI STREAM CONTROL or GET STREAM STATUS command
sg_syncSend SCSI SYNCHRONIZE CACHE command
sg_test_rwbufTest a SCSI host adapter by issuing dummy writes and reads
sg_timestampReport or set timestamp on SCSI device
sg_tursSend one or more SCSI TEST UNIT READY commands
sg_unmapSend SCSI UNMAP command (known as 'trim' in ATA specs)
sg_verifyInvoke SCSI VERIFY command(s) on a block device
sg_vpdFetch SCSI VPD page and/or decode its response
sg_wr_modeWrite (modify) SCSI mode page
sg_write_bufferSend SCSI WRITE BUFFER commands
sg_write_longSend SCSI WRITE LONG command
sg_write_sameSend SCSI WRITE SAME command
sg_write_verifySend the SCSI WRITE AND VERIFY command
sg_xcopyCopy data to and from files and devices using SCSI EXTENDED COPY (XCOPY)
sg_zoneSend a SCSI ZONE modifying command
sgdiskCommand-line GUID partition table (GPT) manipulator for Linux and Unix
sginfoAccess mode page information for a SCSI (or ATAPI) device
sgm_ddCopy data to and from files and devices, especially SCSI devices
sgp_ddCopy data to and from files and devices, especially SCSI devices
shorewall-initCompanion package
shorewallAdministration tool for Shoreline Firewall (Shorewall)
shorewall6Administration tool for Shoreline Firewall 6 (Shorewall6)
show-shared-extentsShow extents that are shared.
showconsolefontShow the current EGA/VGA console screen font
showmountShow mount information for an NFS server
showqList the Postfix mail queue
slapaclCheck access to a list of attributes.
slapaddAdd entries to a SLAPD database
slapauthCheck a list of string-represented IDs for LDAP authc/authz
slapcatSLAPD database to LDIF utility
slapdStand-alone LDAP Daemon
slapdnCheck a list of string-represented LDAP DNs based on schema syntax
slapindexReindex entries in a SLAPD database
slapmodifyModify entries in a SLAPD database
slappasswdOpenLDAP password utility
slapschemaSLAPD in-database schema checking utility
slaptestCheck the suitability of the OpenLDAP slapd configuration
slattachAttach a network interface to a serial line
slnCreate symbolic links
sload.f2fsLoad directories and files into the device directly
sm-notifySend reboot notifications to NFS peers
smartctlControl and Monitor Utility for SMART Disks
smartdSMART Disk Monitoring Daemon
smbdServer to provide SMB/CIFS services to clients
smbpasswdChange a user's SMB password
smbspoolSend a print file to an SMB printer
smbspool_krb5_wrapperThis is a CUPS printing backend which calls smbspool
sms_serDriver for SMS UPS Protocol 1Phase.
smtpPostfix SMTP+LMTP client
smtpctlControl the SMTP daemon
smtpdSimple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) daemon
sndiodAudio/MIDI server
sngrepSIP Messages flow viewer
sniproxyTransparent session based TLS and HTTP proxy
snmp-upsMulti-MIB Driver for SNMP UPS equipment
snmpdDaemon to respond to SNMP request packets.
snmptrapdReceive and log SNMP trap messages.
sockdNetwork proxyserver
socklog-checkChecks for the availability of a socklog(8) service.
socklog-confSets up a socklog(8) service.
socklogSmall and secure syslogd replacement for use with runit
socomec_jbusDriver for Socomec JBUS UPS with RS-232 serial Modbus connection.
softflowctlRemote control program for softflowd
softflowdTraffic flow monitoring
softlimitRuns another program with new resource limits.
solisDriver for Brazilian Microsol SOLIS UPS equipment
spawnPostfix external command spawner
spostFeed a message to sendmail
squark-auth-snmpSquark authentication helper for Squid
squidHTTP web proxy caching server
ssAnother utility to investigate sockets
sserverSample Kerberos version 5 server
ssh-keysignOpenSSH helper for host-based authentication
ssh-pkcs11-helperOpenSSH helper for PKCS#11 support
ssh-sk-helperOpenSSH helper for FIDO authenticator support
sshdOpenSSH daemon
sshguardBlock brute-force attacks by aggregating system logs
ssiServer-side-includes CGI program
ssmtpSend a message using smtp
start-stop-daemonEnsures that daemons start and stop
statdNSM service daemon
stinitInitialize SCSI magnetic tape drives
storeid_file_rewriteFile based Store-ID helper for Squid
stowManage farms of symbolic links
strfileCreate a random access file for storing strings
string2keyMap a password into a key
stunnelTLS offloading and load-balancing proxy
stunnel.plUniwersalny tunel protokołu TLS
sudoExecute a command as another user
sudo_logsrvdSudo event and I/O log server
sudo_sendlogSend sudo I/O log to log server
sudoeditExecute a command as another user
sudoreplayReplay sudo session logs
suexecSwitch user before executing external programs
supervise-daemonStarts a daemon and restarts it if it crashes
superviseStarts and monitors a service.
svControl and manage services monitored by runsv (8)
svcControls services monitored by supervise (8).
svcgssdServer-side rpcsec_gss daemon
svlogdRunit's service logging daemon
svnserveServer for the 'svn' repository access method
svokChecks whether supervise (8) is running.
svscanStarts and monitors a collection of services
svscanbootStarts svscan (8) in the /service directory, with output and error messages logged through readproctitle (8).
svstatPrints the status of services monitored by supervise (8).
svupChecks whether supervise (8) has started a service.
swanctlStrongSwan configuration, control and monitoring command line interface.
swaplabelPrint or change the label or UUID of a swap area
swaponEnable/disable devices and files for paging and swapping
switch_rootSwitch to another filesystem as the root of the mount tree
swtpm-create-tpmcaTool to create a local CA for swtpm_localca
swtpmTPM Emulator for TPM 1.2 and 2.0
swtpm_biosBIOS simulation tool for swtpm
swtpm_certTool to create EK and platform certs for swtpm (1.2 & 2.0)
swtpm_ioctlUtility for sending control commands to swtpm
swtpm_localcaLocal CA to create EK and platform certs for swtpm
swtpm_setupSwtpm tool to simulate the manufacturing of a TPM 1.2 or 2.0
sysctlConfigure kernel parameters at runtime
sysklogdLinux system logging utilities.
syslog-ngSyslog-ng system logger application
syslogdSyslog server
syslogtocernConvert thttpd syslog entries into CERN Common Log format
tacdTLS-ALPN Challenge Daemon
tai64nPuts a precise timestamp on each line.
tai64nlocalConverts precise TAI64N timestamps to a human-readable format.
targetcliAdministration shell for storage targets
tc-actionsIndependently defined actions in tc
tc-basicBasic traffic control filter
tc-bfifoPacket limited First In, First Out queue
tc-bpfBPF programmable classifier and actions for ingress/egress queueing disciplines
tc-cakeCommon Applications Kept Enhanced (CAKE)
tc-cbsCredit Based Shaper (CBS) Qdisc
tc-cgroupControl group based traffic control filter
tc-chokeChoose and keep scheduler
tc-codelControlled-Delay Active Queue Management algorithm
tc-connmarkNetfilter connmark retriever action
tc-csumChecksum update action
tc-ctTc connection tracking action
tc-ctinfoTc connmark processing action
tc-drrDeficit round robin scheduler
tc-ematchExtended matches for use with "basic", "cgroup" or "flow" filters
tc-etfEarliest TxTime First (ETF) Qdisc
tc-etsEnhanced Transmission Selection scheduler
tc-flowFlow based traffic control filter
tc-flowerFlow based traffic control filter
tc-fqFair Queue traffic policing
tc-fq_codelFair Queuing (FQ) with Controlled Delay (CoDel)
tc-fq_pieFlow Queue Proportional Integral controller Enhanced
tc-fwFwmark traffic control filter
tc-gateStream Gate Action
tc-hfscHierarchical Fair Service Curve's control under linux
tc-htbHierarchy Token Bucket
tc-ifeEncapsulate/decapsulate metadata
tc-matchallTraffic control filter that matches every packet
tc-mirredMirror/redirect action
tc-mplsMpls manipulation module
tc-mqprioMultiqueue Priority Qdisc (Offloaded Hardware QOS)
tc-natStateless native address translation action
tc-netemNetwork Emulator
tc-peditGeneric packet editor action
tc-pfifo_fastThree-band first in, first out queue
tc-pieProportional Integral controller-Enhanced AQM algorithm
tc-policePolicing action
tc-prioPriority qdisc
tc-redRandom Early Detection
tc-routeRoute traffic control filter
tc-samplePacket sampling tc action
tc-sfbStochastic Fair Blue
tc-sfqStochastic Fairness Queueing
tc-simpleBasic example action
tc-skbeditSKB editing action
tc-skbmodUser-friendly packet editor action
tc-skbprioSKB Priority Queue
tc-stabGeneric size table manipulations
tc-taprioTime Aware Priority Shaper
tc-tbfToken Bucket Filter
tc-tunnel_keyTunnel metadata manipulation
tc-u32Universal 32bit traffic control filter
tc-vlanVlan manipulation module
tc-xtTc iptables action
tcShow / manipulate traffic control settings
tcptraceroute6IPv6 traceroute tool
tdbbackupTool for backing up and for validating the integrity of samba .tdb files
tdbdumpTool for printing the contents of a TDB file
tdbrestoreTool for creating a TDB file out of a tdbdump output
tdbtoolManipulate the contents TDB files
teamdTeam network device control daemon
teamdctlTeam daemon control tool
teamnlTeam network device Netlink interface tool
telepathy-idleTelepathy connection manager for IRC
testdiskScan and repair disk partitions
testsaslauthdA test tool for saslauthd
tftpdTrivial File Transfer Protocol server
thin_checkValidates thin provisioning metadata on a device or file
thin_deltaPrint the differences in the mappings between two thin devices.
thin_dumpDump thin provisioning metadata from device or file to standard output.
thin_lsList thin volumes within a pool.
thin_metadata_packPack thin provisioning binary metadata.
thin_metadata_sizeThin provisioning metadata device/file size calculator.
thin_metadata_unpackUnpack thin provisioning binary metadata.
thin_repairRepair thin provisioning binary metadata.
thin_restoreRestore thin provisioning metadata file to device or file.
thin_rmapOutput reverse map of a thin provisioned region of blocks frommetadata device or file.
thin_trimIssue discard requests for free pool space (offline tool).
thttpdTiny/turbo/throttling HTTP server
tinc-guiTinc GUI
tincTinc VPN control
tincdTinc VPN daemon
tinyproxyA light-weight HTTP proxy daemon
tinysshd-makekeyCreate TinySSH key-directory
tinysshd-printkeyPrint TinySSH public-keys
tinysshdTiny SSH daemon
tinysshnoneauthdTiny SSH daemon with 'none' auth. enabled
tipc-bearerShow or modify TIPC bearers
tipc-linkShow links or modify link properties
tipc-mediaList or modify media properties
tipc-nametableShow TIPC nametable
tipc-nodeModify and show local node parameters or list peer nodes
tipc-peerModify peer information
tipc-socketShow TIPC socket (port) information
tipcA TIPC configuration and management tool
tkiptun-ngInject a few frames into a WPA TKIP network with QoS
tlp-statView power saving status
tlpApply laptop power saving settings
tlp.serviceInitialize power saving at boot and cleanup upon shutdown
tlsmgrPostfix TLS session cache and PRNG manager
tlsproxyPostfix TLS proxy
toggleseboolFlip the current value of a SELinux boolean
torsocksShell wrapper to simplify the use of the torsocks(8) library to transparently torify an application.
tpm2-abrmdTPM2 access broker and resource management daemon
traceroutePrint the route packets trace to network host
tracert6IPv6 traceroute tool
trippliteDriver for Tripp-Lite SmartPro UPS equipment
tripplite_usbDriver for older Tripp Lite USB UPSes (not PDC HID)
tripplitesuDriver for Tripp-Lite SmartOnline (SU) UPS equipment
trivial-rewritePostfix address rewriting and resolving daemon
tsig-keygenTSIG key generation tool
tsocksShell wrapper to simplify the use of the tsocks(8) library to transparently allow an application to use a SOCKS proxy
tune.exfatAdjust tunable filesystem parameters on an exFAT filesystem
tune2fsAdjust tunable file system parameters on ext2/ext3/ext4 file systems
turbostatReport processor frequency and idle statistics
ubinizeA tool for generating UBI images
udevadmUdev management tool
udevdDevice event managing daemon
udflabelShow or change UDF filesystem label
udiskieAutomounter for removable media
udisksDisk Manager
udisksdThe udisks system daemon
ufw-frameworkUsing the ufw framework
ufwProgram for managing a netfilter firewall
ulogdNetfilter/iptables logging daemon
umountUnmount filesystems
umount.davfsUmount-helper to unmount a davfs2 file system
umount.ecryptfsECryptfs umount helper.
umount.nfsUnmount a Network File System
umount.nilfs2Unmount NILFS2 file systems
umount.udisks2Unmount file systems that have been mounted by UDisks2
unbound-anchorUnbound anchor utility.
unbound-checkconfCheck Unbound configuration file for errors.
unbound-control-setupUnbound remote server control utility.
unbound-controlUnbound remote server control utility.
unboundUnbound DNS validating resolver 1.19.0.
unfsdNFS server process
unionfsA userspace unionfs implementation
unix_chkpwdHelper binary that verifies the password of the current user
unix_updateHelper binary that updates the password of a given user
update-ca-certificatesUpdate /etc/ssl/certs and ca-certificates.crt
update-smart-drivedbUpdate smartmontools drive database
updatedbUpdate a database for mlocate
upowerdUPower Daemon
upscExample lightweight UPS client
upscmdUPS administration program for instant commands
upscode2Driver for UPScode II compatible UPS equipment
upsdUPS information server
upsdrvctlUPS driver controller
upsdrvsvcctlUPS driver service instance controller
upslogUPS status logger
upsmonUPS monitor and shutdown controller
upsrwUPS variable administration tool
upsschedTimer helper for scheduling events from upsmon
uptimedDaemon to record uptime records
urfkilldUrfkill Daemon
url_lfs_rewriteA URL-rewriter based on local file existence
usbhid-dumpDump USB HID device report descriptors and streams
usbhid-upsDriver for USB/HID UPS equipment
usbipManage USB/IP devices
usbipdUSB/IP server daemon
useraddCreate a new user or update default new user information
userdelDelete a user account and related files
usermodModify a user account
utmpsetLogout a line from utmp and wtmp file
vbladeExport data via ATA over Ethernet
vde_tunctlCreate and manage persistent TUN/TAP interfaces
vdev_idGenerate user-friendly names for JBOD disks
vdpa-devVdpa device configuration
vdpa-mgmtdevVdpa management device view
vdpaVdpa management tool
vdptoolManage the VSI associations and status of lldpad
vercmpVersion comparison utility
verifyPostfix address verification server
verify_krb5_confChecks krb5.conf for obvious errors
veritysetupManage dm-verity (block level verification) volumes
vfs_acl_tdbSave NTFS-ACLs in a tdb file
vfs_acl_xattrSave NTFS-ACLs in Extended Attributes (EAs)
vfs_aio_forkImplement async I/O in Samba vfs
vfs_aio_pthreadImplement async open in Samba vfs using a pthread pool
vfs_auditRecord selected Samba VFS operations in the system log
vfs_btrfsUtilize features provided by the Btrfs filesystem
vfs_capCAP encode filenames
vfs_catiaTranslate illegal characters in Catia filenames
vfs_commitFlush dirty data at specified intervals
vfs_crossrenameServer side rename files across filesystem boundaries
vfs_default_quotaStore default quota records for Windows clients
vfs_dirsortSort directory contents
vfs_expand_msdfsExpand msdfs links depending on client IP
vfs_extd_auditRecord selected Samba VFS operations
vfs_fake_permsEnable read only Roaming Profiles
vfs_fileidGenerates file_id structs with unique device id values for cluster setups. It also adds ways to deliberately break lock coherency for specific inodes
vfs_fruitEnhanced OS X and Netatalk interoperability
vfs_full_auditRecord Samba VFS operations in the system log
vfs_glusterfs_fuseUtilize features provided by GlusterFS
vfs_gpfsGpfs specific samba extensions like acls
vfs_io_uringImplement async io in Samba vfs using io_uring of Linux (>= 5.1).
vfs_linux_xfs_sgidWorkaround XFS sgid bit not inherited
vfs_media_harmonyAllow multiple Avid clients to share a network drive.
vfs_offlineMark all files as offline
vfs_preopenHide read latencies for applications reading numbered files
vfs_readaheadPre-load the kernel buffer cache
vfs_readonlyMake a Samba share read only for a specified time period
vfs_recycleSamba VFS recycle bin
vfs_shadow_copyExpose snapshots to Windows clients as shadow copies.
vfs_shadow_copy2Expose snapshots to Windows clients as shadow copies.
vfs_shell_snapShell script callouts for snapshot creation and deletion
vfs_snapperExpose snapshots managed by snapper as shadow-copies
vfs_streams_depotEXPERIMENTAL module to store alternate data streams in a central directory.
vfs_streams_xattrStore alternate data streams in posix xattrs
vfs_syncopsEnsure meta data operations are performed synchronously.
vfs_time_auditSamba vfs module to log slow VFS operations
vfs_unityed_mediaAllow multiple Avid clients to share a network drive.
vfs_virusfilterOn access virus scanner
vfs_widelinksMake a Samba share ignore filesystem symbolic links inside a share
vfs_wormDisallows writes for older file
vfs_xattr_tdbSave Extended Attributes (EAs) in a tdb file
vgcfgbackupBackup volume group configuration(s)
vgcfgrestoreRestore volume group configuration
vgchangeChange volume group attributes
vgckCheck the consistency of volume group(s)
vgconvertChange volume group metadata format
vgcreateCreate a volume group
vgdisplayDisplay volume group information
vgexportUnregister volume group(s) from the system
vgextendAdd physical volumes to a volume group
vgimportRegister exported volume group with system
vgimportcloneImport a VG from cloned PVs
vgimportdevicesAdd devices for a VG to the devices file.
vgmergeMerge volume groups
vgmknodesCreate the special files for volume group devices in /dev
vgreduceRemove physical volume(s) from a volume group
vgremoveRemove volume group(s)
vgrenameRename a volume group
vgsDisplay information about volume groups
vgscanSearch for all volume groups
vgsplitMove physical volumes into a new or existing volume group
victronupsDriver for IMV/Victron UPS unit Match, Match Lite, NetUps
vipwEdit the password, group, shadow-password or shadow-group file
virt-ssh-helperLibvirt socket proxy
virtinterfacedLibvirt host network interface management daemon
virtlockdLibvirt lock management daemon
virtlogdLibvirt log management daemon
virtlxcdLibvirt LXC management daemon
virtnetworkdLibvirt virtual network management daemon
virtnodedevdLibvirt host device management daemon
virtnwfilterdLibvirt network filter management daemon
virtproxydLibvirt proxy daemon
virtqemudLibvirt QEMU management daemon
virtsecretdLibvirt secret data management daemon
virtstoragedLibvirt storage pool management daemon
virtualPostfix virtual domain mail delivery agent
virtvboxdLibvirt VirtualBox management daemon
virtxendLibvirt Xen management daemon
visudoEdit the sudoers file
vmstatReport virtual memory statistics
vncsessionStart a VNC server
vnstatdDaemon based database updating for vnStat
volume_keyWork with volume encryption secrets and escrow packets
vpddecodeVPD structure decoder
vpncClient for Cisco VPN3000 Concentrator, IOS and PIX
vsftpdVery Secure FTP Daemon
vtep-ctlUtility for querying and configuring a VTEP database
warnquotaSend mail to users over quota
watchquaggaA program to monitor the status of quagga daemons
wdctlShow hardware watchdog status
wesside-ngCrack a WEP key of an open network without user intervention
wg-quickSet up a WireGuard interface simply
wgSet and retrieve configuration of WireGuard interfaces
winbind_krb5_locatorA plugin for MIT and Heimdal Kerberos for detecting KDCs using Windows semantics.
winbinddName Service Switch daemon for resolving names from NT servers
wipefsWipe a signature from a device
wpa_backgroundBackground information on Wi-Fi Protected Access and IEEE 802.11i
wpa_cliWPA command line client
wpa_guiWPA Graphical User Interface
wpa_passphraseGenerate a WPA PSK from an ASCII passphrase for a SSID
wpa_privWpa_supplicant privilege separation helper
wpa_supplicantWi-Fi Protected Access client and IEEE 802.1X supplicant
x2gobasepathDetect Base Path of X2Go Server Installation
x2gocleansessionsX2Go Server Cleanup Daemon
x2gocmdexitmessageExit Message of X2Go Command
x2godbadminX2Go Server Database Administrator
x2gofeatureQuery X2Go Feature Availability on X2Go Server
x2gofeaturelistQuery X2Go Feature List for X2Go Server
x2gofmX2Go wrapper for Browsing X2Go Shared Folders
x2gogetappsGenerate list of Published Applications
x2gogetserversRetrieve list of available X2Go servers
x2golistdesktopsList Available X Desktops
x2golistmountsList Mounted Shares for an X2Go Session
x2golistsessionsList Available X2Go Sessions for User
x2golistsessions_rootList X2Go Sessions for System
x2golistshadowsessionsList Available X2Go Shadow Sessions for User
x2gomountdirsShare Client-Side Folder with X2Go Session
x2gopathShow X2Go Server installation paths
x2goprintProcess X2Go Print Job
x2goresume-desktopsharingResume Desktop Sharing Applet for a given X2Go Session
x2goresume-sessionResume X2Go Session
x2goruncommandLaunch Command inside an X2Go Session
x2goserver-run-extensionsRun X2Go Server Extensions
x2gosessionlimitDetect Session Limit for User or Group
x2gosetkeyboardAllow server-side Keyboard Setting Updates issued by X2Go Client
x2goshowblocksShow X2Go-Mounted Block Devices
x2gostartagentStart a New X2Go Session
x2gosuspend-desktopsharingSuspend Desktop Sharing for a given X2Go Session
x2gosuspend-sessionSuspend an X2Go Session
x2goterminate-desktopsharingCleanly Terminate Desktop Sharing for a given X2Go Session
x2goterminate-sessionTerminate an X2Go Session
x2goumount-sessionUnshare mounted Folders from X2Go Session
x2goversionRetrieve Code Versions of X2Go Server Components
x86_energy_perf_policyManage Energy vs. Performance Policy via x86 Model Specific Registers
xdmX Display Manager with support for XDMCP, host chooser
xdp-benchA simple XDP benchmarking tool
xdp-filterA simple XDP-powered packet filter
xdp-loaderAn XDP program loader
xdp-monitorA simple BPF-powered XDP monitoring tool
xdp-trafficgenAn XDP-based traffic generator
xdpdumpA simple tcpdump like tool for capturing packets at the XDP layer
xentraceCapture Xen trace buffer data
xfs_adminChange parameters of an XFS filesystem
xfs_bmapPrint block mapping for an XFS file
xfs_copyCopy the contents of an XFS filesystem
xfs_dbDebug an XFS filesystem
xfs_estimateEstimate the space that an XFS filesystem will take
xfs_freezeSuspend access to an XFS filesystem
xfs_fsrFilesystem reorganizer for XFS
xfs_growfsExpand an XFS filesystem
xfs_infoDisplay XFS filesystem geometry information
xfs_ioDebug the I/O path of an XFS filesystem
xfs_logprintPrint the log of an XFS filesystem
xfs_mdrestoreRestores an XFS metadump image to a filesystem image
xfs_metadumpCopy XFS filesystem metadata to a file
xfs_mkfileCreate an XFS file
xfs_ncheckGenerate pathnames from i-numbers for XFS
xfs_quotaManage use of quota on XFS filesystems
xfs_repairRepair an XFS filesystem
xfs_rtcpXFS realtime copy command
xfs_scrubCheck and repair the contents of a mounted XFS filesystem
xfs_scrub_allScrub all mounted XFS filesystems
xfs_spacemanShow free space information about an XFS filesystem
xl2tpd-controlXl2tpd control utility.
xl2tpdLayer 2 Tunneling Protocol Daemon.
xqmstatsDisplay XFS quota manager statistics from /proc
xrdp-chansrvXrdp channel server
xrdp-genkeymapKey map generator for XRDP
xrdp-keygenXrdp RSA key generation utility
xrdp-sesadminConsole XRDP sessions administration tool
xrdp-sesmanXrdp(8) session manager
xrdp-sesrunXrdp-sesman(8) session launcher
xrdpA Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) server
xtables-addonsAdditional extensions for iptables, ip6tables, etc.
xtables-legacyIptables using old getsockopt/setsockopt-based kernel api
xtables-monitorShow changes to rule set and trace-events
xtables-nftIptables using nftables kernel api
xtables-translateTranslation tool to migrate from iptables to nftables
yadifa(unknown subject)
yadifadAn authoritative Internet domain name server.
yakeyrolld(unknown subject)
yersiniaA Framework for layer 2 attacks
zabbix_agent2Zabbix agent 2
zabbix_agentdZabbix agent daemon
zabbix_proxyZabbix proxy daemon
zabbix_serverZabbix server daemon
zdbDisplay ZFS storage pool debugging and consistency information
zdumpTimezone dumper
zebraA routing manager for use with associated Quagga components.
zedZFS Event Daemon
zfs-allowDelegate ZFS administration permissions to unprivileged users
zfs-auto-snapshotTake regular ZFS snapshots
zfs-bookmarkCreate bookmark of ZFS snapshot
zfs-change-keyLoad, unload, or change encryption key of ZFS dataset
zfs-cloneClone snapshot of ZFS dataset
zfs-createCreate ZFS dataset
zfs-destroyDestroy ZFS dataset, snapshots, or bookmark
zfs-diffShow difference between ZFS snapshots
zfs-getSet properties on ZFS datasets
zfs-groupspaceDisplay space and quotas of ZFS dataset
zfs-holdHold ZFS snapshots to prevent their removal
zfs-inheritSet properties on ZFS datasets
zfs-listList properties of ZFS datasets
zfs-load-keyLoad, unload, or change encryption key of ZFS dataset
zfs-mount-generatorGenerate systemd mount units for ZFS filesystems
zfs-mountManage mount state of ZFS filesystems
zfs-programExecute ZFS channel programs
zfs-projectManage projects in ZFS filesystem
zfs-projectspaceDisplay space and quotas of ZFS dataset
zfs-promotePromote clone dataset to no longer depend on origin snapshot
zfs-receiveCreate snapshot from backup stream
zfs-recvCreate snapshot from backup stream
zfs-redactGenerate backup stream of ZFS dataset
zfs-releaseHold ZFS snapshots to prevent their removal
zfs-renameRename ZFS dataset
zfs-rollbackRoll ZFS dataset back to snapshot
zfs-sendGenerate backup stream of ZFS dataset
zfs-setSet properties on ZFS datasets
zfs-shareShare and unshare ZFS filesystems
zfs-snapshotCreate snapshots of ZFS datasets
zfs-unallowDelegate ZFS administration permissions to unprivileged users
zfs-unload-keyLoad, unload, or change encryption key of ZFS dataset
zfs-unmountManage mount state of ZFS filesystems
zfs-unzoneAttach and detach ZFS filesystems to user namespaces
zfs-upgradeManage on-disk version of ZFS filesystems
zfs-userspaceDisplay space and quotas of ZFS dataset
zfs-waitWait for activity in ZFS filesystem to stop
zfs-zoneAttach and detach ZFS filesystems to user namespaces
zfsConfigure ZFS datasets
zfs_ids_to_pathConvert objset and object ids to names and paths
zfs_prepare_diskSpecial script that gets run before bringing a disk into a pool
zgenhostidGenerate host ID into /etc/hostid
zicTimezone compiler
zinjectZFS Fault Injector
zmaudit.plZoneMinder event file system and database consistency checker
zmcThe ZoneMinder Capture daemon
zmcamtool.plZoneMinder tool to import camera controls and presets
zmcontrol.plZoneMinder control script
zmdc.plZoneMinder Daemon Control script
zmfilter.plZoneMinder tool to filter events
zmonvif-probe.plZoneMinder ONVIF probing tool
zmonvif-trigger.plZoneMinder ONVIF trigger daemon
zmpkg.plZoneMinder Package Control Script
zmrecover.plZoneMinder event file system and database recovery checker
zmstats.plZoneMinder Stats Updating Script
zmsystemctl.plZoneMinder systemctl wrapper
zmtelemetry.plSend usage information to the ZoneMinder development team
zmtrack.plZoneMinder Experimental PTZ Tracking Script
zmtrigger.plZoneMinder External Trigger Script
zmuThe ZoneMinder Utility
zmupdate.plCheck and upgrade ZoneMinder database
zmvideo.plZoneMinder Video Creation Script
zmwatch.plZoneMinder WatchDog Script
zmx10.plZoneMinder X10 Control Script
zpool-addAdd vdevs to ZFS storage pool
zpool-attachAttach new device to existing ZFS vdev
zpool-checkpointCheck-point current ZFS storage pool state
zpool-clearClear device errors in ZFS storage pool
zpool-createCreate ZFS storage pool
zpool-destroyDestroy ZFS storage pool
zpool-detachDetach device from ZFS mirror
zpool-eventsList recent events generated by kernel
zpool-exportExport ZFS storage pools
zpool-getRetrieve properties of ZFS storage pools
zpool-historyInspect command history of ZFS storage pools
zpool-importImport ZFS storage pools or list available pools
zpool-initializeWrite to unallocated regions of ZFS storage pool
zpool-iostatDisplay logical I/O statistics for ZFS storage pools
zpool-labelclearRemove ZFS label information from device
zpool-listList information about ZFS storage pools
zpool-offlineTake physical devices offline in ZFS storage pool
zpool-onlineTake physical devices offline in ZFS storage pool
zpool-reguidGenerate new unique identifier for ZFS storage pool
zpool-removeRemove devices from ZFS storage pool
zpool-reopenReopen vdevs associated with ZFS storage pools
zpool-replaceReplace one device with another in ZFS storage pool
zpool-resilverResilver devices in ZFS storage pools
zpool-scrubBegin or resume scrub of ZFS storage pools
zpool-setRetrieve properties of ZFS storage pools
zpool-splitSplit devices off ZFS storage pool, creating new pool
zpool-statusShow detailed health status for ZFS storage pools
zpool-syncFlush data to primary storage of ZFS storage pools
zpool-trimInitiate TRIM of free space in ZFS storage pool
zpool-upgradeManage version and feature flags of ZFS storage pools
zpool-waitWait for activity to stop in a ZFS storage pool
zpoolConfigure ZFS storage pools
zpool_influxdbCollect ZFS pool statistics in InfluxDB line protocol format
zram-initScripts to support compressed swap devices or ramdisks with zram
zramctlSet up and control zram devices
zstreamManipulate ZFS send streams
zstreamdumpManipulate ZFS send streams
zzzSuspend or hibernate your computer

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