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Since there are thousands of different man pages in the database, it is divided into sections that function roughly like groups. A certain type of man page belongs to a section. It's amazing how many manuals there actually are out there. We try to have as many man pages as possible so that people can easily seek help on our site.

There are approximately 9 sections that are used to divide all manuals into different chapters. Some are about commands for Linux while there are sections for devices and libraries. Take a look at the index page to see all sections. You can find it by clicking the home button.

Below you can search all man pages that belongs to the 3t section.

Man pages

bindresvportBind a socket to a privileged IP port
des_crypt"fast DES encryption"
getnetconfigGet network configuration database entry
getrpcentGet RPC entry
getrpcportGet RPC port number
rpcLibrary routines for remote procedure calls
rpc_clnt_authLibrary routines for client side remote procedure call authentication
rpc_clnt_callsLibrary routines for client side calls
rpc_clnt_create"library routines for dealing with creation and manipulation of"
rpc_gss_get_error"Get error details"
rpc_gss_get_mech_info"Get Quality of Protection information for a security mechanism"
rpc_gss_get_mechanisms"Get installed mechanisms"
rpc_gss_get_principal_name"Get a principal name"
rpc_gss_get_versions"Get supported protocol version"
rpc_gss_getcred"Get authorization information for an RPC request"
rpc_gss_is_installed"Query for the presence of a security mechanism"
rpc_gss_max_data_length"calculate maximum data size"
rpc_gss_mech_to_oid"Convert a mechanism name to a GSS-API oid"
rpc_gss_qop_to_num"Convert a Quality of Protection name to number"
rpc_gss_seccreate"create a security context using the RPCSEC_GSS protocol"
rpc_gss_set_callback"Register a security context creation callback"
rpc_gss_set_defaults"set service and quality of protection"
rpc_gss_set_svc_name"Associate a GSS-API service principal with an RPC service"
rpc_gss_svc_max_data_length"calculate maximum data size"
rpc_secureLibrary routines for secure remote procedure calls
rpc_soc"library routines for remote procedure calls"
rpc_svc_callsLibrary routines for RPC servers
rpc_svc_createLibrary routines for the creation of server handles
rpc_svc_errLibrary routines for server side remote procedure call errors
rpc_svc_regLibrary routines for registering servers
rpc_xdrXDR library routines for remote procedure calls
rpcbindLibrary routines for RPC bind service
rpcsec_gss"GSS-API based authentication for RPC"
rtime"get remote time"

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