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Since there are thousands of different man pages in the database, it is divided into sections that function roughly like groups. A certain type of man page belongs to a section. It's amazing how many manuals there actually are out there. We try to have as many man pages as possible so that people can easily seek help on our site.

There are approximately 9 sections that are used to divide all manuals into different chapters. Some are about commands for Linux while there are sections for devices and libraries. Take a look at the index page to see all sections. You can find it by clicking the home button.

Below you can search all man pages that belongs to the 2 section.

Man pages

_exitTerminate the calling process
_syscallInvoking a system call without library support (OBSOLETE)
aa_change_hatChange to or from a "hat" within a AppArmor profile
aa_change_profileChange a tasks profile
aa_find_mountpointFind where the apparmor interface filesystem is mounted
aa_getconGet task confinement information
aa_query_labelQuery access permission associated with a label
aa_stack_profileCombine multiple profiles to confine a task
acceptAccept a connection on a socket
accessCheck user's permissions for a file
acctSwitch process accounting on or off
add_keyAdd a key to the kernel's key management facility
adjtimexTune kernel clock
alarmSet an alarm clock for delivery of a signal
alloc_hugepagesAllocate or free huge pages
arch_prctlSet architecture-specific thread state
bdflushStart, flush, or tune buffer-dirty-flush daemon
bindBind a name to a socket
bpfPerform a command on an extended BPF map or program
brkChange data segment size
cacheflushFlush contents of instruction and/or data cache
capgetSet/get capabilities of thread(s)
chdirChange working directory
chmodChange permissions of a file
chownChange ownership of a file
chrootChange root directory
clock_getresClock and time functions
clock_nanosleepHigh-resolution sleep with specifiable clock
cloneCreate a child process
closeClose a file descriptor
close_rangeClose all file descriptors in a given range
connectInitiate a connection on a socket
copy_file_rangeCopy a range of data from one file to another
create_moduleCreate a loadable module entry
delete_moduleUnload a kernel module
dupDuplicate a file descriptor
epoll_createOpen an epoll file descriptor
epoll_ctlControl interface for an epoll file descriptor
epoll_waitWait for an I/O event on an epoll file descriptor
eventfdCreate a file descriptor for event notification
execveExecute program
execveatExecute program relative to a directory file descriptor
exit_groupExit all threads in a process
fallocateManipulate file space
fanotify_initCreate and initialize fanotify group
fanotify_markAdd, remove, or modify an fanotify mark on a filesystem object
fcntlManipulate file descriptor
flockApply or remove an advisory lock on an open file
forkCreate a child process
fsyncSynchronize a file's in-core state with storage device
futexFast user-space locking
futimesatChange timestamps of a file relative to a directory file descriptor
get_kernel_symsRetrieve exported kernel and module symbols
get_mempolicyRetrieve NUMA memory policy for a thread
get_robust_listGet/set list of robust futexes
getcpuDetermine CPU and NUMA node on which the calling thread is running
getdentsGet directory entries
getdomainnameGet/set NIS domain name
getgidGet group identity
getgroupsGet/set list of supplementary group IDs
gethostnameGet/set hostname
getitimerGet or set value of an interval timer
getpagesizeGet memory page size
getpeernameGet name of connected peer socket
getpidGet process identification
getpriorityGet/set program scheduling priority
getrandomObtain a series of random bytes
getresuidGet real, effective, and saved user/group IDs
getrlimitGet/set resource limits
getrusageGet resource usage
getsidGet session ID
getsocknameGet socket name
getsockoptGet and set options on sockets
gettidGet thread identification
gettimeofdayGet / set time
getuidGet user identity
getunwindCopy the unwind data to caller's buffer
getxattrRetrieve an extended attribute value
idleMake process 0 idle
init_moduleLoad a kernel module
inotify_add_watchAdd a watch to an initialized inotify instance
inotify_initInitialize an inotify instance
inotify_rm_watchRemove an existing watch from an inotify instance
introIntroduction to system calls
io_cancelCancel an outstanding asynchronous I/O operation
io_destroyDestroy an asynchronous I/O context
io_geteventsRead asynchronous I/O events from the completion queue
io_setupCreate an asynchronous I/O context
io_submitSubmit asynchronous I/O blocks for processing
io_uring_enterInitiate and/or complete asynchronous I/O
io_uring_enter2Initiate and/or complete asynchronous I/O
io_uring_registerRegister files or user buffers for asynchronous I/O
io_uring_setupSetup a context for performing asynchronous I/O
ioctlControl device
ioctl_consoleIoctls for console terminal and virtual consoles
ioctl_fatManipulating the FAT filesystem
ioctl_ficlonerangeShare some the data of one file with another file
ioctl_fideduperangeShare some the data of one file with another file
ioctl_fslabelGet or set a filesystem label
ioctl_getfsmapRetrieve the physical layout of the filesystem
ioctl_iflagsIoctl() operations for inode flags
ioctl_nsIoctl() operations for Linux namespaces
ioctl_ttyIoctls for terminals and serial lines
ioctl_userfaultfdCreate a file descriptor for handling page faults in user space
ioctl_xfs_ag_geometryQuery XFS allocation group geometry information
ioctl_xfs_bulkstatQuery information for a batch of XFS inodes
ioctl_xfs_fsbulkstatQuery information for a batch of XFS inodes
ioctl_xfs_fscountsQuery XFS summary counter information
ioctl_xfs_fsgeometryReport XFS filesystem layout and features
ioctl_xfs_fsgetxattrQuery information for an open file
ioctl_xfs_fsinumbersExtract a list of valid inode numbers from an XFS filesystem
ioctl_xfs_getbmapxQuery extent information for an open file
ioctl_xfs_getresblksQuery and set XFS free space reservation information
ioctl_xfs_goingdownShut down an XFS filesystem
ioctl_xfs_inumbersQuery allocation information for groups of XFS inodes
ioctl_xfs_scrub_metadataCheck XFS filesystem metadata
iopermSet port input/output permissions
ioplChange I/O privilege level
ioprio_setGet/set I/O scheduling class and priority
ipcSystem V IPC system calls
kcmpCompare two processes to determine if they share a kernel resource
kexec_loadLoad a new kernel for later execution
keyctlManipulate the kernel's key management facility
killSend signal to a process
landlock_add_ruleAdd a new Landlock rule to a ruleset
landlock_create_rulesetCreate a new Landlock ruleset
landlock_restrict_selfEnforce a Landlock ruleset
linkMake a new name for a file
listenListen for connections on a socket
listxattrList extended attribute names
llseekReposition read/write file offset
lookup_dcookieReturn a directory entry's path
lseekReposition read/write file offset
madviseGive advice about use of memory
mbindSet memory policy for a memory range
membarrierIssue memory barriers on a set of threads
memfd_createCreate an anonymous file
memfd_secretCreate an anonymous RAM-based file to access secret memory regions
migrate_pagesMove all pages in a process to another set of nodes
mincoreDetermine whether pages are resident in memory
mkdirCreate a directory
mknodCreate a special or ordinary file
mlockLock and unlock memory
mmapMap or unmap files or devices into memory
mmap2Map files or devices into memory
modify_ldtGet or set a per-process LDT entry
mountMount filesystem
mount_setattrChange properties of a mount or mount tree
move_pagesMove individual pages of a process to another node
mprotectSet protection on a region of memory
mq_getsetattrGet/set message queue attributes
mremapRemap a virtual memory address
msgctlSystem V message control operations
msggetGet a System V message queue identifier
msgopSystem V message queue operations
msyncSynchronize a file with a memory map
nanosleepHigh-resolution sleep
nfsservctlSyscall interface to kernel nfs daemon
niceChange process priority
nvme_admin_opcode(unknown subject)
nvme_admin_passthruSubmit an nvme passthrough command
nvme_admin_passthru64Submit a 64-bit nvme passthrough command
nvme_ae_info_css_nvm(unknown subject)
nvme_ae_info_error(unknown subject)
nvme_ae_info_notice(unknown subject)
nvme_ae_info_smart(unknown subject)
nvme_ae_type(unknown subject)
nvme_aggregate_endurance_group_event(unknown subject)
nvme_aggregate_predictable_lat_event(unknown subject)
nvme_ana_group_desc(unknown subject)
nvme_ana_log(unknown subject)
nvme_ana_state(unknown subject)
nvme_apst_entry(unknown subject)
nvme_boot_partition(unknown subject)
nvme_capacity_config_desc(unknown subject)
nvme_capacity_mgmtCapacity management command
nvme_change_ns_event(unknown subject)
nvme_channel_config_desc(unknown subject)
nvme_cmb_sizeCalculate size of the controller memory buffer
nvme_cmd_effects(unknown subject)
nvme_cmd_effects_log(unknown subject)
nvme_cmd_format_mset(unknown subject)
nvme_cmd_format_pi(unknown subject)
nvme_cmd_format_pil(unknown subject)
nvme_cmd_format_ses(unknown subject)
nvme_cmd_get_log_lid(unknown subject)
nvme_cmd_get_log_telemetry_host_lsp(unknown subject)
nvme_compareSubmit an nvme user compare command
nvme_connect_err(unknown subject)
nvme_constants(unknown subject)
nvme_copyCopy command
nvme_copy_range(unknown subject)
nvme_copy_range_f1(unknown subject)
nvme_create_ctrlAllocate an unconnected NVMe controller
nvme_create_rootInitialize root object
nvme_csi(unknown subject)
nvme_ctrl_first_nsStart namespace iterator
nvme_ctrl_first_pathStart path iterator
nvme_ctrl_for_each_nsTraverse namespaces
nvme_ctrl_for_each_ns_safeTraverse namespaces
nvme_ctrl_for_each_pathTraverse paths
nvme_ctrl_for_each_path_safeTraverse paths
nvme_ctrl_get_addressAddress string of a controller
nvme_ctrl_get_configFabrics configuration of a controller
nvme_ctrl_get_dhchap_host_keyReturn host key
nvme_ctrl_get_dhchap_keyReturn controller key
nvme_ctrl_get_fdGet associated file descriptor
nvme_ctrl_get_firmwareFirmware string of a controller
nvme_ctrl_get_host_ifaceHost interface name of a controller
nvme_ctrl_get_host_traddrHost transport address of a controller
nvme_ctrl_get_modelModel of a controller
nvme_ctrl_get_nameSysfs name of a controller
nvme_ctrl_get_numa_nodeNUMA node of a controller
nvme_ctrl_get_queue_countQueue count of a controller
nvme_ctrl_get_serialSerial number of a controller
nvme_ctrl_get_sqsizeSQ size of a controller
nvme_ctrl_get_stateRunning state of an controller
nvme_ctrl_get_subsysnqnSubsystem NQN of a controller
nvme_ctrl_get_subsystemParent subsystem of a controller
nvme_ctrl_get_sysfs_dirSysfs directory of a controller
nvme_ctrl_get_traddrTransport address of a controller
nvme_ctrl_get_transportTransport type of a controller
nvme_ctrl_get_trsvcidTransport service identifier of a controller
nvme_ctrl_identifyIssues an 'identify controller' command
nvme_ctrl_is_discoveredReturns the value of the 'discovered' flag
nvme_ctrl_is_discovery_ctrlCheck the 'discovery_ctrl' flag
nvme_ctrl_is_persistentReturns the value of the 'persistent' flag
nvme_ctrl_list(unknown subject)
nvme_ctrl_metadata_type(unknown subject)
nvme_ctrl_next_nsNext namespace iterator
nvme_ctrl_next_pathNext path iterator
nvme_ctrl_resetInitiate a controller reset
nvme_ctrl_set_dhchap_host_keySet host key
nvme_ctrl_set_dhchap_keySet controller key
nvme_ctrl_set_discoveredSet the 'discovered' flag
nvme_ctrl_set_discovery_ctrlSet the 'discovery_ctrl' flag
nvme_ctrl_set_persistentSet the 'persistent' flag
nvme_ctrls_filterFilter for controllers
nvme_data_tfr(unknown subject)
nvme_default_hostInitializes the default host
nvme_dev_self_testStart or abort a self test
nvme_directive_dtype(unknown subject)
nvme_directive_receive_doper(unknown subject)
nvme_directive_recvReceive directive specific data
nvme_directive_recv_identify_parametersDirective receive identifier parameters
nvme_directive_recv_stream_allocateDirective receive stream allocate
nvme_directive_recv_stream_parametersDirective receive stream parameters
nvme_directive_recv_stream_statusDirective receive stream status
nvme_directive_sendSend directive command
nvme_directive_send_doper(unknown subject)
nvme_directive_send_id_endirDirective Send Enable Directive
nvme_directive_send_identify_endir(unknown subject)
nvme_directive_send_stream_release_identifierDirective Send Stream release
nvme_directive_send_stream_release_resourceDirective Send Stream release resources
nvme_directive_types(unknown subject)
nvme_disconnect_ctrlDisconnect a controller
nvme_dsmSend an nvme data set management command
nvme_dsm_attributes(unknown subject)
nvme_dsm_range(unknown subject)
nvme_dst_stc(unknown subject)
nvme_dump_configPrint the JSON configuration
nvme_dump_treeDump internal object tree
nvme_eg_critical_warning_flags(unknown subject)
nvme_eg_event_aggregate_log(unknown subject)
nvme_end_grp_chan_desc(unknown subject)
nvme_end_grp_config_desc(unknown subject)
nvme_endurance_group_log(unknown subject)
nvme_errno_to_stringReturns string describing nvme connect failures
nvme_error_log_page(unknown subject)
nvme_fabrics_config(unknown subject)
nvme_fctype(unknown subject)
nvme_feat(unknown subject)
nvme_feat_auto_pst(unknown subject)
nvme_feat_host_behavior(unknown subject)
nvme_feat_nswpcfg_state(unknown subject)
nvme_feat_plm_window_select(unknown subject)
nvme_feat_resv_notify_flags(unknown subject)
nvme_feat_tmpthresh_thsel(unknown subject)
nvme_features_async_event_config_flags(unknown subject)
nvme_features_id(unknown subject)
nvme_fid_supported_effects(unknown subject)
nvme_fid_supported_effects_log(unknown subject)
nvme_firmware_slot(unknown subject)
nvme_first_hostStart host iterator
nvme_first_subsystemStart subsystem iterator
nvme_flushSend an nvme flush command
nvme_for_each_hostTraverse host list
nvme_for_each_host_safeTraverse host list
nvme_for_each_subsystemTraverse subsystems
nvme_for_each_subsystem_safeTraverse subsystems
nvme_format_nvmFormat nvme namespace(s)
nvme_format_nvm_compln_event(unknown subject)
nvme_format_nvm_start_event(unknown subject)
nvme_free_ctrlFree controller
nvme_free_hostFree nvme_host_t object
nvme_free_nsFree a namespace object
nvme_free_subsystemFree a subsystem
nvme_free_treeFree root object
nvme_fw_commitCommit firmware using the specified action
nvme_fw_commit_ca(unknown subject)
nvme_fw_commit_event(unknown subject)
nvme_fw_downloadDownload part or all of a firmware image to the controller
nvme_fw_download_seqFirmware download sequence
nvme_gen_dhchap_keyDH-HMAC-CHAP key generation
nvme_get_ana_log_lenRetrieve size of the current ANA log
nvme_get_attrRead sysfs attribute
nvme_get_ctrl_attrRead controller sysfs attribute
nvme_get_ctrl_telemetryGet controller telemetry log
nvme_get_directive_receive_lengthGet directive receive length
nvme_get_discovery_args(unknown subject)
nvme_get_feature_lengthRetreive the command payload length for a specific feature identifier
nvme_get_feature_length2Retreive the command payload length for a specific feature identifier
nvme_get_featuresRetrieve a feature attribute
nvme_get_features_arbitrationGet arbitration feature
nvme_get_features_async_eventGet asynchronous event feature
nvme_get_features_auto_pstGet autonomous power state feature
nvme_get_features_dataHelper function for @nvme_get_features()
nvme_get_features_endurance_event_cfgGet endurance event config feature
nvme_get_features_err_recoveryGet error recovery feature
nvme_get_features_hctmGet thermal management feature
nvme_get_features_host_behaviorGet host behavior feature
nvme_get_features_host_idGet host id feature
nvme_get_features_host_mem_bufGet host memory buffer feature
nvme_get_features_iocs_profileGet IOCS profile feature
nvme_get_features_irq_coalesceGet IRQ coalesce feature
nvme_get_features_irq_configGet IRQ config feature
nvme_get_features_katoGet keep alive timeout feature
nvme_get_features_lba_rangeGet LBA range feature
nvme_get_features_lba_sts_intervalGet LBA status information feature
nvme_get_features_nopscGet non-operational power state feature
nvme_get_features_num_queuesGet number of queues feature
nvme_get_features_plm_configGet predictable latency feature
nvme_get_features_plm_windowGet window select feature
nvme_get_features_power_mgmtGet power management feature
nvme_get_features_resv_maskGet reservation mask feature
nvme_get_features_resv_persistGet reservation persist feature
nvme_get_features_rrlGet read recovery level feature
nvme_get_features_sanitizeGet sanitize feature
nvme_get_features_sel(unknown subject)
nvme_get_features_simpleHelper function for @nvme_get_features()
nvme_get_features_sw_progressGet software progress feature
nvme_get_features_temp_threshGet temperature threshold feature
nvme_get_features_timestampGet timestamp feature
nvme_get_features_volatile_wcGet volatile write cache feature
nvme_get_features_write_atomicGet write atomic feature
nvme_get_features_write_protectGet write protect feature
nvme_get_host_telemetryGet host telemetry log
nvme_get_lba_statusRetrieve information on possibly unrecoverable LBAs
nvme_get_lba_status_logRetrieve the LBA Status log page
nvme_get_logNVMe Admin Get Log command
nvme_get_log_anaRetrieve Asymmetric Namespace Access log page
nvme_get_log_ana_groupsRetrieve Asymmetric Namespace Access groups only log page
nvme_get_log_boot_partitionRetrieve Boot Partition
nvme_get_log_changed_ns_listRetrieve namespace changed list
nvme_get_log_cmd_effectsRetrieve nvme command effects log
nvme_get_log_create_telemetry_hostCreate host telemetry log
nvme_get_log_device_self_testRetrieve the device self test log
nvme_get_log_discoveryRetrieve Discovery log page
nvme_get_log_endurance_groupGet Endurance Group log
nvme_get_log_endurance_grp_evtRetrieve Rotational Media Information
nvme_get_log_errorRetrieve nvme error log
nvme_get_log_fid_supported_effectsRetrieve Feature Identifiers Supported and Effects
nvme_get_log_fw_slotRetrieves the controller firmware log
nvme_get_log_lba_statusRetrieve LBA Status
nvme_get_log_media_unit_statRetrieve Media Unit Status
nvme_get_log_mi_cmd_supported_effectsDisplays the MI Commands Supported by the controller
nvme_get_log_pageGet log page data
nvme_get_log_persistent_eventRetrieve Persistent Event Log
nvme_get_log_predictable_lat_eventRetrieve Predictable Latency Event Aggregate Log Page
nvme_get_log_predictable_lat_nvmsetPredictable Latency Per NVM Set
nvme_get_log_reservationRetrieve Reservation Notification
nvme_get_log_sanitizeRetrieve Sanitize Status
nvme_get_log_smartRetrieve nvme smart log
nvme_get_log_support_cap_config_listRetrieve Supported Capacity Configuration List
nvme_get_log_supported_log_pagesRetrieve nmve supported log pages
nvme_get_log_telemetry_ctrlGet Telemetry Controller-Initiated log page
nvme_get_log_telemetry_hostGet Telemetry Host-Initiated log page
nvme_get_log_zns_changed_zonesRetrieve list of zones that have changed
nvme_get_logical_block_sizeRetrieve block size
nvme_get_new_host_telemetryGet new host telemetry log
nvme_get_ns_attrRead namespace sysfs attribute
nvme_get_nsidRetrieve the NSID from a namespace file descriptor
nvme_get_path_attrRead path sysfs attribute
nvme_get_propertyGet a controller property
nvme_get_subsys_attrRead subsystem sysfs attribute
nvme_hmac_alg(unknown subject)
nvme_host_behavior_support(unknown subject)
nvme_host_get_dhchap_keyReturn host key
nvme_host_get_hostidHost ID of an nvme_host_t object
nvme_host_get_hostnqnHost NQN of an nvme_host_t object
nvme_host_get_hostsymnameGet the host's symbolic name
nvme_host_get_rootReturns nvme_root_t object
nvme_host_mem_buf_attrs(unknown subject)
nvme_host_metadata(unknown subject)
nvme_host_set_dhchap_keySet host key
nvme_host_set_hostsymnameSet the host's symbolic name
nvme_id_ctrl(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ctrl_anacap(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ctrl_apsta(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ctrl_avscc(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ctrl_cmic(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ctrl_cntrltype(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ctrl_cqes(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ctrl_ctratt(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ctrl_dctype(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ctrl_dsto(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ctrl_fcatt(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ctrl_fna(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ctrl_frmw(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ctrl_fuses(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ctrl_hctm(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ctrl_lpa(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ctrl_mec(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ctrl_nvm(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ctrl_nvmsr(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ctrl_nvscc(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ctrl_nwpc(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ctrl_oacs(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ctrl_oaes(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ctrl_ofcs(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ctrl_oncs(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ctrl_rpmbs(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ctrl_sanicap(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ctrl_sgls(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ctrl_sqes(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ctrl_vwc(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ctrl_vwci(unknown subject)
nvme_id_directives(unknown subject)
nvme_id_domain_attr(unknown subject)
nvme_id_domain_list(unknown subject)
nvme_id_endurance_group_list(unknown subject)
nvme_id_independent_id_ns(unknown subject)
nvme_id_iocs(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ns(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ns_attr(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ns_dlfeat(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ns_dpc(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ns_dps(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ns_flbas(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ns_granularity_desc(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ns_granularity_list(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ns_mc(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ns_nmic(unknown subject)
nvme_id_ns_rescap(unknown subject)
nvme_id_nsfeat(unknown subject)
nvme_id_nvmset_list(unknown subject)
nvme_id_psd(unknown subject)
nvme_id_uuid(unknown subject)
nvme_id_uuid_list(unknown subject)
nvme_id_uuid_list_entry(unknown subject)
nvme_identifySend the NVMe Identify command
nvme_identify_active_ns_listRetrieves active namespaces id list
nvme_identify_active_ns_list_csiActive namespace ID list associated with a specified I/O command set
nvme_identify_allocated_nsSame as nvme_identify_ns, but only for allocated namespaces
nvme_identify_allocated_ns_listRetrieves allocated namespace id list
nvme_identify_allocated_ns_list_csiAllocated namespace ID list associated with a specified I/O command set
nvme_identify_cns(unknown subject)
nvme_identify_ctrlRetrieves nvme identify controller
nvme_identify_ctrl_csiI/O command set specific Identify Controller data
nvme_identify_ctrl_listRetrieves identify controller list
nvme_identify_domain_listDomain list data
nvme_identify_endurance_group_listEndurance group list data
nvme_identify_independent_identify_nsI/O command set independent Identify namespace data
nvme_identify_iocsI/O command set data structure
nvme_identify_iocs_ns_csi_user_data_formatIdentify I/O command set namespace data structure
nvme_identify_nsRetrieves nvme identify namespace
nvme_identify_ns_csiI/O command set specific identify namespace data
nvme_identify_ns_csi_user_data_formatIdentify namespace user data format
nvme_identify_ns_descsRetrieves namespace descriptor list
nvme_identify_ns_granularityRetrieves namespace granularity identification
nvme_identify_nsid_ctrl_listRetrieves controller list attached to an nsid
nvme_identify_nvmset_listRetrieves NVM Set List
nvme_identify_primary_ctrlRetrieve NVMe Primary Controller identification
nvme_identify_secondary_ctrl_listRetrieves secondary controller list
nvme_identify_uuidRetrieves device's UUIDs
nvme_init_copy_rangeConstructs a copy range structure
nvme_init_copy_range_f1Constructs a copy range f1 structure
nvme_init_ctrlInitialize nvme_ctrl_t object for an existing controller.
nvme_init_ctrl_listInitialize an nvme_ctrl_list structure from an array.
nvme_init_dsm_rangeConstructs a data set range structure
nvme_init_loggingInitialize logging
nvme_ioSubmit an nvme user I/O command
nvme_io_control_flags(unknown subject)
nvme_io_dsm_flags(unknown subject)
nvme_io_opcode(unknown subject)
nvme_io_passthruSubmit an nvme io passthrough command
nvme_io_passthru64Submit an nvme io passthrough command
nvme_is_64bit_regChecks if offset of the controller register is a know 64bit value.
nvme_lba_range_type(unknown subject)
nvme_lba_range_type_entry(unknown subject)
nvme_lba_rd(unknown subject)
nvme_lba_status(unknown subject)
nvme_lba_status_atype(unknown subject)
nvme_lba_status_desc(unknown subject)
nvme_lba_status_log(unknown subject)
nvme_lbaf(unknown subject)
nvme_lbaf_rp(unknown subject)
nvme_lbart(unknown subject)
nvme_lbas_ns_element(unknown subject)
nvme_lockdownIssue lockdown command
nvme_log_ana_lsp(unknown subject)
nvme_lookup_ctrlLookup nvme_ctrl_t object
nvme_lookup_hostLookup nvme_host_t object
nvme_lookup_subsystemLookup nvme_subsystem_t object
nvme_media_unit_config_desc(unknown subject)
nvme_media_unit_stat_desc(unknown subject)
nvme_media_unit_stat_log(unknown subject)
nvme_metadata_element_desc(unknown subject)
nvme_mi_admin_format_nvmFormat NVMe namespace
nvme_mi_admin_fw_commitCommit firmware using the specified action
nvme_mi_admin_fw_downloadDownload part or all of a firmware image to the controller
nvme_mi_admin_get_features_dataHelper function for &nvme_mi_admin_get_features()
nvme_mi_admin_get_logRetrieve log page data from controller
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_anaRetrieve Asymmetric Namespace Access log page
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_ana_groupsRetrieve Asymmetric Namespace Access groups only log page
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_boot_partitionRetrieve Boot Partition
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_changed_ns_listRetrieve namespace changed list
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_cmd_effectsRetrieve nvme command effects log
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_create_telemetry_hostCreate host telemetry log
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_device_self_testRetrieve the device self test log
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_discoveryRetrieve Discovery log page
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_endurance_groupGet Endurance Group log
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_endurance_grp_evtRetrieve Rotational Media Information
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_errorRetrieve nvme error log
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_fid_supported_effectsRetrieve Feature Identifiers Supported and Effects
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_fw_slotRetrieves the controller firmware log
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_lba_statusRetrieve LBA Status
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_media_unit_statRetrieve Media Unit Status
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_mi_cmd_supported_effectsDisplays the MI Commands Supported by the controller
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_persistent_eventRetrieve Persistent Event Log
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_predictable_lat_eventRetrieve Predictable Latency Event Aggregate Log Page
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_predictable_lat_nvmsetPredictable Latency Per NVM Set
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_reservationRetrieve Reservation Notification
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_sanitizeRetrieve Sanitize Status
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_simpleHelper for Get Log Page functions with no NSID or RAE requirements
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_smartRetrieve nvme smart log
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_support_cap_config_listRetrieve Supported Capacity Configuration List
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_supported_log_pagesRetrieve nmve supported log pages
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_telemetry_ctrlGet Telemetry Controller-Initiated log page
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_telemetry_hostGet Telemetry Host-Initiated log page
nvme_mi_admin_get_log_zns_changed_zonesRetrieve list of zones that have changed
nvme_mi_admin_get_nsid_logHelper for Get Log Page functions
nvme_mi_admin_identifyPerform an Admin identify command.
nvme_mi_admin_identify_active_ns_listPerform an Admin identify for an active namespace list
nvme_mi_admin_identify_allocated_nsPerform an Admin identify command for an allocated namespace
nvme_mi_admin_identify_allocated_ns_listPerform an Admin identify for an allocated namespace list
nvme_mi_admin_identify_cns_nsidPerform an Admin identify command using specific CNS/NSID parameters.
nvme_mi_admin_identify_ctrlPerform an Admin identify for a controller
nvme_mi_admin_identify_ctrl_listPerform an Admin identify for a controller list.
nvme_mi_admin_identify_nsPerform an Admin identify command for a namespace
nvme_mi_admin_identify_ns_descsPerform an Admin identify Namespace Identification Descriptor list command for a namespace
nvme_mi_admin_identify_nsid_ctrl_listPerform an Admin identify for a controller list with specific namespace ID
nvme_mi_admin_identify_partialPerform an Admin identify command, and retrieve partial response data.
nvme_mi_admin_identify_primary_ctrlPerform an Admin identify for primary controller capabilities data structure.
nvme_mi_admin_identify_secondary_ctrl_listPerform an Admin identify for a secondary controller list.
nvme_mi_admin_ns_attachAttach or detach namespace to controller(s)
nvme_mi_admin_ns_attach_ctrlsAttach namespace to controllers
nvme_mi_admin_ns_detach_ctrlsDetach namespace from controllers
nvme_mi_admin_req_hdr(unknown subject)
nvme_mi_admin_resp_hdr(unknown subject)
nvme_mi_admin_sanitize_nvmStart a subsystem Sanitize operation
nvme_mi_admin_security_recvPerform a Security Receive command on a controller.
nvme_mi_admin_security_sendPerform a Security Send command on a controller.
nvme_mi_admin_xferRaw admin transfer interface.
nvme_mi_ccs(unknown subject)
nvme_mi_closeClose an endpoint connection and release resources, including controller objects.
nvme_mi_close_ctrlFree a controller
nvme_mi_cmd_supported_effects(unknown subject)
nvme_mi_cmd_supported_effects_log(unknown subject)
nvme_mi_config_id(unknown subject)
nvme_mi_config_smbus_freq(unknown subject)
nvme_mi_create_rootCreate top-level MI (root) handle.
nvme_mi_csts(unknown subject)
nvme_mi_ctrl_health_status(unknown subject)
nvme_mi_cwarn(unknown subject)
nvme_mi_dtyp(unknown subject)
nvme_mi_elem(unknown subject)
nvme_mi_free_rootFree root object.
nvme_mi_init_ctrlInitialise a NVMe controller.
nvme_mi_message_type(unknown subject)
nvme_mi_mi_opcode(unknown subject)
nvme_mi_mi_read_mi_data_ctrlPerform a Read MI Data Structure command, retrieving controller information
nvme_mi_mi_read_mi_data_ctrl_listPerform a Read MI Data Structure command, retrieving the list of attached controllers.
nvme_mi_mi_read_mi_data_portPerform a Read MI Data Structure command, retrieving port data.
nvme_mi_mi_read_mi_data_subsysPerform a Read MI Data Structure command, retrieving subsystem data.
nvme_mi_mi_req_hdr(unknown subject)
nvme_mi_mi_resp_hdr(unknown subject)
nvme_mi_mi_subsystem_health_status_pollRead the Subsystem Health Data Structure from the NVM subsystem
nvme_mi_msg_hdr(unknown subject)
nvme_mi_msg_resp(unknown subject)
nvme_mi_nvm_ss_health_status(unknown subject)
nvme_mi_open_mctpCreate an endpoint using a MCTP connection.
nvme_mi_osc(unknown subject)
nvme_mi_port_pcie(unknown subject)
nvme_mi_port_smb(unknown subject)
nvme_mi_read_ctrl_info(unknown subject)
nvme_mi_read_nvm_ss_info(unknown subject)
nvme_mi_read_port_info(unknown subject)
nvme_mi_read_sc_list(unknown subject)
nvme_mi_resp_status(unknown subject)
nvme_mi_status_to_stringReturn a string representation of the MI status.
nvme_mi_vpd_hdr(unknown subject)
nvme_mi_vpd_mr_common(unknown subject)
nvme_mi_vpd_mra(unknown subject)
nvme_mi_vpd_ppmra(unknown subject)
nvme_mi_vpd_telem(unknown subject)
nvme_mi_vpd_tra(unknown subject)
nvme_namespace_attach_ctrlsAttach namespace to controller(s)
nvme_namespace_detach_ctrlsDetach namespace from controller(s)
nvme_namespace_filterFilter for namespaces
nvme_namespace_first_pathStart path iterator
nvme_namespace_for_each_pathTraverse paths
nvme_namespace_for_each_path_safeTraverse paths
nvme_namespace_next_pathNext path iterator
nvme_nd_ns_fpi(unknown subject)
nvme_next_hostNext host iterator
nvme_next_subsystemNext subsystem iterator
nvme_ns_attachAttach or detach namespace to controller(s)
nvme_ns_attach_ctrlsAttach namespace to controllers
nvme_ns_attach_sel(unknown subject)
nvme_ns_compareCompare data on a namespace
nvme_ns_detach_ctrlsDetach namespace from controllers
nvme_ns_flushFlush data to a namespace
nvme_ns_get_csiCommand set identifier of a namespace
nvme_ns_get_ctrl&nvme_ctrl_t of a namespace
nvme_ns_get_eui6464-bit eui of a namespace
nvme_ns_get_fdGet associated file descriptor
nvme_ns_get_firmwareFirmware string of a namespace
nvme_ns_get_generic_nameReturns name of generic namespace chardev.
nvme_ns_get_lba_countLBA count of a namespace
nvme_ns_get_lba_sizeLBA size of a namespace
nvme_ns_get_lba_utilLBA utilization of a namespace
nvme_ns_get_meta_sizeMetadata size of a namespace
nvme_ns_get_modelModel of a namespace
nvme_ns_get_nameSysfs name of a namespace
nvme_ns_get_nguid128-bit nguid of a namespace
nvme_ns_get_nsidNSID of a namespace
nvme_ns_get_serialSerial number of a namespace
nvme_ns_get_subsystem&nvme_subsystem_t of a namespace
nvme_ns_get_sysfs_dirSysfs directory of a namespace
nvme_ns_get_uuidUUID of a namespace
nvme_ns_id_desc(unknown subject)
nvme_ns_id_desc_nidt(unknown subject)
nvme_ns_identifyIssue an 'identify namespace' command
nvme_ns_identify_descsIssue an 'identify descriptors' command
nvme_ns_list(unknown subject)
nvme_ns_metadata_type(unknown subject)
nvme_ns_mgmtIssue a Namespace management command
nvme_ns_mgmt_createCreate a non attached namespace
nvme_ns_mgmt_deleteDelete a non attached namespace
nvme_ns_mgmt_sel(unknown subject)
nvme_ns_readRead from a namespace
nvme_ns_rescanInitiate a controller rescan
nvme_ns_verifyVerify data on a namespace
nvme_ns_writeWrite to a namespace
nvme_ns_write_protect_cfg(unknown subject)
nvme_ns_write_uncorrectableIssus a 'write uncorrectable' command
nvme_ns_write_zerosWrite zeros to a namespace
nvme_nss_hw_err_event(unknown subject)
nvme_nvm_id_ns(unknown subject)
nvme_nvm_id_ns_elbaf(unknown subject)
nvme_nvm_identify_ctrlIdentify controller data
nvme_nvmeset_pl_status(unknown subject)
nvme_nvmset_attr(unknown subject)
nvme_nvmset_pl_events(unknown subject)
nvme_nvmset_predictable_lat_log(unknown subject)
nvme_openOpen an nvme controller or namespace device
nvme_passthru_cmd(unknown subject)
nvme_passthru_cmd64(unknown subject)
nvme_path_get_ana_stateANA state of an nvme_path_t object
nvme_path_get_ctrlParent controller of an nvme_path_t object
nvme_path_get_nameSysfs name of an &nvme_path_t object
nvme_path_get_nsParent namespace of an nvme_path_t object
nvme_path_get_sysfs_dirSysfs directory of an nvme_path_t object
nvme_paths_filterFilter for paths
nvme_persistent_event_entry(unknown subject)
nvme_persistent_event_log(unknown subject)
nvme_persistent_event_types(unknown subject)
nvme_pevent_log_action(unknown subject)
nvme_plm_config(unknown subject)
nvme_pmr_sizeCalculate size of persistent memory region elasticity buffer
nvme_pmr_throughputCalculate throughput of persistent memory buffer
nvme_power_on_reset_info_list(unknown subject)
nvme_primary_ctrl_cap(unknown subject)
nvme_psd_flags(unknown subject)
nvme_psd_power_scalePower scale occupies the upper 3 bits
nvme_psd_ps(unknown subject)
nvme_psd_workload(unknown subject)
nvme_readSubmit an nvme user read command
nvme_read_configRead NVMe JSON configuration file
nvme_refresh_topologyRefresh nvme_root_t object contents
nvme_register_offsets(unknown subject)
nvme_registered_ctrl(unknown subject)
nvme_registered_ctrl_ext(unknown subject)
nvme_rescan_ctrlRescan an existing controller
nvme_resv_acquireSend an nvme reservation acquire
nvme_resv_cptpl(unknown subject)
nvme_resv_notification_log(unknown subject)
nvme_resv_notify_rnlpt(unknown subject)
nvme_resv_racqa(unknown subject)
nvme_resv_registerSend an nvme reservation register
nvme_resv_releaseSend an nvme reservation release
nvme_resv_reportSend an nvme reservation report
nvme_resv_rrega(unknown subject)
nvme_resv_rrela(unknown subject)
nvme_resv_rtype(unknown subject)
nvme_resv_status(unknown subject)
nvme_sanitize_compln_event(unknown subject)
nvme_sanitize_log_page(unknown subject)
nvme_sanitize_nvmStart a sanitize operation
nvme_sanitize_sanact(unknown subject)
nvme_sanitize_sstat(unknown subject)
nvme_sanitize_start_event(unknown subject)
nvme_scanScan NVMe topology
nvme_scan_ctrlScan on a controller
nvme_scan_ctrl_namespace_pathsScan for namespace paths in a controller
nvme_scan_ctrl_namespacesScan for namespaces in a controller
nvme_scan_ctrlsScan for controllers
nvme_scan_namespaceScan namespace based on sysfs name
nvme_scan_subsystem_namespacesScan for namespaces in a subsystem
nvme_scan_subsystemsScan for subsystems
nvme_scan_topologyScan NVMe topology and apply filter
nvme_secondary_ctrl(unknown subject)
nvme_secondary_ctrl_list(unknown subject)
nvme_security_receiveSecurity Receive command
nvme_security_sendSecurity Send command
nvme_self_test_log(unknown subject)
nvme_set_feature_event(unknown subject)
nvme_set_featuresSet a feature attribute
nvme_set_features_arbitrationSet arbitration features
nvme_set_features_async_eventSet asynchronous event feature
nvme_set_features_auto_pstSet autonomous power state feature
nvme_set_features_dataHelper function for @nvme_set_features()
nvme_set_features_endurance_evt_cfgSet endurance event config feature
nvme_set_features_err_recoverySet error recovery feature
nvme_set_features_hctmSet thermal management feature
nvme_set_features_host_behaviorSet host behavior feature
nvme_set_features_host_idSet enable extended host identifers feature
nvme_set_features_irq_coalesceSet IRQ coalesce feature
nvme_set_features_irq_configSet IRQ config feature
nvme_set_features_lba_rangeSet LBA range feature
nvme_set_features_lba_sts_intervalSet LBA status information feature
nvme_set_features_nopscSet non-operational power state feature
nvme_set_features_plm_configSet predictable latency feature
nvme_set_features_plm_windowSet window select feature
nvme_set_features_power_mgmtSet power management feature
nvme_set_features_resv_maskSet reservation notification mask feature
nvme_set_features_resv_persistSet persist through power loss feature
nvme_set_features_rrlSet read recovery level feature
nvme_set_features_sanitizeSet sanitize feature
nvme_set_features_simpleHelper function for @nvme_set_features()
nvme_set_features_sw_progressSet pre-boot software load count feature
nvme_set_features_temp_threshSet temperature threshold feature
nvme_set_features_timestampSet timestamp feature
nvme_set_features_volatile_wcSet volatile write cache feature
nvme_set_features_write_atomicSet write atomic feature
nvme_set_features_write_protectSet write protect feature
nvme_set_propertySet controller property
nvme_smart_crit(unknown subject)
nvme_smart_egcw(unknown subject)
nvme_smart_log(unknown subject)
nvme_st_code(unknown subject)
nvme_st_curr_op(unknown subject)
nvme_st_result(unknown subject)
nvme_st_valid_diag_info(unknown subject)
nvme_status_codeReturns the NVMe Status Code
nvme_status_code_typeReturns the NVMe Status Code Type
nvme_status_equalsHelper to check a status against a type and value
nvme_status_field(unknown subject)
nvme_status_get_typeExtract the type from a nvme_* return value
nvme_status_get_valueExtract the status value from a nvme_* return value
nvme_status_result(unknown subject)
nvme_status_to_errnoConverts nvme return status to errno
nvme_status_to_stringReturns string describing nvme return status.
nvme_status_type(unknown subject)
nvme_streams_directive_params(unknown subject)
nvme_streams_directive_status(unknown subject)
nvme_submit_admin_passthruSubmit an nvme passthrough admin command
nvme_submit_admin_passthru64Submit a 64-bit nvme passthrough admin command
nvme_submit_io_passthruSubmit an nvme passthrough command
nvme_submit_io_passthru64Submit a 64-bit nvme passthrough command
nvme_subsys_filterFilter for subsystems
nvme_subsys_type(unknown subject)
nvme_subsystem_first_ctrlFirst ctrl iterator
nvme_subsystem_first_nsStart namespace iterator
nvme_subsystem_for_each_ctrlTraverse controllers
nvme_subsystem_for_each_ctrl_safeTraverse controllers
nvme_subsystem_for_each_nsTraverse namespaces
nvme_subsystem_for_each_ns_safeTraverse namespaces
nvme_subsystem_get_hostReturns nvme_host_t object
nvme_subsystem_get_nameSysfs name of an nvme_subsystem_t object
nvme_subsystem_get_nqnRetrieve NQN from subsystem
nvme_subsystem_get_sysfs_dirSysfs directory of an nvme_subsystem_t object
nvme_subsystem_get_typeReturns the type of a subsystem
nvme_subsystem_lookup_namespaceLookup namespace by NSID
nvme_subsystem_next_ctrlNext ctrl iterator
nvme_subsystem_next_nsNext namespace iterator
nvme_subsystem_resetInitiate a subsystem reset
nvme_supported_cap_config_list_log(unknown subject)
nvme_supported_log_pages(unknown subject)
nvme_telemetry_da(unknown subject)
nvme_telemetry_log(unknown subject)
nvme_thermal_exc_event(unknown subject)
nvme_time_stamp_change_event(unknown subject)
nvme_timestamp(unknown subject)
nvme_unlink_ctrlUnlink controller
nvme_update_configUpdate JSON configuration
nvme_uring_cmd(unknown subject)
nvme_verifySend an nvme verify command
nvme_version(unknown subject)
nvme_virt_mgmt_act(unknown subject)
nvme_virt_mgmt_rt(unknown subject)
nvme_virtual_mgmtVirtualization resource management
nvme_writeSubmit an nvme user write command
nvme_write_uncorrectableSubmit an nvme write uncorrectable command
nvme_write_zerosSubmit an nvme write zeroes command
nvme_zns_appendAppend data to a zone
nvme_zns_changed_zone_log(unknown subject)
nvme_zns_desc(unknown subject)
nvme_zns_id_ctrl(unknown subject)
nvme_zns_id_ns(unknown subject)
nvme_zns_identify_ctrlZNS identify controller data
nvme_zns_identify_nsZNS identify namespace data
nvme_zns_lbafe(unknown subject)
nvme_zns_mgmt_recvZNS management receive command
nvme_zns_mgmt_sendZNS management send command
nvme_zns_recv_action(unknown subject)
nvme_zns_report_options(unknown subject)
nvme_zns_report_zonesReturn the list of zones
nvme_zns_send_action(unknown subject)
nvme_zns_za(unknown subject)
nvme_zns_zs(unknown subject)
nvme_zns_zt(unknown subject)
nvme_zone_report(unknown subject)
nvmf_add_ctrlConnect a controller and update topology
nvmf_addr_family(unknown subject)
nvmf_adrfam_strDecode ADRFAM field
nvmf_cms_strDecode RDMA connection management service field
nvmf_connect_data(unknown subject)
nvmf_connect_disc_entryConnect controller based on the discovery log page entry
nvmf_default_configDefault values for fabrics configuration
nvmf_dim_data(unknown subject)
nvmf_dim_entfmt(unknown subject)
nvmf_dim_etype(unknown subject)
nvmf_dim_tas(unknown subject)
nvmf_disc_eflags(unknown subject)
nvmf_disc_log_entry(unknown subject)
nvmf_discovery_log(unknown subject)
nvmf_eflags_strDecode EFLAGS field
nvmf_exat_lenReturn length rounded up by 4
nvmf_exattype(unknown subject)
nvmf_ext_attr(unknown subject)
nvmf_ext_die(unknown subject)
nvmf_get_discovery_logReturn the discovery log page
nvmf_get_discovery_wargsGet the discovery log page with args
nvmf_hostid_from_fileReads the host identifier from the config default location in /etc/nvme/.
nvmf_hostnqn_from_fileReads the host nvm qualified name from the config default location in /etc/nvme/
nvmf_hostnqn_generateGenerate a machine specific host nqn
nvmf_log_discovery_lid_support(unknown subject)
nvmf_log_discovery_lsp(unknown subject)
nvmf_prtype_strDecode RDMA Provider type field
nvmf_qptype_strDecode RDMA QP Service type field
nvmf_rdma_cms(unknown subject)
nvmf_rdma_prtype(unknown subject)
nvmf_rdma_qptype(unknown subject)
nvmf_register_ctrlPerform registration task with a DC
nvmf_sectype_strDecode SECTYPE field
nvmf_subtype_strDecode SUBTYPE field
nvmf_tcp_sectype(unknown subject)
nvmf_treq(unknown subject)
nvmf_treq_strDecode TREQ field
nvmf_trtype(unknown subject)
nvmf_trtype_strDecode TRTYPE field
nvmf_update_configUpdate fabrics configuration values
openOpen and possibly create a file
open_by_handle_atObtain handle for a pathname and open file via a handle
openat2Open and possibly create a file (extended)
outbPort I/O
pauseWait for signal
pciconfig_readPci device information handling
perf_event_openSet up performance monitoring
perfmonctlInterface to IA-64 performance monitoring unit
personalitySet the process execution domain
pidfd_getfdObtain a duplicate of another process's file descriptor
pidfd_openObtain a file descriptor that refers to a process
pidfd_send_signalSend a signal to a process specified by a file descriptor
pipeCreate pipe
pivot_rootChange the root mount
pkey_allocAllocate or free a protection key
pollWait for some event on a file descriptor
posix_fadvisePredeclare an access pattern for file data
prctlOperations on a process or thread
preadRead from or write to a file descriptor at a given offset
process_madviseGive advice about use of memory to a process
process_vm_readvTransfer data between process address spaces
ptraceProcess trace
query_moduleQuery the kernel for various bits pertaining to modules
quotactlManipulate disk quotas
readRead from a file descriptor
readaheadInitiate file readahead into page cache
readdirRead directory entry
readlinkRead value of a symbolic link
readvRead or write data into multiple buffers
rebootReboot or enable/disable Ctrl-Alt-Del
recvReceive a message from a socket
recvmmsgReceive multiple messages on a socket
remap_file_pagesCreate a nonlinear file mapping
removexattrRemove an extended attribute
renameChange the name or location of a file
request_keyRequest a key from the kernel's key management facility
restart_syscallRestart a system call after interruption by a stop signal
rmdirDelete a directory
rt_sigqueueinfoQueue a signal and data
s390_guarded_storageOperations with z/Architecture guarded storage facility
s390_pci_mmio_writeTransfer data to/from PCI MMIO memory page
s390_runtime_instrEnable/disable s390 CPU run-time instrumentation
s390_sthyiEmulate STHYI instruction
sched_get_priority_maxGet static priority range
sched_rr_get_intervalGet the SCHED_RR interval for the named process
sched_setaffinitySet and get a thread's CPU affinity mask
sched_setattrSet and get scheduling policy and attributes
sched_setparamSet and get scheduling parameters
sched_setschedulerSet and get scheduling policy/parameters
sched_yieldYield the processor
seccompOperate on Secure Computing state of the process
seccomp_unotifySeccomp user-space notification mechanism
selectSynchronous I/O multiplexing
select_tutSynchronous I/O multiplexing
semctlSystem V semaphore control operations
semgetGet a System V semaphore set identifier
semopSystem V semaphore operations
sendSend a message on a socket
sendfileTransfer data between file descriptors
sendmmsgSend multiple messages on a socket
set_mempolicySet default NUMA memory policy for a thread and its children
set_thread_areaManipulate thread-local storage information
set_tid_addressSet pointer to thread ID
seteuidSet effective user or group ID
setfsgidSet group identity used for filesystem checks
setfsuidSet user identity used for filesystem checks
setgidSet group identity
setnsReassociate thread with a namespace
setpgidSet/get process group
setresuidSet real, effective, and saved user or group ID
setreuidSet real and/or effective user or group ID
setsidCreates a session and sets the process group ID
setuidSet user identity
setupSetup devices and filesystems, mount root filesystem
setxattrSet an extended attribute value
sgetmaskManipulation of signal mask (obsolete)
shmctlSystem V shared memory control
shmgetAllocates a System V shared memory segment
shmopSystem V shared memory operations
shutdownShut down part of a full-duplex connection
sigactionExamine and change a signal action
sigaltstackSet and/or get signal stack context
signalANSI C signal handling
signalfdCreate a file descriptor for accepting signals
sigpendingExamine pending signals
sigprocmaskExamine and change blocked signals
sigreturnReturn from signal handler and cleanup stack frame
sigsuspendWait for a signal
sigwaitinfoSynchronously wait for queued signals
socketCreate an endpoint for communication
socketcallSocket system calls
socketpairCreate a pair of connected sockets
spliceSplice data to/from a pipe
spu_createCreate a new spu context
spu_runExecute an SPU context
statGet file status
statfsGet filesystem statistics
statxGet file status (extended)
stimeSet time
subpage_protDefine a subpage protection for an address range
swaponStart/stop swapping to file/device
symlinkMake a new name for a file
syncCommit filesystem caches to disk
sync_file_rangeSync a file segment with disk
syscallIndirect system call
syscallsLinux system calls
sysctlRead/write system parameters
sysfsGet filesystem type information
sysinfoReturn system information
syslogRead and/or clear kernel message ring buffer; set console_loglevel
teeDuplicating pipe content
timeGet time in seconds
timer_createCreate a POSIX per-process timer
timer_deleteDelete a POSIX per-process timer
timer_getoverrunGet overrun count for a POSIX per-process timer
timer_settimeArm/disarm and fetch state of POSIX per-process timer
timerfd_createTimers that notify via file descriptors
timesGet process times
tkillSend a signal to a thread
truncateTruncate a file to a specified length
umaskSet file mode creation mask
umountUnmount filesystem
unameGet name and information about current kernel
unimplementedUnimplemented system calls
unlinkDelete a name and possibly the file it refers to
unshareDisassociate parts of the process execution context
uselibLoad shared library
userfaultfdCreate a file descriptor for handling page faults in user space
ustatGet filesystem statistics
utimeChange file last access and modification times
utimensatChange file timestamps with nanosecond precision
vforkCreate a child process and block parent
vhangupVirtually hangup the current terminal
vm86Enter virtual 8086 mode
vmspliceSplice user pages to/from a pipe
waitWait for process to change state
wait4Wait for process to change state, BSD style
writeWrite to a file descriptor

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