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Welcome to section 1m

Since there are thousands of different man pages in the database, it is divided into sections that function roughly like groups. A certain type of man page belongs to a section. It's amazing how many manuals there actually are out there. We try to have as many man pages as possible so that people can easily seek help on our site.

There are approximately 9 sections that are used to divide all manuals into different chapters. Some are about commands for Linux while there are sections for devices and libraries. Take a look at the index page to see all sections. You can find it by clicking the home button.

Below you can search all man pages that belongs to the 1m section.

Man pages

captoinfoConvert a termcap description into a terminfo description
console-kit-daemonConsoleKit daemon
descriptionConvert a terminfo description into a termcap description
infocmpCompare or print out terminfo descriptions
infotocapConvert a terminfo description into a termcap description
ticCompile terminal descriptions for terminfo or termcap
toeList table of entries of terminfo terminal types

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